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Horndean Tree Surgeons (PO8): So, you like your gorgeous garden and you revel in accomplishing the multitude of gardening duties which need doing through the year. But, there will be some particular chores which you shouldn't really attempt by yourself. One of those chores is tree surgery (arboriculture). If you have any task that needs to be done on your trees in Horndean, other than routine pruning, you will have to contact a certified tree surgeon.

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There might be a number of reasons why you need to bring in a tree surgeon, therefore it will be helpful to run over some of them right now. Tree surgeons don't simply take care of dangerous trees which may crash onto a road or building, as you would have witnessed following windy weather. They also sort out stuff like inspecting trees for damage or disease so that these problems are dealt with early on, developing tree management or maintenance plans to keep your trees in good condition, reducing or thinning trees to create more light and space in the garden and extracting old tree stumps which are in the way.

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It isn't purely because of safety issues that you mustn't try to do work on trees yourself, there are also checks and inspections to be done. The trees may be protected by a Preservation Order (TPO) or you might live inside a Conservation Area, either of which affects what sort of work can be done. A professional tree surgeon will assist you with everything and will almost certainly also be associated with the Arboricultural Association, to offer you assurance concerning the work that is being carried out. The appropriate public liability insurance is necessary where tree work is involved, therefore be sure that your tree surgeon is properly insured.

The protection and safety of your property and your family as well as that of the tree surgeon himself, is the primary concern whenever this sort of work is occurring. So you should make certain that your tree surgeon has all of the required equipment and tools and has the ability to apply them effectively. For anyone who knows precisely what they're up to and is adequately equipped, tree surgery can be a pretty straightforward activity.

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The apparatus that tree surgeons use has become ever more elaborate in recent times, and its proper use gets the work done effectively and swiftly. Any tree surgeon must be acquainted with using items like climbing ropes, lowering winches, chain saws, loppers, flip lines, harnesses, wood shredders, rigging pulleys, winches, stump grinding equipment, rigging ropes and pole saws.

The correct disposal of waste is a legal responsibility for any tree surgeon, so you should make sure that your prospective tradesman upholds that principle. Tree surgeons should be able to let you view their waste carrier, dealer and broker licence, which allows them to dispose of waste materials in the proper manner. The safe and ethical disposal of any waste which is generated by the work in your garden really should be included in your quote, so double check this before any work begins.

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Horndean tree surgeons help with tree issues throughout the town, although don't fret if you're living outside the town because the majority of them will be happy to travel to places such as North Boarhunt, Soberton, Clanfield, Compton, Buriton, Droxford, Catherington, East Meon, Cowplain, Hambledon, Leigh Park etc. Hence, wheresoever in the Horndean locale your house is, it will be possible to uncover a reputable tree surgeon, and additionally throughout Hampshire and surrounding counties.

Tree surgeons don't merely clamber up, prune and fell trees using specialist machinery and tools, they also oversee their conservation and protection. By means of careful observation they can pinpoint possible hazards which could put the general public in danger. A vital part of their obligations is making sure that trees are disease-free, healthy and able to prosper and grow.

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Tree surgery is widely available in Horndean and also in nearby places like: North Boarhunt, Soberton, Clanfield, Compton, Buriton, Droxford, Catherington, East Meon, Cowplain, Hambledon, Leigh Park, and in these postcodes PO8 9RT, PO8 0RZ, PO8 0UA, PO8 0QP, PO8 0TU, PO8 9TT, PO8 0XJ, PO8 0TA, PO8 0SQ, PO8 9SE. Local Horndean tree surgeons will probably have the postcode PO8 and the phone code 023.

For this kind of service it's unquestionably a good idea to employ a competent local tree surgeon. Horndean residents can benefit from the knowledge and skills offered by a seasoned professional.

Tree Surgery Apprenticeships - Training - Courses Horndean

Tree Surgery Training - Courses - Apprenticeships Horndean

For anyone who loves the outdoor life, entering into employment in something like tree surgery can be exceedingly satisfying and rewarding. Upon investigation, you will find out that there are a range of paths into employment in tree surgery including choices such as gaining a tree surgery apprenticeship, taking a university course, subscribing to a private course, enrolling for a college course or beginning at the bottom (perhaps as a groundworker) and working your way up. For teenagers, tree surgery apprenticeships in Horndean (where on offer), can be applied for whilst they're still at school. All over Great Britain, there are private courses and college courses in tree surgery, and folks of all age groups can apply. University courses are available in various related fields including forestry, forest management, woodland ecology & conservation, countryside management and arboriculture, with degrees, foundation degrees and higher national diplomas available to people with the correct qualifications (usually one to three "A" levels). If none of the above appeal to you, it may be possible to gain a bit of tree surgery experience by doing voluntary work for organisations and groups such as the Forestry Commission, the Woodland Trust, the National Trust or the Tree Council. This paragraph was meant to assist anybody trying to understand "how to become a tree surgeon in Horndean", hopefully it's helped you in your quest. The National Careers website is the best place to head for in order to see even more details on how best to become a tree surgeon. (Tags: Tree Surgery Apprenticeships Horndean, Tree Surgery Courses Horndean, Tree Surgery Training Horndean)

Storm Damage Horndean

Of all the living things in our gardens, trees give the impression of being the strongest, sturdiest and the most able to withstand the vagaries of Mother Nature. In fact some species of tree can survive for hundreds (even thousands) of years.

Having said that, they can be quite vulnerable to the elements when facing certain conditions, and it isn't only the risk of falling limbs or branches, but in times of extreme weather the entire tree can topple over. High winds and gales are a big problem for trees, and this sort of damage has become more and more common in Horndean, as the number of severe storms and weather events escalates with climate change. Floods or prolonged periods of rain will cause the soil around roots to become saturated, which can cause further issues for trees, as can heavy snow during wintertime.

To reduce the chance of issues with your trees in severe weather conditions, it's advisable to get a professional Horndean tree surgeon to check them out every now and then, and prune any dead, dying or overhanging branches.

Copper conductors, lightning rods, or other lightning protection systems are also a good idea for larger trees, to prevent them being struck by lightning and to protect nearby property and buildings which may be susceptible to side-flashes ("arcs") that can cause more destruction, along with damage done to the tree itself. A lightning strike could easily kill a tree, or seriously weaken it, rendering it more susceptible to pest attacks and disease. Lightning occurs more frequently than you might imagine, and there are around 300,000 lightning strikes each year in the UK.

Your local Horndean tree care specialist will be able to give you advice and guidance on what protection your trees can be given from storm damage, and lessen the risk of accidents occurring because of this.

Pollarding Trees Horndean

Tree Pollarding Horndean

Pollarding is for the most part carried out on grounds of health and safety, and is a procedure that's used for significantly cutting down a tree's overall size when it has got too big for its location. It can at times be employed for practical or visual reasons to mould a tree into a particular shape. Trees which grow alongside streets in Horndean are quite often pollarded, as are those that are used for borders and in managed hedgerows. For people who love trees this isn't an especially popular practice, seeing as the outcome tends to be rather stark and naked, with the overall appearance of being practically lifeless. The beneficial side of the pollarding process, is that trees that may normally have to be felled can be retained in-situ. Pollarding is routinely used on broad-leafed tree species like maples, limes, horse chestnuts, planes, oaks, beeches and sycamores.

Tree Transplanting Horndean

Tree Transplanting Horndean (023)

Transplanting trees and moving them to other places has become a fairly simple process with the development of tractor mounted tree spades and other nifty tree removal devices. Fully-grown trees can be transplanted onto new ground to achieve an instantly landscaped look, or out-of-control woody areas can be thinned without the need to stoop to tree felling.

Moving trees in Horndean can be accomplished right throughout the year, but in warmer summer months the soaking of the ground becomes especially important so as to cause the minimum amount of stress on the tree's root-ball. A large mechanical tree spade plunges down into the ground, and manoeuvred to surround the root-ball and then hauls the unscathed tree from its home. The tree can then be stored temporarily before its re-planting in its new home.

A certified tree transplanting business in Horndean will liaise with local authorities to ensure local regulations and preservation orders are observed at all stages of the tree lifting and transplantation procedure. (Tags: Tree Transplanting Horndean, Tree Moving Horndean, Tree Replanting Horndean).

Tree Cable Bracing Horndean

Tree cable bracing is a technique which is used to offer support to a tree when it shows signs of damage, decay, or poses a risk to nearby property (or persons). Where the wish is to avoid felling a tree or removing large, unstable sections, due to the tree being valuable or old, cable bracing can be an effective solution.

In order to support weak limbs, V-shaped forks and poor joints in a tree, a specially designed cable bracing system can be put in place. Through the installation of rods and cables most Horndean tree surgeons will be able to mitigate structural tension and prolong the lifespan of old and valuable trees using various types of bracing work.

Cable bracing has the aim of providing a flexible and shock-absorbing means of support that's non-invasive and doesn't cause further damage to the tree by drilling and bolting the branches. A comprehensive risk risk assessment must be conducted by a tree surgeon or arborist before any cable bracing work can begin. This is vital to guarantee the safety of the tree and nearby areas as the project proceeds.

Removing Tree Stumps Horndean

When you've a tree that needs felling and removing in your garden in Horndean, there's also a stump to think about. Now, in some cases you may be happy to leave the tree stump in position and allow it to decay and rot away entirely naturally. However, tree stumps can be a trip hazard, can attract unwanted pests, and be an eyesore as well.

Stump grinding and stump removal are the two main choices, if you do opt to remove the stump totally. In the next couple of paragraphs we'll be looking at the removal alternative rather than stump grinding.

There are 3 primary strategies that you can use to remove a tree stump - you can chemically treat it, you can dig it out by hand or you can burn it. If you wish to have a bash at removing the stump for by yourself, you could try any of these procedures when suitable. If you're intending to get a tree surgeon to carry out the work, they'll typically favour the previously mentioned stump grinding technique, however a chemically based treatment like eco-plugging might also be on the agenda.

Stump Digging: Digging out a tree stump by hand will require an assortment of tools such as a pointed spade, a handsaw, a chainsaw and loppers. It entails digging down to expose the roots, cutting the roots with loppers or a saw, and ultimately releasing the stump, or making it easier to lift out. Some sort of winch could be necessary for the final lifting out process. This has a tendency to be tedious and exhausting work, and should not be attempted by anybody who is not fit and up to the job.

Burning Tree Stumps: Since it can be quite dangerous and might contravene local legislation, stump burning is not really a recommended course of action, so if you choose this technique, be careful. A number of one inch holes will need to be drilled in the tree stump, and for a few days continually topped up with vegetable oil. The tree stump is then stacked up with logs or charcoal and set alight. A fire like this shouldn't be left unattended, and must be supervised until safe to do so. When the fire has stopped burning, you must make sure that it's fully extinguished and cool, after which you will be able to manually dig out the roots and remnants of stump.

An alternative method is scooping out all the soil from beneath the tree stump and lighting a fire in the cavity created underneath. Of course, there are various circumstances where stump burning is not suitable, such as when there are a building, other trees or fences near to the stump being removed.

Chemical Stump Removal: A strong chemical compound such as Resolva Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer, Roundup Tree Stump Remover or Vitax SBK Stump Killer, will be required if you opt to go down the chemical treatment route. It's important that you closely follow the directions when applying any of these chemical substances, because they can be extremely toxic and dangerous. Subject to the dimensions of the stump, and whether it is dead or alive when it's treated, it can take quite a few weeks or maybe even months for a stump to break down totally, so look at this as a long term resolution. As soon as it is decayed, it can be chopped small with an axe and removed with a shovel.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Horndean

It is important to it is best to use a company with the correct tools and knowhow, when you need to have specialist services like stump grinding done in Horndean. Any decent tree surgeon in Horndean will understand the need for removing every single bit of the tree stump down to at least a twelve inch depth, so it doesn't start growing once more. Having the use of the recommended machinery means that your tree surgeon will be able to grind down stumps and roots within a few millimetres of structures and walls without causing any damage. Even any stumps that are found in alleys and passageways, can be extracted using the correct machinery. When you're taking out a sizable tree the stump left over could be fairly enormous and regardless of what you're intending to use the space for afterwards, the likelihood is that the tree stump will need to be ground down a good foot below surface level.

Air-Spading Horndean

There are numerous problems that could make the health of your trees a concern, but issues with the root system are quite often the cause. Easy access to your tree's roots is essential for a certified tree surgeon in Horndean to check for soil compaction, root rot and other potential issues.

Because there is a potential for damaging the roots during the digging process, previously this was difficult to achieve. Several modern day tree surgeons in Horndean use a system known as "air spading", which uses compressed air to successfully break up and blow away compacted soil without any risk of damaging the tree's roots.

The soil surrounding tree roots can sometimes get compacted by passing vehicles, building work or heavy foot traffic, and this is known to have a negative effect on the health of a tree. Because of a lack of nutrients and water, a tree can quickly become "stressed", making it more vulnerable to attacks by disease, insects and pests. Root flare problems can also be an issue, where the flare at the base of the trunk gets covered with soil, causing the tissue to break down, and increasing the likelihood of root decay. Air-spading is a helpful technique for correcting this.

By forcing air into spaces in the soil at speeds of up to 1,200 mph through the use of an air-spade tool and an air compressor, the air-spading process rapidly breaks down the soil without affecting the tree roots. All the compacted soil is blown away from the roots by the powerful air flow, enabling immediate inspection and investigation. Any obvious problems can then be resolved and the soil replaced with a looser layer of wood chip mulch and fertiliser to encourage the tree to rejuvenate.

Everyday Tasks for a Tree Surgeon

  • Deal with clients and complete administrative tasks.
  • Identify dangers posed by trees.
  • Evaluate the health of trees and create treatment plan.
  • Maintain and service equipment like chainsaws and wood chippers.
  • Tree planting and transplanting.
  • Produce tree survey reports for both domestic and commercial customers.
  • Climb trees to prune or remove branches as required.
  • Fell and remove trees and perform stump grinding.
  • Chip and cut logs and branches.
  • Be adept with power tools and other powered equipment.
  • Create telephone or on-site quotes with the customers.
  • Tidy area upon completion and remove waste from customer's site.

The ISA (International Society of Arboriculture)

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, the International Society of Arboriculture, usually referred to as the ISA is a non-profit organisation that encourages the awareness and benefits of trees. A membership association that serves the tree care industry all around the globe, the ISA nurtures the professional practice of arboriculture.

The ISA has best tree care practices as its focus, inspiring individuals in the tree care sector improve their knowledge, arboricultural expertise and skills, by promoting educational services, events and publications.

The AA (Arboricultural Association) is now an associate organisation of the International Society of Arboriculture after signing an agreement with them in mid-2016. This strengthened the relationship between the two associations and offered further opportunities for ISA members in Great Britain and Ireland. Arboricultural Association members in the UK now benefit from being part of a network of tree care professionals from all over the world. Boasting over twenty two thousand members internationally the ISA now has associate organisations and professional affiliates in New Zealand, Europe, Australia, South Africa, Asia, and the United Kingdom.

Tree Removal Horndean

Tree Removal Horndean

If the tree is infected/diseased, your tree is just too big for its surroundings, your tree has been uprooted by the weather, the tree roots are obstructing retaining walls/foundations, the tree is a hazard to safety, your tree is in the way of new construction or you have a dead/dying tree, then you likely have a legitimate reason for felling and removing a tree. Otherwise the removal of a tree should be the last resort, since trees are generally a beneficial and attractive addition to the garden. Quite a few householders in Horndean plan to get rid of a tree or trees to obtain a nicer view or even to reduce the bother of fallen leaves, this is not essential and ought to only happen if the problem is severe. (Tags: Tree Felling Horndean, Tree Removal Horndean, Removing Trees Horndean)

Vegetation Control

Vegetation Management Horndean

It is not simply the removal and maintenance of trees that your local Horndean tree surgeon will be able to assist you with, but also any form of out-of-control plant growth which is clogging up your garden. Quality tree surgeons will generally be willing to take out weeds, bushes, shrubs and overgrown vegetation that might be growing around drives, walkways, walls, sheds or buildings, and creating an issue. If you're to manage your garden effectively then all of this unwanted growth should be eliminated regularly, and if you find you have the time and inclination this is a job that you may achieve yourself if you're reasonably fit, or you can get a local tree surgeon to come annually to keep it in shape. The management of vegetation is crucial if you are going to maintain easy and safe entry to all areas of your property and if this is neglected the vegetation will very quickly get out of control and hinder your enjoyment of the garden. Apart from everything else your garden will look a lot better when maintained properly.

Eco-Plugging Stump Removal Horndean

If you'd like to remove a large tree stump or stumps from your garden in Horndean, the conventional approach used by most tree surgeons is known as stump grinding, which involves the use of heavy specialist equipment. There is however a less expensive alternative to this method nowadays, which is known as "eco-plugging", and is growing in popularity. This method isn't just attractive because it is cheaper, but also because it can be employed in awkward locations that are inaccessible to stump grinding equipment.

Eco-plugging is an exceptionally effective treatment for killing tree stumps and does not affect the surrounding trees and vegetation. Eco-plugs can be employed in all weather and during any season of the year, and they eliminate a tree stump by killing off the whole root system. Eco-plugs contain a form of crystalline glyphosate herbicide which is suitable for a variety of tree species, and is 95-100% effective.

Chainsaws in Tree Surgery


Perhaps the most commonplace piece of equipment used by Horndean tree surgeons, the chainsaw, in unskilled hands, is also the most dangerous. Despite the fact that mains and battery versions of chainsaw are available, the most popular with professionals are driven by petrol, due to their ease of use and greater mobility. For heavy tree work, the only realistic choice is to use petrol driven chainsaws, because they are able to cut through tree limbs and branches of any proportions, and are exceptionally powerful.

Basically, a chainsaw comprises a motor-driven chain which has a series of sharp teeth for cutting through bark and inner wood. In addition to what powers them, there are also different styles of chainsaw for various procedures, top-handled for working at height (and which can be used single handedly), rear-handled for work at ground level (two handed) and pole saws for long distance pruning and hard to reach branches.

You'll almost never find a tree surgeon in Horndean who doesn't use a chainsaw, despite the fact that being high up in a tree with a spinning blade in your hand is not is not the safest way to spend your day. Being trained in the maintenance and safe use of chainsaws is a primary prerequisite for any tree surgeon, and is vital before they can be approved by the Arboricultural Association or the ISA.

The most popular makers of chainsaw used in Horndean by tree surgery specialists are Makita, Hyundai, Husqvarna and Stihl, although of course there are a lot of different brands and models.

Save The Environment By Planting Trees

Due to cutting down trees, we lose as many as six billion trees yearly. This has to do with the demand for the products that are created from trees. For example, paper is utilized both in the home and workplace and timber is used in the building of houses. And unfortunately, we need the things that the trees produce but we can do something about the depletion of our timberlands.

Trees are celebrated on Arbor Day and the purpose of having Arbor Day is that we need to plant trees at that time but this is not really dealing with the issue. This is because almost all people aren't going out and planting a tree. It would help, naturally, if everyone did.

There are roughly seven billion humans alive in the world now. The actual numbers naturally fluctuate and so this is a calculated approximation. The number of trees around the world would be restored if each individual went out and planted a tree on Arbor Day. The chance of this taking place is small.

Plant a Tree

Thus, the solution is for those of you who care about the Earth and want oxygen so you can live, plant a tree. And I don't mean to only go out once every year and plant a tree. I am proposing that you plant a tree more or less once a month or even once every week. The reason is because someone has to compensate for all the people who are utilizing our resources but refuse to plant a tree for whatever reason.

Are you aware that on Arbor Day, only approximately 8 and 15 million trees are planted? On that basis, we still need to take that number up by a further 5 billion. And yearly, it only continues to get worse.

I actually have a solution to the problem entirely although folks should nonetheless go on planting trees whenever they can. What could really take care of this problem is if each and every log business or tree farmer, by law, had to plant two saplings for every tree they chop down, so our tree issue wouldn't be an issue anymore.

But then, until someone can turn this into reality, we are left to take care of replacing the trees ourselves. And it isn't going to take that much for us to replace the tree population annually. For example, if merely 10% of the people in the world planted a tree once a month, it would cover the amount of trees that are felled every year. On an annual basis, this would equal to the planting of roughly 7 billion trees. In effect, this gives us a surplus of one billion trees and will go a long way to restoring the levels that are actually required.

And so for anyone who would like to make a positive difference to our world, go plant a tree. Once more, it just takes 10% of the world population to start making a difference. And you can be one of those people.

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Tree Surgery Tasks Horndean UK

Horndean tree surgeons will likely help with damaged tree cutting and removal, tree lightening protection, tree shaping Horndean, health inspections Horndean, shrub maintenance in Horndean, dead wooding, emergency tree removal, soil terraventing in Horndean, stump removal, tree cutting, tree maintenance, arboriculture, site clearance, airspading, woodland management Horndean, tree topping, drop crotching, tree surveys Horndean, tree reduction, hazard assessments, waste removal, root pruning, root removal, tree management in Horndean, residential tree surgery Horndean, pollarding in Horndean, crown thinning, crown removal, vegetation management, hedge cutting Horndean, brush cutting Horndean, tree dismantling in Horndean, damage restoration, tree care services, hedge laying and other tree surgeon services in Horndean, Hampshire. These are just a few of the activities that are performed by tree surgeons. Horndean providers will be happy to tell you about their full range of services.

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Ms Daniella Bowers was trying to track down a tree surgeon who can undertake some stump grinding to do away with 3 hefty oak stumps in her garden in Ashford Hill. Mr and Mrs Hooper are hunting for a tree surgeon who'll prune an apple tree in the garden of their detached house in Woolton Hill. Koby Macdonald was searching for a tree surgeon near Hordle to do tree removal. Miss Cora Osman was seeking a tree surgeon who can chop down about 7 conifers of 150 - 200mm diameters in her garden in Sparsholt. Aida Ballard wanted a quotation for removing 3 large trees from her garden in Colden Common. Ms Violet Bond was hoping to find a tree surgeon who can remove and recycle a 30 foot monkey puzzle tree in her garden in Barton on Sea. In Grayshott Mr Jason Steadman needs a tree surgeon who can cut a tall hornbeam hedge down to a height of five feet and remove all the debris. Ms Rebeca Aitchison was trying to get an insurance quote from a tree surgeon in Littleton who can do some after winter tree and hedge pruning in the garden of her family home.

Ways to Locate a Tree Surgeon

Ways to Find a Tree Surgeon Near Me Horndean (PO8)

A few years ago everybody used Yellow Pages or local newspapers to search for services nearby, however today's equivalent of this would seem to be browsing directories on the web such as Yelp, Yell, Thomson Local, Cyclex, Touch Local, City Visitor, Local Life, Mister What and 118 118, even though virtually anyone could be listed in these directories so that there are no actual guarantees about the dependability of any particular tree surgeons, consequently you will be taking a chance with this particular approach Trade portals are another way which you can use to search out a first rate tree surgeon, check out Local Heroes, TrustaTrader, My Builder, Rated People, My Hammer or Checkatrade, and the key advantage of these portals is that they display customer testimonials and reviews concerning each tradesperson signed up to the site. The final suggestion is you ask fiends and neighbours to recommend a tradesman they have used in the past.

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Tree Surgeons Near Horndean: Also find: East Meon tree surgeons, Hambledon tree surgeons, Catherington tree surgeons, Soberton tree surgeons, Cowplain tree surgeons, Clanfield tree surgeons, Compton tree surgeons, Buriton tree surgeons, Droxford tree surgeons, Leigh Park tree surgeons, North Boarhunt tree surgery and more. All of these areas are served by experienced tree surgeons. Horndean homeowners can obtain price quotes by going here.

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People living in the following Horndean streets recently needed a tree surgeon: Maynard Place, Down Farm Place, Northfield Close, Catherington Lane, James Copse Road, Lakesmere Road, Acorn Gardens, Birdlip Close, Deep Dell, Cedar Crescent, Hazleton Way, Cheriton Close, Victory Avenue, Southdown Road, Mapletree Avenue, Verbena Crescent, Crabden Lane, Durlands Court, Viking Way, Merchistoun Road, Chervil Close, Eperston Road, Beech Way, Peper Harow, Farmers Way, Five Heads Road, Bowes-lyon Court, along with these postcodes PO8 9RT, PO8 0RZ, PO8 0UA, PO8 0QP, PO8 0TU, PO8 9TT, PO8 0XJ, PO8 0TA, PO8 0SQ, PO8 9SE. These places recently saw activity by certified tree surgeons. Horndean property owners were given competent and top quality tree surgery services in every case.

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