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Okehampton Tree Surgeons (EX20): There are many homes in Okehampton which have gardens with trees. Despite the fact that trees are wonderful to look at, provide a home for wildlife and are vital for the well-being of the planet, they need to be cared for and maintained properly. They can be affected by disease, become overgrown, and often need pruning and other regular maintenance. Trees can even become hazardous, especially in windy weather, and branches or even entire sections of tree can tumble to the ground, potentially damaging buildings, vehicles, or worst of all, people. Basically, you're the individual who's answerable for maintaining any trees that are growing on your property in Okehampton.

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Quite a few do-it-yourself tree care measures are of course possible if you have a hands-on approach, and the maintenance of shrubs, hedges, fruit trees and smaller trees, can all be tackled by a gardening fanatic. Routine trimming and pruning of tree growth that can be accessed from ground level are pretty trouble-free jobs, and can be attempted if you are self-confident, know what you're doing and have the suitable tools. If larger, more mature trees are involved that will need the use of ladders or climbing, the project is best left to the experts.

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There are numerous dangers involved with working at height up trees, and besides you falling and injuring yourself, you could also drop tools or heavy branches that harm those standing or walking underneath. This kind of project also requires the use of dangerous tools, and the mere thought of an amateur gardener brandishing a powered-up chainsaw whilst balancing perilously up a tree sends shivers up my spine.

For this sort of task, you may assume that a gardener would be the correct individual to call. However, gardeners are generally not trained in the care of mature trees, yet may be a good choice for clipping fruit trees, hedges and shrubs. The tradesperson that you really need is a tree surgeon, who will have all the right equipment and tools for any type of tree care assignment. In accordance with the magnitude of the work needed, and the size and type of trees that you have on your property in Okehampton, certain special tools such as harnesses, chainsaws and chipping machines, could be required.

A genuine tree surgeon in Okehampton should be skilled in the use of such machinery and tools and while many folks in Okehampton boast of being tree surgeons, you'll need to choose one that is thoroughly qualified in arboriculture and can show the following accreditations:

  • CS39 (NPTC 308) - Aerial cutting of trees using free-fall techniques.
  • CS30 (NPTC 201/202) - Chainsaw crosscut and maintenance.
  • CS38 (NPTC 206/306) - Climb a tree and carry out aerial rescue.
  • CS31 (NPTC 203) - Fell & process small trees.

Tree surgeons should also hold the qualification Forestry First Aid Level 3 FAW+F. All work should also be carried out to British Standards BS3998 (2010).

When you are doing research to find a decent tree surgeon in Okehampton, you ought to be looking for these basic qualifications as a minimum. If the individual you're talking to doesn't have at least a few of these certifications you should look elsewhere. More knowledgeable tree surgeons in Okehampton may also hold a City & Guilds or similar qualifications in forest management, forestry, woodland ecology & conservation, countryside management and arboriculture.

Tree Surgeons Okehampton (EX20)

Such tree related work as stump grinding, pest control, tree planting, disease identification, tree removal, transplanting, tree felling, tree surgery and the protection of trees from grazing, can be carried out by Okehampton tree surgeons, once they are fully trained and qualified.

For the home owner in Okehampton this will most likely involve crown raising, crown cleaning, crown thinning, pruning, crown re-shaping, tree felling/removal, staking, damage restoration etc.

A professional Okehampton tree surgeon should also be familiar with, and proficient in the use of an array of tree surgery tools and paraphernalia such as wood shredders, winches, rigging ropes, harnesses, slacklines, chain saws, stump grinding equipment, axes, climbing ropes, rigging pulleys, pole saws and lowering slings. If a so-called 'tree surgeon' shows up at your house with nothing more than a step-ladder and a hand saw, the alarm bells should be sounding, and you ought to send them on their way.

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Before performing any serious work on your trees in Okehampton, you should make certain that none of them have TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders) You local planning authority is the place to head to determine whether there are TPOs on any of your trees. You could ask your tree surgeon to help with these checks, any dependable one will be happy to offer guidance and advice, or even do this for you.

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You'll need to find a good tree surgeon in Okehampton, as soon as you've come to the conclusion that you require expert help with your tree care. There are various ways that you can do this. If friends or family have used a tree surgeon recently, you could get them to recommend someone. You can search for the websites of Okehampton tree surgeons on the net. You could submit your requirements to Quotatis, Rated People, My Builder, or another of the trade portals. You can look in the Yellow Pages or in your local newspaper classified listings. These methods should give you a good short list of prospective tree surgeons.

To find the crème de la crème of tree surgeons in Okehampton, you can look to the Arboricultural Association (ARB), who have a register of approved contractors, who comprise the top 2 percent of the UK's companies. They've attained:

  • High standards of service to clients.
  • Arboricultural legislation compliance.
  • A good knowledge of trees and tree management.
  • Operations, knowledge and high work standards.
  • Compliance with requirements for health and safety.

No matter what, you need to avoid rogue traders and cowboy 'tree surgeons' in Okehampton, and also be wary of cold callers who show up at your door offering to cut back your trees or clean your driveway. Tree surgery should not be attempted by anyone who is not properly trained, and as we have said before, this work is very dangerous.

Furthermore, your trees are precious things and unless the work is done by a competent person they may be permanently damaged or harmed. You should always stick with the pros, because treating, pruning or lopping trees at the wrong time of the year or in the wrong way can be disastrous for the wellbeing of your trees.

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To ensure that you get a rough idea of what your project is going to cost, you should try to obtain at least two or three quotes from different local tree surgery companies in Okehampton. This will give you a choice of tree surgeons in Okehampton, but you shouldn't necessarily make your decision on price alone (i.e. go for the cheapest).

To get an idea of precisely who you are dealing with, try to ask plenty of relevant questions. Tree surgeons need to be insured for at least 2 million pounds, so make certain that they've got the appropriate insurance, and also establish that everything you'll need has been included in the quoted price. One crucial thing that you'll need to know is if the removal of logs, waste and branches is included in the price quoted. Depending on the scale of the assignment, quite a bit of waste could be generated.

Asking to see some references from past customers would also be advisable. If they are genuine they will be happy to provide you with references and perhaps even photographs of work that they have completed. If a company happens to have a Facebook page, you might also like to have a look at that, as these pages often give insights into how a company functions and how satisfied it's customer base is.

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Local Okehampton tree surgeons are most likely have the postcode EX20 and the dialling code 01837. They will work in Okehampton itself, as well as nearby areas like Exbourne, Stockley Hamlet, Inwardleigh, Graddon Cross, Sourton, Bridestowe, Belstone Corner, Sampford Courtenay, Northlew, Coombe Head, Chichacott, Sticklepath, Folly Gate, Thorndon Cross, and these postcodes: EX20 1LA, EX20 1BA, EX20 1GQ, EX20 1FY, EX20 1BR, EX20 1EF, EX20 1LJ, EX20 1AD, EX20 1EW, EX20 1HH.

For this type of service it is certainly advisable to hire an experienced tree surgeon. Okehampton homeowners can benefit from the skills and knowledge that are the trademark of a seasoned professional.

Tree Surgery Apprenticeships - Courses - Training Okehampton

Tree Surgery Courses - Training - Apprenticeships Okehampton

For those who love the outdoor life, entering into employment in a profession like tree surgery can be extremely enjoyable and rewarding. Upon investigation, you will learn that there are a variety of paths into a career in tree surgery including possibilities such as registering for a private course, taking a course in university, applying for a college course, commencing at the bottom (perhaps as a groundworker) and working towards this goal or being accepted into a tree surgery apprenticeship. When they are available locally, tree surgery apprenticeships in Okehampton can be applied for while still attending school. Private and college courses are offered all over the UK and are available to folks of all ages. People with the correct qualifications (ordinarily 1 to 3 "A" levels) can shoot for higher national diplomas, degrees and foundation degrees at university, in one of the many related fields such as forest management, forestry, woodland ecology & conservation, countryside management and arboriculture. If you aren't tempted by any of these options, you may wish to carry out some voluntary work so as to get some practical tree surgery experience. You might try getting in touch with the Tree Council, the Woodland Trust, the Forestry Commission or the National Trust, to ascertain what's available in the Okehampton and wider Devon area. This short article was created to assist anyone trying to understand "how to become a tree surgeon in Okehampton", with a bit of luck it's helped you learn what you wanted. You can see far more info on how to become a tree surgeon on the National Careers Service website. (Tags: Tree Surgery Apprenticeships Okehampton, Tree Surgery Courses Okehampton, Tree Surgery Training Okehampton)

Tree Transplanting Okehampton

Tree Transplanting Okehampton (01837)

Transplanting fully-grown trees is a delicate, yet rather straightforward process nowadays, due mainly to modern truck mounted tree spades, tree lifting equipment and other specialised tools. Removing a tree from your land does not have to involve chopping it down and excavating the roots; an experienced tree moving contractor in Okehampton can remove and transplant even adult trees and repair the disturbed ground afterwards.

If you have no choice but to transplant a tree in Okehampton during the warmer summer seasons of summer and spring, you should minimise the stress of the move on the tree's roots by thoroughly soaking the soil with water before any work commences. To lift a tree from the soil a tractor based mechanical spade is forced down into the ground to surround the main root ball, before hauling the entire thing free. If the tree is not to be immediately replanted, it can be temporarily stored so long as its root ball and surrounding soil is kept moist.

A competent tree transplanting service in Okehampton will collaborate with local authorities to make sure that local regulations and preservation orders are observed at all stages of the tree moving and transplantation process.

Storm Damaged Trees Okehampton

When looking at a strong, sturdy tree standing tall and proud in your garden it's difficult to picture it ever toppling to the ground. In actual fact some types of tree can live and continue to grow for hundreds of years.

Severe weather conditions can however cause significant damage, and along with the danger of falling branches or tree limbs, entire trees can topple over in certain circumstances. High winds and gales pose serious problems for trees, and this type of damage is becoming more commonplace in Okehampton, as the number of severe weather events and storms increases with climate change. Heavy snow during winter can also cause issues, as can saturated soil resulting from extended periods of rainfall or flooding.

To prune and remove any dead or overhanging branches that might cause an issue in severe weather conditions, it is advisable to get a competent Okehampton tree surgeon to check out your trees regularly.

Copper conductors, lightning rods, or other protection systems are also recommended for larger trees, to prevent them being struck by lightning and to protect nearby buildings and property which might be vulnerable to side-flashes ("arcs") that can cause more damage, along with harm done to the tree itself. A tree can be killed or seriously weakened when it is struck by lightning, and even where the effect is not instantly obvious, the tree will likely be more susceptible to attack by pests and diseases. For those of you who think that lightning isn't all that common, there are approximately 300 thousand lightning strikes in the United Kingdom every year.

Your local Okehampton tree surgery firm will be able to advise you on what protection your trees can be given from storm damage, and lessen the risk of mishaps occurring because of this. (Tags: Storm Damage Okehampton, Storm Damaged Trees Okehampton, Storm Damage Prevention Okehampton).

Emergency Tree Services Okehampton

If you've got sizeable trees in your garden in Okehampton, there might be some occasions when you need to contact a tree surgeon in an emergency. When the weather conditions are windy and stormy in Okehampton, tree surgeons generally expect to see a huge increase in emergency call outs, and luckily some of them offer a 24 hour service for this reason. The likelihood of injury or damage is increased when the weather is gusty, with branches breaking off and falling to the ground below, and occasionally even whole trees toppling over. Prevention is definitely preferable to having to tackle the consequences, and typical problems that can result from plummeting branches and tree limbs include damaged fences, broken garden furniture, smashed greenhouses and splintered sheds.

There's also a need for emergency tree care services by the local council in Okehampton, when streets, railway lines and public pathways get blocked by fallen trees and branches.

Even when the emergency tree work has been completed, a tree which has lost some large limbs might need to be "re-balanced", and this may be performed for aesthetic reasons or because the tree now appears uneven, with an uneven weight distribution, perhaps leading to further problems. If you are experiencing any of these tree related problems, you shouldn't try to sort any of them out on your own, and you should promptly call up a local tree surgeon in Okehampton who provides emergency services, so that they can suggest the preferred plan of action.

Tree Cable Bracing Okehampton

When a tree poses a danger to nearby property or pedestrians, or if it's showing warning signs of damage or decay, the tree can be offered extra support with a procedure known as cable bracing. Cable bracing is often used on valuable or older trees in Okehampton where the aim is to avoid felling the tree or cutting out large unstable parts.

A cable bracing set-up can be useful for supporting any poor joints, V-shaped forks and weak tree limbs that may be causing some concerns. To help mitigate structural stresses and extend the lifespan of old and valued trees most Okehampton tree surgeons will be prepared to undertake various forms of bracing work by the installation of cables and rods.

Cable bracing has the objective of offering a flexible and shock-absorbing method of support that's non-invasive and doesn't damage the tree by having to drill and bolt the branches. Before any actual cable bracing work can begin, a risk risk assessment must be completed to ensure the safety of the tree and encircling areas.

Hedge Trimming Okehampton

Hedge Trimming Okehampton

While the majority of projects carried out by tree surgeons in Okehampton involves the maintenance and care of trees, the cutting back and trimming of hedges is another job that they are able to perform. With conifer hedges like Leylandii, this is especially helpful, because they can quickly get so high that a regular gardener or homeowner will find them all but impossible to deal with using bog standard tools.

When a hedge is poorly maintained or uncared for, it can get out of control and overgrown fairly quickly. Routine clipping is recommended if you don't want a hedge to overwhelm large sections of your garden in Okehampton, and along with making the hedge stronger and healthier it also looks better aesthetically.

Neat hedges help make your entire garden look tidier, and might even add value to your home in Okehampton, if you have plans to sell it.

The Skills and Knowledge Needed to be Tree Surgeons in Okehampton

  • Physical skills like coordination and movement.
  • Have an organised and methodical way of working.
  • Be capable of maintaining, using and repairing tools and equipment.
  • Be able to work with your hands.
  • Be mindful of the complexities and dangers involved with the various areas of work.
  • Have good customer service skills.
  • Be professional and able to complete tasks within a specified timeframe.
  • Have essential computer skills and know how to accomplish basic tasks with handheld devices.
  • Good knowledge of public safety.
  • The ability to work alongside other folks.
  • Be patient and have the ability to remain calm in times of stress.

Coming Soon:

Stump grinding machines.

Tree Surgery Tasks Okehampton

Tree Surgery Tasks Okehampton UK

Okehampton tree surgeons can generally help with crown removal, root grinding, crown lifting in Okehampton, stump removal, crown cleaning, pest management, tree cabling in Okehampton, fruit tree pruning Okehampton, tree management in Okehampton, tree bracing, tree felling Okehampton, damage restoration, soil terraventing, root decompaction, site clearance, tree pollarding Okehampton, retrenchment pruning, shrub maintenance, landscape clearance, tree care, hedge lowering Okehampton, waste removal, tree replanting, tree topping, hazard assessments Okehampton, dead wood removal, safety inspections, commercial tree care, shielding trees from grazing animals, tree watering in Okehampton, drop crotching Okehampton, residential tree care Okehampton, formative pruning Okehampton, tree dismantling, hedge reduction and other tree surgeon services in Okehampton, Devon. These are just an example of the tasks that are undertaken by tree surgeons. Okehampton companies will inform you of their entire range of services.

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Tree Surgeons Near Okehampton: Also find: Folly Gate tree surgeons, Sourton tree surgeons, Thorndon Cross tree surgeons, Stockley Hamlet tree surgeons, Northlew tree surgeons, Bridestowe tree surgeons, Exbourne tree surgeons, Sticklepath tree surgeons, Inwardleigh tree surgeons, Coombe Head tree surgeons, Sampford Courtenay tree surgeons, Graddon Cross tree surgeons, Chichacott tree surgeons, Belstone Corner tree surgery and more. All these areas are catered for by trained tree surgeons. Okehampton property owners and others can obtain price quotes by going here.

How to Locate a Tree Surgeon

Finding a Tree Surgeon Near Me Okehampton (EX20)

There are obviously plenty of different ways out there for uncovering tree surgeons and other local tradesmen in Okehampton and the chief technique which folks used a few years back was to search in the Yellow Pages or a local newspaper. In these modern times local newspapers and such like are based on the internet along with a number of handy web directories such as City Visitor, Thomson Local, 118 118, Yell, Cyclex, Mister What, Touch Local, Yelp and Local Life, although of course anyone could be listed in such directories so that there is very little guarantee regarding the integrity of any particular tree surgeon, consequently you'll be relying on luck by using this approach An additional popular technique for looking for a tree surgeon in this technological age is to look on trade portals such as Checkatrade, Rated People, TrustaTrader, My Builder, My Hammer or Local Heroes, and it is on these portals that clients can submit reviews and testimonials concerning the work completed and the tradesman that did it. Last of all you could think about asking workmates, next door neighbours and family to recommend someone they have previously used.

Tree Care Services Okehampton

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  • Shrub Maintenance
  • Hedge Reduction
  • Tree Pollarding
  • Tree Care
  • Crown Reduction
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Tree Reduction
  • Tree Reshaping
  • Crown Lifting
  • Woodland Clearances
  • Tree Pruning
  • Wood Chipping
  • Eco-Plugging
  • Site Clearance

More Okehampton Trades: Obviously, when you are having tree surgery done in Okehampton, Devon, you'll probably be in need of other garden related services, and aside from a tree surgeon in Okehampton, Devon, you might also need garden shed installers in Okehampton, garden design in Okehampton, local SKIP HIRE in Okehampton, pond maintenance in Okehampton, artificial grass installation in Okehampton, garden decking in Okehampton, garden clearances in Okehampton, hedge shaping in Okehampton, garden rubbish removal in Okehampton, landscape gardeners in Okehampton, soil irrigation in Okehampton, driveway specialists in Okehampton, weeding in Okehampton, patio cleaning in Okehampton, gate installers in Okehampton, lawn mowing in Okehampton, and other different Okehampton tradespeople.

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Over the last few months, people in the following Okehampton roads have requested estimates for tree surgery: Castle Road, Pike's Mead, Kingfisher Drive, Castle Lane, Row Tor Close, De Brionne Heights, Laburnum Way, Stoney Park Lane, The Glen, Lower Crooked Meadow, Richard Close, Hare Tor Close, Beans Meadow, Far View Road, East Street, Church Avenue, Fox Close, Church Path, Curlew Close, Lodge Hill, Park Row, Beare Bridge Road, Newcombe Close, Church Street, Tappers Meadow, North Road, Herons Brook, and in these nearby postcodes EX20 1LA, EX20 1BA, EX20 1GQ, EX20 1FY, EX20 1BR, EX20 1EF, EX20 1LJ, EX20 1AD, EX20 1EW, EX20 1HH. Work was conducted in these locations by qualified tree surgeons. Okehampton homeowners received reliable and high quality tree surgery services on each occasion.

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