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Ely Tree Surgeons (CB7): Offering pleasant shade on hot sunny days, providing a much needed home for our ever diminishing wildlife and producing vital oxygen for our environment, trees are amazing things to have in our gardens. But there are a few downsides; trees can get diseased and unhealthy, trees can easily get damaged by wind and gales or trees can become far too big for our gardens in Ely. The best person to call when you've got issues with your trees in Ely, is a tree surgeon.

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Tree surgeons provide a vital service in the general care and maintenance of trees for a wide selection of clients in Ely - both residential and commercial. There are numerous examples of services a tree surgeon in Ely will be able to provide: safe tree planting, the pruning of intrusive, weak or dead branches, tree felling and removal, hazard assessments and inspections, along with general tree care.

Professional Tree Surgeon Ely Cambridgeshire

However, the work of the tree surgeon does not stop with trees. Further duties of a tree surgeon in Ely can include hedge care, maintenance and trimming and stump removal. The best individual to hire if you've any reservations about a tree's structural integrity is a tree surgeon, since they will be in a position to examine your tree, put together a report on likely dangers, and give you advice on the best way to proceed.

Any intelligent person in Ely would realise that tree surgery is a decidedly hazardous task, and that it shouldn't be attempted by someone that is not professionally trained. While you may be tempted to forgo the costs and go for a DIY approach, it would definitely not be the wisest decision to make. Tree surgeons need to be qualified, experienced and physically fit to carry out the work they do.

More often then not, tree surgery and care will involve using dangerous power tools whilst harnessed to the tree and elevated in the air. Amateurs beware - this is most certainly not a project for you! A team of professional tree surgeons is usually necessary to accomplish a tree surgery project, and should include both a ground crew and climbers, who are all specialists in what they do. Competing with this level of competence, experience and risk assessment to execute the work, would be impossible for any untrained individual.

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When you've made up your mind that you need the assistance of a qualified tree surgeon in Ely, you'll need to take measures to find a decent one. But, what is the best way to accomplish this? Well, you'll want to check out a couple of things, like experience, qualifications and cost. Below are outlined some valuable tips for acquiring the ideal Ely tree surgeon to care for your trees.

Checking that they have the necessary certifications is the first step in assuring you that they're competent and correctly trained. The NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council) is the main governing body that issues accreditations to tree surgeons. The following certifications should be a minimum requirement for any tree surgeon in Ely:

  • NPTC 308 (CS39) - Aerial cutting of trees using free-fall techniques.
  • NPTC 201/202 (CS30) - Chainsaw crosscutting & maintenance.
  • NPTC 203 (CS31) - Fell and process small trees up to 380mm (15") diameter.
  • NPTC 206/306 (CS38) - Climb a tree and carry out aerial rescue.

Since having such certifications demonstrates that they have accomplished the appropriate training, it is worthwhile tracking down a tree surgeon in Ely who has them, although this is not in fact a legal requirement. Earning these qualifications should provide you with the peace of mind that the work will be completed in a safe and successful way. It's also essential that some basic First Aid qualifications are held by tree surgeons, forestry workers and arborists, and they should always carry an appropriate First Aid kit according to HSE workplace recommendations.

Next, check the precise breakdown of the costs and ask a few tree surgeons in Ely to get different quotations for the tree surgery. Disposal costs for the significant amount of waste that's often generated by tree surgery and maintenance, will sometimes not be included in the quotation. It's definitely better to get the tree surgeons to remove and dispose of this waste themselves if possible, since getting rid of such waste can be exceptionally inconvenient and costly.

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Also, be prepared to ask prospective tree surgeons plenty of important questions when you come face to face with them. As an example, you'll need to know who's going to be doing the job, and who'll be working on your property. Will it be just one individual working on their own, or will it be a whole gang of arborists? Is it possible to meet with them before work begins? What tree removal or surgery techniques will be used on the tree? Precisely how long is the job going to take? Are my home or next door neighbours likely to be impacted?

The more questions you ask, the less likely you are to have any unpleasant surprises as work progresses.

Tree Surgery Ely (CB7)

Also, pay attention to what your tree surgeon says and how they speak. Listening to the ways that they describe the work they are planning to do will give you clues about their standards of expertise and professionalism. Even if you know nothing at all about tree surgery, you can often tell when somebody knows their stuff, and the kind of term that should set the alarm bells ringing is 'topping and lopping', which is a fairly outdated expression, more linked to cowboys and rogue traders. A skilled, professional and experienced tree surgeon in Ely should be using the appropriate terminology like 'crown lifting', 'crown thinning', 'pruning', 'dead wooding' and 'crown reduction'. While simply using the right words isn't always a sign of a tree surgeon's ability, it can give helpful clues about a person's measure of expertise.

In conclusion, when you are thinking about tree care or tree surgery in Ely, it's always worth consulting a variety of different tree surgeons for your needs. This should help you in finding the right tradesperson for the job, and one who'll make sure all your requirements are fully catered to in a pre-agreed timescale, with safe practices at the forefront of their mind.

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Local Ely tree surgeons are likely to have the telephone code 01353 and the postcode CB7. They'll work in Ely itself, in addition to nearby areas like Little Downham, Stretham, Queen Adelaide, Isleham, Soham, Littleport, Coveney, Mepal, Witcham, Burnt Fen, Little Thetford, Kennyhill, Witchford, Haddenham, Chettisham, Prickwillow, and these postcodes: CB6 2WB, CB6 1DF, CB6 1DT, CB6 3QR, CB6 1AY, CB6 2WZ, CB6 1WA, CB6 3HJ, CB6 3DH, CB6 1AD.

If you require this type of assistance it is definitely a good idea to use an approved tree surgeon. Ely business and home owners can greatly benefit from the skills and dexterity that a seasoned professional can offer.

Woodland Clearance Ely

Woodland Clearance Ely (CB7)

Woodland clearance in the Ely area must only be started after any restrictions and regulations have been observed and established. An experienced tree surgeon in Ely will be able to provide you with a comprehensive service that will adhere to all covenants and laws on the land, and also complete the project an ethical and eco-friendly manner.

An extensive habitat survey will be performed by a professional tree surgeon who will also collaborate with woodland authorities and organisations to make certain that your woodland clearance is done legally and safely. If it is discovered that protected animal or plant life is in the area to be cleared, it is necessary to move such species, if approval is given by the appropriate authorities.

It is going to be far more cost effective to bring in a competent Ely tree care company to complete your clearance work, since the mulching, felling and chipping equipment that's needed is extremely expensive.

Ash Dieback (Hymenoscyphus Fraxineus)

A destructive fungal disease that is likely to wipe out approximately eighty percent of the current British ash tree stock, over the next few years, ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) was first documented in the UK in 2012, when a nursery brought in thousands of trees from the Netherlands. Set to have huge repercussions for our countryside, ash dieback is probably going to be just as damaging as the preceding outbreak of Dutch Elm Disease.

Trees of the Fraxinus genus are affected by this damaging disease, but it has a particularly devastating effect on the common ash (Fraxinus excelsior), which is the native UK species. Believed to have originated in eastern Asia where the native species of ash were less susceptible, the fungus which causes the disease is called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, and it obstructs its vascular (water transport) systems, causing it to die.

Rapidly spread by tiny spores produced by the fruiting bodies of the fungus, and are able to travel on the wind for many miles, ash dieback (or chalara ash dieback) can be found in most parts of Great Britain with up to 85 percent mortality rates.

Ash dieback strikes trees from every age group and has symptoms such as:

  • Dark brown necrotic lesions (often diamond shaped) form where limbs connect to trunk.
  • New growth appearing from previously dormant buds (epicormic growth).
  • New shoots and leaves which are dying during the summer.
  • Wilting leaves that turn black in colour and are shed early.
  • Leaves that develop dark patches during the summertime.

Stronger ash are able to fend off the infection to some extent, but ultimately succumb to continued attacks, year-after-year. As it's an airborne disease there is no obvious approach for stopping its spread, and no effective cure for chalara ash dieback.

Although the Forestry Commission's "Tree Alert Service" is presently only interested in hearing about reports of cases in new areas where ash dieback has not previously been reported, if you are anxious about an ash tree in your garden in Ely, you should contact a local arborist or tree surgeon to confirm that you are correct in your diagnosis and suggest a plan of action.

Tree families affected by ash dieback: the Fraxinus genus.

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Hedge Trimming Ely

Hedge Trimming Ely

Despite the fact that tree surgeons in Ely are largely associated with the care and maintenance of trees and shrubs they're often brought in to trim hedges. This is especially important for conifer hedges such as Leylandii which will often get too high for a normal gardener to deal with.

When neglected and poorly maintained a hedge can pretty quickly become overgrown and out of control. It's a good idea to trim your hedges on a regular basis, and this is not just to prevent them from overrun large sections of your garden, but also to make them more aesthetically appealing and heathier.

Tidy hedges help to make your whole garden look neater, and might even add to the value of your home in Ely, if at some point you've got plans to sell it. You should also be able to obtain hedge cutting services in Little Downham, Stretham, Queen Adelaide, Isleham, Soham, Littleport, Coveney, Mepal, Witcham, Burnt Fen, Little Thetford, Kennyhill, Witchford, Haddenham, Chettisham, Prickwillow, and Ely itself. (Tags: Hedge Trimming Ely, Hedge Cutting Ely, Hedge Clipping Ely, Hedge Care Ely).

Dutch Elm Disease

While Dutch Elm Disease (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi) isn't quite the issue that is was previously, during the past fifty years or so it has killed tens of millons of elm trees all over Britain. Unintentionally introduced into Britain from Canada in the Sixties, Dutch Elm Disease (DED) is spread by the elm bark beetle (Scolytus) and caused by the fungus Ophiostoma novo-ulmi.

Through the transportation of elm products such as mulching bark, saplings, elm crates, and logs with the bark on, it rapidly spread through the UK after first arriving. Believed to have originated from Asia, Dutch Elm Disease did not just affect trees in the UK, but also ravaged stocks of elms in continental Europe, North America and New Zealand.

DED usually first manifests in early summer, and the main symptoms are:

  • Clusters of leaves turning yellow, wilting and falling.
  • A "shepherd's crook" reaction on affected twigs.
  • Twigs with rings or spots in cross-section.
  • Shoots that die back from the tip.

As there are now hardly any sizeable elms in the UK countryside, the beetle's habitat has been pretty much decimated, the result of which has been a slowing of Dutch Elm Disease. A project for the propagation of young elm saplings that have so far proved resistant to Dutch Elm Disease is currently being undertaken.

If you suspect you may have infected elm trees in your garden in Ely, you could ask for a diagnosis from the THDAS (Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory Service), or get in touch with your local tree surgeon for guidance and advice.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Ely

If you wish to get some stump grinding undertaken on your property, it is best to employ a firm with the proper machinery and knowhow. Skilled tree surgeons can grind down any size of stump to 12 inches or more below the surface. Grinding down stumps and roots very close to buildings and walls without causing any damage, can only be done if the tree surgeon has access to the correct machinery. This purpose built grinding apparatus is so versatile that it can even eradicate tree stumps which are growing in alleys, passageways and other typically hard to get at spots. Where massive trees have to be removed the tree stump that's left can be rather substantial and the main roots will go down to a considerable depth, requiring a herculean effort to deal with them them. (Tags: Tree Stump Grinding Ely, Stump Removal Ely, Stump Grinding Ely)

Everyday Tasks of a Tree Surgeon

  • Climb trees to prune or remove branches.
  • Be competent using power tools and equipment.
  • Plant trees and vegetation.
  • Produce tree survey reports for domestic and commercial clients.
  • Deal with customers and complete administrative duties.
  • Service equipment like wood chippers and chainsaws.
  • Assess the health of trees and prepare treatment plan.
  • Chip and cut branches and logs.
  • Fell and remove trees and grind stumps.
  • Create telephone or on-site quotations for customers.
  • Identify dangers posed by trees.
  • Tidy site on completion and remove waste products from customer's site.

Tree Pollarding Ely

Tree Pollarding Ely Cambridgeshire

The technique whereby the size of a tree is drastically reduced because it's got too large for its current environment, is referred to as "pollarding". It can sometimes be employed for visual or functional reasons to mould a tree into a particular shape. Trees that grow alongside highways in Ely are often pollarded, as are those that are used for boundaries and in hedgerows. The rather harsh and bare appearance that is the consequence of pollarding is not at all popular with tree lovers, given that it is so dissimilar to its natural state. However, in spite of the relatively unsightly appearance of recently pollarded trees such as sycamores, beeches, oaks, horse chestnuts, limes, planes and maples, there's a beneficial feature to this procedure, in that such trees can be conserved when they'd otherwise need to be felled. (Tags: Tree Pruning Ely, Tree Pollarding Ely, Pollarding Ely)

The ISA (International Society of Arboriculture)

The International Society of Arboriculture, usually referred to as just the ISA, is a non-profit international organisation that is headquartered in the United States of America. Serving the tree care industry all around the world, the ISA is a membership association that cultivates the professional practice of arboriculture, providing qualifications for tree care professionals.

With its focus closely on research, technology and education, the ISA endorses best tree care practice by way of educational services, publications and events, allowing those who work in the tree care sector to develop their skills, arboricultural expertise and knowledge.

After signing an agreement with them the Arboricultural Association became an associate organisation of the International Society of Arboriculture in 2016. This allowed the two associations to strengthen their relationship, whilst providing additional opportunities for anybody in the United Kingdom and Ireland who was a member of the ISA. Being part of a wide and varied worldwide network of tree care professionals is something that AA and ISA members in Great Britain and Ireland are now able to benefit from. The ISA now has associate organisations and professional affiliates in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa, Asia, and the UK, and has a worldwide membership of more than 22000.

Tree Surgery - Health and Safety

Tree Surgery Safety Ely Cambridgeshire

Tree surgery can soon become a risky and dangerous process if done incorrectly, therefore one of the primary considerations is the health and safety aspect. Inexperienced or untrained "tree surgeons" in Ely are apt to take shortcuts and just ignore recognised safety guidelines, meaning that there might be inadequate head protection, hardly any fall protection, in the shape of platforms, harnesses and ropes, not putting on hearing or eye protection, failure to use cut resistant apparel (especially leggings and safety boots), neglecting to cordon-off the area to protect pedestrians and vehicles and falling timber and branches. What could be vulnerable owing to these inadequacies are the tree surgeon himself (person up the tree), team members working on the ground, the street facilities, fences and garden sheds, parked and passing vehicles, nearby structures, the property owners, the actual tree itself, pedestrians.

Firewood and Logs Ely

Firewood Logs Ely

Tree surgeons are normally a good source for firewood or logs in Ely, if you happen to be in the market for this particular commodity. Since the majority of their time is spent chopping down trees and branches, it is no great surprise that many choose to adopt this as a lucrative sideline.

Some Ely tree surgeons will charge you for chopped and seasoned logs which are dried out and ready to burn, whilst others may be prepared to give you logs and branches cost-free, as they normally have an excess of them to get shot of.

Chucking "wet" logs on your open fire or wood burner isn't a good idea, and will generate a lot of smoke and clog up your flue. You should only use logs which have been dried out for at least a year and have a moisture level of 20% or lower. Tree surgeons in Ely will mainly have supplies of hardwood logs and these are terrific for a long, sustained burn which will generate heat for three or four hours. The downside of hardwood logs is that they can be quite difficult to get going, so if you are able to acquire a few softwood logs, these are wonderful for initially getting your fire burning.

Tree Surgery Tasks Ely

Tree Surgery Tasks Ely UK

Ely tree surgeons can usually help with staking, emergency tree surgery, cabling, damaged tree removal, tree replanting, tree waste removal, waste removal, monitoring of tree health, stump grinding, crown raising Ely, tree surveys, hazard assessment in Ely, soil terravention in Ely, drop crotching, tree removal, tree bracing, crown thinning Ely, tree maintenance, tree transplanting, tree fertilising, tree care services, tree watering, root removal, arboriculture, shielding trees from grazing animals, coppicing, hedge planting in Ely, root decompaction Ely, dead wood removal, landscaping, tree work, tree lightening protection, tree topping, tree planning Ely, tree cutting in Ely and other tree surgeon services in Ely, Cambridgeshire. These are just a handful of the activities that are undertaken by local tree surgeons. Ely companies will be happy to tell you about their entire range of services.

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