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New Milton Tree Surgeons (BH25) Hampshire: If you've got trees on your property in New Milton, you're responsible for their safe management and care. Making certain all trees on your property are properly maintained and in safe condition is essential, and this should be achieved by getting a qualified and experienced arborist or tree care professional to check them every once in a while. Should a tree cause an injury to a visitor or passer-by you could easily find yourself faced with legal action and probably a considerable fine.

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A tree surgeon is a highly skilled tradesperson who is also sometimes called an arborist. A tree surgeon in New Milton can accomplish all types of work from basic tree surgery projects to the care and maintenance of other varieties of plants. It could be worthwhile to obtain a tree surgery quote from a tree care professional, if you need work doing on any of your shrubs or trees that is beyond the skillset of yourself or your gardener.

Specialist Tree Surgeon New Milton Hampshire

A great deal of training is necessary for this kind of specialist work, together with a broad knowledge of plants, trees and the diseases and problems they suffer from.

Should you ever have a problem with your trees or shrubs, a professional New Milton tree surgeon can give you advice and guidance on the appropriate course of action to take. Among the problems that you could come across, and that they will be happy to advise on are:

Tree Pruning and Felling: It is a must to obtain a tree surgery quote if you have a tree whose limbs or branches are causing a threat by overhanging too far or growing too near to power lines, or that is growing too close to your house in New Milton. These are tasks that shouldn't be tackled by a person without the required skills.

Certified Tree Surgeons New Milton (01425)

By trying to tackle this sort of work, you may not only cause additional damage to the tree or trees, you could also seriously injure yourself or other people. To help remove the possible risk of branches or tree limbs dropping onto public pathways, it is also worth bringing in a local tree surgeon to trim any trees that are hanging over.

The Treatment of Bacteria and Infections: Specialist advice is crucial with these sorts of issues. By acquiring a tree surgery quotation, you will be employing somebody in New Milton who's got years of experience in the recognition and treatment of infections, pests or bacteria which your trees may have. They'll be in the best position to suggest the best solution to your problem, and offer advice on the best plan for treatment.

Hiring an experienced tree care specialist in New Milton, can make the difference between saving and forever losing a precious tree or bush.

Tree Surgery Quotes for New Milton Hampshire

Locally based New Milton tree surgery services are likely to have the postcode BH25 and the dialling code 01425. They'll work in New Milton itself, as well as nearby areas such as Milford on Sea, Bransgore, Walkford, Naish Estate, Lymington, Barton on Sea, Bashley, Sway, Everton, Tiptow, Downton, Ashley, Hinton, Wootton, Hordle, Old Milton, Highcliffe, Christchurch, and in postcode areas such as: BH25 5JF, BH25 5GY, BH25 5PJ, BH25 5DA, BH25 5DS, BH25 5HG, BH25 5NU, BH25 5BD, BH25 5ET, BH25 5HT.

If you need this type of service it is certainly far better to employ an experienced tree surgeon. New Milton property owners can greatly benefit from the skills and knowledge that are the trademark of a fully trained professional.

Wood Chipping New Milton

Wood Chipping New Milton

To reduce the branches, vegetation and tree limbs that tree surgery generates, most professional New Milton tree surgeons will use wood chipping machines on a regular basis. These awesome wood chipping systems can gobble up as much as forty tons of material every hour, depending on the equipment that is being used, though the smaller, more commonly used models will process around five tonnes per hour.

Having numerous uses like landscaping, mulching gardens, biomass solid fuel, ecosystem restoration, mushroom cultivation, weed prevention, wood pulp and garden walkways, the chipped down waste material is also far easier to transport.

If you have a use for the wood chippings which have been generated during your tree surgery work, tree surgeons in New Milton will generally be willing to let you have however much you want, and they will cart away the rest to use on other projects, or dispose of in the appropriate way. Tree surgeons are a reliable source for wood chips that you can use throughout your garden, even if you don't need any tree surgery doing on your property in New Milton. Some tree surgeons will charge you a fee for wood chippings, particularly if you need to have them delivered, others will allow you to have them at no cost.

Companies such as Forest Master, T-Mech, Timberwolf and Crytec, manufacture some of the most popular wood chipping equipment that is used in the United Kingdom.

Preventing Storm Damage

While we are all aware of the extreme power of Mother Nature, large trees seem sturdy, strong and capable of withstanding virtually anything. Actually certain species of tree can survive for several hundred years and do so happily and without problems.

Extreme weather conditions can however cause substantial damage to trees, and as well as the ever present danger of falling branches or limbs, trees can even fall over completely in certain circumstances. The main danger to, and enemy of trees, is high winds, and with escalating frequency of severe storms this kind of damage is becoming more commonplace in New Milton. Soil that becomes waterlogged during floods or prolonged periods of rainfall can be another problem, as can heavy snowfall.

To prune and remove any dead or excessively long branches that might cause an issue in times of severe weather, it is recommended that you get a certified New Milton tree surgeon to check out your trees on a regular basis.

Taller trees can also be fitted with lightning rods, copper conductors, or other lightning protection systems, to lower the risk of them being struck by lightning and to prevent surrounding property and buildings being damaged by "arcs" or "jumps". Lightning strikes can seriously weaken trees, making them more vulnerable to pest attacks or disease, and even kill them in some cases. Whilst you may not believe that lightning is all that common in New Milton, each year around 300,000 strikes occur throughout the United Kingdom.

To protect your trees from storm damage and minimise the chances of severe consequences should an unstable tree crash down as a result of extreme weather, ask your local New Milton tree surgery company what can be done.

Hedge Trimming New Milton

Hedge Trimming New Milton

Despite the fact that New Milton tree surgeons are primarily focused on the maintenance and care of trees and shrubs they're regularly called in to trim hedges. Using an experienced tree surgeon can be a huge benefit when work needs to be done on conifer hedges (Leylandii for example), which frequently get too tall for your average gardener to cope with, needing specialist tools to manage successfully.

When a hedge is poorly maintained or neglected, it can become overgrown and out of control very quickly. Routine trimming is recommended if you do not want a hedge to run riot in large areas of your garden in New Milton, and in addition to making the hedge healthier it also looks better aesthetically.

Neat hedges help make your property and garden tidier and more appealing, which can be an advantage if you've got plans to sell your home in the immediate future. You can also get hedge trimming in Milford on Sea, Bransgore, Walkford, Naish Estate, Lymington, Barton on Sea, Bashley, Sway, Everton, Tiptow, Downton, Ashley, Hinton, Wootton, Hordle, Old Milton, Highcliffe, Christchurch, and New Milton, Hampshire. (Tags: Hedge Cutting New Milton, Hedge Care New Milton, Hedge Trimming New Milton, Hedge Clipping New Milton).

Conservation Areas & Tree Preservation Orders New Milton

Before carrying out any serious work on your trees in New Milton, you should make certain that there is not a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on any of them. You local authority is the place to go to determine whether there are TPOs on any of your trees. If one of your trees have Tree Preservation Orders, you are prohibited from carrying out topping, wilful destruction, cutting down, uprooting, removal, lopping or wilful damage, without written approval from your local authority. Any reputable tree surgeon in New Milton will be glad to help you with this process.

If you currently reside inside a conservation area in New Milton, you should always consult your council regarding any tree surgery work, and if the tree concerned has a diameter of over 75mm (when measured 1.5m from ground level), you have to give your local authority a minimum of 6 wks written notice.



Arguably the most common piece of equipment used by experienced tree surgeons in New Milton, the chainsaw, in unskilled hands, is also the most dangerous. The most popular style of chainsaw with professional users is the petrol driven version, being easily handled and more mobile, although it is possible to purchase mains operated and rechargeable battery chainsaws. Petrol chainsaws are the only sensible option for heavy tree work, being very powerful and able to slice through trunks and branches of any dimensions.

Comprising a rotating chain armed with a set of teeth that cut through the branches and wood, a chainsaw is essentially a fairly simple piece of equipment. Chainsaws also come in different styles, each having its own distinct use - top-handled for working at height (and which can be operated with one hand), pole saws for long distance pruning and hard to reach branches and rear-handled for work at ground level (two handed).

You will very rarely find a professional New Milton tree surgeon who doesn't use a chainsaw, although clambouring up a tree with a rapidly spinning blade in your hand is not the safest activity. Being trained in the maintenance and safe use of chainsaws is a key prerequisite for any tree surgeon, and is vital before they can even be considered for membership of the Arboricultural Association or the ISA.

The most popular makes of chainsaw used in New Milton by tree surgery specialists are Hyundai, Husqvarna, Makita and Stihl, although of course there are quite a few different brands.

Dutch Elm Disease

Not quite the issue now that it was at one time, Dutch Elm Disease (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi) has wiped out many millions of elm trees right through the UK during the past 50 years or so. Unintentionally imported into the UK from North America (Canada) in the 1960s, Dutch Elm Disease is spread by the elm bark beetle and caused by the fungus Ophiostoma novo-ulmi.

After arriving in Britain, it was spread quickly through the transportation of elm products such as crates, mulching bark, saplings, and firewood logs with the bark still attached. Thought to have originated from Asia (possibly Japan), Dutch Elm Disease did not just affect trees in the United Kingdom, but also ravaged elm stocks in continental Europe and North America.

The first symptoms of DED are:

  • Twigs turning into a "shepherd's crook".
  • Dark streaks under the bark of twigs.
  • Clusters of leaves that turn yellow, wilt and fall.
  • Shoots that die back from the tip.

It normally starts to appear in early summer.

The spread of Dutch Elm Disease has been substantially slowed down by the felling of dead, dying and infected trees, which has in essence removed the elm bark beetle's favourite habitat. A project for the propagation of young elms that up to now have proven resistant to DED is currently being undertaken.

You could put in a request for a diagnosis from the Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory Service (THDAS), or you can get in touch with your neighbourhood tree surgeon for advice and guidance, if you've got elm trees in your garden in New Milton, and suspect they might be affected by DED.

Dead-Wooding New Milton

A fundamental element of tree management, the practice of dead-wooding (or deadwooding) will be undertaken by all experienced tree surgeons in New Milton. When there is a risk of dead and rotting branches falling on pedestrians, vehicles or property, dead-wooding will be undertaken to carefully remove the offending tree limbs. The most typical reasons for tree branches dying off are root damage, pest attacks, disease or a lack of light, and this is of course a purely natural process.

Although the usual reason for removing dead branches is one of safety, it's also often done for the benefit of the tree, or for aesthetic reasons. The spread of disease and insect infestation can be encouraged by an excess of dying, dead and damaged branches, therefore the health of the tree can be dramatically improved by eliminating these dead branches. You can also make a tree look more attractive through this process, because a tree with lots of dead wood can also look rather ugly.

Only the largest dead branches will typically be cut off, because in most instances the small ones will not pose too much of a risk. On the other hand, it might be advisable to cut out and remove any dead wood that is more than 50mm in diameter, where trees in New Milton overhang a park, a public area, a road, a dwelling or a garden. (Tags: Dead-Wooding Services New Milton, Deadwooding Trees New Milton, Dead-Wooding New Milton, Deadwooding New Milton).

Cable Bracing Trees New Milton

When a tree presents a hazard to nearby pedestrians or property, or if it's showing signs of decay or damage, the tree can be provided with extra support using a procedure known as tree cable bracing. Cable bracing is widely used on valuable or older trees in New Milton where the aim is to avoid chopping down the tree or removing large unsafe sections.

To give additional support to V-shaped forks, weak limbs and poor joints in a tree, a purpose designed cable bracing system can be employed. Most New Milton tree surgeons will be able to undertake various forms of bracing work through the fitting of rods and cables to help redistribute structural tension and prolong the life of old and valuable trees.

Cable bracing has the objective of providing a flexible and shock-absorbing method of support that is non-invasive and doesn't damage the tree by drilling and bolting the branches. A comprehensive risk risk assessment, to guarantee the safety of the tree and adjacent areas, should be carried out before the start of any cable bracing project in New Milton.

Removing Tree Stumps New Milton

When you have a tree that needs felling on your property in New Milton, you will also need to consider the tree stump. You might be thinking about using the tree stump as a garden seat or some other useful feature, and might be quite happy to leave it in place until it eventually rots away. However, stumps can be an eyesore, can attract unwelcome pests, and be a trip hazard for your family.

There are various ways that you can remove a tree stump, if you decide that this is the preferred plan of action, though the two key choices are stump grinding and stump removal. Below we will be looking at the stump removal solution.

Digging out by hand, chemical treatment and burning, are the 3 main techniques for removing a tree stump. You could employ any of these tactics if you want to to remove the tree stump on your own. If you are intending to get a tree surgeon to undertake the work, they will normally favour the previously mentioned stump grinding process, but a chemical removal treatment like eco-plugging may be on the agenda.

Stump Burning Techniques: Burning is not generally a recommended course of action, and may contravene local legislation, so take care if using this technique. You'll have to drill a few 25mm holes into the tree stump, and pour in vegetable oil, you will need to keep the holes topped up over a period of several days until the stump is completely soaked. You should then cover the tree stump with logs or charcoal and set it alight. But, this must be constantly supervised and never left to its own devices. As soon as the burning is complete, you should make certain that the fire is fully extinguished, when it is completely cool you will be able to dig out and clear away the remaining pieces of stump and roots.

There are various other burning strategies, such as digging a hole underneath the stump and lighting a fire in the hollowed-out space that's been made. If the stump is close to fences, a building or other trees, you must not use any of these stump burning procedures.

Stump Digging: Digging up a tree stump by hand is a quite straightforward process, and involves shoveling out out all the soil around the base of the stump, exposing and sawing all the thicker roots, and ultimately freeing the tree stump so it can be lifted out. A winch could be required to complete this procedure. This is really tough work and is not for the unfit or faint-hearted.

Chemical Stump Removers: If you choose the chemical stump removal option, you'll need to purchase Vitax SBK Stump Killer, Roundup Tree Stump Remover or Resolva Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer. When utilising these you should always follow the manufacturer's directions to the letter, as these chemicals can be very hazardous. Your stump will take several weeks to break down and can then be removed with a spade and an axe.

(Tags: Removal of Tree Stumps New Milton, Stump Burning New Milton, Tree Stump Removal New Milton, Removing Tree Stumps New Milton).

Tree Surgery Tasks New Milton

Tree Surgery Tasks New Milton UK

New Milton tree surgeons will likely help you with tree waste removal in New Milton, decompaction, tree pest management, emergency tree surgery, crown cleaning New Milton, site clearance, safety inspections, landscaping, retrenchment pruning in New Milton, hedge cutting New Milton, tree cutting in New Milton, tree transplanting, tree reshaping, tree planning, crown removal, tree management, coppicing, tree dismantling New Milton, woodland management, cut sealing, domestic tree surgery New Milton, damage restoration New Milton, tree care, hazard assessments, hedge reduction New Milton, commercial tree care, formative pruning New Milton, root removal, tree fertilising New Milton, tree work New Milton, air spading, crown thinning, tree staking, crown raising in New Milton, terravention in New Milton and other tree surgeon services in New Milton, Hampshire. Listed are just a few of the tasks that are undertaken by local tree surgeons. New Milton providers will tell you about their entire range of services.

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In the Hampshire area you can also get: Bransgore tree surgeons, Soberton tree surgeon, Charlton tree removal, Overton tree care services, tree surgeons, Waterlooville tree surgeon, St Mary Bourne tree care services, Bishopstoke tree surgeons, Hayling Island tree care services, tree surgeon, Hartley Wintney tree surgeons, Colden Common tree care services, St Mary Bourne tree removal, Barton on Sea tree surgery, tree surgery, Bentley tree surgery, Wickham tree surgery, East Woodhay tree removal, Overton tree surgery, tree care, Micheldever tree surgeon, Shedfield tree surgeon, Chineham tree surgeon, tree removal, Fawley tree surgeons, Pamber tree surgeons, Totton and Eling tree management, tree surgeons, Enham Alamein tree care, Chilbolton tree removal, Drayton tree surgeon. All throughout the Hampshire region you will be able to locate tree surgeons who'll offer you various services for your tree care requirements. If you can't find a satisfactory tree surgeon in New Milton itself then you will no doubt be able to find one somewhere nearby.

Tree Surgeons Near New Milton: Also find: Bransgore tree surgeons, Naish Estate tree surgeons, Hinton tree surgeons, Wootton tree surgeons, Lymington tree surgeons, Christchurch tree surgeons, Everton tree surgeons, Tiptow tree surgeons, Highcliffe tree surgeons, Hordle tree surgeons, Old Milton tree surgeons, Barton on Sea tree surgeons, Milford on Sea tree surgeons, Walkford tree surgeons, Ashley tree surgeons, Downton tree surgeons, Sway tree surgeons, Bashley tree surgery and more. All of these villages and towns are covered by tree surgeons. New Milton householders and others can obtain quotes by going here.

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