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Portchester Tree Surgeons (PO16): Trees are wonderful things to have in our gardens - they provide a much needed home for wildlife, they produce essential oxygen for our environment and they offer welcome shade on hot, sunny days. But there are a few downsides; trees can get diseased and unstable, trees can get damaged by wind and gales or trees can become way too big for our gardens in Portchester. When you're having concerns about your trees in Portchester, the best person to contact is a tree surgeon.

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Playing an important role in the maintenance and general care of trees, tree surgeons offer services to both residential and commercial customers in Portchester. A skilled tree surgeon in Portchester will provide hazard assessments and inspections, tree felling, the pruning of dead, invasive or weakened branches, safe tree planting, and general tree care, to mention just a few examples.

Professional Tree Surgeon Portchester Hampshire

However, the work of the tree surgeon doesn't stop with trees. Such tasks as stump removal, shrub care and hedge maintenance and trimming, are amongst the other duties of a tree surgeon in Portchester. If you have a tree on your property in Portchester, and have got doubts about its structural integrity, a tree surgeon is the right individual to hire, as they will be in a position to inspect your tree, prepare a report on potential hazards, and give you suggestions about what you should do next.

Tree surgery is an exceptionally hazardous task and unquestionably something that must only be tackled by a professional. While you may be tempted to forgo the costs and go for the do-it-yourself approach, it would definitely not be the smartest decision to make. To be able to undertake this type of work, tree surgeons must be experienced, physically fit and qualified.

Working at height is invariably hazardous, and the use of dangerous power tools whilst high up in the air and dangling from a tree is no exception. Beginners beware - this is definitely not a project for you! To complete a tree surgery project, a team of tree surgeons all specialists at what they do, will typically be involved, and this should include both a ground crew and climbers. An unqualified individual would find it more or less impossible to complete the work with anything like this level of competence, experience and risk assessment.

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Once you've made up your mind that you require the help of a qualified tree surgeon in Portchester, you must take steps to find a good one. But, how can this be done? Well, there are certain things you will want to check, for example qualifications and costs. Below we have summarized some useful tips for locating the ideal Portchester tree surgeon to maintain your trees.

First off, you need to ensure they have the right certifications to dispel any doubts that they're correctly accredited and competent. The governing body issuing certifications to tree surgeons is the National Proficiency Tests Council. Any competent tree surgeon in Portchester should hold the following accreditations as a bare minimum requirement:

  • NPTC 308 (CS39) - Aerial cutting of trees using free-fall techniques.
  • NPTC 203 (CS31) - Fell & process small trees up to 15 inches (380mm) in diameter.
  • NPTC 206/306 (CS38) - Tree climbing and rescue.
  • NPTC 201/202 (CS30) - Basic cross-cutting and chainsaw maintenance.

Having such certifications both signifies that they have a good level of training, and gives you the peace of mind that the task will be completed successfully and safely, even though tree surgeons are not legally obliged to hold such qualifications. It is also crucial that some First Aid qualifications are held by all tree surgeons, forestry workers and arborists, and they must always carry a comprehensive First Aid kit in accordance with HSE workplace guidelines.

Next, you should ask several tree surgeons in Portchester to provide different estimates for the work, and check their breakdown of the costs. Disposal costs for the large amount of waste that's often produced by tree surgery and maintenance, will quite often not be included in the quote. If possible, it's definitely better to have the tree surgeons remove and dispose of this waste themselves, as it can be inconvenient and vary costly if this process is left to you.

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To add to this, make sure that you're ready to ask plenty of key questions when you meet with the tree surgeon. For example, you need to make sure you know who is going to be doing the work. Will it be just one individual working on their own, or will it be a whole crew of arborists? Would you be able to meet up with them in advance? How long will the task take? What technique are going to be used for removing or dealing with the tree? What will the impact on my home/neighbours be?

Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions, given that the more you ask, the less likelihood that there'll be any unexpected surprises further down the line.

Tree Surgery Portchester (PO16)

Also, listen to how your tree surgeon speaks and what they say. Listening to the ways that they describe the work they're planning to do can give you clues about their levels of knowledge and experience. Even if you know hardly anything about tree surgery, you can normally tell when someone knows what they are talking about, and the sort of terminology that should put you on alert is 'topping and lopping', which is a somewhat outdated expression, more linked to cowboys and rogue traders. More correct terminology like for example 'dead wooding', 'pruning', 'crown lifting', 'thinning' and 'crown reduction', will be used by a tree surgeon in Portchester who's experienced, capable and professional. Whilst this alone should not be taken as evidence of ability, when it comes to the experience of your tree surgeon, it can certainly be a valuable clue.

In the final analysis, in relation to tree surgery or tree care, it is always worth the effort of considering a number of tree surgeons in Portchester. If you find the right one, you can rely on having an expertly undertaken job, accounting for all possible hazards and making certain that all of your requirements are fully met in a safe and timely manner.

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Locally based Portchester tree surgeons will likely have the postcode PO16 and the telephone dialling code 023/01329. They will operate in Portchester itself, as well as nearby areas like Drayton, Fareham, Wymering, Lee-on-the-Solent, Port Solent, Funtley, Wallington, Cosham, Purbrook, Widley, Catisfield, Hardway, Southwick, Portsmouth, Hilsea, Fratton, Farlington, and these postcodes: PO16 8ET, PO16 8LR, PO16 8QA, PO16 0SU, PO16 8DG, PO16 8HH, PO16 8DL, PO16 8GB, PO16 8GG, PO16 8DB.

Dead-Wooding Portchester

The procedure of dead-wooding (or deadwooding) is a crucial part of tree care and upkeep in Portchester, and any experienced tree surgeon should be able to offer you this service. Where there might be a danger to pedestrians, property or vehicles, dead-wooding is done to carefully remove the dying and dead branches which are likely to fall. There are a number of different explanations why a tree's branches die off, the most common being pest attacks, light deficiency, a damaged root system or disease.

The purpose of dead-wooding is most often one of safety, nonetheless, it's also done to benefit the tree of just to make the tree look more attractive. The spread of disease and insect infestation can be attracted by a tree having too many dying, dead and damaged branches, therefore the tree's health can be dramatically improved by eliminating such dead branches. You can also improve a tree's appearance through this procedure, as trees with a lot of dead wood can also look rather ugly.

Only substantial dead branches will normally be cut out, as in most instances the small ones will not pose any great risk. On the other hand, where trees are overhanging a park, a garden, a property, a public space or a road in Portchester, it might be necessary to remove any dead branches that are more than 50 millimetres in diameter.

TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders) Portchester

Before you schedule any serious work on your trees in Portchester, you need to make sure none of them have TPO's (Tree Preservation Orders) You should contact your local planning authority to find out if any of the trees within the boundary of your property are subject to TPOs. If there are TPOs on one or more of your trees, you will need written consent from the local authority to do any of the following: wilful damage, removal, wilful destruction, uprooting, topping, felling or lopping. Talk to your tree surgeon about this - they'll be able to check this out for you.

If you are living within a conservation area in Portchester, and intend to conduct any work on a tree with a stem diameter of 75mm or more (1.5m from the ground), you have to give a minimum of 6 wks written notice to your local planning authority.

Vegetation Control

Vegetation Control Portchester Hampshire

It isn't merely the removal and care of trees that your nearby Portchester tree surgeon will be happy to assist you with, but also any sort of out-of-control vegetation that's clogging up your property. Experienced tree surgeons will normally be quite happy to cut down and remove shrubs, weeds, overgrown vegetation and bushes which might be taking hold close to garages, buildings, sheds, pathways or driveways, and being a nuisance. If you are going to manage your garden properly then this accumulating growth has to be taken away every few months, and if you have the time and inclination this is something you can tackle by yourself if you're fit and able enough, or you might get your local tree surgeon to come once a year to keep it in shape. The management of vegetation is important if you're going to have safe and easy entry to every section of the garden and if this is overlooked the vegetation can very quickly take over and spoil your enjoyment of the garden. Aside from anything else the garden will look better when properly maintained. (Tags: Vegetation Management Portchester, Vegetation Control Hampshire, De-Vegetation Services Hampshire)

Crown Thinning Portchester

Tree Care Portchester

The removal of lesser live branches towards the outer region of the crown, yet not transforming the shape or size of that tree, is generally called crown thinning. This process is intended to create a uniform density of foliage, which itself accomplishes particular goals such as: to lower the overall weight of the crown of the tree, to minimize the wind resistance of the tree, to reduce the chance of the tree being uprooted in blustery conditions, to minimize the stress upon larger limbs caused by snow, wind, ice, or gravity or to permit more light to pass through. The overall size and structure of the tree should not be altered by crown thinning, and should simply result in a uniform density of foliage encompassing uniformly spread out branches. (Tags: Tree Crown Thinning Portchester, Crown Thinning Portchester, Crown Thin Portchester)

Pollarding Trees Portchester

Tree Pollarding Portchester Hampshire

Pollarding is for the most part done for the sake of safety, and is a process which is used for drastically reducing a tree's overall size when it's got too big for its setting. The development of cultivated elements and the moulding of trees into specific forms can also be accomplished by the pollarding approach. It can quite often be seen on trees that serve as boundaries or hedgerows, as well as trees that grow alongside roads in Portchester. Given that pollarded trees have such a harsh and naked appearance, and will never return to their "pre-pollarded" shape, this process isn't usually popular with those who adore trees. Tree species such as sycamores, horse chestnuts, maples, beeches, planes, oaks and limes are typical contenders for the pollarding process, and on the positive side trees which would otherwise have to be felled can be kept for future generations.

Plant And Grow Trees For An Environmentally Friendly World

If we look at annual figures, between three and six billion trees are being cut down all over the world. This has to do with the demand for goods that are created from trees. Writing paper and household tissue papers are an illustration of this, as well as the wood used to construct homes. It is possible to act to save our forests although we need to accept that many of the goods produced from trees are essential.

Arbor Day was created with the aim that we should all be planting trees on that day although actually this has had little impact. This is because nearly all individuals aren't going out and planting a tree. If they planted trees, we would be all set.

Would you believe that there are more or less 7 billion people right now? However, you can never be certain of the precise count for this. However, we could replace the trees that are lost every year if each one of those folks did actually plant a tree on Arbor day. The probability of this happening is small.

Plant a Tree

Hence, planting trees is something you must consider if you are concerned about the air we breathe and the Earth. And I don't mean to only go out once a year and plant a tree. I am proposing that you plant a tree more or less once a month or even once a week. The reason is because someone needs to compensate for all of those using our resources but refuse to plant a tree for whatever reason.

Figures show that approximately 15 million trees are planted on Arbor Day. So on an annual basis, we have a shortage of approximately 5 billion trees. This situation keeps on getting worse.

Whereas we all have to make the effort to plant trees, I have an idea that may resolve this once and for all. What could truly solve this problem is if each wood business or tree farmer, by law, had to plant two saplings for every tree they take, so our tree issue wouldn't be an issue anymore.

We are going to have to continue to deal with this situation ourselves until there is the political willpower to make these changes. To keep those tree numbers up won't actually take a good deal of effort. For example, if merely 10% of the people in the world planted a tree every month, it would cover the amount of trees that are cut down yearly. In the region of 7 billion new trees would be planted by doing this. For the number of trees we need to return to, an effective net gain of 1 billion trees will be the way to achieve this goal.

Every person concerned about the our planet can help by planting trees. Don't forget that we merely need 10% of everyone on the planet to make a commitment to this. It's your decision if you want to help out.

Tree Surgery Tasks Portchester

Tree Surgery Tasks Portchester UK

Portchester tree surgeons will likely help you with emergency tree removal Portchester, airspading, stump treatment, eco-plugging Portchester, tree pruning Portchester, tree maintenance, tree reduction, tree lopping, hedge laying in Portchester, tree surveys, cabling, crown thinning, tree transplanting, woodland clearance Portchester, tree dismantling in Portchester, shrub maintenance, hazard assessments, arboriculture, hedge trimming, formative pruning Portchester, tree cutting in Portchester, crown cleaning in Portchester, hedge reduction, site clearance, crown lifting, stump grinding, commercial tree care in Portchester, tree lightening protection, tree removal, staking Portchester, tree care services Portchester, tree bracing, tree fertilising Portchester, tree waste removal Portchester, dead wooding Portchester, root grinding Portchester, cut sealing Portchester, pollarding in Portchester and other tree surgeon services in Portchester, Hampshire.

Obtaining Information and Advice

When you are searching for a good tree surgeon in Portchester, there are a few specific questions that you ought to ask to make certain that they are both up to the job, and won't cause any permanent harm to your precious trees. Suitable questions should include: Do your personnel and you have the appropriate qualifications and certifications (for chainsaw use and tree care)? Do your working practices adhere to the British Standard (BS3998)? Do you have employers and public liability insurance? Are you able to provide references from former clients? Will you give me an estimate in writing? Do you have membership of a professional trade body (such as The Arboricultural Association or the International Society of Arboriculture)? You really should think twice about hiring a tree surgeon if you do not receive positive replies to any or all of those basic questions.

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To find loads of handy details about things to look for in a good tree surgeon, along with a searchable directory of professional tree surgeons in the UK, you need to visit the AA (Arboricultural Association) website. Another site providing a "find a tree surgeon" tool (here) and a "verify arborist's credentials" tool, is the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), where there is of course lots more information regarding tree surgery and management. To get a basic idea of arboriculture as a career, you can visit the trusty Wikipedia "Arborist" page by clicking here, or the Britannica article here. A Government financed organisation where you can also track down trusted tradesmen such as tree surgeons, comes in the form of Trustmark.

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