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Fernhill Heath Tree Surgeons (WR3): Producing essential oxygen for our planet, providing a much needed home for our ever decreasing wildlife and offering welcome shade on hot summers days, trees are fantastic things to have and enjoy in our gardens. However, trees are living things and may get way too huge for our gardens in Fernhill Heath, become diseased and unstable or suffer damage in windy conditions. If concerns are growing about your trees in Fernhill Heath, a tree surgeon is the person to call.

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Who you gonna call? Tree surgeons! - Tree surgeons play an essential role in the maintenance and general care of trees for a wide array of clients in Fernhill Heath - both public and private. The list of services that a trained tree surgeon in Fernhill Heath may provide is extensive, but includes: hazard assessments and inspections, felling, safe tree planting, the pruning of dead, intruding or weakened branches, along with general tree care.

Professional Tree Surgeon Fernhill Heath Worcestershire

However, it isn't just trees that a tree surgeon can work on. Such tasks as stump removal, hedge care, maintenance and pruning, are among the additional responsibilities of a tree surgeon in Fernhill Heath. Since they will be best able to assess your tree, prepare a report on possible hazards, and give advice on what to do next, a tree surgeon is the person to hire if you've got any doubts about a tree's structural integrity.

This is most certainly a process that must only be completed by an expert, because tree surgery is an exceedingly dangerous task. Though forgoing the costs and going for the do-it-yourself approach may appear tempting, this would certainly not be a smart decision by any stretch of the imagination. Tree surgeons need to be experienced, qualified and physically fit to carry out the work they are required to do.

Working at height is always hazardous, and the use of dangerous power tools while high up in the air and harnessed to a tree is of course no exception. It is certainly not an activity for a beginner! A team of experienced tree surgeons is usually required to accomplish a tree surgery project, and is likely to include both climbers and a ground crew, who are all experts at what they do. It would be impossible for any unqualified individual to rival this level of experience, competence and risk assessment to carry out the work.

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The first step following establishing that you need the assistance of a tree surgeon is identifying a decent one in Fernhill Heath. But, how is this to be accomplished? Well, there are a number of things that you will want to check, for instance qualifications and costs. Now, we'll give you some handy tips for acquiring the ideal tree surgeon to care for, maintain and carry out your tree needs.

The initial step will be to check whether that they've got the required certifications, this should give you the reassurance that they are competent and properly trained. The governing body for tree surgeons and the organisation issuing certifications is the the National Proficiency Tests Council. Any tree surgeon in Fernhill Heath should have the following certificates at the bare minimum:

  • NPTC 201/202 (CS30) - Basic crosscutting and chainsaw maintenance.
  • NPTC 206/306 (CS38) - Tree climbing and rescue.
  • NPTC 308 (CS39) - Use of a chainsaw from a rope and harness.
  • NPTC 203 (CS31) - Fell and process small trees.

Though there isn't any legal requirement for a tree surgeon to hold these qualifications, if you can find one that does, it demonstrates that they have received a good level of training to successfully and safely accomplish the task. As there's always a risk of falling from considerable height, and the possibility of life threatening injuries, it's vital that forestry workers, tree surgeons and arborists carry a comprehensive First Aid kit, and go through some training in First Aid.

Next, check the actual breakdown of costs and ask three or four tree surgeons in Fernhill Heath to obtain different quotes for the tree surgery. One important thing to look out for is whether the quote covers the the removal and disposal of the large amounts of waste typically produced by tree surgery, quite often it does not! Removing such waste can be a huge cost and inconvenience to the customer therefore it's definitely better to get the tree surgeons to remove and dispose of this themselves if you can.

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Also, when chatting to prospective tree surgeons in Fernhill Heath, ensure you are prepared to ask plenty of key questions regarding your tree care needs. For instance, you will need to know who is going to be doing the actual work, and who will be coming onto your property. Is it going to involve a crew of workers or just one person on their own? Is there any chance of you meeting up with them in advance? What will the impact on my neighbours or my home be? How long will the task take? What techniques of tree removal or surgery is going to be used?

If you ask all the necessary questions, you're less likely to have any unexpected shocks further down the line.

Tree Surgery Fernhill Heath (WR3)

Last of all, listen carefully to the way in which tree surgeon speaks. In particular, listen carefully to how they describe the work, as this can be useful for evaluating their standards of expertise and professionalism prior to the commencement of any work. If your 'tree surgeon' throws in the phrase 'lopping and topping', this is likely to be someone to avoid, because this kind of expression is more likely to come from rogue traders and cowboys, who know little or nothing about the modern approaches to tree surgery. A tree surgeon in Fernhill Heath that's fully trained, professional and experienced will employ more correct terminology such as 'crown reduction', 'pruning', 'dead wooding', 'crown lifting' and 'crown thinning'. While merely using the right terms isn't always evidence of a person's ability, it can give helpful clues about your tree surgeon's measure of experience.

In conclusion, it is always worth consulting several different tree surgeons in Fernhill Heath regarding any potential tree maintenance or tree surgery needs you might have. Consequently, you will get a job that is professionally undertaken, caters to all your requirements and complies with all the recommended safety guidelines.

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Locally based Fernhill Heath tree surgery services are likely to have the phone code 01905 and the postcode WR3. They will operate in Fernhill Heath itself, together with nearby areas like Ladywood, Oddingley, Cornmeadow Green, Bevere, Hindlip, Grimley, Hawford, Tibberton, Copcut, Warndon, Claines, Martin Hussingtree, Northwick, Worcester, Hallow, and these postcodes: WR3 7UG, WR3 7NN, WR3 7SY, WR3 8RY, WR3 8BY, WR3 7UQ, WR3 7WF, WR3 7TW, WR3 8RN, WR3 7LF.

If you need this sort of assistance it's definitely advisable to use an experienced local tree surgeon. Fernhill Heath home and property owners can greatly benefit from the expertise and knowledge offered by a fully trained professional.

Vegetation Control

Vegetation Control

It isn't just the removal and maintenance of trees that your nearby Fernhill Heath tree surgeon will be able to help you with, but also any sort of unchecked vegetation that's jungling up your land. Some tree care professionals will be prepared to get rid off weeds, bushes, overgrown vegetation and shrubs that may be taking hold around pathways, walls, driveways, sheds or buildings, and creating a problem. If you're to manage your garden correctly then all of this excessive growth should be cut back at least once a year, and if you find you've got the inclination and time then this is something you may achieve on your own if you are in good health, or you might get your local tree surgeon to call in every six months or so to keep it in shape. Vegetation control is a must if you're to have easy and safe entry to all sections of the garden and if this is forgotten the plants and vegetation can very quickly become a menace and take a lot of the enjoyment out of your garden. Besides anything else the garden will also look much better when properly maintained.

Air-Spading Fernhill Heath

There are various factors that can impact on the health of trees in your garden, and the tree's root system is one place to look when you have concerns. A professional tree surgeon in Fernhill Heath may need to access the root system of your tree, in order to check for problems such as root rot or soil compaction.

Because there is a possibility of damaging the roots during the process of digging, until recently this was somewhat problematic to achieve. The method that most contemporary tree surgeons use is known as "air spading", whereby compressed air is employed to break down and clear away compacted soil without causing damage to tree roots or utilities.

On occasion, heavy foot traffic, passing vehicles or building work can cause the soil around a tree's roots to get compacted, and this is known to have an adverse effect on its health. When it does not get sufficient water and nutrients, a tree can become "stressed", making it more vulnerable to attack by disease, insects and pests. Air spading is also good for resolving root flare problems, when the flare at the base of the tree becomes covered with soil, causing tissue breakdown, and heightening the likelihood of root decay.

This clever process involves the use of an air-spade and an air compressor which blows air into the soil at speeds of up to 1,200 mph, the air enters the voids in the soil and instantly breaks it apart, while leaving tree roots, utility lines and concrete untouched. Soil is blown away from the tree's roots by the powerful flow of air, meaning that immediate inspection and investigation can take place. A resolution can then be implemented for any problems, and the previously compact soil replaced with wood mulch and fertiliser to help encourage the tree to revive.

The Use of Chainsaws


With regards to the equipment that is utilised by Fernhill Heath tree surgeons, the chainsaw is the most commonly seen. Although mains and battery versions of chainsaw are available, the most popular type with tree care professionals are driven by petrol, thanks to their ease of use and greater mobility. For heavy tree work, the only real choice is to use petrol driven chainsaws, as they are able to effortlessly slice through branches and trunks of any dimensions, and are exceptionally powerful and robust.

Essentially, a chainsaw is composed of a rotating motor-driven chain which has a series of sharp teeth for cutting through bark and wood. Chainsaws are also available in a variety of styles, each one having its own particular use - top-handled for working at height (and which can be used with one hand), pole saws for hard to reach branches and long distance pruning and rear-handled for working on the ground (two handed).

Although it's not the safest thing to be carrying up a tree, it's very rare that you will find an experienced Fernhill Heath tree surgeon that doesn't use a chainsaw just about every day. All tree surgeons must be trained in the safe use of chainsaws, and it's one of the key conditions for gaining membership of the Arboricultural Association (AA).

There are numerous different makes of chainsaw, but the most commonly used by professional tree surgeons in the UK are Hyundai, Husqvarna, Makita and Stihl.

Ash Dieback (Hymenoscyphus Fraxineus)

A deadly fungal disease of ash trees that was first recorded in the British Isles in 2012, ash dieback is expected to wipe out approximately 80 percent of the current ash trees. Set to have an immense impact on our beloved countryside, ash dieback is destined to be just as damaging as the preceding epidemic of Dutch Elm Disease.

Trees of the Fraxinus genus are affected by this damaging disease, although it has a particularly disastrous effect on Fraxinus excelsior (the common or European ash), which is the most widespread species in Britain. Originating in Asia where the native Chinese ash (Fraxinus chinensis) and Manchurian ash (Fraxinus mandshurica) are less susceptible to it, the fungus which causes the disease is called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (H. fraxineus), and it kills the tree by blocking its vascular systems.

Quickly spread by minute spores which can travel for miles on the wind, ash dieback (or chalara ash dieback) has established itself in most regions of the British Isles with up to 85% mortality rates.

The recognisable symptoms of ash dieback are:

  • Wilting leaves that turn black in colour and fall prematurely.
  • Dark patches on leaves during the summertime.
  • Dark brown lesions (often diamond shaped) form where limbs meet with the trunk, and the inner bark under the lesions looks brownish grey.
  • Leaves and new shoots that are dying during the growing season.
  • New epicormic growth appearing from previously dormant buds (common in trees under stress).

Even ash trees which have the ability to fight the disease, are attacked year-on-year and ultimately succumb and die. There is not yet any cure for chalara ash dieback, and because it is an airborne disease, no certain way to stop it spreading.

While the Forestry Commission's "Tree Alert Service" is presently only interested in hearing about reports of cases in new locations where it has not previously been documented, if you are concerned about an ash tree on your property in Fernhill Heath, you should bring in a local arborist or tree surgeon to affirm the diagnosis and suggest a solution.

Trees affected - the genus Fraxinus.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Fernhill Heath

If you've got to get some stump grinding done, be sure to bring in a firm with the proper knowhow and gear. The very best Fernhill Heath tree surgeons will appreciate that every single bit of the stump needs to be removed to a depth of at least one foot. Grinding down roots and stumps very close to walls and buildings while avoiding damage, can only be achieved if the tree surgeon has got the use of the correct machinery. This tailor-made grinding equipment is so versatile that it can even be used to eradicate tree stumps that are located in passageways, alleys and similarly inaccessible locations. Where really big trees need to be removed the tree stump which is left can be quite substantial and the thicker roots will go down to a considerable depth, needing a herculean effort to remove them.

Crown Thinning Fernhill Heath

Tree Care Fernhill Heath

The removal of a lot of the lesser branches located on the tree's outer crown to deliver a foliage density that's uniform all the way through whilst not transforming the size or shape of the tree, is known as crown thinning. This kind of technique is usually only done on broad leafed trees (rather than conifers) and is to allow more light to pass through, to minimize the stress on certain branches because of wind, ice, gravity, or snow, to reduce the wind resistance of the tree, to lower the weight of the crown or to stop the tree being uprooted in blustery conditions. Crown thinning is not supposed to alter the overall shape and size of the tree, but ought to establish a uniform thickness of foliage surrounding consistently spaced branches. You should be able to find crown thinning in Ladywood, Oddingley, Cornmeadow Green, Bevere, Hindlip, Grimley, Hawford, Tibberton, Copcut, Warndon, Claines, Martin Hussingtree, Northwick, Worcester, Hallow, and Fernhill Heath, Worcestershire.. (Tags: Crown Thin Fernhill Heath, Crown Thinning Fernhill Heath, Tree Crown Thinning Fernhill Heath)

Logs & Firewood Fernhill Heath

Firewood Logs Fernhill Heath

When you're looking for firewood and logs in Fernhill Heath, contacting your local tree surgeon is always a good idea, because they are usually an excellent source for this. Given that the majority of their days are spent chopping down branches and trees, it is not really surprising that many would adopt this as a lucrative sideline.

Some Fernhill Heath tree surgeons will charge you for seasoned and chopped logs which are dry and ready to burn, whilst others might be prepared to give you branches and logs cost-free, as they usually have loads of them to get rid of.

Logs that have been left to dry out for at least 12 months are perfect for burning on your log burner or open fire, and they should preferably have a moisture content of below twenty percent. Tree surgeons in Fernhill Heath will typically have supplies of assorted hardwood logs and these are terrific for a sustained burn that will throw out heat for many hours. If you can also pick up a few softwood logs, these are terrific for getting a fire started, and onto which you can chuck your seasoned hardwood logs once your fire is blazing.

Eco-Plugging Tree Stumps Fernhill Heath

If you'd like to remove a substantial tree stump from your garden in Fernhill Heath, the customary technique used by most local tree surgeons is called stump grinding, which requires large specialist equipment. However, "eco-plugging" is becoming more popular as an easier and more affordable solution to this problem. This technique is not only useful because it's cheaper, but also because it can be employed in awkward locations where there could be stump grinding accessibility issues.

Eco-plugging is a highly effective treatment for killing tree stumps and doesn't affect any nearby vegetation and trees. Eco-plugs can be employed in any weather conditions and throughout the year, and they eliminate the tree stump by destroying the entire root system. Effective for use on a wide array of tree species, eco-plugs are 95-100 percent effective and contain a type of granular glyphosate herbicide.

Storm Damage Fernhill Heath

Of all the living things in our garden, trees appear to be the strongest, sturdiest and the most able to withstand the vicissitudes of Mother Nature. The life expectancy of most tree species far surpasses that of animals or humans, and in actual fact certain types such as oaks, sweet chestnuts and yews can live for many hundreds of years.

Despite all this, trees are certainly susceptible to adverse weather, and apart from the danger of falling tree limbs and branches, when faced with a certain set of conditions trees can even topple over completely, causing lots of damage or even death. Trees have one main weather related enemy, and that is wind. As extreme weather events and severe storms become more common with climate change, this form of damage will happen more frequently in Fernhill Heath in the future. Floods or extended periods of rain will cause the soil around roots to become saturated, which can cause further problems for trees, as can heavy snow during wintertime.

In order to be prepared for any problems that might occur during times of severe weather, it is advisable to have a certified Fernhill Heath tree surgeon prune and remove any dead or overhanging branches, and check for any further problems.

It is also a good idea to fit bigger trees with lightning rods, copper conductors, or other lightning protection systems, to stop them being struck by lightning, and to protect surrounding property and buildings which might be susceptible to side-flashes ("arcs"). A lightning strike can easily kill a tree, or severely weaken it, making it more susceptible to disease and pest attacks. You may not believe that lightning strikes are all that common, however in the UK alone there are about 300 thousand lightning strikes recorded every year.

Your local Fernhill Heath tree surgery company will be able to give you advice and guidance on what protection your trees can be given from storm damage, and lessen the risk of mishaps taking place because of this. (Tags: Storm Damage Prevention Fernhill Heath, Storm Damaged Trees Fernhill Heath, Storm Damage Fernhill Heath).

Wood Chipping Fernhill Heath

Wood Chipping Fernhill Heath

Since large volumes of tree limbs, branches and vegetation result from the tree surgery process, most Fernhill Heath tree surgeons will utilise wood chipping devices to reduce this material into manageable pieces. Subject to the equipment that is being used, these powerful wood chipping machines can munch up as much as 40 tonnes of material every hour, although around 5 tons each hour can be processed by the more commonly used models.

Chipping down the waste material in this way makes it less cumbersome to transport and also generates a handy material that is good for a number of purposes for instance, wood pulp, weed prevention, ecosystem restoration, garden walkways, landscaping, mulch for gardens, biomass solid fuel and cultivating mushrooms.

The majority of Fernhill Heath tree surgeons will be willing to let you keep the wood chippings which have been produced during the tree work, if you've got a use that you want to put them to, if not they will generally dispose of them or use them on other projects. As I'm sure you will have realised by reading this post, tree surgeons are a good source for wood chips that you can use throughout your garden in Fernhill Heath, whether you actually need tree surgery or not. If you need wood chips to be delivered then most tree surgeons will charge you a fee for this, others let you take them without cost.

Popular makes of wood chipping equipment include Timberwolf, Forst, Forest Master and T-Mech.

Hedge Cutting Fernhill Heath

Hedge Trimming Fernhill Heath

While the vast majority of work performed by tree surgeons in Fernhill Heath involves the maintenance and care of trees, the cutting back of hedges is another task that they regularly carry out. In particular this is helpful if you've got conifer hedges such as Leylandii which can quickly get too tall for a homeowner or regular gardener to cope with.

A hedge which is neglected or poorly maintained will become overgrown and quickly get out of control. If a hedge is permitted to overrun large parts of your garden, it can be difficult to fix later on, therefore regular clipping is recommended for both the aesthetic appeal and health of your hedge.

Neat hedges help make your entire garden look tidier, and could even add value to your home in Fernhill Heath, if you've got plans to sell it. You should also be able to get hedge trimming services in Ladywood, Oddingley, Cornmeadow Green, Bevere, Hindlip, Grimley, Hawford, Tibberton, Copcut, Warndon, Claines, Martin Hussingtree, Northwick, Worcester, Hallow, and Fernhill Heath itself.

Removing Tree Stumps Fernhill Heath

After having a substantial tree removed in Fernhill Heath, you'll likely be left with yet another issue - what to do with the tree stump. In certain situations it may be possible for you to simply leave the stump in position until it rots away by itself. However, a sizable stump could take many years to rot down, and may even send out suckers in an attempt to restore itself to its former glory. Protruding stumps can also attract harmful pests, be an eyesore, and a trip hazard.

There are a number of methods for getting rid of a stump entirely, but stump grinding or stump removal are the 2 primary options. In the next few lines, we'll be focusing on the option of removal.

Chemical treatment, burning or digging out by hand, are the 3 main methods of getting rid of a tree stump. If you are planning to remove a tree stump yourself, the use of any of these strategies might be possible. If you're going to bring in a tree surgeon to perform the work, they are generally going to favour the aforementioned stump grinding approach, but a chemically based treatment like eco-plugging might be suggested.

Stump Digging: Digging out a stump by hand calls for an assortment of tools such as a handsaw, a chainsaw, a pointed shovel and loppers. It entails digging down to expose the roots, cutting the roots with loppers or saws, and finally freeing up the stump, to make it easier to lift out. A cable ratchet winch may be required to complete this procedure. This is extremely hard graft and isn't for the unfit or faint-hearted.

Tree Stump Burning: Burning a tree stump is not generally recommended, and may conflict with legislation in your area, so take great care if choosing this technique. The burning process involves drilling a number of holes in the tree stump, filling keeping them topped up with vegetable oil for a number of days until soaked. The stump is then piled up with charcoal or logs and set alight. You or somebody else will have to continually supervise this until the fire is safely burnt out. When the fire has finally ceased burning, you must ensure that it is fully extinguished and cool, after which you will be able to dig out the burnt stump remains and roots.

This isn't the only method of burning a stump, and you could also try scooping out all the soil from beneath the stump and setting a fire in the cavity that's been created underneath. There are of course a number of situations where burning isn't suitable, such as when there are buildings, fences or other trees surrounding the stump in question.

Chemical Stump Treatments: For the chemical removal of a tree stump you will need to acquire Vitax SBK Stump Killer, Roundup Tree Stump Remover or Resolva Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer. You must always study and closely follow the instructions for rates, timings and applications for these chemical substances, and be aware of the fact that they're toxic and sometimes inflammable. This should be seen as a long term stump removal solution, because it could take several weeks to completely decay, depending on the size of the stump. It will still have to be chopped up and dug out with a spade and axe once it has rotted completely.

Tree Surgery Tasks Fernhill Heath

Tree Surgery Tasks Fernhill Heath UK

Fernhill Heath tree surgeons can normally help with root removal in Fernhill Heath, coppicing, tree work in Fernhill Heath, conrolling pests, stump grinding, tree shaping in Fernhill Heath, dead wooding, staking, tree topping, damaged tree removal, tree planning in Fernhill Heath, eco-plugging, dead wood removal, hazard assessment, tree cabling, emergency tree removal Fernhill Heath, brush cutting, woodland clearance Fernhill Heath, tree planting, landscaping, tree transplanting Fernhill Heath, crown removal, tree management, landscape clearance, root grinding Fernhill Heath, tree felling, fruit tree pruning Fernhill Heath, the protection of trees from grazing, tree cutting, safety inspections Fernhill Heath, tree lightening protection Fernhill Heath, tree reduction, retrenchment pruning in Fernhill Heath, cut sealing, waste removal and other tree surgeon services in Fernhill Heath, Worcestershire. Listed are just an example of the activities that are undertaken by local tree surgeons. Fernhill Heath providers will be delighted to keep you abreast of their whole range of services.

Current Tree Surgery Projects

Fernhill Heath Tree Surgery Projects

Sasha Heaton was searching for a local tree surgeon near Catshill to do crown lifting. Miss Milly Inman was wanting to get an estimate from a tree surgeon in Hanley Castle to do some after winter tree and hedge pruning in the garden of her cottage. Issac Gower was asking about a tree surgeon who can chop back four conifers and remove all the waste material in his garden in Romsley. Jensen Bryant wanted a quotation for removing a tree and 2 stumps from his garden in Lower Broadheath. Kody and Elsa Readman were wishing to get a quotation from a tree surgeon in Great Malvern who can chop back a tree that has grown over into a neighbours garden in their home. In Cofton Hackett, Worcestershire Miss Harmony Ryan needs a tree surgeon who can undertake some stump grinding to clear away 3 massive tree stumps. Mr Ruairi Mcdonnell from Barnt Green, Worcestershire wants someone who is prepared to do the pollarding of some trees along a path. Mr and Mrs Keating need someone in Harvington who can do some bush trimming and hedge cutting.

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Tree Surgeons Near Fernhill Heath: Also find: Hindlip tree surgeons, Claines tree surgeons, Cornmeadow Green tree surgeons, Martin Hussingtree tree surgeons, Worcester tree surgeons, Tibberton tree surgeons, Bevere tree surgeons, Hawford tree surgeons, Northwick tree surgeons, Copcut tree surgeons, Grimley tree surgeons, Warndon tree surgeons, Oddingley tree surgeons, Ladywood tree surgeons, Hallow tree surgery and more. Most of these villages and towns are served by professional tree surgeons. Fernhill Heath home and property owners and others can obtain price quotes by going here.

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More Fernhill Heath Trades: Of course, whenever you happen to be having tree surgery done in Fernhill Heath, Worcestershire, you are likely to be in need of other garden related services, and aside from a tree surgeon in Fernhill Heath, Worcestershire, you might also need rubbish removal in Fernhill Heath, gate installation in Fernhill Heath, garden design in Fernhill Heath, driveways in Fernhill Heath, local SKIP HIRE in Fernhill Heath, garden clearance in Fernhill Heath, hedge cutting in Fernhill Heath, decking specialists in Fernhill Heath, planting services in Fernhill Heath, artifical grass in Fernhill Heath, lawn mowing services in Fernhill Heath, garden shed installers in Fernhill Heath, patio layers in Fernhill Heath, pond installers in Fernhill Heath, landscape gardeners in Fernhill Heath, garden wall construction in Fernhill Heath, and other different Fernhill Heath tradespeople.

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