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Ottery St Mary Tree Surgeons (EX11): There are loads of homes in Ottery St Mary that have gardens with trees. Even though trees are great to look at, are essential for the well-being of the planet and provide a home for wildlife, they need to be cared for and properly maintained. Trees can occasionally get overgrown, diseased, or simply need regular maintenance such as pruning. When the weather is windy trees can even become hazardous, as branches or even entire sections of tree can break off and drop to the earth, potentially causing damage to property, cars or even passers-by. Basically, you're the person who's answerable for maintaining any trees on your property in Ottery St Mary.

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Quite a few do-it-yourself tree care practices are of course possible if you've got a hands-on approach, and the upkeep of hedges, shrubs, fruit trees and smaller trees, can all be conducted by a gardening fanatic. Routine pruning and the trimming of tree growth that can be accessed from the ground are fairly trouble-free tasks, and can be embarked upon if you have an appropriate tools, are self-confident and know what you are doing. However, if your trees are large and can only be accessed by climbing or ladders, it is advised that you bring in professional help.

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There are numerous risks involved with working at height up a tree, and apart from you falling and injuring yourself, you may also drop branches or tools that harm those standing or walking below. If you picture yourself teetering precariously up a tree brandishing a powered-up chainsaw, that should be enough to change your mind once and for all.

Your first thought may be that a gardener would be the correct person to bring in for your tree care needs. But in most instances, gardeners aren't qualified to deal with tree felling or larger tree related tasks. A tree surgeon is actually the person that you need to hire, and a professional Ottery St Mary tree surgeon will have the equipment and tools for the task, and an exhaustive knowledge of all types of trees. Special tools such as harnesses, wood chipping machinery and chainsaws may be required to execute the work on your trees, but will obviously depend upon the magnitude of the work and the type and size of trees that you've got.

A professional tree surgeon in Ottery St Mary has to be competent in the use of such tools and machinery and while many people in Ottery St Mary claim to be tree surgeons, you need to pick one who is a qualified arborist and holds the following accreditations:

  • CS38 (NPTC 206/306) - Climb a tree and carry out aerial rescue.
  • CS39 (NPTC 308) - Usage of chainsaw from a rope & harness.
  • CS30 (NPTC 201/202) - Basic crosscutting and chainsaw maintenance.
  • CS31 (NPTC 203) - Fell & process small trees up to 380mm (15 inches) diameter.

Tree surgeons should also have the Forestry First Aid Level 3 FAW+F qualification. All work should also be carried out to British Standards BS3998 (2010).

When you are hunting around to uncover a genuine tree surgeon in Ottery St Mary, you ought to be on the lookout for these standard qualifications as a minimum. If the person you're considering doesn't have at least a few of these qualifications you should continue looking for somebody better. Tree surgeons in Ottery St Mary with more experience might also hold qualifications in things like woodland ecology & conservation, forest management, countryside management, arboriculture or forestry.

Tree Surgeons Ottery St Mary (EX11)

Such tree related work as transplanting, tree felling, disease identification, tree removal, tree planting, the protection of trees from grazing, pest control, tree surgery and stump grinding, can be accomplished by Ottery St Mary tree surgeons, once they're properly trained and qualified.

For most householders in Ottery St Mary this will most likely involve crown shaping, pruning, crown raising, crown thinning, tree removal/felling, crown cleaning, root pruning, storm damage restoration etc.

An experienced tree surgeon in Ottery St Mary must also be skilled in the proper use of winches, harnesses, climbing ropes, lowering devices, stump grinders, wood chippers, chain saws, slackline kits, rigging ropes, axes, rigging plates, pole saws, and other tree surgery equipment and tools. Anyone who shows up with just a handsaw and a step-ladder should promptly be shown the door.

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Before carrying out any major work on your trees in Ottery St Mary, you should make sure that there is not a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) on any of them. If you get in touch with your local planning authority, they'll tell you whether any of your trees are subject to a TPO. Speak to your tree surgeon about this - they'll be happy to check all this out for you.

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You can start your search for a trustworthy tree surgeon in Ottery St Mary, as soon as you've decided that you need specialist help with the trees in your garden. This can be achieved employing one of the following options: You could search online and check out the websites of local tree surgeons working in the Ottery St Mary area. You could ask family or friends if they know a company they are prepared to recommend. You could look in the Yellow Pages or in your local newspaper classified listings. You could see what the online trade portals provide you with by entering your requirements on Bark, My Builder or Rated People. These techniques should give you a reasonable short list of possible tree surgeons.

To obtain the crème de la crème of tree surgeons in Ottery St Mary, you can turn to the ARB (Arboricultural Association), who have a directory of approved contractors, who make up the top 2% of the UK's companies. They will have attained:

  • Arboricultural legislation compliance.
  • A good knowledge of trees and tree management.
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations of arboricultural contracting.
  • Good quality customer care.
  • Working standards, knowledge and operations.

You should generally avoid jack-of-all-trade type people in Ottery St Mary, who offer to chop back your trees, as well as clean your roof, trim your lawn or jet wash your patio. Also stay well clear of cowboys, rogue traders and cold callers, who are clueless about tree surgery, but will 'have a shot' regardless. This work is dangerous, as we've already explained, and should not be tackled by those who are not trained or qualified.

I'm certain that wouldn't want any damage to be inflicted on your trees, yet this could undoubtedly happen if you don't use someone who is experienced. Pruning, lopping or treating trees at the wrong time of the year or in an improper way can be calamitous for the health and wellbeing of your trees, therefore stick with the experts.

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You should ask for at least 2 or 3 estimates from different local companies in Ottery St Mary, to get a broad range of prices. Acquiring estimates is merely one step in the entire process of choosing a decent tree surgeon in Ottery St Mary, there's more research that still needs to be done.

Try to ask lots of scrutinising questions, if they give confident answers and give the impression that they know what they are talking about - they probably do! Make sure that they've got adequate insurance, and double check what's included within the quote. One crucial detail that you will need to know is whether the removal of logs, waste and branches is included in the quoted price. Depending on the scale of the project, they could create a fair bit of waste.

If the tree surgeon can give you a couple of references from customers they have worked for previously, that could also be an advantage. If your tree surgery company in Ottery St Mary is reliable they'll be delighted to furnish you with references and possibly even some images of their work. If the company happens to have a Facebook or Twitter page, you might also like to have a look at that, because these social media pages frequently give clues about how a company functions and how happy its customers are.

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Locally based Ottery St Mary tree surgery services will most likely have the telephone code 01404 and the postcode EX11. They will operate in Ottery St Mary itself, along with nearby areas like Aller Grove, Higher Metcombe, Putts Corner, Cadhay, Southbrook, Aylesbeare, East Hill, Cobden, Sidbury, Whimple, Lancercombe, Fenny Bridges, Rockbeare, Wiggaton, Clyst St Lawrence, Taleford, Gosford, Fairmile, Perkin's Village, Fluxton, Feniton, Alfington, West Hill, Metcombe, and these postcodes: EX11 1BR, EX11 1ER, EX11 1AB, EX11 1GX, EX11 1EY, EX11 1DY, EX11 1EJ, EX11 1FJ, EX11 1EW, EX11 1XY.

For this sort of service it is certainly best to bring in a reputable local tree surgeon. Ottery St Mary householders can benefit greatly from the knowhow and expertise offered by a fully trained professional.

Tree Surgery Apprenticeships - Training - Courses Ottery St Mary

Tree Surgery Courses - Training - Apprenticeships Ottery St Mary

Having a career in tree surgery is an enjoyable and rewarding way to make a living. Upon investigation, you'll discover that there are several routes into a career in tree surgery including opportunities such as beginning at the bottom (as a groundworker) and working your way up, being accepted into a tree surgery apprenticeship, registering for a private course, enrolling for a college course or taking a university course. Tree surgery apprenticeships in Ottery St Mary can be applied for while you're still at school, where they're on offer locally. Folks of all ages can sign up for private courses and college courses in tree surgery and they are available all over Great Britain. University courses are available in various related fields including countryside management, arboriculture, forestry, forest management and woodland conservation & ecology, with degrees, foundation degrees and higher national diplomas available to people with the correct qualifications (typically 1 to 3 "A" levels). If none of the options above get you inspired, it might be possible to develop some tree surgery experience by doing voluntary work for organisations and groups like the Woodland Trust, the Forestry Commission, the Tree Council or the National Trust. If you came here trying to find info on "how to become a tree surgeon in Ottery St Mary", we hope this brief article has proven to be valuable. The National Careers Service website is the best place to head in order to read much more tips on how best to become a tree surgeon.

Emergency Tree Services Ottery St Mary

There might be situations when you have to contact an emergency tree surgeon, if you have trees growing in your garden in Ottery St Mary. When the weather conditions are stormy and windy in Ottery St Mary, local tree surgeons expect to see a huge increase in emergency calls, and thankfully a lot of them offer a 24/7 service for this very reason. In gusty weather there is more likelihood of branches breaking off and falling, and even the possibility of a whole tree crashing down. Common problems that happen as a result of tree emergencies are splintered sheds, broken garden furniture, damaged fences and cracked greenhouses.

Obviously, the local authorities in the Ottery St Mary area will also frequently need emergency tree surgery services, when sizeable tree branches fall onto public walkways, streets and railway tracks.

Even after the emergency tree surgery has been accomplished, a tree which has lost some large limbs might need to be "re-balanced", and this could be done for purely aesthetic reasons or because the tree now appears uneven, with the weight unevenly distributed, maybe resulting in additional concerns. To deal with all of these various issues, you should contact a local tree surgeon in Ottery St Mary who provides emergency tree care services.

Ash Dieback

Likely to wipe out about 80% of the current British ash tree population, in the next few years, ash dieback is a highly infectious fungal disease of ash trees, the first case of which was recorded in Great Britain in 2012. Having an equally disastrous impact on the beautiful British countryside as Dutch Elm Disease, ash dieback is just another setback for the UK's tree stocks.

A highly destructive disease of trees of the Fraxinus genus, ash dieback has a particularly disastrous effect on the British common ash (Fraxinus excelsior). Believed to have originated in eastern Asia where the native species of ash (Fraxinus mandshurica and Fraxinus chinensis) were less susceptible, the fungus which causes ash dieback is called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, and it blocks a tree's vascular (water transport) systems, causing it to die.

Already present in most regions of the United Kingdom, ash dieback is dispersed by wind blown spores produced by the fruiting bodies of the fungus, and can travel for many miles.

Affecting tree from every age group, ash dieback can be recognised by the following symptoms:

  • Foliage that wilts, turns black and falls early.
  • New epicormic growth appearing from buds that were previously seen to be dormant.
  • Dark brown necrotic lesions form where limbs connect to trunk.
  • Leaves developing dark patches during the summertime.
  • New shoots and leaves that are visibly dying during the summer.

Stronger ash can fight off the disease to some extent, but sooner or later succumb to repeated attacks, year-after-year. As it's an airborne disease there is no clear approach for stopping its spread, and no effective cure for chalara ash dieback.

If you think that you have identified a case of ash dieback in your garden in Ottery St Mary, or in the local neighbourhood, you could report it to the Forestry Commission's "Tree Alert Service", although the disease is so widespread throughout Britain that they're really only interested to know about cases found in areas not previously affected. You can still however contact a local tree surgeon, who will offer advice and guidance about how best to proceed.

Leylandii Hedge Removal

Leylandii hedges are a popular choice for property owners in Ottery St Mary due to their fast growth rate and ability to provide privacy. Yet, they have the tendency to grow excessively and become challenging to manage. Removing a Leylandii hedge requires careful consideration of several essential aspects. The foremost factor to take into account is to ensure that the hedge isn't subject to any legal protections, including a Tree Preservation Order. If it is, you'll need to obtain permission from the local council before removing it. Furthermore, Leylandii hedges can have complex root networks, underscoring the importance of employing a skilled tree surgeon to safely remove the hedge and its roots. After the hedge is removed, it's important to dispose of the waste in a way that is environmentally sound and responsible. To put it simply, removing a Leylandii hedge can be a dangerous and prolonged task, underscoring the need to take the necessary safety measures and potentially seeking assistance from a professional.

Eco-Plugging Ottery St Mary

The customary procedure that's used for removing tree stumps by most tree surgeons in Ottery St Mary is stump grinding. There is however a less expensive solution to this problem these days, which is termed "eco-plugging", and is growing in popularity. This method isn't just useful because it's cheaper, but also due to the fact that it can be employed in awkward locations which are largely inaccessible to stump grinding machines.

Without affecting any nearby vegetation and trees, eco-plugging is an effective treatment for killing tree stumps. Eco-plugs eliminate a stump by killing off the whole root system, and can be utilised in all weather conditions, and during any season of the year. Eco-plugs contain a kind of crystalline glyphosate herbicide which is suitable for a variety of tree species, and is 95-100 percent effective. (Tags: Eco-Plug Treatment Ottery St Mary, Eco-Plugging Ottery St Mary, Eco-Plugs Ottery St Mary, Eco-Plugging Tree Stump Removal Ottery St Mary).

Daily Tasks for a Tree Surgeon

  • Cut and chip logs and branches.
  • Service equipment like chainsaws and chippers.
  • Plant trees and vegetation.
  • Establish hazards presented by trees.
  • Clean up area on completion and remove waste products from client's site.
  • Fell and remove trees and perform stump grinding.
  • Assess tree health and treatment.
  • Prepare on-site or telephone quotes for customers.
  • Deal with customers and complete administrative duties.
  • Produce tree survey reports for both domestic and commercial customers.
  • Be proficient with power tools and machinery.
  • Climb trees to prune or remove branches.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) Ottery St Mary

You need to make certain that there is not a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) on any of your trees in Ottery St Mary, before you carry out any major work on them. If you get in touch with your local planning authority, they'll inform you whether any of your trees are protected by a TPO. Local authority consent in writing is necessary if lopping, uprooting, wilful destruction, removal, felling, topping or wilful damage is intended on any tree which is subject to a Tree Preservation Order. Any dependable tree surgeon in Ottery St Mary will be glad to help you through this process.

For those folks who live in a conservation area in Ottery St Mary, a minimum of 6 weeks written notice has to be given to the local council if you intend to conduct any work on a tree with a diameter of 75 millimetres or more.

Woodland Clearance Ottery St Mary

Woodland Clearance Ottery St Mary (EX11)

The clearance of woodlands in the Ottery St Mary area is a delicate process that can have a number of regulations and restrictions. A certified tree surgeon in Ottery St Mary will be able to offer you an all-encompassing service that will observe all laws and covenants on the land, and also do the clearance in an eco-friendly way.

A good tree surgeon will find out if there are any ecological constraints, felling restrictions or special planning permissions by conducting a full site survey and having discussions with the local council. If it is found that protected animal or plant life is in the area to be cleared, it may be necessary to move such species, if approval is given by the appropriate authorities.

The specialized and costly equipment that is used in woodland clearances, means that it is more economical to call on a professional tree surgeon contractor to take care of your clearance project. (Tags: Woodland Preservation Ottery St Mary, Woodland Clearance Ottery St Mary, Woodland Management Ottery St Mary, Woodland Clearances Ottery St Mary).

Health and Safety Considerations

Tree Surgery Safety Ottery St Mary

Tree surgery can definitely be an extremely dangerous process if done incorrectly, for this reason one of the key worries is the health and safety issue. There are a great many factors that can lead to injury or damage if the folks engaged in the project are inexperienced or unqualified. Some of the most prevalent situations are not wearing hearing or eye protection, a lack of head protection, little fall protection, in the shape of ropes, platforms and harnesses, not roping off the work area to safeguard vehicles and the public, falling branches and timber and failing to wear cut-proof (chainsaw resistant) apparel (specifically trousers and boots). In jeopardy due to such incompetencies are the actual tree itself, the property owners family, the tree surgeon (person in the tree), the building structure within the property, parked and passing vehicles, those working at ground level, fencing and garden sheds, pedestrians, facilities on the street.

Storm Damaged Trees Ottery St Mary

While we are all familiar with the extreme power of Mother Nature, big trees seem sturdy, strong and capable of standing up to virtually anything. Certain tree varieties can survive and thrive with no issues for many hundreds of years, in particular oaks, yews and sweet chestnuts.

Despite all of this, trees are certainly susceptible to unfavourable weather conditions, and besides the possibility of falling limbs and branches, when confronted by a certain set of conditions trees can even fall over completely, causing a lot of damage. Trees have one major weather related enemy, and that is high winds. As violent storms and extreme weather events become more commonplace with climate change, this sort of damage will occur much more frequently in Ottery St Mary as time passes. Another problem can be heavy winter snow, and saturated soil during extended periods of rainfall or flooding.

It is recommended that you get a certified Ottery St Mary tree surgeon to examine your trees to lessen the likelihood of problems with your trees in severe weather conditions, they will trim and remove any dead or excessively long branches that may be a problem.

Taller trees can also have lightning rods, copper conductors, or other lightning protection systems installed, to reduce the chances of them being struck by lightning and to stop nearby buildings and property being affected by jumps or "arcs" from one conductive path to another. A lightning strike could easily kill a tree completely, or severely weaken it, rendering it more susceptible to pest attacks and disease. Lightning is more common than you may think, and there are something like 300 thousand strikes annually in the UK alone.

To protect your trees from storm damage and minimise the chances of severe consequences should an unsound tree crash down as a result of extreme weather, ask your local Ottery St Mary tree surgery firm what can be done.

Coming Soon:

Stump grinding machines.

Tree Surgery Tasks Ottery St Mary

Tree Surgery Tasks Ottery St Mary UK

Ottery St Mary tree surgeons will likely help you with crown lifting, staking, hazard assessment, crown thinning, tree lightening protection, the protection of trees from grazing animals, formative pruning in Ottery St Mary, tree bracing, fruit tree pruning, tree removal, coppicing, tree topping, root flare exposure, drop crotching in Ottery St Mary, root removal Ottery St Mary, damaged tree cutting and removal, landscaping, tree pruning, tree dismantling, crown raising, tree reshaping, waste removal, tree felling, hedge reduction, cable bracing, air spading, shrub maintenance, damage restoration, hedge lowering Ottery St Mary, tree management, tree planning, emergency tree surgery, soil terravention, tree transplanting, woodland clearances Ottery St Mary and other tree surgeon services in Ottery St Mary, Devon. Listed are just a handful of the activities that are performed by local tree surgeons. Ottery St Mary companies will be delighted to keep you abreast of their full range of services.

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Tree Surgeons Near Ottery St Mary: Also find: Cobden tree surgeons, Alfington tree surgeons, Lancercombe tree surgeons, Wiggaton tree surgeons, Taleford tree surgeons, Aylesbeare tree surgeons, Fenny Bridges tree surgeons, Higher Metcombe tree surgeons, Putts Corner tree surgeons, Feniton tree surgeons, Gosford tree surgeons, Rockbeare tree surgeons, Whimple tree surgeons, Metcombe tree surgeons, Sidbury tree surgeons, Fairmile tree surgeons, Perkin's Village tree surgeons, Fluxton tree surgeons, West Hill tree surgeons, East Hill tree surgeons, Aller Grove tree surgeons, Clyst St Lawrence tree surgeons, Southbrook tree surgeons, Cadhay tree surgery and more. All these villages and towns are served by trained tree surgeons. Ottery St Mary business and home owners can obtain estimates by going here.

How to Locate a Tree Surgeon

Ways to Find a Tree Surgeon Near Me Ottery St Mary (EX11)

There are lots of techniques you could use to seek out a tree surgeon in Ottery St Mary, and the first we are going to have a look at is directories on the web. To illustrate, you might have a look on Thomson Local, City Visitor, Local Life, Touch Local, Yelp, 118 118, Cyclex, Mister What and Yell, though there are no guarantees by using this method simply because practically anyone can advertise in these mediums and being listed is no assurance of the quality of their craftsmanship Also very popular nowadays is to hunt for quality tradesmen in Ottery St Mary by using trade portals, some of the best known are TrustaTrader, Local Heroes, Rated People, My Builder, My Hammer or Checkatrade, and the key advantage of these is that they display client reviews regarding each tradesman on the site. And lastly, you can ask family members, friends and neighbours to suggest someone they have used.

Tree Care Services Ottery St Mary

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  • Root Grinding
  • Tree Pollarding
  • Dead Wooding
  • Tree Topping
  • Woodland Management
  • Eco-Plugging
  • Arboriculture
  • Stump Treatment
  • Tree Care
  • Crown Removal
  • Crown Cleaning
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Site Clearance
  • Vegetation Management

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In the last few weeks, homeowners in these Ottery St Mary roads have sent in enquiries about tree surgery: Summer Lane, Hawkins Lane, Thorne Farm Way, Cadhay Lane, Claremont Field, Lancercombe Lane, Sidmouth Road, Cornhill, Eymore Drive, Needlewood Close, Orchard Close, St Marys View, Barton Orchard, North Street, Greenacres Close, Chapel Lane, Barrack Road, Cadhay Close, New Street, Pinefields Close, Gosford Lane, Broad Street, Core Hill Road, Hylands Close, Butts Road, Seaway Lane, St Budeaux Close, along with these postcodes EX11 1BR, EX11 1ER, EX11 1AB, EX11 1GX, EX11 1EY, EX11 1DY, EX11 1EJ, EX11 1FJ, EX11 1EW, EX11 1XY. Work was executed in these places by local tree surgeons. Ottery St Mary property owners received competent and high quality tree surgery services on every occasion.

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