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Greenock Tree Surgeons (PA15) Scotland: If your garden or property in Greenock has got trees, their safe care and management is your responsibility. All of the trees on your property should be inspected regularly by a qualified and experienced arborist or tree surgeon to make sure that they're in safe condition and well maintained. If a member of the public or a visitor sustains an injury from one of your trees, you could find yourself faced with legal action and probably a substantial fine, if you are found to be negligent.

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A skilled occupation, tree surgery is also called arboriculture. Greenock tree surgeons can do a wide range of work from tree surgery to the care of all sorts of varieties of plants. If you need work doing on any of your bushes or trees that's beyond the skill range of yourself or a run-of-the-mill gardener, it could be worthwhile to get a tree surgery estimate from a professional tree care specialist.

Specialist Tree Surgeon Greenock Scotland

An extensive knowledge of trees, shrubs and the diseases and problems they suffer from is essential, because this sort of work is highly specialised, and calls for a good deal of training.

A competent tree surgeon in Greenock will be able to give you guidance and advice on the most appropriate approach to take, should you ever have issues with your shrubs or trees. Some of the things that they will be happy to advise on, and the types of issues that you might run into include:

Tree Felling & Pruning: If you've got a tree that's growing far too close to a home in Greenock, or one with branches that are causing a threat by overhanging too far or getting too near to electricity lines, getting a tree surgery estimate is essential. For someone without the necessary skills, these are jobs that should not be tackled.

Certified Tree Surgeons Greenock (01475)

It is not just the fact that you might injure yourself or the general public by attempting this sort of work, you could also inflict lasting harm on your precious trees. Getting a tree care professional in to prune trees that are overhanging public pathways, to help remove the chance of branches or limbs falling onto them and causing injury or damage, is also a sensible idea.

The Treatment of Infections and Bacteria: This is one of the areas of tree care where specialist guidance is really important. And, by acquiring a tree surgery quote from a seasoned professional, you'll be employing someone in Greenock with many years of experience to recognise and treat any bacteria, infections or pests that might be harming the trees in your garden. They'll be able to create a successful plan of action, and offer the best resolution for the problem at hand.

By hiring a certified Greenock tree surgeon, you can make the difference between conserving and forever losing a precious tree or bush.

Tree Surgery Quotes for Greenock Scotland

Locally based Greenock tree surgeons will likely have the telephone dialling code 01475 and the postcode PA15. They will work in Greenock itself, as well as nearby areas such as Johnstone, Gourock, Bridge of Weir, Dumbarton, Kilcreggan, Kilbarchan, Port Glasgow, Clydebank, Houston, Dunoon, Langbank, Paisley, Kilmacolm, Inverkip, Glasgow, Skelmorlie, Wemyss Bay, and in postcode areas such as: PA15 2AJ, PA15 1EL, PA15 1HU, PA15 1UU, PA15 2DY, PA15 1QJ, PA15 1QW, PA15 1LD, PA15 1LH, PA15 1SZ.

For this sort of service it is unquestionably advisable to employ an accredited tree surgeon. Greenock business and home owners can benefit greatly from the skills that are the trademark of a seasoned professional.

Tree Surveys Greenock

There are a number of instances when tree surveys might be necessary, land development and property extension being the most common. If you're clearing some land in Greenock which has trees growing on it, to make space for a new home or an extension to an existing property, you will need to organise a professional tree survey as outlined by the British Standards BS5837. Tree surveys on both private and public property should be conducted by an accredited arboricultural surveyor or tree surgeon in Greenock.

If a tree survey is conducted correctly, it will glean a whole bunch of information about all the trees located within the area specified. For instance:

  • The diameter of each tree (measured 1.5m above ground level).
  • Guidelines for tree management.
  • The predicted life expectancy of the trees.
  • The height of each tree.
  • The species of each tree.
  • The spread of the branches to North, West, East and South.
  • The number of trees (those of more than 75mm diameter 1.5m from the ground).
  • The physiological and structural health of the trees.
  • The allocation of a unique tree reference number for each of the trees.
  • The age of the trees (i.e. young, semi-mature, mature, over-mature and veteran).
  • The existence of any TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders).

You will most likely not need to do a tree survey if you're doing work on an existing property in Greenock but you're not extending the property's footprint and are not modifying the service lines or access points.

Air-Spading Greenock

When you're concerned about the health of a tree, it may be down to a number of factors, but problems with the root system is a common cause of such concerns. An experienced tree care specialist in Greenock might need to access the root system of your tree, in order to check for issues such as root rot or soil compaction.

This was sometimes a difficult thing to achieve in the past, because in the process of digging down, the roots of the tree could easily be damaged. Some modern day tree surgeons in Greenock use a technique called "air spading", which uses compressed air to successfully break down and remove compressed soil without the risk of damage to the tree's roots, or any buried utilities that happen to be nearby.

The health of a tree can be affected in a negative way when the soil around the roots becomes compacted by heavy foot traffic, construction work or passing vehicles. When a tree fails to get enough water and nutrients it can become "stressed", and this means that it's more prone to attacks by pests, diseases and insects. Air spading is also a good technique for resolving root flare problems, where the flare at the base of the tree becomes covered with soil, causing it's tissues to break down, and heightening the likelihood of root decay.

Involving the use of an air-spade tool and an air compressor, this process directs high-speed air into the soil, this breaks it down by penetrating spaces in the soil, but leaves tree roots and utilities unaffected. As compacted soil is blown away from the tree's roots by the powerful flow of air, immediate inspection can take place. The previously compact soil can then be replaced with wood chip mulch and fertiliser to encourage the tree to rejuvenate, and rectify any problems. (Tags: Air-Spade Greenock, Air-Spade Investigations Greenock, Air-Spading Greenock).

Tree Emergencies Greenock

There may be some situations where you need to contact a tree surgeon in an emergency, if you've got sizeable trees in your Greenock garden. Greenock tree surgeons typically expect to receive a huge surge in emergency call-outs when there are gales and high winds, which is why many offer a 24 hour service for this eventuality. Branches are more likely to break off and fall when the weather is stormy, and a higher likelihood of an entire tree crashing down and harming property or people. Plummeting branches and tree limbs can result in smashed greenhouses, splintered sheds, busted garden furniture and damaged fences, therefore rather than having to cope with the aftermath of such events, avoidance is the vital thing.

Emergency tree care services will also frequently be essential to the local council in the Greenock area, because large tree branches can break off and drop onto highways, public pathways and railway tracks, requiring urgent attention.

There could be a need for "re-balancing" a tree, even after emergency tree surgery has been done, since due to the loss of some large branches, there may be an uneven weight distribution, which could be dangerous but also unsightly. If you've got any of these tree related problems, you should not try to resolve any of them yourself, and you should immediately call up a local Greenock tree surgeon who provides emergency services, so that they can advise on the best course of action.

Problems With Tree Roots Greenock

Problem Tree Roots Greenock Scotland

Because some trees have exceptionally intrusive roots, if they're growing too near to your dwelling in Greenock, they can cause a number of problems, possibly serious. Lifting patios, blocked drains and damaged foundations, are some of the most commonplace issues that you might run into. Some tree species that have extremely aggressive root systems include elms, willows, maples and sycamores.

If you are planting any new trees, make sure that they are located far enough away from your drainage pipes, your home, patios and pathways, so they will not cause problems in the future. If some of these issues are already being caused by established trees which are growing too near to your home, you should get in touch with a tree surgeon in Greenock for help and advice.

This is not really the kind of task you should try and do for yourself, and just cutting through the problematic tree roots could kill the tree or seriously affect it's health in the future. To survive successfully, a tree will still need to be getting sufficient food and water, and an experienced arborist in Greenock will know which roots can be cut, and which roots should be left in position.

Because sewerage pipes provide a consistent source of water and nutrients, tree and shrub roots frequently cause cracks in subterranean drains. Small roots can quickly grow into the joints of a drainage system, and once established grow into substantial root balls which can trigger joint failure and blockages. To remove the roots that are causing the problem, professional root removal services will be offered by many Greenock tree surgeons, who will employ mechanical equipment, high pressure jetting or manual rod clearance. (Tags: Tree Root Problems Greenock, Invasive Tree Roots Greenock, Drain Root Removal Greenock, Problem Tree Roots Greenock).

Removing Tree Stumps Greenock

After getting a sizeable tree cut down and removed in Greenock, you will likely be left with an additional issue - the tree stump. In certain situations it might be possible for you to leave the tree stump where it is until it rots and breaks down on it's own. However, tree stumps in your garden can be trip hazards, can attract undesirable pests, and can even produce "suckers" in an effort to regrow themselves.

If you decide to remove the stump entirely, there are various ways to accomplish this, however they fall under two primary choices stump grinding and stump removal. Below we'll be focusing on the removal solution.

In regards to removing a tree stump, the three main techniques are chemical treatments, digging out by hand and burning. You could use any of these approaches if you are intending to remove a stump on your own. Professional tree surgeons will normally go with the aforementioned stump grinding method, however may suggest a chemical treatment such as eco-plugging.

Chemical Stump Treatments: The chemical treatment option calls for the use of a strong chemical substance for instance Resolva Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer, Roundup Tree Stump Remover or Vitax SBK Stump Killer. Wear gloves and avoid contact with the skin when working with any of these chemical substances, and also try not to inhale. You must stick to the maker's instructions, for timings, quantities and applications. This isn't a short term fix, and it could take quite a few weeks for the tree stump to break down totally, after which time an axe and spade can be used to chop it up and remove it.

Stump Burning Methods: Be careful if you use this approach to stump removal, as it can be quite dangerous and might be at variance with legislation in your area. Several holes will have to be drilled in the stump, and over a period of several days kept topped up with vegetable oil. Logs or charcoal heaped around the stump and lit. However, this should be constantly monitored and not left to its own devices. Once the stump has finished burning, check that the fire is completely extinguished, leave it to cool and then proceed to dig out the roots and stump ashes.

There are various other burning solutions, such as digging out underneath and lighting a fire in the excavated root bowl. There are of course various circumstances where stump burning isn't appropriate, such as when there are other trees, fences or buildings in close proximity to the stump in question.

Hand Stump Digging: The method of digging out a stump by hand is reasonably straightforward, and requires shoveling out out as much soil as you can from around the base and roots, sawing through any major roots with a chainsaw or handsaw, and lastly freeing up the stump so it can be lifted out and removed. You may need to use a winch for lifting out the stump. This has a tendency to be laborious and exhausting work, and should not be tackled by anyone who is not fit and healthy.

Firewood and Logs Greenock

Firewood Logs Greenock

When you are looking for firewood or logs in Greenock, contacting your local tree surgeon is always a good idea, because they are usually a terrific source for this. As lopping off branches and felling trees is a major part of their daily routine, this is a natural offshoot for an enterprising tree surgeon.

Recently felled logs and branches are frequently offered "free to collector" from certain Greenock tree surgeons, who are simply happy to get shot of them. Other local tree surgeons, who have enough space to store them, will season and dry out the logs and sell them by the bag, tonne or lorry load, and will sometimes even deliver them for you.

Chucking "wet" logs on your wood burner or open fire is not a good idea, and will produce a lot of smoke and block up your flue. You should only use logs that have been dried out for a minimum of twelve months and have a moisture content of 20 percent or lower. Most often tree surgeons in Greenock will have supplies of hardwood logs, and the benefit of these is that they give a long, sustained burn, providing 3 or 4 hours of comforting heat. If you can get a supply of softwood logs, these are fantastic for getting a fire going, and upon which you can chuck your dry hardwood logs once the fire is blazing.

Tree Surgery Tasks Greenock

Tree Surgery Tasks Greenock UK

Greenock tree surgeons can generally help you with damaged tree removal in Greenock, coppicing, fruit tree pruning Greenock, tree maintenance, crown lifting, tree removal, crown raising, arboriculture Greenock, tree pest control, drop crotching, tree work Greenock, shielding trees from grazing animals Greenock, woodland clearance, decompaction, tree pruning in Greenock, tree watering, safety inspections, tree management Greenock, tree cabling Greenock, shrub maintenance in Greenock, tree pollarding Greenock, expert tree care, root removal, site clearance, commercial tree surgery in Greenock, landscape clearing, dead wooding, felling of storm damaged trees, crown removal, formative pruning, tree dismantling Greenock, tree shaping Greenock, dead-wooding, tree surveys Greenock, staking and other tree surgeon services in Greenock, Scotland. These are just a few of the activities that are undertaken by tree surgeons. Greenock specialists will be happy to tell you about their entire range of services.

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