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Billericay Tree Surgeons (CM11): Producing vital oxygen for our environment, offering welcome shade on hot sunny days and providing home and shelter for our ever diminishing wildlife, trees are amazing things to have and enjoy in our gardens. However, trees are living organisms and could become unhealthy and diseased, get damaged by windy conditions or get way too big for our gardens in Billericay. When problems arise with your trees in Billericay, a tree surgeon is the person to get in touch with.

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Tree surgeons in Billericay play a key role in the maintenance and general care of trees for a multitude of both domestic and commercial customers. Tree related services like: the pruning of intrusive, weakened or dead branches, inspections and hazard assessments, tree felling and removal, the safe planting of trees, as well as general tree maintenance, are but a few examples of what a qualified Billericay tree surgeon can offer.

Professional Tree Surgeon Billericay Essex

However, a tree surgeon's work does not end with trees alone. Hedge maintenance, care and trimming and stump removal, are additional duties that a tree surgeon in Billericay can take on. If you've got any worries about the structural integrity of a tree, the best person to get in touch with is a tree surgeon, as they can effectively appraise and give a report on potential hazards, and provide guidance on what should be done next.

Any sensible person in Billericay would realise that tree surgery is a decidedly dangerous business, and that it should not be completed by anybody who's not properly trained. Although avoiding the costs and going with the DIY approach might seem tempting, this would certainly not be a sensible decision by any stretch of the imagination. Tree surgeons must be qualified, experienced and physically fit to carry out the work they are required to do.

While harnessed to a tree and elevated in the air, tree surgery and care will often require the use of dangerous chainsaws and power tools. Beginners beware - this is most definitely not an activity for you! A gang of seasoned tree surgeons is commonly required to carry out a tree surgery project, and should include both a ground crew and climbers, who are all skilled at what they do. An unqualified individual would find it more or less impossible to execute the work with anything close to this level of competence, risk assessment and experience.

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Locating a good tree surgeon in Billericay will be the first step as soon as you have decided that you need one. But, how should you do this? Well, a few things will need to be checked, for instance how much it will cost and what qualifications they have. Now, we'll provide you with some useful tips for acquiring the perfect tree surgeon to care for, maintain and carry out your tree needs.

Checking that they have the required certifications is the first step in assuring you that they're properly accredited and competent. The main governing body issuing accreditations to tree surgeons is the National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC). The following certifications should be a minimum requirement for any tree surgeon in Billericay:

  • NPTC 201/202 (CS30) - Chainsaw maintenance & crosscutting.
  • NPTC 206/306 (CS38) - Tree climbing and tree rescue.
  • NPTC 308 (CS39) - Aerial cutting of trees using free-fall techniques.
  • NPTC 203 (CS31) - Fell and process trees up to 380mm.

Since gaining these certifications signifies that they have accomplished the correct training, it's well worth tracking down a tree surgeon who has them, although this isn't in fact a legal requirement. Gaining such qualifications should give you the peace of mind that the task will be accomplished successfully and safely. Arborists, tree surgeons and forestry workers should also carry a comprehensive First Aid kit and have some essential First Aid qualifications, because of the risks of falling from height and catastrophic bleeding.

Next, you can ask several tree surgeons in Billericay to provide different quotes for the tree surgery, and check the breakdown of costs. In some cases, the estimated cost won't include the removal of the considerable amounts of waste frequently produced by tree maintenance and surgery. The process of removing this waste can be very inconvenient and costly for the customer, consequently if you can have the tree surgeons remove and dispose of this waste themselves, it would definitely be the best solution.

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In addition to this, make certain that you're prepared to ask loads of key questions when you speak with the tree surgeon. As an example, you need to understand who is going to be coming onto your property and doing the work. Is it going to be just one individual working on their own, or will it be a team of arborists? Is it possible to meet with them beforehand? Are my home or neighbours likely to be impacted? What will be the process for removing the tree? What's the timeframe for the work?

Don't be frightened to ask all of these questions, as the more you ask, the less likely it is that there will be any unexpected surprises down the line.

Tree Surgery Billericay (CM11)

Finally, listen carefully to how your tree surgeon speaks. Listening to the ways that they describe the work will give you clues about their levels of knowledge and experience. Even if you know hardly anything about tree surgery, you can often tell when someone knows what they're talking about, and the sort of term that should set the alarm bells ringing is 'topping and lopping', which is a somewhat outdated phrase, more frequently associated with rogue traders and cowboys. The right terminology will be used by an experienced, professional and fully trained tree surgeon in Billericay, who will discuss processes like 'crown thinning', 'crown lifting', 'crown reduction', 'pollarding' and 'pruning'. Whilst merely using the correct terms isn't always a sign of a person's ability, it can give helpful clues about your tree surgeon's measure of expertise.

To sum up, it is always worthwhile to consult a number of tree surgeons in Billericay in relation to any potential tree surgery or tree care requirements you might have. This should help you in finding the right tradesperson for the task, and one who will make sure all your needs are fully met in a timely manner, and with safe practice as a top priority.

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Locally based Billericay tree surgeons will likely have the dialling code 01277 and the postcode CM11. They'll work in Billericay itself, in addition to nearby areas like Little Burstead, Herongate, Brentwood, Ramsden Bellhouse, Ramsden Heath, Mountnessing, Hutton, Ingatestone, Wickford, Great Burstead, Stock, Ingrave, West Hanningfield, Crays Hill, Basildon, and these postcodes: CM11 2DG, CM11 2AJ, CM11 1EB, CM11 2AD, CM11 2HQ, CM11 2DP, CM11 1ES, CM11 2AG, CM11 2JQ, CM11 1AN.

If you require this type of assistance it is unquestionably a good idea to hire an experienced tree surgeon. Billericay business and home owners can benefit greatly from the dexterity and skills offered by a fully trained professional.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Billericay

It's vital to ensure that you hire the services of a company with the appropriate knowhow and equipment, when you need to get stump grinding undertaken in Billericay. Any decent tree surgeon in Billericay will understand the need for eliminating every single bit of the stump to at least a 30cm depth, to make sure it does not grow back. Possessing the right machines ensures the tree surgeon can grind stubborn stumps and roots within a few millimetres of buildings and walls while avoiding damage. The right machinery can also cope with any tree stumps in alleys and passageways. When you're clearing away a sizable tree the stump left over could be pretty enormous and no matter what you are intending to use the empty space for, the likelihood is that the tree stump will need to be taken out to a decent depth.

Wood Chipping Billericay

Wood Chipping Billericay

Since large quantities of tree limbs, vegetation and branches are generated by the tree surgery procedure, the majority of Billericay tree surgeons will utilise wood chipping devices to reduce this material into manageable pieces. Although of course it depends on what equipment is being used, these powerful wood chipping systems can gobble up as much as forty tonnes of material each hour, and even the more commonly used models can process around 5 tonnes each hour, or literally as much as you can feed into them.

Having numerous uses like landscaping, biomass fuel, garden walkways, wood pulp, cultivating mushrooms, ecosystem restoration, weed prevention and woody mulch, the chopped down branches are also less cumbersome to transport.

If you decide that you'd like to hang on to some of the wood chips that your tree surgery project generates, most Billericay tree surgeons will happily let you keep them. If you've got no use for them, they'll cart them away for use on other jobs, or ethically dispose of them. Tree surgeons are a reliable source for wood chippings that you can use throughout your garden, even if you do not need any tree surgery doing on your property in Billericay. If you need a load of wood chips to be delivered then some tree surgeons will charge you for this service, others let you take them without cost.

Wood chipping machinery is manufactured by several companies, some of the most widely known brands include Timberwolf, Forest Master, T-Mech and Crytec. (Tags: Wood Chips Billericay, Wood Chipping Billericay, Wood Chipping Services Billericay, Wood Chipping Equipment Billericay).

Eco-Plugging Stump Removal Billericay

If you've got large tree stumps in your garden that need to be removed, the customary strategy that's used by most Billericay tree surgeons is stump grinding. However, "eco-plugging" has become increasingly more popular as an easier and less costly alternative to this strategy. Eco-plugging isn't only less expensive, but it is also useful for use in hard-to-reach locations that are largely inaccessible to stump grinding machines.

Eco-plugging is an extremely effective treatment for killing tree stumps and has no effect on the surrounding vegetation and trees. Eco-plugs eliminate the stump by destroying the entire root system, and can be used in any weather conditions, and during any season of the year. Eco-plugs contain a form of crystalline glyphosate herbicide which is suitable for a wide selection of tree species, and is 95-100 percent effective. (Tags: Eco-Plugs Billericay, Eco-Plugging Billericay, Eco-Plug Treatment Billericay, Eco-Plugging Tree Stumps Billericay).

Cable Bracing Billericay

Cable bracing is a technique that is used to give support to a tree when it shows signs of damage, decay, or poses a risk to nearby property. Cable bracing is widely used on valuable or older trees in Billericay where the aim is to avoid felling the tree or cutting out large unsafe parts.

In order to support V-shaped forks, weak limbs and defective joints in a tree, a specially designed cable bracing system can be put in place. Through the fitting of cables and rods most tree surgeons in Billericay will be prepared to redistribute structural tension and prolong the life of veteran trees using different kinds of bracing work.

Cable bracing has the aim of providing a flexible and shock-absorbing method of support that's non-invasive and doesn't cause damage to the tree by having to drill and bolt the branches. To ensure the safety of the tree and adjacent areas, a risk assessment must be undertaken before any actual work can proceed.

Control of Vegetation

Vegetation Management

It isn't only the care and removal of trees that your local Billericay tree surgeon will be prepared to assist you with, but also any type of rampant vegetation that is clogging up your garden. Usually tree surgeons will be quite happy to cut down bushes, overgrown vegetation, weeds and shrubs which may be thriving close to garages, sheds, buildings, drives or pathways, and creating a pain. If you're to maintain your garden effectively then all this accumulating growth ought to be cut down on a regular basis, and if you find you have the inclination and time then this is unquestionably a task that you can undertake yourself if you are fit and able enough, or you might get a tree surgeon to pay a visit annually to make sure it is in check. Vegetation control is essential if you're going to maintain easy and safe access to every section of your garden and if this isn't done the plants and vegetation will soon take over and take a lot of the enjoyment out of your garden. Aside from everything else your garden will look much better when maintained properly.

Ash Dieback (Hymenoscyphus Fraxineus)

A deadly fungal disease of ash trees that was first recorded in the British Isles in 2012, ash dieback is likely to wipe out close to 80% of the current ash tree stock. Having a similarly calamitous impact on the beautiful British countryside as Dutch Elm Disease, ash dieback is just another huge blow to the United Kingdom's tree stocks.

Ash dieback has a particularly devastating effect on the native British common ash (Fraxinus excelsior), although it affects the whole Fraxinus genus of trees, which have different levels of tolerance to it. The fungus which causes ash dieback is named Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (H. fraxineus), and it originated in eastern Asia.

Swiftly spread by tiny spores which are produced by the fruiting bodies of the fungus, and can travel for miles on the wind, ash dieback (or chalara ash dieback as it's sometimes known) can now be found in most areas of the United Kingdom with up to 85% mortality rates.

Ash dieback is recognisable by the following symptoms:

  • Leaves developing dark patches during the summertime.
  • Foliage that wilts, turns black and falls prematurely.
  • Dying shoots and leaves are visible in summer.
  • Dark brown lesions (often diamond shaped) form where branches meet the trunk.
  • New epicormic growth appears from previously dormant buds (common in trees under stress).

Stronger ash can fight the disease to a certain degree, but ultimately succumb to continued attacks. There is presently no effective treatment for ash dieback, and no obvious method for stopping its spread.

If you think that you have spotted a tree infected with ash dieback in your garden in Billericay, or somewhere else in the local community, you could report it to the "Tree Alert Service" provided by the Forestry Commission, although ash dieback is so widespread all over the UK that they're really only interested in cases discovered in locations not affected previously. You should still however contact a local tree surgeon, who'll offer guidance and advice about how best to proceed.

Tree Surgery - Safety Aspects

Tree Surgery Safety Billericay

Tree surgery can certainly be a hazardous procedure if done improperly, so one of the main worries is the safety aspect. There are various things that may go wrong if the so called tradesmen doing the work are incapable or inexperienced. The most typical situations are little protection from falling, in the shape of platforms, harnesses and ropes, failing to wear cut resistant (chainsaw-proof) apparel (especially boots and trousers), no head protection, not wearing eye or hearing protection, falling timber and branches and neglecting to cordon-off the area to safeguard vehicles and passers-by. What might be at risk owing to such inadequacies are passers by, the actual tree, the people living in the property, garden sheds and fencing, personnel on the ground, the street facilities, the tree surgeon (up the tree), passing and stationary vehicles, the building structure within the property.

Required Skills for a Tree Surgeon in Billericay

  • Be able to work well with your hands.
  • Physical skills such as movement and coordination.
  • Excellent customer skills.
  • Have a good understanding of public safety and security.
  • Be alert to the complexities and dangers involved in all areas of work.
  • Be professional and capable of completing work within the set timeframe.
  • Be capable of repairing, maintaining and using machines and tools.
  • The ability to work successfully other folks.
  • Have patience and the ability to stay calm and focused in stressful situations.
  • To be meticulous and pay close attention to detail.
  • Have necessary computer skills and know how to carry out basic tasks on handheld devices.

Hedge Trimming Billericay

Hedge Trimming Billericay

While focused primarily on specialist tree care work, tree surgeons in Billericay are quite often involved in the maintenance and routine trimming of hedges. Householders will often find conifer hedges like Leylandii difficult to deal with, as they grow tall very swiftly - so an experienced tree surgeon may be required.

When poorly maintained or neglected a hedge can fairly quickly get out of control and overgrown. Regular clipping is advisable if you don't want a hedge to take over your garden in Billericay, and as well as making the hedge stronger it also looks better aesthetically.

You can help to make your entire garden and home look neat by tidily clipping your hedges. And if you've got plans to sell your property in the future, neat hedges may even add some extra value. You should also be able to obtain hedge cutting services in Little Burstead, Herongate, Brentwood, Ramsden Bellhouse, Ramsden Heath, Mountnessing, Hutton, Ingatestone, Wickford, Great Burstead, Stock, Ingrave, West Hanningfield, Crays Hill, Basildon, and Billericay, Essex.

Tree Care Accidents

The work that is tackled by tree surgeons in Billericay can be rather hazardous. Tree work involves a high risk of injury to both operatives, co-workers and passers-by, therefore all possible precautions must be taken when carrying out work on trees.

As stated by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), the vast majority of fatal and serious injuries are associated with falls from trees, the use of chainsaws, and being struck by a falling tree or branch. The startling fact is that the risk of being seriously injured is greater in tree surgery work than it is for those in building and construction.

The most common tree surgery accidents are falling from ladders, lifting injuries and being struck by objects (branches, cranes, ropes, grapple hooks, trees etc), with regards to insurance claims.

When work needs to be done on your trees, this all demonstrates the need for hiring a seasoned Billericay tree surgeon. Unskilled workers trying to tackle tasks that they aren't properly trained in, accounts for most accidents in the tree care industry. Using an established and reputable Billericay company who have been working in the local area for several years, is the simplest way to avoid such issues, and get your tree work done safely and correctly.

Latest Tree Surgery Projects

Tree Surgery Projects Billericay

Mr and Mrs Elder are hunting for a tree surgeon in South Hanningfield who can completely remove an oak tree and a conifer, and chop back a few other conifers. Mr and Mrs Harrington are hunting for a tree specialist who will trim a tree that has grown over into a neighbours gardenin their house in Bradwell on Sea. Mr Josh French in Myland, Essex needs somebody who is prepared to cut a high hedge down to a height of 5ft and clear up afterwards. Miss Jennifer Weaver in Ingrave wants somebody to remove and dispose of a 30 foot monkey puzzle tree. In Gosfield, Essex Mrs Hanna Oleary needs a tree surgeon who can carry out some stump grinding to do away with 3 massive pine stumps. Mr Zain Allan from Copford wants someone to undertake the pollarding of some trees along a path. Miss Autumn Stokes from Doddinghurst needs someone who will remove approximately eight conifers of 150 - 200mm diameters. Jackson and Jannah Norton were looking to get a quote from a tree surgeon in Felsted who can prune some apple trees in their garden.

Tree Surgery Tasks Billericay

Tree Surgery Tasks Billericay UK

Billericay tree surgeons can generally help you with tree fertilising, the protection of trees from grazing, crown reduction, dead wooding in Billericay, forestry management Billericay, tree management, tree watering, safety inspections in Billericay, formative pruning in Billericay, damage restoration, tree pruning, root removal, staking, coppicing, tree maintenance, stump removal, shrub maintenance, tree dismantling, hedge lowering in Billericay, vegetation management, tree inspections, woodland management in Billericay, crown lifting, root pruning, emergency tree surgery Billericay, landscaping, tree reduction Billericay, tree transplanting, residential tree care Billericay, hazard assessments, commercial tree surgery, hedge trimming in Billericay, tree shaping Billericay, tree waste removal in Billericay, tree lopping and other tree surgeon services in Billericay, Essex. These are just an example of the activities that are conducted by local tree surgeons. Billericay companies will be happy to inform you of their entire range of services.

Tree Surgery Training - Courses - Apprenticeships Billericay

Tree Surgery Apprenticeships - Training - Courses Billericay

For those who love the outdoors, going into a career in something like tree surgery can be incredibly enjoyable and rewarding. Options like taking a course in university, subscribing to a private course, being accepted into a tree surgery apprenticeship, starting at the bottom (maybe as a groundworker) and working your way up or applying for a college course are accessible to those keen to be a tree surgeon. When they're available locally, tree surgery apprenticeships in Billericay can be applied for whilst still attending school. All over the United Kingdom, there are college and private courses in tree surgery, and folks of all ages can register. Various related university courses are available in woodland ecology & conservation, arboriculture, countryside management, forest management and forestry, and people with the required qualifications (usually 1 to 3 "A" levels) can shoot for degrees, higher national diplomas and foundation degrees. If none of the above appeal to you, it may be possible to develop some tree surgery experience by getting involved in voluntary work for groups and organisations such as the Woodland Trust, the Forestry Commission, the National Trust or the Tree Council. If you came here looking for details on "how to become a tree surgeon in Billericay", with any luck this brief article has proven to be valuable. The National Careers website is the best place to head for in order to view much more guidance on how to become a tree surgeon.

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Around Essex you'll likewise find: Great Bentley tree removal, Benfleet tree care, Chipping Ongar tree care services, West Mersea tree care, tree surgeons, Tillingham tree surgeon, Takeley tree removal, Point Clear tree surgery, Abridge tree surgeon, tree surgeon, Dedham tree care services, Abberton tree surgeon, Elmstead Market tree surgery, Little Clacton tree care, tree surgery, Chadwell St Mary tree removal, Danbury tree care services, East Hanningfield tree care, Blackmore tree care services, tree care, East Hanningfield tree surgeon, Herongate tree surgeon, Great Wakering tree removal, tree removal, Little Hallingbury tree management, Little Hallingbury tree care services, Great Leighs tree management, tree surgeons, Horndon on the Hill tree management, Rowhedge tree management, Great Notley tree surgery. In every corner of Essex you'll be able to locate tree surgeons who'll provide high quality services for your tree care requirements. If you cannot identify the perfect tree surgeon in Billericay itself you shouldn't have any problem locating a good one someplace nearby.

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In the last few weeks, property owners in the following Billericay places have asked about tree surgery: St Peters Walk, St Agnes Road, Tyelands, Betony Crescent, Summerdale, Talisman Walk, Chepstow Close, Briar Close, Copperfield, Stockwell Close, Crossways, Chestnut Avenue, Allysum Walk, Short Lane, Sun Street, Broomhills Chase, Arundel Way, The Hoe, Tavistock Drive, Stonechat Road, Dukes Farm Road, Station Road, Sebert Close, Sudburys Farm Road, De Beauvoir Chase, Burghstead Court, Stuart Way, Barleylands Road, and also in these postcodes CM11 2DG, CM11 2AJ, CM11 1EB, CM11 2AD, CM11 2HQ, CM11 2DP, CM11 1ES, CM11 2AG, CM11 2JQ, CM11 1AN. These locations recently saw activity by qualified tree surgeons. Billericay business and home owners benefited from trusted and competent tree surgery services in all cases.

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