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Stonehouse Tree Surgeons (ML9): We all like to see trees, and having trees growing in our garden is an additional bonus for offering welcome shade on hot summers days, for providing a home for birds and wildlife and for adding colour and beauty. However, to balance out the good points about trees, there are also downsides. Trees can get damaged by storms and wind. Trees can become far too huge for our gardens in Stonehouse. Trees can get diseased and unstable. If you are having concerns about your trees in Stonehouse, the best person to call is a tree surgeon.

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Who you gonna call? Tree surgeons! - For a selection of customers in Stonehouse - both private and public, tree surgeons play an essential role in the maintenance and general care of trees. An experienced tree surgeon in Stonehouse can provide felling and removal, inspections and hazard assessments, the pruning of dead, intruding or weak branches, safe tree planting, and general tree care, to mention but a few examples.

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However, the job of a tree surgeon doesn't stop with trees. Additional duties of a tree surgeon in Stonehouse can include shrub care, stump removal and hedge trimming and maintenance. The best person to phone if you've got any concerns about a tree's structural integrity is a tree surgeon, as they will be in a position to inspect your tree, put together a report on likely hazards, and give suggestions about the best way to proceed.

Tree surgery is a decidedly dangerous undertaking and most certainly a process that should only be handled by an expert. It would not be a sensible decision to avoid and opt for a DIY approach, even though this may appear to be an attractive option. Tree surgeons must be experienced, physically fit and qualified to undertake the work that they are required to do.

Very often, tree surgery will involve using dangerous power tools whilst harnessed to the tree and high up in the air. Amateurs beware - this is definitely not a project for you! Tree surgery work is also normally performed by a gang of seasoned tree surgeons, including climbers and a ground crew, who are all specialists in their field. Rivalling this level of competence, experience and risk assessment to execute the work, would be virtually impossible for any unqualified individual.

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Finding a decent tree surgeon in Stonehouse is going to be the initial step when you've established that you actually need one. But, how can you accomplish this? Well, there are a number of things you will want to check, for example qualifications and costs. Below we have summarized some useful tips for finding the perfect Stonehouse tree surgeon to care for your trees.

First off, you will need to make sure they have the appropriate certifications to reassure you they're competent and correctly accredited. The National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC) is the governing body that issues qualifications to tree surgeons. The following qualifications should be a minimum requirement for any tree surgeon in Stonehouse:

  • NPTC 308 (CS39) - Operate a chainsaw from rope & harness.
  • NPTC 203 (CS31) - Fell & process small trees.
  • NPTC 201/202 (CS30) - Basic crosscutting and chainsaw maintenance.
  • NPTC 206/306 (CS38) - Tree climbing & aerial tree rescue.

Holding these qualifications both shows that they've a good level of training, and gives you reassurance that the task will be accomplished in a successful and safe way, even though tree surgeons are not legally required to have these certifications. It is also crucial that some basic First Aid qualifications are held by forestry workers, arborists and tree surgeons, and they must carry a comprehensive First Aid kit according to HSE workplace recommendations.

Getting a selection of quotes will be the next step, together with checking the cost breakdown. It is a good idea to get three or four quotations from different tree surgeons in Stonehouse. Sometimes, the estimated cost won't include the disposal of the considerable amounts of waste often created by tree maintenance and surgery. Removing waste can be an enormous cost and inconvenience to the client therefore it's definitely better to get the tree surgeons to remove this themselves if you possibly can.

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Also, when chatting to potential tree surgeons in Stonehouse, make sure that you are ready to ask loads of important questions in relation to your tree care needs. For instance, you'll need to know who is going to do the work, and who will be coming onto your property. Can you meet up with them in advance? Will it involve one person working on their own, or will it be a gang of arborists? How long is the job going to take? Is there going to be any impact of my home or neighbours? What tree surgery or removal methods is going to be used?

If you ask all the appropriate questions, you will be less likely to receive any unexpected surprises as work progresses.

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You should also listen carefully to what your tree surgeon says. Listening to how they describe the work they intend to do can give you an inkling of their levels of professionalism and expertise. If the phrase 'topping and lopping' comes up in the conversation, it is recommended that you look for another tree surgeon, as this is a rather outdated phrase, which shows a definite absence of modern tree surgery knowledge. More appropriate terminology along the lines of 'pruning', 'dead wooding', 'thinning', 'crown lifting' and 'crown reduction', should trip off the tongue of a tree surgeon in Stonehouse who's capable, experienced and professional. While simply using the correct terms isn't always evidence of a tree surgeon's ability, it can give helpful clues about a person's measure of expertise.

To summarise, it is always worth taking the time to consult a number of tree surgeons in Stonehouse with regards to any possible tree surgery or tree care needs you might have. This will help you in finding the best tradesperson for the job, and one who'll make certain all your needs are fully catered to in a pre-agreed timeframe, with safe practice at the forefront of their mind.

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A Tree Surgeons's Regular Tasks

  • Assess the health of trees and formulate treatment plans.
  • Establish dangers posed by trees.
  • Clean up area on completion and remove waste products from client's site.
  • Work with customers and complete administrative duties.
  • Be proficient with power tools and other powered machinery.
  • Produce tree survey reports for both domestic and commercial clients.
  • Service equipment like chainsaws and wood chippers.
  • Fell and remove trees and perform stump grinding.
  • Climb trees to prune or remove branches as required.
  • Tree planting and transplanting.
  • Chip and cut logs and branches.
  • Prepare on-site or telephone quotes with the customers.

Ash Dieback

Most likely to devastate close to 80% of the current UK ash tree population, over the next few years, ash dieback is a fatal fungal disease of ash trees, the first case of which was recorded in the UK in 2012. Already having a similarly disastrous effect on the British countryside as Dutch Elm Disease (DED), ash dieback is just another huge blow to the United Kingdom's tree stocks.

A damaging disease of the Fraxinus genus of trees, ash dieback has a particularly devastating effect on the Fraxinus excelsior (common ash), British Fraxinus excelsior (common or European ash). Originally coming from Asia, the fungus which causes ash dieback is named Hymenoscyphus fraxineus.

Quickly spread by spores which can travel on the wind for many miles, ash dieback (or chalara ash dieback) has become established in most parts of the United Kingdom with up to 85 percent mortality rates.

Ash dieback affects trees of any age and has symptoms such as:

  • Dying leaves and shoots are visible in summer.
  • Dark brown lesions form where branches meet with the trunk, and the inner bark under the lesions looks brownish grey.
  • New growth appears from previously dormant buds (epicormic growth).
  • Leaves with dark patches that develop during the summertime.
  • Wilting leaves that turn black in colour and drop early.

Even ash trees which have the ability to fight the infection, suffer repeated attacks year after year and eventually succumb and perish. Because it is an airborne disease there's no clear-cut option for stopping its spread, and no known cure for ash dieback.

If you think that you have spotted a tree suffering from ash dieback in your garden in Stonehouse, or in the local area, you can report it to the Forestry Commission's "Tree Alert Service", although ash dieback is so widespread throughout Britain that they're really only interested in cases found in locations not affected previously. You should however get in touch with a local tree surgeon, who can offer guidance and advice about how to proceed.

Removal of Tree Stumps Stonehouse

When you've had a tree felled from your property in Stonehouse, unless arranged with the tree surgeon, you will be left with a tree stump to contend with. Now, in certain circumstances you might be perfectly happy to leave the tree stump in place and let it rot away naturally. However, tree stumps left in your garden can be trip hazards, can attract undesirable pests, and can even send out suckers in an effort to regrow themselves.

Stump removal and stump grinding are the two primary alternatives, if you do decide to get rid of the stump completely. In the next couple of paragraphs we'll be considering the stump removal alternative as opposed to stump grinding.

In regards to removing a tree stump, the 3 primary methods are burning, digging out by hand or chemical treatments. You could make use of any of these tactics if you are planning to remove the tree stump yourself. If you are using a tree surgeon in Stonehouse, they will typically suggest the previously mentioned stump grinding method.

Chemical Treatments: If you decide on the chemical stump removal option, you will need to purchase Vitax SBK Stump Killer, Roundup Tree Stump Remover or Resolva Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer. When using these you should follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter, as such chemicals can be extremely toxic. This is a long term solution to stump removal, as it may take a few weeks or even months to completely decay, depending on the size of the stump. It will still have to be removed with an axe and spade once it has completely rotted.

Tree Stump Burning: Be very careful if you use this approach to stump removal, because burning can be dangerous and may conflict with local legislation. You will have to drill several holes into the stump, and pour in some vegetable oil, you'll have to keep these topped up for a few days until the stump is completely saturated. Logs or charcoal stacked around the stump and set alight. A fire like this shouldn't be left unattended, and should be supervised until safely burnt out. Once the burning has finished, you must ensure that the fire is fully extinguished, and when it is no longer hot you will be able to dig out and remove the remaining pieces of stump and roots.

This is not the only way to burn a stump, and you could also try scooping out all the soil from beneath the stump and setting a fire in the void that's been made underneath. You should never burn a stump if it is near fences, other trees or buildings.

Digging Out a Stump by Hand: Digging by hand is pretty self-explanatory and will involve digging down, cutting all the roots, and releasing the stump. For the final freeing process you might find that you need to use a cable ratchet winch. This is tiring and laborious work.

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Crown Thinning Stonehouse

Tree Care Stonehouse

When you want to lessen the overall weight of the crown of the tree, to stop the tree uprooting in blustery weather, to cut down the stress upon particular limbs because of wind, ice, gravity, or snow, to lessen the tree's wind resistance or to permit more light throughout, most of the smallest branches growing at the outer crown of a broad leafed (Rather than conifer) tree are pruned in a process which is known as crown thinning. The overall shape and size are not changed by this process, and it is likely that it'll need to be carried out on a fairly regular schedule, as shoots continue to grow. The over-all structure and size of the tree should not be changed by crown thinning, and should just result in a uniform density of foliage encompassing equally spread out branches. You will be able to get crown thinning specialists in Whiteshill, Frocester, Arlebrook, Ruscombe, Woodchester, Whitminster, Cashes Green, Kingscourt, Randwick, Eastington, Frampton-on-Severn, Ebley, Lightpill, and Stonehouse itself. (Tags: Tree Crown Thinning Stonehouse, Crown Thinning Stonehouse, Crown Thin Stonehouse)

Necessary Skills for Tree Surgeons in Stonehouse

  • To be able to execute basic tasks on a hand-held device or computer.
  • To be meticulous and pay close attention to detail.
  • Be patient and have the ability to stay calm and focused in stressful circumstances.
  • Be capable of repairing, maintaining and using machinery and tools.
  • Be professional and capable of completing tasks within a given timeframe.
  • Be alert to the complexities and dangers involved with the various aspects of work.
  • Physical skills like movement and coordination.
  • Be able to work with your hands.
  • Have a good understanding of public safety and security.
  • The cabability to work alongside other people.
  • Have good customer service skills.

Vegetation Management

Vegetation Control

Tree care professionals do not simply tackle the removal and care of trees alone, they can additionally deal with all kinds of vegetation which might be choking your property and taking over the whole area. Experienced tree surgeons will normally be quite happy to get rid off bushes, shrubs, overgrown vegetation and weeds that may be taking hold close to driveways, sheds, pathways, patios or buildings, and being an annoyance. If you're to manage your precious garden correctly then all this excessive growth must be taken away at least once a year, and if you've got the time and inclination this is a job that you may achieve by yourself if you are fit and able enough, or you can book in a local tree surgeon to call now and again to make certain it is looking good. Vegetation management is a must if you are going to keep safe and easy entry to all areas of the garden and if this is neglected the plants and vegetation can soon take over and take away the enjoyment of your garden. Apart from anything else the garden will look a lot better when maintained properly. (Tags: Vegetation Control Stonehouse, Vegetation Management Gloucestershire, De-Vegetation Services Stonehouse)

Dutch Elm Disease

Destroying tree stocks and wiping out millions of precious elm trees all over Britain over the past 50 yrs or more, Dutch Elm Disease (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi) isn't so common now, as it was previously. Accidentally imported into the UK, by means of elm logs imported from Canada in the late 1960s, DED (Dutch Elm Disease) is caused by the fungus Ophiostoma novo-ulmi which is spread by the elm bark beetle (Scolytus).

Through the nationwide transportation of elm products like mulching bark, saplings, elm crates, and logs with the bark on, it spread quickly through Great Britain after its initial arrival. It was not just Great Britain that was affected by this dreadful disease, since elm stocks were also decimated in continental Europe, North America and New Zealand.

Dutch Elm Disease usually first manifests in early summer, and the main symptoms are:

  • Shoots that die back from the tip.
  • Dark spots or rings in the cross-section of twigs.
  • A "shepherd's crook" reaction on affected twigs.
  • Foliage that turns yellow, shrivels and dies.

Since there are now hardly any substantial elms in the British countryside, the elm bark beetle's favourite habitat has been pretty much decimated, which has resulted in a slowing down of Dutch Elm Disease. The propagation of young elm saplings that up to now have proven resistant to DED is being undertaken.

If you happen to have elm trees in your garden in Stonehouse, and have suspicions they might be afflicted with Dutch Elm Disease, get in touch with your neighbourhood tree surgeon for advice, or request a diagnosis from the Tree Health Diagnostic & Advisory Service (THDAS).

Cable Bracing Stonehouse

A technique that is employed to give support to a tree when it has signs of decay or damage or is a risk to nearby property or persons, cable bracing can be really effective in the right situation. Cable bracing is often used on older or valuable trees in Stonehouse where the aim is to avoid felling the tree or cutting out large unstable parts.

A cable bracing set-up can be useful for supporting any poor joints, V-shaped forks and weak tree limbs that are causing problems. Most Stonehouse tree surgeons will be able to undertake different forms of bracing work through the fitting of cables and rods which will help to redistribute structural stress and considerably extend the lifespan of old and valuable trees.

Cable bracing has the goal of offering a flexible and shock-absorbing means of support which is non-invasive and doesn't cause damage to the tree by having to drill and bolt the branches. A risk assessment, to ensure the safety of the tree and adjoining areas, must be completed before the start of any tree cable bracing work in Stonehouse.

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Tree Surgery Tasks Stonehouse

Tree Surgery Tasks Stonehouse UK

Stonehouse tree surgeons can normally help with hedge trimming, tree fertilising, root removal in Stonehouse, retrenchment pruning, commercial tree surgery, pollarding in Stonehouse, staking in Stonehouse, expert tree care in Stonehouse, drop crotching, tree bracing in Stonehouse, hedge laying Stonehouse, tree work, dead wood removal, crown raising, eco-plugging, root flare exposure in Stonehouse, tree shaping, airspading, woodland management, tree felling in Stonehouse, coppicing, stump grinding, damage restoration, tree pest control, hedge reduction Stonehouse, damaged tree cutting and removal in Stonehouse, cut sealing, tree removal Stonehouse, emergency tree surgery, tree waste removal, landscape clearance, hedge lowering, site clearance, tree cutting, brush cutting and other tree surgeon services in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire. These are just some of the duties that are accomplished by local tree surgeons. Stonehouse specialists will be delighted to keep you abreast of their whole range of services.

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