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Cambridge Tree Surgeons (CB1): A lot of properties in Cambridge have gardens that have trees in them. Despite the fact that trees are great to look at, are vital for the health of the planet and provide a home for wildlife, they need to be looked after and properly maintained. Trees can sometimes get diseased, overgrown, or simply need routine maintenance such as pruning. On windy days larger trees can even become dangerous, as branches or even whole sections of tree can snap off and drop to the floor, potentially causing damage to property, vehicles or even people. If you have trees on your home or business premises in Cambridge, it is your responsibility to take care of them.

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Some do-it-yourself tree care measures are of course possible if you've got a hands-on approach, and the maintenance of hedges, fruit trees, smaller trees and shrubs, can all be tackled by a devoted gardener. If they can be readily accessed from the ground, branches can be pruned and clipped without too much fuss, and these are certainly jobs that you could have a go at if you know what you are doing, have the correct tools and are confident. If however you have larger trees which have to be reached by ladders or climbed, expert help should be sought, and you should not try to do this yourself.

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It's not just the risk of you falling or harming yourself which is a concern when trying to access tall trees, it's also the threat of falling branches (or tools) causing damage or injury to those on the ground. If you can visualise yourself balancing precariously up a tree brandishing a powered-up chainsaw, that ought to be sufficient to put you off the idea once and for all.

Your thoughts might at first turn to employing a gardener to conduct the necessary work on your trees. But this would be a miscalculation, because the vast majority of gardeners in Cambridge are not going to have the necessary qualifications and training for this sort of work, and could actually even damage your precious trees, rather than help them. The person who will have the appropriate qualifications, tools and equipment for any type of tree care work, is a tree surgeon. Special tools like wood chipping machines, harnesses and chainsaws might be necessary to execute your tree care work, but will naturally depend on the scale of the work and the type and size of trees that you have.

A proper tree surgeon in Cambridge must be competent in the use of such machinery and tools and whilst a lot of folks in Cambridge claim to be tree surgeons, you'll need to find one that's suitably qualified in arboriculture and has the following certifications:

  • CS31 (NPTC 203 - Fell & process small trees.
  • CS38 (NPTC 206/306) - Tree climbing & rescue.
  • CS39 (NPTC 308) - Using a chainsaw from a rope and harness.
  • CS30 (NPTC 201/202) - Chainsaw crosscutting & maintenance.

Basic first-aid qualifications are also a necessity for tree surgeons. All work should also be carried out to British Standards (BS3998).

When you are searching for a good tree surgeon in Cambridge these are the basic qualifications that you should be looking for. If when questioned about these accreditations, the individual you're considering is vague and uncooperative, you should find a better candidate. If a tree surgeon in Cambridge can also boast a City & Guilds or other qualification in forest management, arboriculture, countryside management, woodland conservation & ecology and forestry, you can consider that they're the most experienced of all.

Tree Surgeons Cambridge (CB1)

A properly qualified tree surgeon can complete a wide variety of different tree related tasks including disease identification, tree removal, tree felling, tree planting, pest control, tree surgery, stump grinding, transplanting and the protection of trees from grazing.

For Cambridge homeowners the most common services they'll be in need of will be crown shaping, crown thinning, storm damage restoration, tree removal, staking, pruning, crown raising or crown cleaning.

An experienced tree surgeon in Cambridge must also be skilled in the proper use of lowering winches, chain saws, winches, stump grinding machines, slacklines, loppers, climbing ropes, rigging pulleys, wood shredders, rigging ropes, pole saws, harnesses, and other tree surgery tools and paraphernalia. Anybody who arrives on the job with only a step-ladder and a handsaw should promptly be shown the way out.

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Before performing any significant work on your trees in Cambridge, you need to make certain that there is not a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on any of them. You local authority is the place to go to check whether there are TPOs on any of your trees. Any reputable tree surgeon in Cambridge will be happy to help you out with this process.

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As soon as you've come to the conclusion that you will need professional assistance with your tree care, you will need to look for a trustworthy tree surgeon in Cambridge. There are several techniques for achieving this. You could submit your requirements to Rated People, Quotatis, Trustatrader, or one of the other online trade portals. You can do an internet search for the web sites of local Cambridge tree surgeons. If neighbours and friends have used a tree surgeon lately, you can get them to recommend someone. You could look in the Yellow Pages or in your local newspaper. This should leave you with several possible options, and a shortlist of likely tree surgeons in the Cambridge area.

If you'd rather have the crème de la crème of tree surgeons you should opt for an Arboricultural Association (ARB) approved contractor, who you know will be fully trained qualified and certified in the following:

  • Compliance with health and safety regulations of arboricultural contracting.
  • Working standards, knowledge and operations.
  • A good knowledge of trees and tree maintenance.
  • High standards of customer care.
  • Compliance with legislative requirements and arboricultural contracting.

When considering tree surgery in Cambridge you should try to steer clear of rogue traders and jack-of-all-trades type operatives. Tree surgery shouldn't be attempted by anyone who's not properly trained, and as has already been explained, this sort of work is hazardous.

I am sure that you don't want any harm to be inflicted on your trees, yet this could undoubtedly happen if you don't hire someone who's knowledgeable. Treating, lopping or pruning trees in an improper way or at the wrong time of year can be calamitous for the wellbeing of your trees, therefore stick with the experts.

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You should not just get one company in and accept the first quote you are given, obtain at least 2 or 3 quotes from different local tree surgery firms in Cambridge, so you can make a better judgement. Don't just choose the tree surgeon who offers to work for the cheapest price, give some consideration to all the quotations and do some extra research.

To get an idea of who you are dealing with, try to ask some appropriate questions. Double check what's included in the price you have been quoted, and also ensure that they have sufficient two million pounds is the bare minimum for tree surgeons. You will want to know whether waste removal is included in the price, and that they're going to take away all the waste and branches that result from the work.

If the tree surgeon is willing to provide you with a couple of references from customers they have worked for in the past, that could also be advantageous. They'll be delighted to furnish you with references and even some images of work that they have completed if they are a trustworthy company. To ascertain how a company operates and how content it's customer base is, you should also check out it's Facebook or Twitter page.

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Locally based Cambridge tree surgery services are most likely have the postcode CB1 and the dialling code 01223. They'll operate in Cambridge itself, in addition to nearby areas like Milton, Chesterton, Horningsea, Trumpington, Teversham, Newtown, Newmarket, Girton, St Neots, Grantchester, Petersfield, Cherry Hinton, Fen Ditton, Cottenham, Grantchester Meadows, and these postcodes: CB1 0PQ, CB1 0AH, CB1 1AQ, CB1 0JU, CB1 0UR, CB1 0RB, CB1 0JW, CB1 1BL, CB1 0RG, CB1 0GU.

Tree Surgery Training - Courses - Apprenticeships Cambridge

Tree Surgery Courses - Training - Apprenticeships Cambridge

For anybody who loves the outdoor life, entering into employment in a profession like tree surgery can be exceptionally rewarding and enjoyable. Opportunities like being accepted into a tree surgery apprenticeship, taking a course in university, registering for a private course, enrolling for a college course or beginning at the bottom (maybe as a groundworker) and working towards this goal are available to those hoping to be a tree surgeon. For young people, applications for tree surgery apprenticeships in Cambridge (when available) can be sent in whilst they're still at school. All over the British Isles, there are college courses and private courses in tree surgery, and people of all age groups can enroll. University courses are available in various fields including forest management, arboriculture, countryside management, woodland conservation & ecology and forestry, with degrees, higher national diplomas and foundation degrees open to those with the appropriate qualifications (generally one to three "A" levels). If you aren't excited by any of these solutions, you may choose to undertake some voluntary work so as to get some practical tree care experience. You could try getting in touch with the Woodland Trust, the Tree Council, the National Trust or the Forestry Commission, to find out what may be available in the Cambridge and wider Cambridgeshire area. If you came here seeking advice on "how to become a tree surgeon in Cambridge", we hope this article has proven to be useful. You can see much more tips on ways to become a tree surgeon by visiting the National Careers Service website. (Tags: Tree Surgery Apprenticeships Cambridge, Tree Surgery Training Cambridge, Tree Surgery Courses Cambridge)

Getting Information and Advice

To ensure that you find an arborist or tree surgeon who is both competent and who'll not cause irreparable harm to your precious trees, there are a number of questions that you should ask when searching for a tree surgeon in Cambridge. Pertinent questions ought to be something like: Are you able to produce references from past customers? Do you have public liability and employers insurance? Does your work satisfy the British Standard? Will you provide me with a quotation in writing? Are you joined to a reputable professional trade organisation (such as The International Society of Arboriculture or the Arboricultural Association)? Do your team and you have the proper certifications and qualifications (for tree management and the use of chainsaws)? You need to think twice about employing a tree surgeon if you do not get satisfactory responses to any or all of these important questions.

Tree Surgery Advice

You'll check out a directory of qualified tree surgeons in the UK on the Arboricultural Association (AA) website, and also find loads of helpful advice concerning how to pick a first-rate tree surgeon. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is another excellent resource which includes a "verify arborist's credentials" tool (here) and a "find a tree surgeon" tool. You may also like to check out the Wikipedia "Arborist" webpage here, to find some further facts about tree surgery as an occupation. The Government backed Trustmark website is also a great place for choosing trusted tradespeople, tree surgeons included. Looking at customer service, technical competence and good trading practices, Trustmark has the protection of consumers at its core.

Crown Thinning Cambridge

Tree Care Cambridge

Taking away smaller live branches towards the outer area of the tree's crown, though not altering the overall size or shape of the tree, is generally called crown thinning. This is done to make a uniform foliage density, which in itself achieves specified aims such as: to decrease the total weight of the crown of the tree, to let more light inside, to prevent the tree being uprooted in blustery weather, to cut down the stress on particular limbs resulting from ice, snow, gravity, or wind or to reduce the wind resistance of the tree. A uniform foliage thickness surrounding equally spread out branches ought to be the goal of crown thinning, it should not alter the general size and structure of the tree.

Tree Transplanting Cambridge

Tree Transplanting Cambridge (01223)

Transplanting mature trees is an intricate, but relatively simple process, mainly due to advanced truck mounted tree spades, tree lifting devices and other specialised tools. Fully developed trees can be replanted on new ground to create an instantly landscaped appearance, or overgrown wooded areas could be thinned without needing to resort to tree felling.

Transplanting trees in Cambridge can be done any time of the year, however during the warmer months the soaking of the surrounding soil becomes especially crucial in order to cause as little stress as possible on the root system. Removing a mature tree will involve a mechanical tree spade digging down and encompassing the tree's root ball, before lifting the whole tree, uninjured, from the earth. The uplifted tree is then able to be moved to its new home for re-planting, or kept in temporary storage until it is ready to be replanted.

If you want to move a tree from ground that's got a preservation order upon it, a professional tree moving company in Cambridge can collaborate with relevant agencies to approve transplanting in an agreed area.

Woodland Clearance Cambridge

Woodland Clearance Cambridge (CB1)

Engaging in woodland clearance in the Cambridge area can be impacted by local and national restrictions and regulations in place, depending on where the ground is, and what bio-diversity is found in the place which is going to be cleared. A qualified tree surgeon in Cambridge will be able to provide a comprehensive service that will abide by all covenants and laws on the land, and also complete the project an environmentally friendly manner.

An in depth site survey will be completed by a tree surgeon who will also communicate with woodland organisations and authorities to make sure that your clearance is done safely and legally. Mitigation strategies might have to be used if there is protected animals or plant species in the area; this could call for the relocation of wildlife such as bats or lizards, and the replanting of rare trees to an alternative protected site.

On account of the equipment used in woodland clearances, i.e. chipping, mulching and felling machines, it's usually more cost effective to hire an accredited tree surgery company to complete the clearance. (Tags: Woodland Preservation Cambridge, Woodland Clearance Cambridge, Woodland Management Cambridge, Woodland Clearances Cambridge).

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Cambridge

If you have a need for specialised services like stump grinding in Cambridge, making certain you hire a tree surgery company with the appropriate knowhow and equipment is crucial. Skilled tree surgeons should aim to clear away any size of stump to a good twelve inches below the surface. Having the use of the correct stump grinding machinery means that the tree surgeon will be able to remove roots and stumps to right up against structures and walls without without damaging them. This purpose built grinding equipment is so versatile that it can even be used to clear away tree stumps that are growing in alleys, passageways and similarly hard to get at locations. Where huge trees need to be removed the tree stump which is left can be fairly substantial and the main roots will go down to a considerable depth, requiring a herculean effort to deal with them them. (Tags: Tree Stump Grinding Cambridge, Stump Removal Cambridge, Stump Grinding Cambridge)

Pollarding Cambridge

Tree Pollarding Cambridge

The procedure whereby a tree's size is drastically reduced because it's outgrown its current setting, is know as pollarding. The encouragement of cultivated characteristics and the transforming of trees into certain forms or shapes can also be achieved by pollarding. Trees which grow beside roads in Cambridge are quite often pollarded, as are those which are used for borders and in managed hedgerows. Seeing that pollarded trees have such a bare and harsh visual appearance, and will never return to their former shape, the course of action is not very popular with tree lovers. The positive element of pollarding, is that trees which may normally have to be cut down can be preserved. Pollarding is frequently used on broad-leafed tree species like planes, limes, horse chestnuts, beeches, oaks, sycamores and maples. (Tags: Tree Pollarding Cambridge, Pollarding Cambridge, Tree Pruning Cambridge)

Tree Removal Cambridge

Tree Removal Cambridge

Trees can be beneficial, thus the removal of a tree should be the final resort. On the other hand, naturally there are valid reasons behind tree removal on your garden or premises in Cambridge. Some of the typical reasons for having to perform tree removal are if: the tree is a threat to safety, the tree is infected/diseased, the tree roots are obstructing foundations/retaining walls, the tree is in the way of new development, the tree has been damaged, you have a dying/dead tree or the tree has grown too large.

Tree Surgery - Safety Considerations

Tree Surgery Safety Cambridge Cambridgeshire

One of the key worries with carrying out tree surgery in Cambridge is the health and safety aspect, because this is a dangerous procedure if done badly. Unqualified or inexperienced "tree surgeons" are likely to take shortcuts and just disregard accepted safety guidelines, meaning that there could be little or no fall protection, in the form of platforms, ropes and harnesses, failing to wear cut resistant clothing (especially safety boots and trousers), falling branches and timber, not cordoning off the work area to safeguard vehicles and the general public, not using eyesight or hearing protection and an absence of head protection. What might be in danger because of these inadequacies are those working at ground level, the property owners family, the tree surgeon himself (up the tree), vehicles, the property or home, pedestrians, facilities on the street, garden sheds and fencing, the tree itself.

A Tree Surgeons's Everyday Duties

  • Produce tree survey reports for both commercial and domestic customers.
  • Assess the health of trees and prepare treatment plan.
  • Deal with clients and complete administration duties.
  • Tidy site upon completion and remove waste from customer's site.
  • Cut and chip logs and branches.
  • Fell and remove trees and grind stumps.
  • Service equipment like chainsaws and wood chippers.
  • Establish dangers presented by trees.
  • Climb trees to remove or prune branches.
  • Tree planting and transplanting.
  • Be proficient with power tools and powered equipment.
  • Produce telephone or on-site quotes with the clients.

Tree Surgery Tasks Cambridge

Tree Surgery Tasks Cambridge UK

Cambridge tree surgeons will likely help with decompaction Cambridge, commercial tree surgery in Cambridge, stump grinding, tree waste removal in Cambridge, tree management in Cambridge, shielding trees from grazing animals, damage restoration, woodland clearances, stump removal, site clearance, stump treatment, fruit tree pruning, tree surveys, vegetation management, tree maintenance, tree removal, terravention in Cambridge, hedge trimming, tree felling Cambridge, the removal of dead wood, tree reduction Cambridge, hedge lowering, emergency tree surgery, tree replanting, crown thinning, formative pruning Cambridge, tree cutting in Cambridge, pollarding, waste removal, tree inspections, root pruning in Cambridge, arboriculture in Cambridge, tree bracing in Cambridge, coppicing, retrenchment pruning Cambridge, cut sealing and other tree surgeon services in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

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Tree Surgeons Near Cambridge: Also find: Cherry Hinton tree surgeons, Grantchester tree surgeons, Newmarket tree surgeons, Fen Ditton tree surgeons, Petersfield tree surgeons, Newtown tree surgeons, Teversham tree surgeons, Trumpington tree surgeons, Chesterton tree surgeons, Cottenham tree surgeons, St Neots tree surgeons, Milton tree surgeons, Horningsea tree surgeons, Girton tree surgeons, Grantchester Meadows tree surgery and more.

Ways to Find a Tree Surgeon

Finding a Tree Surgeon Near Me Cambridge (CB1)

Of the many ways on hand to track down local tradesmen in Cambridge like tree surgeons, one that's been with us for quite a while is web-based directories. They are the contemporary alternative of the now largely outdated Yellow Pages, which almost everyone in Great Britain once used to contact local services. In this technological age people look in Local Life, Touch Local, Thomson Local, Yelp, City Visitor, Yell, Mister What, Cyclex and 118 118, although listings in such directories are open to anybody able to pay the listing fee, which is not a guarantee of quality Trade portals are another resource which you'll be able to to seek out a reliable tree surgeon, you could try Local Heroes, My Builder, Rated People, Checkatrade, My Hammer or TrustaTrader, and as you will pretty quickly discover, the opportunity to go through client reviews and testimonials is the biggest benefit of such trade portals. Empowering you to settle on a decent craftsman who's been endorsed by other local people. Then finally you should consider asking next door neighbours, workmates and family to endorse a tradesperson they have used before.

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