About Us

Good day, my name is Sean Anderson and its nice to welcome you to my site. In reality I'm a heating engineer by trade although I began building and developing websites almost 14 years back. Quite an extreme change you might suppose, however I took to it without difficulty and nowadays it simply is "what I do". Despite the fact that occasionally I develop internet sites just for fun, I do of course additionally try to make a little bit of revenue out of it (to pay for hosting and so forth). To tell the truth I find it an exilerating challenge, coming up with concepts and putting them into practise.

I am not a tree surgeon myself so please don't contact me with inquiries regarding tree surgery or to obtain estimates for tree surgery work, the website is designed to guide you through the different ways to get yourself a reliable tree surgeon by yourself.

I cannot recommend or endorse any individual tree surgery service, I've simply given you some techniques for locating one, the decision is in the end yours to make.

Thank you once again for checking it out and I hope to see you here again sometime soon - Sean Anderson