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Farington Tree Surgeons (PR25): Whilst there naturally are a number of tasks which you can do in your garden by yourself, you will find that there are some things which must not be done unless you know precisely what you are up to and you've got the correct tools and equipment to accomplish them in safety. One task that comes into such a category is tree surgery. Although you might think that it's very easy to just chop a couple of branches off a tree, there is actually far more involved than you'd think. If the task is not carried out at the appropriate time and not carried out in the right way you could easily cause damage to the trees, which can ultimately cost you a lot more than if you'd have used a skilled tree surgeon from the start. If you've got higher trees involved you would be irresponsible to even contemplate trying to cut them back yourself, as, aside from anything else, you might potentially wind up in A&E with a broken bone or perhaps worse. Therefore, your priority ought to be to search out a decent tree specialist in your area.

Farington Tree Surgery Quotes

Tree surgeons can be employed for many different reasons in relation to trees and their care. The most common apart from dealing with unsafe or wind ravaged trees are creating tree maintenance or management plans to keep your trees in good shape, reducing or thinning trees to let more light into your garden, getting rid of old tree stumps that are in the way and examining trees for damage or disease so that issues can be resolved right away. Removing dangerous or damaged trees is of course their most visible role, and you can often observe them at their work after gales and storms.

Tree Surgeon Farington Lancashire

Before employing any tree surgeon you must ensure that that they're affiliated with the Arboricultural Association, which is the main trade body for tree surgeons within the UK. They must also have the appropriate public liability insurance to cover any mishaps or accidents, and they should be ready to guide you through applications to the authorities for approval to do the tree work. A tree assessment needs to be done prior to any work beginning to double check that the trees are not located inside a Conservation Area or protected by a Tree Preservation Order.

It is crucial that your chosen tree surgeon has all of the necessary equipment and tools to carry out the process effectively and safely, since the inherent safety of your loved ones and home is the primary concern while work of this type is taking place. With all the correct equipment and the expertise to use it, tree surgery can be achieved in a fashion which poses little treat to anybody in the vicinity, nor to the actual tree surgeon and his helpers.

Tree Surgeons Farington (PR25)

Using tree climbing and tree surgery gear comes as second nature to an accredited tree surgeon, and he'll quickly get working using lowering slings, stump grinding machines, rigging plates, wood shredders, chain saws, winches, slacklines, rigging ropes, axes, harnesses, climbing ropes and pole saws. This equipment can be very elaborate and has been developed over time to render the practice of tree surgery both safer and easier.

A considerable amount of waste materials are naturally generated in the tree surgery process and this must be removed and responsibly got rid of. This would normally be included in the initial quote, so make sure that this is in fact so. The ethical disposal of tree waste is a duty of care for all tree surgeons, therefore be suspicious of anybody who can't show that this in fact applies to them.

Tree Surgery Farington (01772)

Farington tree surgeons ply their trade throughout the town, although you don't need to fret if your property is outside the town as the majority will willingly travel the short distance to areas like Midge Hall, Penwortham Lane, Clayton-le-Woods, Whitestake, Farington Moss, Howick Cross, Buckshaw Village, Whittle-le-Woods, Bamber Bridge, New Longton, Leyland, Tardy Gate etc. So, wherever in the Farington district you reside, it will be easy to find a reputable tree surgeon, and also all around Lancashire and beyond.

In addition to the climbing, pruning and removal of trees by means of specialized tools and equipment, tree surgeons are in addition required to assist in the protection and preservation of trees. Understanding and observing the safety aspects of trees, to pinpoint possible risks is also an element of their duties. They are responsible for making certain that trees are disease-free, healthy and in a position to thrive and grow, giving enjoyment to all.

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Tree surgery can be provided in Farington and also nearby in: Midge Hall, Penwortham Lane, Clayton-le-Woods, Whitestake, Farington Moss, Howick Cross, Buckshaw Village, Whittle-le-Woods, Bamber Bridge, New Longton, Leyland, Tardy Gate, and in these postcodes PR25 3UE, PR25 4GP, PR25 4UB, PR25 3XH, PR25 3PA, PR25 4QF, PR25 3GR, PR25 4GJ, PR25 4XT, PR25 4QH. Locally based Farington tree surgeons will most likely have the postcode PR25 and the telephone code 01772.

If you need this kind of service it's unquestionably wise to hire a competent local tree surgeon. Farington business and home owners can benefit greatly from the expertise that are the trademark of a seasoned professional.

Obtaining Advice and Guidance

To be sure you find an arborist or tree surgeon who's both competent and who'll not cause irreparable damage to your trees, there are a few specific questions that you need to ask when looking for a tree surgeon in Farington. Relevant questions ought to be along the lines of: Do your working practices satisfy the BS3998 British Standard? Do you have public liability and employment insurance? Can you give me references from former clients? Do your team and you have the appropriate certificates and qualifications (for tree management and the use of chainsaws)? Are you joined to a professional association (i.e. The Arboricultural Association or the International Society of Arboriculture)? Can you give me a quotation in writing? You should really think twice about hiring a tree surgeon if you do not receive positive answers to any or all of those basic questions.

Tree Surgery Information

You'll check out a searchable directory of capable tree surgeons in the UK on the Arboricultural Association (AA) site, and also find lots of handy information about how to choose a good tree surgeon. Another website providing a "verify arborist's credentials" tool (here) and a "find a tree surgeon" tool, is the International Society of Arboriculture, where there is naturally lots more specifics of arboriculture (tree surgery). You could also have a look at the trusty Wikipedia "Arborist" page here, to get lots more facts about tree surgery as a career. Submitting a form with a trade portal such as Rated People or Local Heroes, where necessary credentials have already been corroborated and customer reviews are available to study, can also save you a good deal of time and energy, as they conduct most of the work for you. A Government financed organisation where you can also track down reputable tradesmen such as tree surgeons, comes in the shape of Trustmark.



With regards to the equipment that is used by Farington tree surgeons, the most commonly seen is the chainsaw. Thanks to their ease of use and greater portability, petrol driven chainsaws are the most preferred by professionals, although mains electric and battery models are available. For slicing effortlessly through thick trunks and branches, petrol chainsaws are really the only option, being extremely powerful and able to deal with even the most demanding tree work.

A chainsaw comprises a motor and a rotating chain with a row of razor-sharp teeth that cut through the bark and wood of a tree. For the different operations that are required, there are various designs of chainsaw, rear-handled for working on the ground (must be used with two hands), top-handled for working at height (and which can be used with one hand) and pole saws for hard to reach branches and long distance pruning.

Even though it isn't the safest thing to be carrying up a tree, it is very rare that you'll find a tree surgeon in Farington who does not use a chainsaw pretty much every day. One of the key conditions for becoming a registered member of the Arboricultural Association (AA), is that tree surgeons should be trained in the safe use of chainsaws.

For any individual interested in purchasing a chainsaw in the United Kingdom, there are countless makes available, but the most preferred by professionals are Husqvarna, Stihl, Hyundai and Makita.

Hedge Cutting Farington

Hedge Trimming Farington

Despite the fact that tree surgeons in Farington are mainly involved with the maintenance and care of trees they're regularly called in to cut back and trim hedges. Using an experienced tree surgeon could be a huge benefit when work needs to be done on conifer hedges (Leylandii for instance), which frequently get too tall for your average gardener to deal with, requiring specialist equipment to manage successfully.

A hedge which is neglected or poorly maintained can become overgrown and fairly quickly get out of control. It's advisable to trim your hedges on a routine basis, and this is not merely to stop them from run riot in your garden, but also to make them heathier and more visually appealing.

Tidy hedges help make your garden and property neater and more desirable, which could be a big advantage if you're thinking about selling your home sometime soon.

Invasive Tree Root Problems Farington

Problem Tree Roots Farington Lancashire

Because some trees have particularly aggressive roots, if they're growing too close to your dwelling in Farington, they can cause various problems, potentially serious ones. Problems that can arise include lifting patios, blocked drains and damaged foundations. Extremely invasive root systems are found in tree species like willows, maples, elms and sycamores.

If you are planning to grow any new trees on your property, it's a good idea to ensure they're located a reasonable distance from your sewerage pipes, your house, paths and patio areas. You should get hold of a tree surgeon in Farington, to see what can be done to rectify the situation, if pre-existing trees are growing too near to your dwelling and are causing one or more of these problems.

This is not really the sort of task that you should try and do yourself, and simply hacking away at the invasive tree roots could kill off the tree or significantly threaten it's health. To survive successfully, a tree will still need to be getting enough nutrients and water, and an established arborist in Farington will know exactly which roots can be safely cut back, and which roots should be left in position.

Underground drains are highly attractive to shrub and tree roots, because they provide a constant source of moisture and nutrients, and they can regularly suffer structural damage. Joint failure and even blockages can arise, when tiny roots compromise the joints of a drainage system, establish themselves and grow into massive root balls. To eradicate the roots that are causing the problem, specialist root removal services will be offered by some Farington tree surgeons, who'll employ high pressure jetting, electro-mechanical equipment or manual rodding. You can also access root removal services in Midge Hall, Penwortham Lane, Clayton-le-Woods, Whitestake, Farington Moss, Howick Cross, Buckshaw Village, Whittle-le-Woods, Bamber Bridge, New Longton, Leyland, Tardy Gate, and and of course in Farington. (Tags: Invasive Tree Roots Farington, Drain Root Removal Farington, Problematic Tree Roots Farington, Tree Root Problems Farington).

Deadwooding Farington

All experienced Farington tree surgeons will carry out the process known as dead-wooding (or deadwooding), which is a necessary element of tree management. When there is a risk of dead or rotting branches falling on vehicles, buildings or pedestrians, dead-wooding will be undertaken to carefully remove the offending limbs. Some of a tree's branches can die for a variety of reasons, the most typical being attack by pests, disease, a lack of light or root damage.

Whilst safety is clearly the most frequent reason for dead-wooding, it is quite often necessary to make the tree more attractive, or so that the tree itself will benefit from the process. A tree that has too many dead, damaged and dying branches is prone to insect infestation and disease, therefore you can greatly improve a tree's health by removing these unwanted branches. Dead wood also makes a tree look ugly, and by removing much of this you can make it more attractive.

Only larger and more substantial dead branches will typically be cut off, because in most cases the small ones won't present much of a risk. Having said that, where trees are hanging over a dwelling, a garden, a public space, a park or a road in Farington, it might be recommended to remove any dead limbs that are more than 50 millimetres in diameter.

Vegetation Management

Vegetation Management

Whilst many property owners in Farington will believe that tree surgeons only deal with the maintenance and removal of trees, that's simply not the truth, given that the vast majority of tree surgeons will also manage overgrown gardens and land that is choked with proliferating plant growth. Professional tree surgeons will normally be willing to get rid of bushes, weeds, overgrown vegetation and shrubs which may be taking hold around drives, patios, sheds, paths or buildings, and generally causing a nuisance. If you're to maintain your garden properly then this excessive growth ought to be cut back frequently, and if you find you've got the time and inclination then this is unquestionably a task you could undertake by yourself if you're fit and healthy, or you can ask your local tree surgeon to come occasionally to make sure it is looking good. Vegetation control is vital if you are going to have easy and safe access to all parts of your garden and if this isn't done the plants and vegetation will pretty quickly become a menace and hinder your enjoyment of the garden. Apart from anything else your garden will also look better when properly maintained.

Firewood/Logs Farington

Firewood Logs Farington

When you are looking for logs and firewood in Farington, contacting your local tree surgeon is always a good idea, because they are generally a terrific source for this. As tree surgeons spend a good deal or their time cutting down trees and branches, I suppose this is no great surprise.

Some tree surgeons in the Farington area may be prepared to let you have logs and branches cost-free, since they always have loads of them to get rid of, while others will charge you for chopped and seasoned logs which have been dried out and are ready to burn.

Logs with a moisture content of under twenty percent are ideal for burning on your open fire or log burning stove, and these will have been left to dry out for 12 months or more. Most often tree surgeons in Farington will have stocks of hardwood logs, and the advantage of these is that they give a long, sustained burn, providing three or four hours of comforting heat. If you are also able to pick up some softwood logs, these are terrific for starting a fire, and upon which you can chuck your seasoned hardwood logs once the fire is roaring. (Tags: Logs and Firewood Farington, Hardwood Logs Farington, Firewood Farington, Firewood Logs Farington).

A Tree Surgeons's Regular Tasks

  • Create on-site or telephone quotes with the customers.
  • Be proficient with power tools and other powered equipment.
  • Identify dangers presented by trees.
  • Plant trees and vegetation.
  • Deal with customers and complete administration duties.
  • Cut and chip branches and logs.
  • Evaluate tree health and treatment.
  • Fell and remove trees and perform stump grinding.
  • Produce tree survey reports for both commercial and domestic customers.
  • Service equipment like chippers and chainsaws.
  • Tidy work area upon completion and fulfil removal of waste product from client's site.
  • Climb trees to prune or remove branches as required.

Tree Surgery Accidents

The work undertaken by tree surgeons and tree care professionals in Farington can be highly hazardous. When work is being undertaken on trees, there is a considerable risk of injuries to both operatives, co-workers and passers-by, so all possible safety measures must be taken.

As reported by figures gathered by the HSE, falls from trees, the use of chainsaws, and being struck by a falling tree or branch are responsible for the vast majority of fatal and major injuries. In actual fact, those people involved in tree care have a higher likelihood of sustaining a serious injury than those in the construction sector.

The most frequent tree surgery accidents in relation to insurance claims, involve slipping from ladders, lifting injuries and being struck by objects (trees, ropes, cranes, grapple hooks, branches etc).

This is why choosing a seasoned Farington tree surgeon is so crucial when you have tree care work that needs doing. Quite often, accidents that happen in the tree care sector are a consequence of unqualified novices trying to do tree work that they are not equipped for, or skilled at. Therefore, always use a trustworthy and experienced company that has been trading in the Farington area for several years, to avoid this problem.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Farington

It's vital to make sure you use a firm having the proper machinery and knowhow, when you need to have stump grinding done in Farington. The finest Farington tree surgeons will appreciate that every last piece of the stump needs to be removed to a depth of at least 30 cm. Having the use of the proper stump grinding machinery means that your tree surgeon will have the ability to remove roots and stumps right up to buildings and walls while avoiding damage. The proper machines will also be able to sort out any obstinate stumps tucked away in passageways and alleys. Where really massive trees have to be taken out the tree stump that's left can be pretty substantial and the major roots will go down to a significant depth, requiring a herculean effort to remove them. (Tags: Stump Grinding Farington, Tree Stump Grinding Farington, Stump Removal Farington)

Safe Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery Safety Farington

Tree surgery can soon become an extremely dangerous undertaking if conducted in the wrong way, so one of the primary considerations is the health and safety issue. Unqualified or inexperienced "tree surgeons" are likely to take shortcuts and disregard recognised safety guidance, with the result that there could be hardly any protection from falling, in the shape of harnesses, platforms and ropes, not wearing hearing or eyesight protection, not cordoning off the area to protect passing pedestrians and vehicles, a lack of head protection, failing to wear cut resistant clothing (specifically boots and leggings) and falling branches and timber. At an increased risk because of these incompetencies are facilities on the street, the actual tree itself, garden features and fencing, the groundsman, the building structure within the property, passers by, the tree surgeon himself (person working in the tree), the people living in the property, passing and stationary vehicles.

Emergency Tree Services Farington

There might be occasions when you need to contact a tree surgeon in an emergency, if you've got trees growing in your garden in Farington. When there are gales and strong winds, tree surgeons in Farington face a spike in emergency calls, and most of them provide a 24/7 service. Even though the risk of a whole tree falling down are slim, there is more likelihood of branches breaking off and crashing to the ground, during gusty weather. Frequent problems that happen due to tree emergencies are cracked greenhouses, damaged fences, broken garden furniture and splintered sheds.

Of course, the local authorities in Farington will also frequently need to call out emergency tree surgeons, when substantial tree branches drop onto railway tracks, public pathways and highways.

When a tree has lost some of it's larger limbs it can become lopsided or uneven, with more branches and weight on one side than the other. This can often be both unattractive and unsafe, so the tree may need to be "re-balanced". For all these issues, you should call a local Farington tree surgeon who offers emergency tree surgery services, and they will handle all of this for you. You should also be able to obtain emergency tree care services in Midge Hall, Penwortham Lane, Clayton-le-Woods, Whitestake, Farington Moss, Howick Cross, Buckshaw Village, Whittle-le-Woods, Bamber Bridge, New Longton, Leyland, Tardy Gate, and Farington, Lancashire. (Tags: Emergency Tree Surgery Farington, Emergency Tree Services Farington, Emergency Call-Outs Farington, Tree Care Emergencies Farington).

Plant And Grow Trees For An Eco Friendly World

If we look at yearly figures, roughly three and six billion trees are being cut down across the globe. This has to do with the demand for goods that are made from trees. For instance, paper is used both in the home and workplace and wood is used in the building of houses. And unfortunately, we need the items that the trees produce but we can do something about the depletion of our forests.

Trees are celebrated on Arbor Day and the aim of the celebration is that we have to plant trees at that time but this is not actually tackling the issue. This is because most people aren't going out and planting a tree. If they planted trees, we would be all set.

There may be seven billion people in the world today. That is just an estimation as you can't keep an exact count. But then, if each of those 7 billion people went out and planted a tree every Arbor Day, we would be able to replace all the trees that were cut down that year. However, this won't ever happen.

Plant a Tree

If you would like to maintain our environment, planting trees is a positive step that you can take. When it comes to planting a tree, I would not advise you just do this on a specific day every year. How about each week or at least once a month? The reason is because someone should compensate for all of those who are utilizing our resources but don't want to plant a tree for whatever reason.

Did you know that on Arbor Day, only between 8 and 15 million trees are planted? So on an annual basis, we are short by more or less 5 billion trees. This situation continues to deteriorate.

Whereas people need to make the effort to plant trees, I have an idea that may resolve this once and for all. If a law could be passed that each time a tree is chopped down by companies in the timber trade, they then had to plant two new ones, this could really make a huge difference.

But then, until somebody can turn this into reality, we are left to take care of planting the trees ourselves. In actual fact, restoring the number of trees required is definitely possible. The number of trees felled every year could be replaced if ten percent of the world's population planted one tree once a month. Roughly 7 billion new trees would be planted by doing this. In effect, this gives us an additional one billion trees and will go a long way to restoring the levels that are really required.

Planting a tree is a way people can make a contribution to the planet. Things will change if 10% of the world's population choose to do this. You can make the decision to do this.

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Tree Surgery Tasks Farington UK

Farington tree surgeons will likely help you with tree felling in Farington, safety inspections, landscaping, root decompaction, landscape clearance, tree pollarding, tree maintenance, dead wooding, tree dismantling, tree fertilising, retrenchment pruning, pest control, tree lopping, health assessments, tree topping Farington, tree pruning in Farington, crown lifting, vegetation management, staking, crown removal, tree removal, stump grinding, hedge lowering Farington, the removal of dead wood, residential tree surgery, tree bracing, drop crotching, hedge trimming, tree cutting Farington, woodland clearances, damage restoration, shielding trees from grazing animals in Farington, damaged tree removal in Farington, tree work, air spading and other tree surgeon services in Farington, Lancashire. Listed are just a selection of the duties that are accomplished by local tree surgeons. Farington professionals will inform you of their entire range of services.

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