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Lyme Regis Tree Surgeons (DT7): Together with improving the look of your garden in Lyme Regis, the addition of trees also helps the environment, spreads seeds from which more trees will sprout and provides a home for wildlife. And it doesn't end there, because trees make the perfect place for children to climb, play and erect tree houses, in fact a brilliant addition to any home in Lyme Regis. However, this is true only in the right circumstances, and in fact there are scenarios unfortunately where trees can become more aggravation than they're worth and begin to cause challenges.

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When you're facing one of these problems, it's likely that you'll be looking for assistance from a specialist. You'll definitely appreciate the expertise offered by a tree surgeon in Lyme Regis, whether you're hoping to have a complete tree removed, some overhanging branches lopped off or some stumps ground down. A professional tree surgeon in Lyme Regis will be able to offer a wide range of services to help with maintaining and enhancing a beautifully landscaped garden. The proper care of trees is vital, since a poorly maintained tree can be dangerous, especially in windy weather.

Skilled Tree Surgeon Lyme Regis Dorset

Although it is generally safe for a keen Lyme Regis gardener to carry out a lot of horticultural tasks, tree felling should to be left to the experts in the trade. To be sure that a tree is skilfully and safely removed, hiring the professional services of a tree surgeon in Lyme Regis is essential. Here are several of the key benefits of using the professionals:

Safety - It can be quite tricky to have complete control over the cutting down of tall and large-sized trees, as they can be extremely heavy and are very unpredictable. As there's the potential of substantial damage if a tree does not fall as predicted, it requires the expert services of a tree surgeon to make sure it comes down safely, and in the right direction. Being fully trained and skilled in the process of felling trees, a tree surgeon is able to make certain that even the tallest of trees is cut down in a safe and controlled manner.

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High Quality Finish - Another reason to go with a the services of a certified Lyme Regis tree surgeon is the higher quality look and finish that results from their work. For a much more attractive finish, a seasoned specialist is able to accomplish the task in a cleaner more competent way. If a large ugly stump is left behind after a poorly finished tree felling procedure, the outcome can be really unsightly. Making sure the remaining trunk can decompose naturally, or removing the whole stump entirely, a competent Lyme Regis tree surgeon will finish the job to a professional standard.

Many Services - As well as tree felling, a reliable Lyme Regis tree surgeon will be able to offer an array of extra services, including: transplanting trees, pruning branches that have suffered storm damage and removing dead trees. They also give advice and guidance on the best locations for planting new trees, in areas that are less likely to result in disease, pests and other concerns, and where they can enjoy a sufficient amount of light.

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Locally based Lyme Regis tree surgery services will likely have the postcode DT7 and the phone code 01297. They will work in Lyme Regis itself, as well as nearby areas like Hawkchurch, Marshwood, Wootton Fitzpaine, Axminster, Pinhay, Axmouth, Musbury, Morcombelake, Whitchurch Canonicorum, Ware, Catherston Leweston, Chideock, Charmouth, Uplyme, and these postcodes: DT7 3NX, DT7 3AN, DT7 3LB, DT7 3QT, DT7 3TW, DT7 3TJ, DT7 3PB, DT7 3PZ, DT7 3LP, DT7 3BG.

For this sort of service it's unquestionably wise to employ an approved local tree surgeon. Lyme Regis home and property owners can greatly benefit from the know-how and expertise offered by a fully trained professional.

Wood Chipping Lyme Regis

Wood Chipping Lyme Regis

Since large quantities of tree limbs, branches and vegetation result from the tree surgery procedure, the majority of Lyme Regis tree surgeons will make use of wood chipping devices to reduce this material into manageable pieces. These impressive wood chipping systems can munch up as much as 40 tonnes of material each hour, depending on the equipment that is being used, though the most commonly used devices will process closer to five tonnes every hour.

Chipped down material is of course easier to transport, taking up a lot less space in the tree surgeon's truck, and can in addition be used for weed prevention, mulch, garden pathways, cultivating mushrooms, landscaping, ecosystem restoration, biomass fuel and wood pulp, to name just a few.

The majority of tree surgeons in Lyme Regis will be glad to let you have the wood chippings which have been created during the tree work, if you have a use that you want to put them to, if not they'll normally dispose of them or use them on other landscaping projects. Tree surgeons are a good source for wood chips which you can use in your garden, even if you don't require any tree surgery work doing on your property in Lyme Regis. Wood chips are often available from tree surgeons for free, although if you need them to be delivered there will likely be a fee.

Companies such as Forest Master, Crytec, T-Mech and Timberwolf, manufacture some of the most popular wood chipping equipment that is used in the United Kingdom.

Eco-Plugging Stumps Lyme Regis

If you'd like to remove a substantial tree stump from your garden in Lyme Regis, the typical technique used by most tree surgeons is stump grinding, which employs large specialist machinery. There is however a more cost-effective alternative to this method these days, which is termed "eco-plugging", and is growing in popularity. It isn't merely the point that eco-plugging is cheaper that makes it an attractive solution for stump removal, but also that it can be used in inaccessible locations which may be hard to get at with bulky stump grinders.

For eradicating tree stumps without affecting the surrounding trees and vegetation, eco-plugging is a highly effective treatment. Eco-plugs can be utilised in any weather conditions and throughout the year, and they eliminate a stump by killing off the entire root system. Containing a type of granular glyphosate herbicide which is effective on a wide selection of tree species, eco-plugs work efficiently in 95-100 percent of cases. (Tags: Eco-Plugs Lyme Regis, Eco-Plugging Tree Stumps Lyme Regis, Eco-Plug Stump Treatments Lyme Regis, Eco-Plugging Lyme Regis).

Tree Transplanting Lyme Regis

Tree Transplanting Lyme Regis (01297)

Moving mature trees and transplanting them in an alternative location may seem tricky, but with heavy, modern lifting equipment and truck mounted tree spades, it's become a relatively straightforward task. A competent tree removal company in Lyme Regis will be happy to move any trees you have on your land, or transplant adult trees for an instant aesthetic appeal.

Transplanting a tree in Lyme Regis causes less stress to the roots and health of the tree in winter and autumn seasons, but it can be done during the warmer summer season by soaking the ground comprehensively before lifting. A massive mechanical tree spade plunges down into the soil, and surrounds the main root-ball and then hauls the unscathed tree from the earth. If the uplifted tree is not to be straight away replanted, it can be temporarily stored provided that its root ball and surrounding earth is kept moist.

If you want to move a tree from ground that's got a preservation order upon it, a professional tree moving business in Lyme Regis can collaborate with relevant agencies to approve replanting in an agreed area.You'll be able to get tree transplanting services in Hawkchurch, Marshwood, Wootton Fitzpaine, Axminster, Pinhay, Axmouth, Musbury, Morcombelake, Whitchurch Canonicorum, Ware, Catherston Leweston, Chideock, Charmouth, Uplyme, and Lyme Regis. (Tags: Tree Replanting Lyme Regis, Tree Transplanting Lyme Regis, Tree Moving Lyme Regis).

The Use of Chainsaws


The most commonplace piece of equipment that Lyme Regis tree surgeons use is the chainsaw. It is an effective and versatile tool, but in the wrong hands, also a dangerous one. Because of their ease of use and portability, petrol powered chainsaws are the most preferred by professionals, although mains electric and battery versions can be purchased. For substantial tree work, the only serious choice is to use petrol chainsaws, as they're able to effortlessly cut through branches and trunks of any dimensions, and are extremely robust and powerful.

Consisting of a rotating chain containing a series of razor-sharp teeth that cut through the bark and wood, a chainsaw is essentially a rather simple piece of equipment. Chainsaws also come in a variety of designs, each having a distinct use - top-handled for working at height (and which can be operated single handedly), pole saws for hard to reach branches and long distance pruning and rear-handled for working on the ground (two handed).

You'll almost never find an experienced Lyme Regis tree surgeon who doesn't use a chainsaw, although being high up in a tree with a rapidly twirling blade in your hand is not an especially safe thing to do. Being fully trained in the maintenance and safe use of chainsaws is a key requirement for any tree surgeon, and is essential before they can even be considered for approval by the AA (Arboricultural Association) or the ISA.

Although there are countless different chainsaw brands and models available to professional tree surgeons, the most popular ones used Lyme Regis are Hyundai, Husqvarna, Makita and Stihl.

Emergency Tree Services Lyme Regis

Making an emergency call to a tree surgeon isn't an occurrence which is liable to arise very often, however if you have sizeable trees growing in your Lyme Regis garden, this might be a requirement at some stage. When the conditions are windy and stormy in Lyme Regis, local tree surgeons normally expect to see a rise in emergency call outs, and luckily a lot of them provide a 24 hour service for your peace of mind. Even though the risk of an entire tree toppling over are slim, there is more likelihood of branches breaking off and tumbling to the ground, during gusty weather. Plummeting branches and tree limbs can result in squashed sheds, broken garden furniture, cracked greenhouses and damaged fences, therefore instead of having to cope with the aftermath of such events, avoidance is certainly the key.

There's also a requirement for emergency tree surgery services by the local council in Lyme Regis, when public paths, railway lines and roads get obstructed by fallen trees and branches.

There may be a need for "re-balancing" a tree, even after emergency work has been done, because due to the loss of some large limbs, there might be an uneven weight distribution, which could be unsafe but also unsightly. A local Lyme Regis tree surgeon who provides emergency services must be called in to deal with all these problems, and you must not attempt to sort them out by yourself.You should also be able to get 24 hour emergency tree surgery in Hawkchurch, Marshwood, Wootton Fitzpaine, Axminster, Pinhay, Axmouth, Musbury, Morcombelake, Whitchurch Canonicorum, Ware, Catherston Leweston, Chideock, Charmouth, Uplyme, and Lyme Regis itself. (Tags: Emergency Tree Care Lyme Regis, Emergency Call-Outs Lyme Regis, Emergency Tree Services Lyme Regis, Emergency Tree Surgery Lyme Regis).

Dead-Wooding Lyme Regis

An important element of tree care and upkeep, the process of dead-wooding (or deadwooding) will be carried out by all experienced tree surgeons in Lyme Regis. Dead-wooding involves the careful removal of dead and rotting branches which could pose a threat to passers-by, homes or vehicles. Tree branches can die for a number of reasons, with diseases, attack by pests, heavy shading or root damage, being the most typical.

Even though the usual rationale for removing dead branches is that of safety, it's also sometimes done to benefit the tree, or for aesthetic reasons. Infestation by insects and disease can be attracted by an excessive number of damaged, dead and dying branches, therefore the tree's health can be dramatically improved by eliminating those dead branches. A tree with lots of dead wood can also have an unsightly appearance, so this must be cut out to get your tree looking beautiful once again.

As smaller dead branches present little risk, only more substantial ones will be removed in most instances. Then again, it might be essential to remove any dead branches that are in excess of 50 millimetres in diameter, where trees in Lyme Regis hang over a dwelling, a park, a garden, a road or a public space.

Tree Surveys Lyme Regis

There are a number of occasions when tree surveys may be needed, land development and property extension being the most frequent. As outlined by BS5837 British Standards, if you happen to be clearing a piece of land to make space for a new home or an extension to an existing property in Lyme Regis, and trees exist on that land, you may need to conduct a professional tree survey. Tree surveys on both public and private property in Lyme Regis, must be completed by an accredited tree surgeon or arborist.

If a tree survey is conducted properly, it will glean a broad range of information about all the trees located within the specified plot. For example:

  • The expected lifespan of the trees.
  • The branch spread towards the South, East, North and West.
  • The existence of any TPOs.
  • The species of trees on the site.
  • The diameter of each tree (taken 1.5m above ground level).
  • The ages of the trees (i.e. young, semi-mature, mature, over-mature and veteran).
  • Tree management recommendations.
  • The physiological and structural health of the trees.
  • The number of trees.
  • A unique reference number for each of the trees.
  • The height of each tree in metres.

A tree survey probably won't be required if you aren't changing the building's footprint nor are you changing the access points or service lines of an existing home in Lyme Regis. (Tags: Tree Surveys Lyme Regis, Tree Surveyors Lyme Regis, Tree Survey Lyme Regis, Lyme Regis Tree Surveys).

Tree Cable Bracing Lyme Regis

Tree cable bracing is a method that is used to give support to a tree when it shows signs of damage, decay, or is a risk to surrounding property (or persons). Where the wish is to avoid felling a tree or removing large, unstable sections, because the tree is valuable or old, cable bracing is the ideal solution.

To give additional support to defective joints, V-shaped forks and weak limbs in a tree, a purpose designed cable bracing system can be used. By the installation of cables and rods most tree surgeons in Lyme Regis will be able to redistribute structural stress and prolong the life of old and valuable trees using different kinds of bracing work.

Cable bracing has the purpose of providing a flexible and shock-absorbing method of support which is non-invasive and does not cause damage to the tree by drilling and bolting the branches. Before any cable bracing work can start, an extensive risk risk assessment must be conducted to guarantee the safety of the tree and adjacent areas. (Tags: Cable Bracing Trees Lyme Regis, Tree Cable Bracing Lyme Regis, Cable Bracing Lyme Regis, Cable Bracing Methods Lyme Regis).

Hedge Trimming Lyme Regis

Hedge Trimming Lyme Regis

Whilst the care and maintenance of trees and shrubs is the main focus of tree surgeons in Lyme Regis, they are regularly called upon to look after hedges, such as controlling the height and routine trimming. Householders will often find conifer hedges like Leylandii hard to cope with, as they grow tall very rapidly - therefore an experienced tree surgeon might be required for the work.

Pretty quickly getting out of control, a hedge that's poorly maintained and uncared for will soon become overgrown. If you allow a hedge to run riot in large areas of your garden, it can be tough to fix later on, therefore routine trimming makes sense for both the health and aesthetic appeal of your hedge.

Neat hedges help to make your property and garden tidier and more attractive, which could be an advantage if you have plans to sell your home sometime soon. You can also obtain hedge cutting services in Hawkchurch, Marshwood, Wootton Fitzpaine, Axminster, Pinhay, Axmouth, Musbury, Morcombelake, Whitchurch Canonicorum, Ware, Catherston Leweston, Chideock, Charmouth, Uplyme, and and of course Lyme Regis. (Tags: Hedge Cutting Lyme Regis, Hedge Trimming Lyme Regis, Hedge Shaping Lyme Regis, Hedge Clipping Lyme Regis).

Help Save The Planet By Planting A Tree

Did you know that throughout the world, 3 to 6 billion trees are cut down each and every year. This has to do with the demand for the products that are made from trees. Such as wood to put up houses, paper for writing on and even toilet paper for, well you know. We all have to take responsibility in maintaining our woodlands even if there are items we have to use that are made from trees.

While I know that we have Arbor Day, and everyone must plant a tree every Arbor Day, that is merely taking care of a small part of the problem. This is because almost all people aren't going out and planting a tree. It would help, of course, if everyone planted a tree.

Did you know that there are about 7 billion people living on the planet? That is just an approximation as you can't keep an exact count. But if each of those 7 billion individuals went out and planted a tree every Arbor Day, we would be able to replace all the trees that were felled that year. However, this is never going to happen.

Plant a Tree

And so, the answer is for those of you who care about the environment and want oxygen so you can live, plant a tree. And I don't mean to simply go out once every year and plant a tree. I am talking more or less once per month or even once per week. It is just a fact that a lot of folks will not give any thought to conservation or planting trees, so we have to compensate for this ourselves.

Numbers suggest that only about 15 million trees are planted on Arbor Day. Hence annually, we have a deficit approximately 5 billion trees. Alas, things are not improving.

A complete answer is required that still encourages people to plant trees but I would likewise propose the following. What could truly solve this problem is if each and every log business or tree farmer, by law, had to plant two saplings for each tree they chop down, so our tree issue wouldn't be an issue for long.

At present, this is not likely to happen and hence the need to preserve the number of trees in the world is in our own hands. In fact, restoring the amount of trees required is definitely possible. For one, if merely 10% of the people on our planet planted a tree each month, it would cover the amount of trees that are cut down each year. Annually, this would equal to the planting of more or less 7 billion trees. For the number of trees we need to return to, an effective net gain of 1 billion trees will be the way to attain this goal.

Every person concerned about the health of our ecosystems can do his part by planting trees. Things will change if 10% of the world's population resolve to help out and plant trees. And you may be one of those people.

Tree Surgery Tasks Lyme Regis

Tree Surgery Tasks Lyme Regis UK

Lyme Regis tree surgeons can normally help you with tree lightening protection, tree care services, tree planning, hedge lowering, cut sealing Lyme Regis, tree topping Lyme Regis, tree cabling, terravention in Lyme Regis, tree bracing, removal of storm damaged trees, stump removal Lyme Regis, woodland clearances in Lyme Regis, shielding trees from grazing animals, root pruning, stump grinding, tree watering, root flare exposure, crown thinning in Lyme Regis, root removal, woodland management Lyme Regis, hedge reduction Lyme Regis, landscaping, waste removal, tree reshaping in Lyme Regis, airspading, emergency tree removal in Lyme Regis, drop crotching in Lyme Regis, tree maintenance, arboriculture Lyme Regis, tree removal, shrub maintenance Lyme Regis, damage restoration Lyme Regis, formative pruning Lyme Regis, tree dismantling and other tree surgeon services in Lyme Regis, Dorset. Listed are just a handful of the activities that are undertaken by tree surgeons. Lyme Regis providers will inform you of their full range of services.

Recent Tree Surgery Requests

Tree Surgery Projects Lyme Regis

Nikodem Batten was looking to get a quotation from a tree surgeon in Thornford who can do the pollarding of a few trees along a path in the garden of his cottage. In Wyke Regis, Dorset Miss Ella-Grace O neill needs a tree surgeon who can remove and ethically dispose of a 30ft monkey puzzle tree. Parker and Aminah Busby were wishing to get a price quote from a tree surgeon in Bere Regis who can chop back an oak tree that's overgrown a neighbours garden in their house. In Sherborne, Dorset, Charley and Imaan Mcguinness are in search of someone who'll do some shrub trimming and hedge cutting. Lennox Kemp was looking to get a quotation from a tree surgeon in Milborne St Andrew to remove a really large tree ASAP, in the garden his home. Miss Bethan Rooney in Lytchett Minster, Dorset needs somebody who can do some after winter hedge and tree pruning. In Stoborough Green, Travis and Lily Perry are trying to find a specialist who can clip a 30m run of privet hedge to a sensible height. Ms Elinor Plant from Sturminster Marshall, Dorset needs to hire someone who will undertake some stump grinding to do away with 2 large tree stumps.

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Tree Surgeons Near Lyme Regis: Also find: Marshwood tree surgeons, Uplyme tree surgeons, Hawkchurch tree surgeons, Whitchurch Canonicorum tree surgeons, Ware tree surgeons, Musbury tree surgeons, Axmouth tree surgeons, Wootton Fitzpaine tree surgeons, Morcombelake tree surgeons, Chideock tree surgeons, Pinhay tree surgeons, Charmouth tree surgeons, Axminster tree surgeons, Catherston Leweston tree surgery and more. Most of these places are covered by local tree surgeons. Lyme Regis business and home owners and others can get price quotes by going here.

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