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Petts Wood Tree Surgeons (BR5): So, you're keen on your garden and delight in completing the multitude of gardening duties that appear during the year. However, there are certain particular tasks that you should not really attempt by yourself. One of these chores is tree surgery. If you have any job that needs doing to your trees in Petts Wood, apart from rudimentary pruning or tidying up, you'll have to call on an accredited tree surgeon.

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There might be several reasons why you might feel the need to bring in a tree surgeon, therefore it would be useful to run through some of them right now. Tree surgeons don't just deal with hazardous trees which could topple onto a building or road, like you may have seen during storms. They also accomplish things such as developing tree management or maintenance plans to keep the trees in good shape, monitoring trees for damage or disease so that such issues are resolved right away, extracting old tree stumps that are being a nuisance and reducing or thinning trees to create more space and light in the garden.

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Before you hire a tree surgeon you should ensure that they are members of the Arboricultural Association, which is the principal trade body for this occupation within the UK. They must also have the correct public liability insurance to cover any mishaps or accidents, and they should be able to help you out with applications for approval to do the anticipated tree work from the local authority for Petts Wood. A tree inspection should be completed prior to any work beginning to ensure that your trees aren't protected by a Tree Preservation Order or located inside a Conservation Area.

Obviously safety is the paramount concern when undertaking any sort of tree work in Petts Wood, and your chosen tree surgeon needs to be conversant with all of the appropriate safety measures. He will have got all the necessary equipment and tools to work safely on your trees to ensure that they aren't in any way harmed throughout the process, nor any injury is inflicted on your loved ones or your property whilst any work progresses.

Tree Surgeons Petts Wood (BR5)

Using tree surgery and climbing gear comes naturally to an experienced tree surgeon, and he'll quickly get working using chain saws, lowering slings, harnesses, climbing ropes, winches, rigging plates, slacklines, stump grinders, rigging ropes, wood shredders, loppers and pole saws. This equipment can be quite innovative and has been designed to render the practice of tree surgery both safer and easier.

It's important to ensure your tree surgeon will ethically remove all the tree waste from the area once the work is completed. Properly disposing of the resulting waste materials ought to be a duty of care for all reputable tree surgeons. It's essential that they've got a waste carriers licence and that the waste wood cuttings are removed from the site and discarded correctly.

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Petts Wood tree surgeons offer their services throughout the town, but you should not fret if your property is outside the town because they'll all willingly travel the short distance to areas such as Chislehurst, Derry Downs, Keston, Broom Hill, Locksbottom, St Paul's Cray, Bickley, Widmore, Kevingtown, St Mary Cray, Bromley Common, Chelsfield, Green Street Green etc. Consequently, wheresoever you need a trusted tree surgeon, whether it be in the Petts Wood district itself or anywhere across Greater London and the surrounding counties, these details will be beneficial to you.

Petts Wood tree surgeons also manage conservation and protection of woodlands, in addition to the climbing, felling and pruning of trees. Through careful observation they're able to spot potential hazards which may put passers by in danger. Making sure that trees are disease-free, healthy and in a position to flourish and survive, is a vital part of their responsibilities.

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Tree surgery is available in Petts Wood and also nearby in: Chislehurst, Derry Downs, Keston, Broom Hill, Locksbottom, St Paul's Cray, Bickley, Widmore, Kevingtown, St Mary Cray, Bromley Common, Chelsfield, Green Street Green, and in these postcodes BR5 1QB, BR5 1TU, BR5 1DF, BR5 1BN, BR6 0HA, BR5 1HZ, BR5 1TA, BR6 0UD, BR5 1SF, BR5 1NA. Locally based Petts Wood tree surgeons will likely have the dialling code 01689 and the postcode BR5.

If you require this kind of assistance it's certainly better to hire an experienced local tree surgeon. Petts Wood residents can benefit greatly from the expertise and knowledge that a trained professional can offer.

Obtaining Advice and Information

When you are speaking with local Petts Wood tree surgeons, you should ask questions such as: Will you give me a quote in writing? Can you provide references from previous customers? Do your staff and you have the proper certifications and qualifications (for tree management and the use of chainsaws)? Do you have public liability and employment insurance? Does your work follow the British Standard? Are you joined to a professional trade organisation (such as The Arboricultural Association or the International Society of Arboriculture)? to make certain that they know what they are doing and that they will not cause permanent damage to your trees. If the tree surgeon doesn't provide you with satisfactory replies to any of these questions, think twice about employing him/her.

Tree Surgery Advice and Guidance Petts Wood

To find plenty of helpful advice regarding how to choose a great tree surgeon, as well as a searchable directory of certified tree surgeons in the British Isles, you need to visit the Arboricultural Association website. An additional outstanding resource is the International Society of Arboriculture site which has a "verify tree surgeon's credentials" tool and a "find an arborist (tree surgeon)" tool. You are also able to study a lot of information about tree surgery as a profession if you visit the trusty old Wikipedia "Arborist" page here. Using a trade portal like Rated People or Local Heroes, where reviews are available to study and necessary credentials have already been corroborated, can also save you a good deal of time, because they conduct most of the work on your behalf. The Government backed Trustmark is also an important place for identifying reliable tradespeople, tree surgeons included.

Tree Surgery Apprenticeships - Training - Courses Petts Wood

Tree Surgery Training - Courses - Apprenticeships Petts Wood

There can be very few occupations that are more satisfying and rewarding than tree surgery. There are a variety of ways by which you can begin a career in tree surgery including taking a course in university, gaining a tree surgery apprenticeship, applying for a college course, beginning at the bottom (maybe as a groundworker) and working towards this role or signing up for a private course. For teenagers, tree surgery apprenticeships in Petts Wood (when on offer locally), can be applied for while they're still attending school. People of all age groups can enroll in private courses and college courses in tree surgery and they are offered throughout Great Britain. Anyone in Petts Wood with the correct qualifications (typically 1 to 3 "A" levels) can go for higher national diplomas, foundation degrees and degrees at university, in any one of the several related fields such as forest management, countryside management, arboriculture, forestry and woodland conservation & ecology. If none of the above are suitable for you, it might be possible to develop a bit of tree care experience by doing voluntary work for organisations and groups such as the National Trust, the Woodland Trust, the Forestry Commission or the Tree Council. I hope that this short article has proven to be helpful if you arrived here seeking advice on "how to become a tree surgeon in Petts Wood". The place to visit to find out all there is to know regarding ways to become a tree surgeon is the website of the National Careers Service.

Dead-Wooding Petts Wood

The procedure of dead-wooding (or deadwooding) is an important part of tree management in Petts Wood, and any experienced tree surgeon will be able to provide this service for you. Dead-wooding calls for the removal of dead and rotting branches that could present a hazard to vehicles, pedestrians or buildings. A tree's branches can die due to a variety of reasons, the most commonplace being disease, damaged roots, attack by pests or light deficiency.

Although the usual reason for getting rid of dead branches is that of safety, it's also sometimes done for the benefit of the tree, or for aesthetic reasons. A tree that has an excess of dying, damaged and dead branches is susceptible to disease and insect infestation, so you can greatly improve the health of a tree by eliminating these impaired branches. A tree with a lot of dead wood also looks ugly and spoils its appearance, therefore this should be cut out to get your tree looking great once again.

As small dead branches pose very little risk, only larger ones will be taken off in most cases. Nonetheless, any dead limbs that are in excess of fifty millimetres in diameter might need to be removed in locations where a tree overhangs a house, a garden, a park, a road or a public space in Petts Wood.

Tree Preservation Orders & Conservation Areas Petts Wood

Before carrying out any significant work on your trees in Petts Wood, you should make certain that there is not a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on any of them. You should check with your local planning authority to make sure that none of the trees on your property are covered by Tree Preservation Orders. A Tree Preservation Order prevents the uprooting, lopping, wilful destruction, topping, removal, cutting down or wilful damage of any tree that is protected. Any dependable tree surgeon in Petts Wood will be glad to help you through this process.

Also, if you intend to undertake any work on a tree with a diameter of 75 millimetres or more (1.5m from the ground), and your property is within a conservation area in Petts Wood, you need to give your local council at least 6 wks written notice of the work. (Tags: Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) Petts Wood, Tree Preservation Orders Petts Wood, Tree Preservation Order (TPO) Petts Wood).

Problems With Tree Roots Petts Wood

Invasive Tree Roots Petts Wood Greater London

Some trees have got really aggressive root systems, and can be troublesome when they're growing too near to your property in Petts Wood. Among the most widespread issues are: blocked drains, damaged foundations and cracked patios. Species like maples, elms, willows and sycamores, are trees that have extremely intrusive root systems.

Keeping any new trees you grow, as far away as possible from your house, patios, your sewerage pipes and paths, is advisable to avoid future issues. If established trees are growing too close to your home and are causing some of these issues, you must bring in a tree surgeon in Petts Wood, to see what can be done.

You shouldn't attempt to resolve this yourself by simply hacking off the invasive roots, because this could seriously affect the tree's health or even kill it. Knowing which roots can be safely cut, and which roots should be left is the domain of the expert, and a qualified Petts Wood tree surgeon will make certain the tree can still get adequate water and nutrients to survive successfully for many years to come.

Tree and shrub roots commonly cause cracks in underground drainage systems, especially when you consider that sewerage lines provide a continuous source of nutrients and moisture. Blockages and joint failure can occur when the joints of a drainage system are penetrated by small roots, which can ultimately grow into substantial root balls when they've established themselves. Through the use of high pressure jetting, electro-mechanical equipment or manual rod clearance, some Petts Wood tree surgeons will be happy to offer professional root removal services. Invasive root removal services are also available in Chislehurst, Derry Downs, Keston, Broom Hill, Locksbottom, St Paul's Cray, Bickley, Widmore, Kevingtown, St Mary Cray, Bromley Common, Chelsfield, Green Street Green, and in Petts Wood, Greater London.



In terms of the equipment that is used by professional tree surgeons in Petts Wood, the chainsaw is the most commonly seen. Although battery and mains electric models of chainsaw are available, the most preferred by tree care professionals are powered by petrol, thanks to their ease of use and greater mobility. For cutting effortlessly through large limbs and tree trunks, petrol driven chainsaws are the only real option effective option, being extremely powerful and able to cope with even the most substantial tree work.

A chainsaw essentially comprises a rotating motor-driven chain which is lined with a series of razor-sharp teeth which slice through the bark of the tree and the inner wood. Aside from what powers them, there are also a variety of styles of chainsaw for different tasks, rear-handled for work at ground level (two handed), top-handled for working at height (and which can be used single handedly) and pole saws for hard to reach branches and long distance pruning.

You will seldom find a tree surgeon in Petts Wood who does not use a chainsaw, despite the fact that climbing a tree with a rapidly twirling blade in your hand is not is not the safest way to spend your day. Being fully trained in the safe use of chainsaws is a primary prerequisite for any tree surgeon, and is vital before they can even be considered for membership of the Arboricultural Association or the ISA.

For anyone planning to purchase a chainsaw in the United Kingdom, there are a lot of makes to choose from, however the most preferred by professionals are Husqvarna, Stihl, Hyundai and Makita.

Skills Needed by Tree Surgeons in Petts Wood

  • Physical skills like co-ordination and movement.
  • Be professional and able to complete work within the specified period.
  • Decent customer skills.
  • Good knowledge of public security and safety.
  • Have patience and the ability to stay focused in stressful situations.
  • Be alert to the dangers and complexities involved in all aspects of work.
  • To be able to execute basic tasks on a computer or hand-held device.
  • Be capable of maintaining, using and repairing tools and equipment.
  • To be methodical and pay close attention to detail.
  • Be able to work with your hands.
  • The ability to work successfully other folks.

Hedge Cutting Petts Wood

Hedge Trimming Petts Wood

Despite the fact that tree surgeons in Petts Wood are largely associated with the care and maintenance of trees they are regularly called in to trim and cut back hedges. Using a tree surgeon will be a big advantage when there is work to be done on conifer hedges such as Leylandii, which frequently grow too tall for a householder or regular gardener to cope with, requiring specialist equipment to manage successfully.

A hedge which is poorly maintained and neglected can become overgrown and fairly quickly get out of control. If you permit a hedge to take over your garden, it can be tough to fix down the line, therefore routine clipping is recommended for both the health and aesthetic appeal of your hedge.

Tidy hedges help make your garden and property neater and more attractive, which could be a big advantage if you're planning to sell your home sometime soon. (Tags: Hedge Shaping Petts Wood, Hedge Cutting Petts Wood, Hedge Clipping Petts Wood, Hedge Trimming Petts Wood).

Wood Chipping Petts Wood

Wood Chipping Petts Wood

To reduce the vegetation, tree limbs and branches that tree surgery generates, most experienced Petts Wood tree surgeons will use wood chipping machinery. These powerful wood chipping systems can munch up as much as 40 tons of material every hour, depending on what equipment is being used, however the most commonly used models will process nearer to 5 tons each hour.

Chopping down the tree branches in this way makes them less cumbersome to transport and also generates a useful by-product that can be used for a range of purposes for example, landscaping, weed prevention, wood pulp, mushroom cultivation, garden pathways, ecosystem restoration, biomass fuel and woody mulch.

Generally, tree surgeons in Petts Wood will take away all the wood chippings that result from your tree surgery project, except if you need them for one of the previously mentioned uses, when they will usually be glad to let you keep some. Whether or not you need any tree surgery doing, you'll appreciate that tree surgeons are the best source for wood chippings which you can use throughout your garden in Petts Wood. Wood chippings are often available from tree surgeons free, although if you need to have them delivered there might be a fee.

Companies such as T-Mech, Crytec, Forest Master and Timberwolf, make some of the best know wood chipping machines that are used in Petts Wood. (Tags: Wood Chips Petts Wood, Wood Chipping Petts Wood, Wood Chipping Services Petts Wood, Wood Chippers Petts Wood).

Safety Considerations

Tree Surgery Safety Petts Wood

The safety issue is one of the primary concerns when doing tree surgery, as if done badly it can definitely be a dangerous and risky procedure. Unqualified or inexperienced "tree surgeons" are liable to cut corners and disregard accepted safety advice, meaning that there may be no fall protection, in the form of ropes, platforms and harnesses, not using hearing or eyesight protection, no head protection, falling timber and branches, failure to wear cut-proof (chainsaw-proof) apparel (specifically boots and trousers) and neglecting to cordon-off the area to protect vehicles and passing pedestrians. On account of these incompetencies, potentially in danger are the tree surgeon himself (up the tree), vehicles, facilities on the street, the actual tree, nearby properties, team members working at ground level, passing pedestrians, fences and garden sheds, the property owners.

Eco-Plugging Petts Wood

If you've got a large tree stump in your garden which needs to be removed, the traditional method that is used by most Petts Wood tree surgeons is stump grinding. However, nowadays "eco-plugging" is touted as a more cost-effective solution to this issue. This technique is not only useful because it is cheaper, but also because it can be used in hard-to-reach locations which are inaccessible to stump grinding equipment.

Without affecting the surrounding vegetation and trees, eco-plugging is an effective treatment for killing off tree stumps. Eco-plugs can be utilised at any time of the year and in all weather, and they kill off the whole root system of a tree stump. Effective for use on a wide array of tree species, eco-plugs are 95% to 100% effective and contain a kind of granular glyphosate herbicide. (Tags: Eco-Plugs Petts Wood, Eco-Plug Treatments Petts Wood, Eco-Plugging Tree Stumps Petts Wood, Eco-Plugging Petts Wood).

Woodland Clearance Petts Wood

Woodland Clearance Petts Wood (BR5)

Woodland clearance in the Petts Wood area must only be started after the appropriate regulatory measures and restrictions have been established and followed. To ensure all pertinent permits are gathered, land covenants and restrictions are observed, and that all strategies for completing the clearance are environmentally sound, an established Petts Wood tree surgeon should be appointed to oversee and complete the project.

An extensive site survey will be conducted by the tree surgeon who will also liaise with woodland authorities and organisations to make sure your woodland clearance is done safely and legally. If it's discovered that protected plant or animal life is on the site to be cleared, it may be necessary to relocate these species, if approved by the appropriate authorities.

Due to the equipment used in woodland clearance, i.e. felling, chipping and mulching machines, it is highly cost effective to employ a qualified tree surgeon to oversee the work.

Help The Planet By Planting A Tree

If we look at annual figures, between three and six billion trees are being chopped down all over the world. This has to do with the demand for goods that are made from trees. Such as wood to put up dwellings, paper for writing on and even toilet paper for, well you know. And unfortunately, we need the things that the trees produce but we can do something about the depletion of our forests.

Arbor Day was established with the intention that we need to all be planting trees on that day although honestly this has had little impact. Planting trees is not an undertaking that many individuals give any thought to. If everyone could do our part and plant a tree, it would make a huge impact.

There are around seven billion people in the world right now. That is merely an approximation as you can't keep an exact count. But then, if every of those 7 billion folks went out and planted a tree every Arbor Day, we would be able to replace all the trees that were dropped that year. We know in reality that this is not likely to take place.

Plant a Tree

If you wish to maintain our planet, planting trees is a good step that you can take. I am not confining this to planting trees on simply one day out of the year. I am talking approximately once a month or even once a week. The reason is because someone has to make up for all of those using our resources but don't want to plant a tree for whatever reason.

On Arbor Day, the number of trees that are planted is between 8 and 15 million. Hence annually, we have a shortage of roughly 5 billion trees. And every year, it simply continues to get worse.

I actually have a solution to the problem entirely even though folks should still go on planting trees whenever they can. It could be made a legal requirement that anyone involved in chopping down trees has to replace every tree chopped down with two newly planted ones and this would go a long way to resolving the problem.

We will have to continue to deal with this situation ourselves until there is the political willpower to make these changes. In reality, restoring the number of trees required is definitely doable. The number of trees felled yearly could be replaced if ten percent of the world's population planted one tree every month. In the region of 7 billion new trees would be achieved by doing this. And that 1 billion surplus of trees are precisely what we need to get our tree population back to where it must be.

Planting a tree is a way all of us save the earth. Don't forget that we just need 10% of the people worldwide to make a commitment to this. It is up to you if you want to be part of it.

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Tree Surgery Tasks Petts Wood

Tree Surgery Tasks Petts Wood UK

Petts Wood tree surgeons can generally help with tree transplanting, soil terraventing, tree fertilising, stump treatment, root removal, vegetation management, tree cutting, landscaping, tree reduction in Petts Wood, tree planting, tree bracing, crown thinning, hedge lowering, woodland management, brush cutting services Petts Wood, tree pruning, hedge planting, drop crotching, tree work, site clearance, decompaction in Petts Wood, crown lifting, root flare exposure, tree surveys in Petts Wood, damaged tree removal, airspading Petts Wood, tree lightening protection, dead wooding, stump grinding, tree dismantling, root grinding in Petts Wood, tree removal, shielding trees from grazing, commercial tree care, eco plug treatments in Petts Wood and other tree surgeon services in Petts Wood, Greater London. Listed are just a small portion of the duties that are handled by local tree surgeons. Petts Wood providers will inform you of their entire range of services.

Locating a Tree Surgeon

Finding a Tree Surgeon Near Me Petts Wood (BR5)

There are lots of strategies that you may use to look for a local tree surgeon, and the first one we shall take a look at is directories online. As an example, you can check on 118 118, Yelp, Yell, Touch Local, Thomson Local, Local Life, City Visitor, Cyclex and Mister What, naturally these business directories do not all give customer testimonials, therefore you don't always get an idea of any specific tree surgeons trustworthiness. Also useful at present is to search for quality tradesmen in Petts Wood with the help of online trade portals, among the favoured of these are Rated People, Checkatrade, My Hammer, Local Heroes, My Builder or TrustaTrader, and the good aspect of these trade portals is that you are able to look at reviews by previous customers concerning the tradesmen and the standard of their work. Last of all, you could ask acquaintances, family and next door neighbours to endorse somebody they have previously used.

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Tree Surgeons Near Petts Wood: Also find: Bromley Common tree surgeons, Bickley tree surgeons, Widmore tree surgeons, Locksbottom tree surgeons, Derry Downs tree surgeons, Green Street Green tree surgeons, Chelsfield tree surgeons, St Mary Cray tree surgeons, St Paul's Cray tree surgeons, Kevingtown tree surgeons, Keston tree surgeons, Chislehurst tree surgeons, Broom Hill tree surgery and more. All these places are serviced by local tree surgeons. Petts Wood householders can obtain estimates by clicking here.

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Care Surgeon Near Me Tree BR5 Services Petts Wood Greater London Tree Care Tree Surgeon Trees Green 01689 Surgeons Surgery

In the Greater London area you'll also locate: Norwood Green tree surgeon, Lower Morden tree surgeon, Canary Wharf tree management, Leyton tree care services, Queens Park tree surgeons, Castelnau tree surgeon, St Margarets tree surgeon, Bellingham tree surgery, Surrey Quays tree surgery, New Southgate tree surgeon, Grahame Park tree care, Silvertown tree management, Chinatown tree surgeon, Golders Green tree care, Stoke Newington tree surgery, Upper Walthamstow tree care services, Totteridge tree surgery, Stoke Newington tree removal, South Ruislip tree removal, Downe tree care, Ladywell tree management, St Mary Cray tree care, Gipsy Hill tree surgery, Lea Bridge tree removal, Woodlands tree care services, Hampton Wick tree care services, Pentonville tree care, Gunnersbury tree surgeons, Harrow Weald tree care, Kew tree management, Aperfield tree management. In every corner of Greater London it should be possible to find tree surgeons who will provide you with quality services for your tree care needs. If you're unable to identify the right tree surgeon in Petts Wood itself you will no doubt be able to uncover one near at hand.

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Tree surgery quotes were recently requested by people residing in the following Petts Wood streets: Southborough Lane, The Chenies, Buckingham Close, The Approach, Manor Way, Horsmonden Close, Fieldway, Diameter Road, Woodland Way, Towncourt Crescent, Priory Avenue, Denver Close, Broadcroft Road, Irvine Way, Tent Peg Lane, Crest View Drive, Bushey Avenue, St Francis Close, Corn Mill Drive, Beaumont Road, Birchwood Road, Silverdale Road, Princes Avenue, Bicknor Road, Langley Gardens, Shepperton Road, White Hart Road, High Street, and in these postcodes: BR5 1QB, BR5 1TU, BR5 1DF, BR5 1BN, BR6 0HA, BR5 1HZ, BR5 1TA, BR6 0UD, BR5 1SF, BR5 1NA. These locations recently saw activity by certified tree surgeons. Petts Wood home and property owners received professional and dependable tree surgery services in every case.

More Petts Wood Trades: Naturally, whenever you're having tree surgery done in Petts Wood, Greater London, you will probably need other garden related services, and as well as a tree surgeon in Petts Wood, Greater London, you might also need garden planning and design in Petts Wood, grass cutting in Petts Wood, soil irrigation in Petts Wood, decking installers in Petts Wood, garden shed builders in Petts Wood, pond installers in Petts Wood, fencers in Petts Wood, rubbish removal in Petts Wood, patio installers in Petts Wood, hedge clipping in Petts Wood, garden clearance in Petts Wood, hard landscaping in Petts Wood, driveways in Petts Wood, artifical grass in Petts Wood, garden digging services in Petts Wood, SKIP HIRE in Petts Wood, and other different Petts Wood tradespeople.

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