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Poulton Tree Surgeons (FY6): We all like to see trees, and having trees in our garden is an additional bonus for providing a home for wildlife, for offering pleasant shade on a hot summers day and for adding beauty and colour. But there are various drawbacks; trees can easily get damaged by storms and wind, trees can become way too huge for our gardens in Poulton or trees can get diseased and unhealthy. When problems crop up with your trees in Poulton, a tree surgeon is the best person to contact.

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Who you gonna call? A tree surgeon! - Tree surgeons in Poulton play a crucial role in the general care and maintenance of trees for a whole host of both residential and commercial clients. The variety of services that a trained tree surgeon in Poulton will provide is limitless, but includes: inspections and hazard assessments, the pruning of invasive, dead or weakened branches, safe tree planting, tree felling, and general tree care.

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However, a tree surgeon's work does not stop with trees alone. Additional duties of a tree surgeon in Poulton can include hedge maintenance, trimming and care and stump removal. The best tradesperson to get in touch with if you have any doubts about the structural integrity of a tree is a tree surgeon, as they'll be able to assess your tree, put together a report on likely hazards, and give you guidance on the best way to proceed.

Because it is such an immensely hazardous task, tree surgery is most certainly something that must only be tackled by a professionally trained operative. It would not be a smart decision to bypass and opt for a do-it-yourself approach, even though this might seem to be an attractive alternative. In order to carry out this sort of work, tree surgeons must be qualified, experienced and physically fit.

Tree surgery will very often involve using dangerous chainsaws and power tools whilst elevated in the air and harnessed to a tree. So, you can see why it isn't an activity for beginners! To carry out a tree surgery project, a gang of tree surgeons all experts at what they do, will typically be involved, and this should consist of both climbers and a ground team. It would be more or less impossible for any unqualified individual to compete with this level of competence, risk assessment and experience to undertake the work.

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The first step following establishing you need the assistance of a tree surgeon is finding a dependable one in Poulton. But, how can you do this? Well, you will want to check out a couple of things, like qualifications, cost and experience. Next we will cover a few things to look for when selecting a tree surgeon in Poulton.

First of all, you need to make sure that they've got the appropriate certifications to reassure you they are competent and correctly accredited. The governing body issuing certifications to tree surgeons is the NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council). Any tree surgeon in Poulton should have the following certificates at the bare minimum:

  • NPTC 203 (CS31) - Fell and process small trees up to 15 inches (380mm) in diameter.
  • NPTC 308 (CS39) - Use of a chainsaw from a rope & harness.
  • NPTC 206/306 (CS38) - Climb a tree and perform aerial rescue.
  • NPTC 201/202 (CS30) - Chainsaw maintenance, on site preparation, & basic cross-cutting.

Gaining these qualifications both signifies that they have a decent level of training, and provides you with the peace of mind that the work will be accomplished safely and successfully, despite the fact that tree surgeons are not legally required to have such certifications. Because there's always a risk of falling from height, and the possibility of life threatening injuries, it is essential that forestry workers, arborists and tree surgeons carry a comprehensive First Aid kit, and go through some training in First Aid.

Getting several price quotes will be the next step, along with checking the cost breakdown. It is a good idea to get 3 or 4 quotes from different tree surgeons in Poulton. One important thing to watch out for is whether the quotation includes the the removal of the considerable amount of waste typically created by tree surgery, occasionally it won't! The process of removing this waste can involve substantial cost and inconvenience to the client, so if you can have the tree surgeons remove this themselves, it would certainly be the best solution.

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When you speak to potential tree surgeons in Poulton, you must also be prepared to ask a number of key questions. For example, you need to establish who will be accessing your property and doing the actual work. Can you meet up with them in advance? Will it involve one person or a whole gang of workers? Are my home or neighbours likely to be impacted by the work? How long will the task take? What method will be used for removing or dealing with the tree?

To avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road, the more questions you ask the better.

Tree Surgery Poulton (FY6)

Lastly, listen carefully to your tree surgeon. Listening to the ways that they describe the work will give you an inkling of their levels of professionalism and expertise. Even if you know nothing at all about tree surgery yourself, you can usually tell when somebody knows what they are talking about, and the kind of terminology that should set the alarm bells ringing is 'topping and lopping', which is a somewhat outdated phrase, more closely associated with rogue traders and cowboys. More accurate terminology like for example 'crown reduction', 'pruning', 'dead wooding', 'thinning' and 'crown lifting', will be used by a tree surgeon in Poulton who's experienced, fully trained and professional. While this can be a useful clue concerning the level of expertise held by your tree surgeon, it isn't automatically an indication of ability.

At the end of the day, when it comes to tree maintenance or tree surgery, it's always worth the effort of considering a number of tree surgeons in Poulton. This should help you to find the right individual for the task, and one that will ensure all your needs are fully catered to in a timely manner, and with safety as a top priority.

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Local Poulton tree surgeons will most likely have the postcode FY6 and the telephone code 01253. They'll work in Poulton itself, together with nearby areas like Out Rawcliffe, Hambleton, Greenhaigh, Singleton, Bispham, Great Eccleston, Thornton-Cleveleys, Staining, Weeton, Cleveleys, Fleetwood, Blackpool, Knott End-on-Sea, Elswick, Thornton, and these postcodes: FY6 6DF, FY6 7DW, FY6 0WX, FY6 6SE, FY6 7DT, FY6 6TD, FY6 7DF, FY6 6SD, FY6 7BJ, FY6 7BN.

If you require this kind of assistance it is definitely better to employ an experienced local tree surgeon. Poulton home and property owners can greatly benefit from the knowledge and expertise that are the trademark of a trained professional.

Crown Thinning Poulton

Tree Care Poulton

The removing of a lot of the smallest branches towards the outer crown of a tree to create a foliage density that is uniform all the way through whilst not transforming the shape or size of the tree, is commonly known as crown thinning. This procedure is usually only performed on broad leafed trees and is done to lessen the stress upon particular limbs as a result of wind, ice, gravity, or snow, to reduce the tree's wind resistance, to enable more sunlight throughout, to prevent the tree from being uprooted when it is windy or to lessen the weight of the crown. Crown thinning is not supposed to transform the all round size and structure of the tree, but should create a uniform thickness of foliage around evenly spaced branches. It should be possible to get crown thinning in Out Rawcliffe, Hambleton, Greenhaigh, Singleton, Bispham, Great Eccleston, Thornton-Cleveleys, Staining, Weeton, Cleveleys, Fleetwood, Blackpool, Knott End-on-Sea, Elswick, Thornton, and Poulton. (Tags: Tree Crown Thinning Poulton, Crown Thinning Poulton, Crown Thin Poulton)

Tree Preservation Orders & Conservation Areas Poulton

Another thing to consider before starting any major work on your trees, is whether or not they've got a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on them. You local authority is the place to contact to determine whether there are TPOs on any of your property's trees. A Tree Preservation Order prohibits the removal, topping, wilful damage, felling, uprooting, lopping or wilful destruction of any tree that's protected. Your tree surgeon should be able to explain the process and help with any checks.

If you currently reside inside a conservation area in Poulton, you should always speak with your council about any tree surgery work, and if the tree concerned has a trunk diameter of more than 75mm (when measured 1.5m from ground level), you need to give your local council a minimum of 6 weeks written notice.

Cable Bracing Trees Poulton

When a tree poses a hazard to nearby property or passers-by, or if it is showing warning signs of damage or decay, the tree can be provided with extra support using a technique known as cable bracing. This method is generally used on valuable or older trees in Poulton, where the felling or removal of large unsafe sections is undesirable for aesthetic or other reasons.

To give additional support to defective joints, weak limbs and V-shaped forks in a tree, a purpose designed cable bracing setup can be used. Executing various forms of bracing work, a professional tree surgeon should be able to use rods and cables to help mitigate structural tension, and hopefully prolong the life of specimen trees in Poulton.

A non-invasive strategy, that doesn't cause damage to the tree by drilling and bolting the problematic branches, cable bracing provides flexible and shock-absorbing support. A risk assessment, to guarantee the safety of the tree and nearby areas, needs to be done prior to the start of any cable bracing work in Poulton.

Pollarding Trees Poulton

Tree Pollarding Poulton Lancashire

The process whereby the size of a tree is dramatically reduced because it has outgrown its current setting, is know as pollarding. This approach is in some cases used for aesthetic reasons to transform a tree into a particularly desirable form or shape. It can often be seen on trees that serve as borders or hedgerows, as well as trees which grow beside highways in Poulton. For folks who like trees it's not a particularly popular practice, since the outcome tends to be rather stark and naked, with the appearance of being almost lifeless. The positive aspect of the pollarding process, is that trees which may normally have to be removed can be retained. Pollarding is routinely used on broad-leafed tree species like horse chestnuts, limes, oaks, sycamores, planes, beeches and maples.

The Skills to be Tree Surgeons in Poulton

  • Have the ability to work happily with other people.
  • Have a methodical way of working.
  • Good knowledge of public safety.
  • Be capable of repairing, using and maintaining machines and tools.
  • Have patience and the ability to stay calm and focused in stressful circumstances.
  • Be aware of the complexities and dangers involved in all aspects of the work.
  • Be professional and able to complete tasks within a set time frame.
  • To be able to conduct common tasks on a hand-held device or computer.
  • Excellent customer skills.
  • Physical skills like movement and co-ordination.
  • Have the ability to work well with your hands.

Emergency Call-Outs Poulton

Whilst emergencies are infrequent regarding trees in your garden, accidents can happen, so it might be wise to have an emergency phone number where you can reach a tree surgeon in Poulton quickly. When there are storms and strong winds, tree surgeons in Poulton receive a surge in emergency calls, and many provide a 24 hour service. There's a greater chance of branches breaking off and falling when the weather is windy, and an increased risk of a whole tree toppling over and harming property or people. When branches and tree limbs start falling busted garden furniture, smashed greenhouses, damaged fences and squashed sheds are a common result, so prevention is preferable to having to handle the aftermath.

When large branches snap of and fall onto highways, public pathways and railway tracks, the local authorities in the Poulton area will also sometimes need emergency tree surgeons.

Even after the emergency work has been accomplished, a tree that's lost branches may have to be "re-balanced", and this might be performed for purely aesthetic reasons or because the tree now looks uneven, with an uneven weight distribution, quite possibly leading to additional issues. To deal with all these various problems, you should phone a local Poulton tree surgeon who provides emergency tree surgery services. You can also obtain 24 hour emergency tree surgery services in Out Rawcliffe, Hambleton, Greenhaigh, Singleton, Bispham, Great Eccleston, Thornton-Cleveleys, Staining, Weeton, Cleveleys, Fleetwood, Blackpool, Knott End-on-Sea, Elswick, Thornton, and Poulton itself.

Tree Surveys Poulton

There are various reasons why you may need to have a tree survey conducted, and the most commonplace is for property extension or development. As laid out by British Standards BS5837, if you are clearing some land to make way for a new house or an extension to an existing property in Poulton, and there are trees growing on that land, you may need to perform a professional tree survey. All tree surveys should be undertaken by a certified tree surgeon or arborist, irrespective of whether they're being performed on public or private property in Poulton.

If a tree survey is done properly, it will produce a wide range of information about all of the trees located within the area specified. For example:

  • A unique reference number for every tree.
  • The spread of branches to East, West, South and North.
  • The number of trees.
  • The diameter of each tree (taken 1.5m above ground level).
  • The health of the trees.
  • The predicted life expectancy of the trees.
  • The existence of any TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders).
  • The age of the trees.
  • The height of each tree in metres.
  • Recommendations for tree management.
  • The species of each tree (either scientific or common).

You will most likely not need to carry out a tree survey if you happen to be altering an existing home or property in Poulton but you aren't extending the building's footprint and are not changing the service lines or access points. (Tags: Tree Survey Poulton, Tree Surveys Poulton, Tree Surveyors Poulton, Poulton Tree Surveys).

Dutch Elm Disease

Destroying tree stocks and killing tens of millons of precious elm trees all over the British Isles during the last 50 years or more, Dutch Elm Disease (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi) isn't so common now, as it was previously. Inadvertently imported into the UK, by means of elm logs imported from Canada in the late 1960's, DED (Dutch Elm Disease) is caused by a fungus called Ophiostoma novo-ulmi which is spread by the elm bark beetle (Scolytus).

After arriving in the British Isles, it spread quickly through the transportation of elm products such as elm crates, saplings, bark mulch, and firewood logs with the bark on. This horrific disease didn't only impact elms in Britain, but also destroyed tree stocks in mainland Europe, North America and New Zealand. Whilst the origins of DED are as yet unproven, the suspicion is that it first originated in Asia (probably Japan).

DED usually first materializes in early summer, and the main signs are:

  • Clusters of leaves turning yellow and wilting.
  • New shoots dying back from the tips.
  • Dark spots or rings in the cross-section of twigs.
  • Twigs turning into a "shepherd's crook".

As a consequence of disease and the subsequent felling of dead, infected and dying trees, there are now hardly any large elms surviving in the UK's countryside, and thus the spread has slowed down and the beetle's habitat largely eradicated. The propagation of young elm saplings that have so far proved resistant to DED is being undertaken.

If you suspect that you might have infected elm trees on your property in Poulton, you could put in a request for a diagnosis from the THDAS (Tree Health Diagnostic & Advisory Service), or contact your local tree surgeon for guidance and advice.

Trees affected - Ulmus and Zelkova.

Agent of spread - small beetles of the Scolytus family.

Cause - fungi Ophiostoma Novo-Ulmi & Ophiostoma Ulmi.

Tree Surgery Tasks Poulton

Tree Surgery Tasks Poulton UK

Poulton tree surgeons will likely help you with tree maintenance, cut sealing, tree transplanting Poulton, residential tree surgery Poulton, tree planning, tree lightening protection Poulton, commercial tree surgery, fruit tree pruning Poulton, woodland management, tree work in Poulton, crown cleaning, tree reshaping in Poulton, eco plug treatments, tree pruning, pollarding, tree topping, tree felling, woodchipping, tree management in Poulton, forestry management, cabling, safety inspections Poulton, crown thinning in Poulton, soil terraventing, tree removal, waste removal, landscape clearance, stump removal Poulton, stump treatment Poulton, tree bracing, tree reduction, crown removal in Poulton, staking, damaged tree cutting and removal in Poulton, coppicing and other tree surgeon services in Poulton, Lancashire. These are just a selection of the activities that are carried out by local tree surgeons. Poulton professionals will be delighted to keep you abreast of their whole range of services.

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Tree Surgeons Near Poulton: Also find: Thornton tree surgeons, Fleetwood tree surgeons, Singleton tree surgeons, Greenhaigh tree surgeons, Weeton tree surgeons, Bispham tree surgeons, Staining tree surgeons, Thornton-Cleveleys tree surgeons, Knott End-on-Sea tree surgeons, Hambleton tree surgeons, Great Eccleston tree surgeons, Blackpool tree surgeons, Out Rawcliffe tree surgeons, Elswick tree surgeons, Cleveleys tree surgery and more. The majority of these villages and towns are covered by tree surgeons. Poulton home and property owners can obtain price quotes by going here.

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