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Hale Barns Tree Surgeons (WA15) Greater Manchester: A crucial feature of many properties and gardens in Hale Barns, trees add substance, structure and style to what can otherwise be a dull and two dimensional area. However, when trees have been neglected or are impacted by damaging weather conditions like flooding or high winds, problems can occur. Before any work begins, the best option is to get the advice of a trained tree surgeon in Hale Barns, when your trees need attention.

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Those who hire unqualified individuals, or attempt to do tree work for themselves, may cause a risk of damage to property, the trees and to life. However, tree work isn't altogether safe for expert tree surgeons, who are familiar with all of the hazards involved. The reality is that tree surgery is one of the most dangerous jobs in Britain, with an average of 140 major injuries and 3 deaths each year within the industry, consequently it's certainly not safe work for amateurs to do.

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A damaged or neglected tree can also cause a danger to life, with around five people each year being fatally wounded by falling trees and branches in Britain. If property is damaged, or an injury occurs due to you hiring somebody to do tree work, you may be liable to third-party compensation claims. This is why hiring an accredited Hale Barns tree surgeon to do the work on your trees is imperative. (Source - HSE UK).

There are 2 professional bodies that a decent tree surgeon in Hale Barns should really be a signed up member of. The websites of both the Arboricultural Association (AA) and the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) allow you to check up on the professional status and membership of any tree surgeon in Hale Barns. This page allows you to check if any specific local tree surgeon has Approved ARB Contractor status, and has membership of either of these two bodies.

If an issue springs up during or after any tree work has been carried out you are able to contact these professional bodies for assistance in arbitration and for guidance and help at any point.

Approved Tree Surgeons Hale Barns (0161)

You should politely decline the offer of a quotation from anybody who you cannot find on this directory, and continue your search for an approved and fully qualified tree surgeon. As soon as you have reassured yourself of their professional associations and qualifications you should try to get a minimum of 3 quotes from different companies in and around Hale Barns. You should ask the below questions while getting these quotes, stating you need the answers due to the risks involved in tree work:

  • Exactly what level of insurance coverage do you have? Do not entertain a tree surgeon in Hale Barns with any less than £5 Million public liability insurance as stipulated by the ISA and AA.
  • Can you show a NPTC/LANTRA certificate for the use of a chainsaw, and documentary verification of your qualifications and professional memberships? The NPTC/LANTRA certificate is required by law for any operative/tree surgeon who uses a chainsaw. Qualifications can include City and Guilds Certificates and Diplomas in Arboriculture.
  • Can you give me a quotation in writing? You must NEVER accept just a verbal quote. Only ever accept a written quote.
  • Is It Possible To contact a recent person who you've worked for so that I can assess the standard of your tree work? It's generally a good idea to perform an independent check on recently accomplished work.

Easily followed specifics of all the work that's to be undertaken should be included on the written quotation. Who's responsible for the removal and disposal of debris, tree branches and stumps should be stated, as should information on any trees which could be protected in law, and the steps required to obtain permission to carry out work on them. Unless you're a commercial entity, you should also ensure that VAT has been included on the quote. It's extremely important to realise that you've got a responsibility for hiring only capable people to work on your property and trees.

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PRIOR TO WORK - The tree surgeon that you have chosen in Hale Barns, will investigate whether any of the trees on your property are under a a TPO (tree protection order), and will consult with the local authority to find out if the go-ahead for any tree work is forthcoming. To ensure the safety of the public, even protected trees need maintenance in order to cut back dead or dying wood, so finding that a tree is protected does not mean that you are unable to carry out important work.

If your property in Hale Barns is situated in a designated conservation area then no less than 6 weeks written notice is required to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) prior to any work being performed. However, tree trunks of under seventy five millimetres in diameter when measured at 1.5 metres from ground level are free from this requirement. Notice is also not required if thinning or pruning of a protected tree's branches is needed in order to promote and sustain growth.

Tree Surgery Hale Barns (WA15)

On site they'll carry out a full assessment of your trees and determine the required remedial treatment and how best and safely to achieve the required outcome. This involves completing a full risk assessment to include public spaces, your property and any sections of neighbouring properties that could be affected by falling debris. This stage will also determine the amount of workforce required and the level of protection needed. To keep the public and other property safe from damage or harm, this will include both PPE (personal protective equipment) and other safety precautions.

ON THE DAY OF WORK - Before any climbing, tree felling or cutting of branches begins, barriers and safety measures should be put in place to keep passers-by and unauthorised persons away from the area where work is going on. Passing traffic might have to be halted temporarily if there is any danger of falling debris into a public road.

Varying levels of protection will be needed by the tree surgeon subject to what tree work needs to be performed. When doing chainsaw work, they will at the very least be wearing special protective clothing to prevent cutting injuries to the legs, torso and hands. At all times, every operative involved in the work should wear hi-vis clothing, and head and eye protection.

Safety climbing equipment and ladders will be necessary if any working at height is involved, and to help with the safe removal of high branches and heavy sections of tree trunk, additional workers will be essential. For transporting waste away from the area, a skip or truck will be stationed as close as possible to the area. This need for unhindered access is reason enough for informing your neighbours of the planned work.

AFTER COMPLETION OF WORK - When the work has been finished all of the waste and branches can be taken away and the area cleared of any debris. Especially where the trees are under a protection order, a certificate of work should then be created by your tree surgeon, which will be signed off and a copy handed to you. Any safety measures that were put in public areas can then be taken down, with footpaths and highways being re-opened to the public.

Issues or problems should be fixed immediately by approaching your tree surgeon directly. If any further arbitration is needed, and your tree surgeon is a registered member of a trade body, you can obtain advice and guidance from the AA or the ISA so as to reach an acceptable conclusion.

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Locally based Hale Barns tree surgery services are most likely have the postcode WA15 and the phone code 0161. They'll operate in Hale Barns itself, as well as nearby areas like Bowdon, Davenport Green, Altrincham, Lacey Green, Ashley, Styal, Broadheath, Little Bollington, Warburton Green, Timperley, Ringway, Thorns Green, Hale, Dunham Massey, Manchester, Bowgreen, and these postcodes: WA15 0JD, WA15 8XN, WA15 8TS, WA15 0AP, WA15 0AN, WA15 0EE, WA15 8TF, WA15 8XR, WA15 0SS, WA15 0DZ.

For this type of assistance it's definitely best to bring in a competent tree surgeon. Hale Barns property owners can benefit from the skills that a fully trained professional can offer.

Cable Bracing Hale Barns

When a tree could be a risk to nearby pedestrians or property, or if it's showing signs of damage or decay, the tree may be provided with extra support using a technique known as cable bracing. This method is often used on highly valued or older trees in Hale Barns, where the felling or removal of large unstable portions is undesirable for aesthetic or other reasons.

A cable bracing system can be useful for supporting any weak tree limbs, poor joints and V-shaped forks that may be causing some concerns. To help alleviate structural tension and prolong the life of old and valued trees most tree surgeons in Hale Barns will be prepared to carry out various types of bracing work by the installation of cables and rods.

The purpose of cable bracing is to provide a non-invasive method of support which doesn't cause damage to the tree by having to drill and bolt the branches, and one that is is shock-absorbing and flexible. A comprehensive risk risk assessment must be undertaken by a tree surgeon or arborist before any cable bracing work can begin. This is essential to guarantee the safety of the tree and surrounding areas as the project progresses.

Emergency Call-Outs Hale Barns

If you've got sizeable trees in your Hale Barns garden, there might be some occasions when you have to call an emergency tree surgeon. When the conditions in Hale Barns are stormy and windy, local tree surgeons usually expect to see a rise in emergency calls, and luckily some of them provide a 24/7 service for your peace of mind. In stormy weather there is more potential for branches snapping off and falling onto property or passers-by, and even possibly the risk of an entire tree toppling over. Avoidance is certainly preferable to having to contend with the aftermath, and common issues that can be caused by falling tree limbs and branches include broken garden furniture, damaged fences, squashed sheds and smashed greenhouses.

Of course, the local council in the Hale Barns area will also occasionally need emergency tree care services, when substantial branches crash onto highways, public walkways and railway tracks.

Even after the emergency work has been done, a tree that's lost a lot of branches might need to be "re-balanced", and this might be performed for solely aesthetic reasons or because the tree will now be uneven, with the weight unevenly distributed, maybe leading to further issues. If you've got any of these tree related issues, you shouldn't try to sort any of them out by yourself, and you must promptly get in touch with a local tree surgeon in Hale Barns who provides emergency tree care services, so that they can suggest the preferred course of action. You can also obtain emergency tree surgery in Bowdon, Davenport Green, Altrincham, Lacey Green, Ashley, Styal, Broadheath, Little Bollington, Warburton Green, Timperley, Ringway, Thorns Green, Hale, Dunham Massey, Manchester, Bowgreen, and Hale Barns, Greater Manchester. (Tags: Emergency Tree Surgery Hale Barns, Emergency Tree Care Hale Barns, Emergency Call-Outs Hale Barns, Emergency Tree Services Hale Barns).

Hedge Cutting Hale Barns

Hedge Trimming Hale Barns

Although the maintenance and care of trees is the primary focus of Hale Barns tree surgeons, they are often called upon to undertake work on hedges, such as controlling the height and routine trimming. When you have Leylandii or similar conifer hedges, this is especially useful, since they can quickly get so tall that a gardener or homeowner will find them impossible to cope with using bog standard tools.

When a hedge is poorly maintained and uncared for, it can become overgrown and out of control fairly quickly. If a hedge is permitted to overrun your garden, it can be hard to fix later on, therefore regular trimming makes sense for both the aesthetic appeal and health of your hedge.

You can help make your whole garden look tidier by neatly trimming your hedges. And if you are considering selling your property in the forseeable future, tidy hedges may even add to its value. (Tags: Hedge Clipping Hale Barns, Hedge Trimming Hale Barns, Hedge Maintenance Hale Barns, Hedge Cutting Hale Barns).

Eco-Plugging Hale Barns

The conventional procedure that is used for removing tree stumps by most Hale Barns tree surgeons is stump grinding. However, in these modern times there is a more cost-effective alternative to this procedure in the form of "eco-plugging". Not only is this method less expensive, it can also be employed where there are stump grinding accessibility problems, for example in awkward and hard-to-reach locations.

Eco-plugging is an incredibly effective treatment for eliminating tree stumps and doesn't affect any nearby trees and vegetation. Eco-plugs destroy the entire root system of a stump and can be utilised throughout the year and in any weather. Effective for use on a variety of trees, eco-plugs are 95-100 percent effective and contain a type of granular glyphosate herbicide. (Tags: Eco-Plug Treatments Hale Barns, Eco-Plugging Hale Barns, Eco-Plugs Hale Barns, Eco-Plugging Tree Stumps Hale Barns).

Air-Spading Hale Barns

When a tree's health is causing concern, this might be down to a number of factors, but is frequently because of problems with the root system. To be able to check for root rot, soil compaction, or other potential issues, a local tree surgeon in Hale Barns may need to access the roots of your tree.

Due to the likelihood of root damage during the process of digging down, this was difficult to do previously. A method called "air spading" is used by some modern day tree surgeons in Hale Barns, and this allows compressed soil to be broken up and removed by means of compressed air, which does not cause any harm to the tree's root system or nearby utilities.

When the soil surrounding a tree gets compacted by passing vehicles, heavy foot traffic or construction work, the general health of the tree can be badly affected. A tree can become "stressed" due to a lack of water and nutrients, which renders it more susceptible to attacks by disease, pests and insects. Root flare problems can also be corrected with air-spading, and this is where the flare around the base of the stem gets covered with soil, increasing the likelihood of root decay by causing it's tissues to break down.

Directing air into the soil at speeds of up to 1,200 mph, the air-spading process involves the use of an air-spade tool and an air compressor which forces air into voids in the soil, causing it to break up instantly, but not impacting the tree roots or utility lines. Soil is forced away from the tree's roots by the powerful flow of air, meaning the investigation can take place immediately. Any obvious problems can then be rectified and the previously compressed soil exchanged for a looser layer of wood chips and fertiliser to encourage the tree to rejuvenate.

Tree Transplanting Hale Barns

Tree Transplanting Hale Barns (0161)

Moving a mature tree and transplanting it in another location may sound tricky, but with heavy lifting equipment and vehicle mounted tree spades, it's become a comparatively straightforward task. Removing a tree from your property does not have to involve chopping it down and excavating the roots; a professional tree moving contractor in Hale Barns can remove and re-plant even mature trees and restore the disturbed ground afterwards.

Transplanting a tree in Hale Barns can be executed in any season of the year, however during the warmer months the soaking of the ground becomes especially important so as to cause as little stress as possible on the root system. To lift a tree from the earth a truck mounted tree spade is forced down into the ground to encircle the root ball, before hauling the whole tree free. The tree can then be replanted or temporarily stored before its re-planting in a new location.

If you want to move a tree from land that's got a preservation order upon it, a certified tree moving company in Hale Barns can communicate with appropriate authorities to approve transplanting in an agreed area.

Tree Surveys Hale Barns

There are a number of occasions when tree surveys may be required, land development and property extension being the most commonplace. If you are clearing a piece of land in Hale Barns which has trees growing on it, to prepare for the building of a new home or an extension to an existing property, you'll need to organise a tree survey as laid out by the BS5837 British Standards. Tree surveys on both private and public property must be carried out by a qualified tree surveyor or tree surgeon in Hale Barns.

If a tree survey is performed correctly, it will produce a whole bunch of information about all of the trees within the area specified. For example:

  • The expected lifespan of the trees.
  • The diameter of each tree (measured 1.5m above the ground).
  • Tree management recommendations.
  • The height of each tree in metres.
  • The spread of branches towards the South, West, East and North.
  • The number of trees (those of over 75mm diameter 1.5m from ground level).
  • The existence of any TPOs.
  • The physiological and structural health of the trees.
  • The species of trees on the site (either scientific or common).
  • Allocating a tree reference number for every tree.
  • The age of the trees.

A tree survey probably won't be necessary if you are not increasing the building's footprint nor are you changing the access points or service lines of an existing home or property in Hale Barns. (Tags: Tree Surveyors Hale Barns, Tree Survey Hale Barns, Tree Surveys Hale Barns, Hale Barns Tree Surveys).

Invasive Tree Root Problems Hale Barns

Invasive Tree Roots Hale Barns Greater Manchester

When they're growing too near to your dwelling in Hale Barns, some large trees have really aggressive root systems, and can cause issues. These problems could include blocked drains, lifting patios and damaged foundations, to name but a few. Some of the species of trees that have extremely intrusive roots include sycamores, willows, elms and maples.

If you have plans to grow any new trees on your property, it is recommended that you ensure that they're positioned a fair distance from your house, patio areas, your drainage pipes and paths. If you've already got issues with established trees which are growing too close to your house, you can get advice and guidance by contacting a local Hale Barns tree surgeon.

If you wish to avoid the chance of killing off the tree or seriously harming it's health you shouldn't try and do this yourself and just cut through any invasive roots. To successfully survive, a tree will still need to get enough food and water, and a knowledgeable arborist in Hale Barns will know exactly which roots can be cut, and which roots should be left in position.

Structural problems in underground drainage systems are regularly caused by shrub and tree roots, because a consistent source of water and nutrients is present in this environment. Joint failure and even blockages can occur, when teeny tree roots grow into a drainage system's joints, establish themselves and develop into enormous root balls. Professional root removal services will be offered by some Hale Barns tree surgeons, who will use electro-mechanical equipment, high pressure water jetting or manual rodding to eradicate the offending roots. You should also be able to get root removal services in Bowdon, Davenport Green, Altrincham, Lacey Green, Ashley, Styal, Broadheath, Little Bollington, Warburton Green, Timperley, Ringway, Thorns Green, Hale, Dunham Massey, Manchester, Bowgreen, and in Hale Barns itself.

Protecting Trees & Shrubs in Winter

While the winter climate is seldom harsh enough to warrant protecting your trees and shrubs, it's certainly worth thinking about as a precaution. Winter can actually be a hard time for shrubs, plants and trees and even the ones that we think of as hardy can benefit from a bit of added protection in times of severe cold.

Although many of your trees will have already dropped their leaves come wintertime in Hale Barns, it's high winds and storms that cause the biggest worry, and despite the fact that they may offer less wind resistance, they could still be at risk of damage. If the weather in Hale Barns is windy, and a tree on your property seems to be damaged or at risk of toppling over, it is a good idea to call in a tree surgeon to check whether any remedial action is needed. You can also have issues with breaking branches due to heavy snow, so when this type of weather is predicted, keep your eyes peeled for potential damage. In the depths of winter, your trees and shrubs may require a little protection from ice and frost. Spreading a thick layer of mulch around the bases of the stems will allow them to continue absorbing moisture and prevent the soil around the roots from freezing.

Plant Trees For An Eco Friendly World

If we look at yearly figures, anywhere between three and six billion trees are being felled across the globe. There is so much that is created from trees and this means there is a big need in the marketplace. Such as wood to put up dwellings, paper for writing on and even toilet paper for, well you know. We all need to take responsibility in maintaining our timberlands even if there are products we have to use that are made from trees.

Arbor Day was created with the aim that we must all be planting trees on that day although honestly this has had little impact. In reality, trees are not being planted by the majority of the population. If each one of us could plant a tree, it would make a huge impact.

The world population is probably more or less in the 7 billion mark. The actual figures naturally fluctuate and so this is a calculated guess. However, if every of those 7 billion individuals went out and planted a tree every Arbor Day, we would be replacing all the trees that were felled that year. The likelihood of this occurring is small.

Plant a Tree

Therefore, planting trees is something you need to consider if you are worried about the air we breathe and the Earth. I am not confining this to planting trees on simply one day each year. How about planting trees on a weekly basis or at least monthly? It is just a fact that some people will not give any thought to conservation or planting trees, so we must compensate for this ourselves.

On Arbor Day, the number of trees planted is only between 8 and 15 million. So every year, we are short by approximately 5 billion trees. Unfortunately, the situation is not improving.

A complete answer is needed that still encourages people to plant trees but I would like to propose the following. What could really take care of this problem is if each lumber business or tree farmer, by law, had to plant two saplings for each tree they take, so our tree issue wouldn't be an issue anymore.

However, until somebody can turn this into reality, we are left to take care of planting the trees ourselves. To keep those tree numbers up won't actually take a good deal of effort. For one, if merely 10% of the people on Earth planted a tree monthly, it would cover the amount of trees that are cut down yearly. On average, that would be around 7 billion trees being planted each year. And that 1 billion extra trees are just what we need to get our tree population back to where it should be.

Hence for anyone who desires to make a positive difference to our environment, go plant a tree. Once more, it merely takes 10% of our population to begin making a difference. And you can be one of those people.

Tree Surgery Tasks Hale Barns

Tree Surgery Tasks Hale Barns UK

Hale Barns tree surgeons can generally help with cut sealing, fruit tree pruning Hale Barns, stump treatment Hale Barns, root grinding, root flare exposure, landscape clearance Hale Barns, waste removal, tree lightening protection in Hale Barns, hazard assessment in Hale Barns, hedge lowering, tree transplanting, woodland management, tree reduction, tree surveys Hale Barns, tree bracing, tree watering, retrenchment pruning in Hale Barns, tree cabling, crown cleaning, tree removal in Hale Barns, landscaping, stump grinding, tree topping, tree pruning, woodland clearances, hedge laying in Hale Barns, vegetation management, commercial tree surgery, removal of storm damaged trees Hale Barns, tree staking, tree planning, crown lifting and other tree surgeon services in Hale Barns, Greater Manchester. These are just some of the tasks that are accomplished by tree surgeons. Hale Barns specialists will let you know their entire range of services.

Latest Tree Surgery Requests

Hale Barns Tree Surgery Projects

Mr and Mrs Isherwood want somebody who can do some bush trimming and hedge cutting in their garden in Winstanley. Jack Williams was hoping to find a tree surgeon who can undertake the pollarding of a few trees along a path in his garden in Newton. Mrs Isobel Inman was looking to get a quotation from a tree surgeon in Failsworth who can undertake some stump grinding to remove 4 huge pine stumps in the garden of her terraced house. In Failsworth, Miles and Madeleine Kennedy are on the lookout for somebody who will clip a 30m run of privet hedge to a manageable height. In Bradshaw, Marco and Lula D arcy are trying to find somebody who will prune their pear tree. Ms Emaan Riley was trying to track down a tree surgeon to do some after winter tree and hedge pruning in her garden in Springhead. Cody and Ella-Rose Batty were wishing to get a price quote from a tree surgeon in Bowdon who can completely remove a beech tree and a conifer, and cut back several other conifer trees in the garden of their semi-detached property. In Failsworth Mr Axl Wills needs a tree surgeon who can remove an extremely large tree ASAP.

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Tree Surgeons Near Hale Barns: Also find: Broadheath tree surgeons, Thorns Green tree surgeons, Little Bollington tree surgeons, Lacey Green tree surgeons, Timperley tree surgeons, Dunham Massey tree surgeons, Warburton Green tree surgeons, Hale tree surgeons, Ringway tree surgeons, Altrincham tree surgeons, Ashley tree surgeons, Davenport Green tree surgeons, Bowgreen tree surgeons, Manchester tree surgeons, Styal tree surgeons, Bowdon tree surgery and more. Most of these locations are serviced by tree surgeons. Hale Barns residents and others can obtain quotes by going here.

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People living in the following Hale Barns places were recently in need of a tree surgeon: Stonemead Avenue, Warburton Drive, Rydal Drive, Gorse Bank Road, Prospect Drive, Haslemere Avenue, Knutsford View, Longacres Road, Dial Road, Ridge Avenue, The Mount, Warren Drive, Hawley Drive, Carrwood, Crabtree Avenue, Crampton Drive, Rivermead Avenue, Croft Close, Wilton Drive, Ravenwood Drive, Hale Road, Wicker Lane, Cottrell Road, Sandown Drive, Longsides Road, along with these postcodes WA15 0JD, WA15 8XN, WA15 8TS, WA15 0AP, WA15 0AN, WA15 0EE, WA15 8TF, WA15 8XR, WA15 0SS, WA15 0DZ. These areas recently saw activity by certified tree surgeons. Hale Barns property owners received high quality and competent tree surgery services in all cases.

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