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Balderton Tree Surgeons (NG24): Having some trees in your garden in Balderton is a brilliant way to improve the look of your garden and help the local environment by producing more oxygen, providing a home for wildlife and spreading seeds. On top of that, trees can also make a wonderful place for children to climb and play and this makes them great additions to any property in Balderton. However, this is true only in the appropriate circumstances, and in fact there are scenarios where trees become more hassle than they're worth and begin to create problems.

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When you are facing one of these challenges, the chances are that you are going to need assistance from an expert. Whether you are hoping to have a stump ground down, a whole tree felled or some overgrown branches trimmed, you'll appreciate the quality services offered by a tree surgeon in Balderton. An array of services will be provided by a skilled tree surgeon to help with enhancing and maintaining a beautifully landscaped garden in Balderton. The proper care of trees is vital, given that an inadequately maintained tree can be a danger to life, particularly when the weather is windy in Balderton.

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Even though a passionate Balderton gardener can safely handle lots of horticultural jobs, the process of tree felling should definitely be left to the experts. To ensure that a tree is skilfully and safely removed, using the professional services of a tree surgeon in Balderton is vital. Here we've listed some of the main advantages of using a qualified tree surgeon in Balderton:

Safety - A tall and large-sized tree is going to be really heavy and cumbersome and having total control over the process of felling the tree is going to be fairly difficult. It needs the skilled services of the tree surgeon to make sure a tree comes down safely, as if a tree does not fall as required, there's the potential for considerable damage. A tree surgeon is fully trained and skilled in the process of felling trees, and is able to make sure that even the largest of trees is removed in a very controlled and safe way.

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High Quality Finish - Another good reason to put your trust in a competent tree surgeon in Balderton is a better quality look and finish. For aesthetic purposes, a trained professional is able to complete the task with a much cleaner finish. A tree that's felled incorrectly can look very ugly and unsightly, particularly if a large-sized stump is left in position. Making sure that the trunk will decompose in a natural way, or totally removing the whole stump, a competent tree surgeon will finish the job to a high standard.

Wide Variety of Services - As you would expect, it's not only high quality tree felling services that are offered by a competent tree surgeon, they are also able to prune branches that have been damaged by wind, remove dead trees and plant and fertilise new trees. They also give advice and guidance on the ideal locations to plant new trees, in areas that are less likely to result in disease, pests and other problems, and where they will enjoy the right amount of light.

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Local Balderton tree surgeons will probably have the postcode NG24 and the phone code 01636. They will work in Balderton itself, along with nearby areas like Fulbeck, Bassingham, Kelham, New Balderton, Winthorpe, Brant Broughton, North Muskham, Long Bennington, Orston, Farndon, Barnby, Coddington, Fiskerton, Fernwood, Claypole, Newark-on-Trent, and these postcodes: NG24 3AA, NG24 3PG, NG24 3AB, NG24 3DW, NG24 3NW, NG24 3BB, NG24 3JZ, NG24 3PD, NG24 3AD, NG24 3DY.

For this type of assistance it is certainly advisable to use an experienced local tree surgeon. Balderton homeowners can greatly benefit from the expertise offered by a trained professional.

Hedge Trimming Balderton

Hedge Trimming Balderton

While focusing mainly on specialist tree surgery work, tree surgeons in Balderton are frequently involved in the trimming and upkeep of hedges. Where there are Leylandii or similar conifer hedges, this is especially useful, seeing as they can quickly get so tall that a homeowner or gardener will find them impossible to tackle using regular tools.

A hedge that's neglected or poorly maintained will become overgrown and fairly quickly get out of control. It is advisable to clip your hedges regularly, and this isn't purely to prevent them from overwhelm large sections of your garden, but also to make them more visually appealing and heathier.

Tidy hedges help make your entire garden look neater, and might even add to the value of your home in Balderton, if you have plans to sell it. You can also obtain hedge cutting services in Fulbeck, Bassingham, Kelham, New Balderton, Winthorpe, Brant Broughton, North Muskham, Long Bennington, Orston, Farndon, Barnby, Coddington, Fiskerton, Fernwood, Claypole, Newark-on-Trent, and Balderton itself. (Tags: Hedge Trimming Balderton, Hedge Cutting Balderton, Hedge Care Balderton, Hedge Clipping Balderton).

Cable Bracing Balderton

In particular situations where a tree is showing signs of decay, damage, or is a threat to nearby property or persons, a procedure called cable bracing can be used to support the tree. Cable bracing is generally used on older or valuable trees in Balderton where the aim is to avoid felling the tree or cutting out large unstable portions.

A cable bracing set-up can be implemented to support poor joints, V-shaped forks and weak tree limbs. To help mitigate structural stress and extend the lifespan of veteran trees most tree surgeons in Balderton will be prepared to carry out various kinds of bracing work through the installation of cables and rods.

Cable bracing has the objective of offering a flexible and shock-absorbing method of support which is non-invasive and does not damage the tree by drilling and bolting the branches. Before any actual cable bracing work can begin, a thorough risk risk assessment should be done to guarantee the safety of the tree and adjacent areas. (Tags: Tree Cable Bracing Balderton, Cable Bracing Balderton, Cable Bracing Trees Balderton, Cable Bracing Methods Balderton).

Dead-Wooding Balderton

An important element of tree care and management, the process of dead-wooding (or deadwooding) will be carried out by all competent tree surgeons in Balderton. Where there's a danger to vehicles, buildings or passers-by, dead-wooding is done to carefully remove the dying and dead branches which are likely to fall. Some of a tree's branches can die off due to a variety of reasons, the most typical being damaged roots, disease, excessive shading or attack by pests.

The rationale for dead-wooding is usually that of safety, nonetheless, it is also sometimes done to benefit the tree of simply to make it look more appealing. Infestation by insects and disease can be attracted by an excessive amount of dying, damaged and dead branches, therefore the health of the tree can be dramatically improved by eliminating these dead branches. You can also make a tree look more attractive through this procedure, since trees with a lot of dead wood can also look rather unappealing.

In most instances only substantial dead branches will be taken off, as small ones present minimal risk. However, any dead limbs that are in excess of fifty millimetres in diameter might need to be removed in areas where a tree overhangs a garden, a home, a public space, a park or a road in Balderton.

Wood Chipping Balderton

Wood Chipping Balderton

The majority of Balderton tree surgeons will utilise wood chipping devices to process the smaller branches and tree limbs that are generated by their work. These impressive wood chipping machines can gobble up as much as forty tonnes of material every hour, depending on what equipment is being used, however the smaller, more frequently used machines will process around five tons every hour.

As well as providing a useful material that can be used for various purposes including; cultivating mushrooms, landscaping, garden walkways, biomass solid fuel, mulch, wood pulp, weed prevention and ecosystem restoration, chipping down the tree limbs in this way makes them a lot easier to transport.

Typically, tree surgeons in Balderton will cart away all the wood chips that result from your tree surgery, unless of course you want them for one of the above uses, when they'll usually be happy to let you keep some or all of them. Even when you do not need any tree surgery doing on a property in Balderton, tree surgeons are a good source for wood chippings which you can use in your garden. Certain tree surgeons will charge you for wood chips, especially if you need them to be delivered, others will let you have them at no cost.

Well known brands of wood chipping equipment include Timberwolf, Forest Master, Hyundai and Forst.

Tree Surveys Balderton

There are a variety of reasons why you could need to have a tree survey performed, and the most common is for development or property extension. If, for example, you're clearing some land in Balderton to prepare for the building of an extension to an existing property or a brand new house, and there are trees growing on that land, you might need to conduct a professional tree survey to British Standards BS5837. Tree surveys on both private and public property should be carried out by a certified tree surgeon or arborist in Balderton.

Within the specified area, a correctly done tree survey will produce a whole bunch of information about all of the trees. For instance:

  • The branch spread to North, East, West and South.
  • The existence of any Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs).
  • The allocation of a unique reference number for each tree.
  • The species of trees on the site.
  • The number of trees.
  • The height of each tree in metres.
  • The structural and physiological health of the trees.
  • The ages of the trees (i.e. young, semi-mature, mature, over-mature and veteran).
  • The predicted lifespan of the trees.
  • Guidelines for tree management.
  • The diameter of each tree (measured 1.5m above the ground).

A tree survey will likely not be required if you're not increasing the footprint of the property nor are you changing the service lines or access points of an existing property or home in Balderton.

Ash Dieback

First recorded in the UK in 2021, ash dieback is a deadly fungal disease which is expected to decimate approximately 80 percent of the current ash trees, in the next few years. Already having a similarly damaging impact on the British countryside as Dutch Elm Disease (DED), ash dieback is just another setback for the UK's tree stocks.

Ash dieback has an especially disastrous effect on the native British common ash (Fraxinus excelsior), although it affects the whole Fraxinus genus of trees, with varying degrees of tolerance to it. Originally coming from Asia, the fungus which causes the disease is named Hymenoscyphus fraxineus.

Ash dieback has already spread to most areas of Great Britain, and is dispersed by tiny spores that blow on the wind, which can travel for tens of miles, speeding up the process.

Ash dieback is recognisable by symptoms like:

  • Leaves that wilt, turn black and fall prematurely.
  • Dying shoots and leaves that are visible during the summertime.
  • The formation of lesions (often diamond shaped) where limbs connect to trunk.
  • Leaves with dark patches that appear during the summertime.
  • New epicormic growth appears from previously dormant buds (common in stressed trees).

To some extent, ash trees are able to fight the infection, however they ultimately die after repeated attacks year-on-year. Because it is an airborne disease there's no clear-cut technique for stopping its spread, and no effective cure for ash dieback.

Although you can report instances of ash dieback to the "Tree Alert Service" provided by the Forestry Commission, it is now so common all over the United Kingdom that they are only really interested in cases that are found in locations not affected previously. If you think you have a case of ash dieback on your property in Balderton, you can still contact a local tree surgeon, who'll offer advice on how best to proceed - ultimately the tree will need to be felled and removed.

Conservation Areas & Tree Preservation Orders Balderton

Before performing any significant work on your trees in Balderton, you should ensure that there is not a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on any of them. You local planning authority is the place to go to check whether there are TPOs on any of your property's trees. A TPO forbids the wilful destruction, removal, felling, topping, wilful damage, uprooting or lopping of any tree that's protected. Ask your tree surgeon if you're concerned about this - they'll be able to check this out for you.

Also, if you intend to conduct any work on a tree with a stem diameter of seventy five millimetres or more (1.5 metres from the ground), and you live in a conservation area in Balderton, you need to give your local council a minimum of 6 wks written notice of the work. (Tags: Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) Balderton, Tree Preservation Order (TPO) Balderton, Tree Preservation Orders Balderton).

Chainsaws in Tree Surgery


When it comes to the equipment that is utilised by Balderton tree surgeons, the most commonly seen is the chainsaw. Because of their ease of use and portability, petrol powered chainsaws are the most popular with professionals, although battery and mains electric versions are available. For substantial tree work, the only sensible choice is to use petrol driven chainsaws, because they are able to effortlessly slice through limbs and trunks of any dimensions, and are extremely powerful.

A chainsaw comprises a motor and a rotating chain with a series of razor-sharp teeth that cut through the wood and bark of a tree. Besides what drives them, there are also different styles of chainsaw for various operations, top-handled for working at height (and which can be operated with one hand), pole saws for hard to reach branches and long distance pruning and rear-handled for work at ground level (two handed).

Although it's not the safest thing to be carrying up a tree, it's fairly rare to find a tree surgeon in Balderton that doesn't use a chainsaw pretty much every day. All tree surgeons must be trained in the maintenance and safe use of chainsaws, and it is one of the primary prerequisites for becoming a registered member of the Arboricultural Association (AA).

The most popular brands of chainsaw used in Balderton by specialist tree surgeons are Hyundai, Husqvarna, Makita and Stihl, although there are various different brands and models.

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Balderton tree surgeons will likely help you with woodland clearance, tree staking in Balderton, hedge laying, cut sealing, fruit tree pruning, professional tree care, vegetation management in Balderton, tree waste removal, tree reduction Balderton, tree fertilising in Balderton, tree bracing in Balderton, retrenchment pruning, repair of storm damaged trees, hazard assessment, tree shaping Balderton, drop crotching, forestry management, root grinding, decompaction, pollarding, crown thinning, emergency tree removal, arboriculture, tree topping, tree dismantling, pest management Balderton, commercial tree care, tree management in Balderton, formative pruning in Balderton, dead wooding Balderton, brush cutting services, woodland management, landscape clearance, tree felling in Balderton, domestic tree care Balderton and other tree surgeon services in Balderton, Nottinghamshire. These are just some of the tasks that are carried out by tree surgeons. Balderton professionals will inform you of their whole range of services.

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