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Kesgrave Tree Surgeons (IP5): Producing essential oxygen for our planet, providing a much needed home for our ever diminishing wildlife and offering havens of shade on hot summers days, trees are fantastic things to have in our gardens. However, trees are living organisms and could get damaged by windy conditions, get too big for our gardens in Kesgrave or become unhealthy and diseased. If you're having concerns about your trees in Kesgrave, the best person to contact is a tree surgeon.

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Tree surgeons play a key role in the general care and maintenance of trees for a whole host of customers in Kesgrave - both public and private. There are innumerable examples of services that a tree surgeon in Kesgrave will be able to provide: tree felling, inspections and hazard assessments, the pruning of weak, invasive or dead branches, safe tree planting, along with general tree maintenance.

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However, a tree surgeon's work certainly doesn't end with trees alone. A tree surgeon in Kesgrave will undertake additional duties, like hedge care, pruning and maintenance and stump removal. As they'll be best able to inspect your tree, put together a report on potential hazards, and give advice on what to do next, a tree surgeon is the individual to get in touch with if you have any worries about a tree's structural integrity.

This is most certainly something that must only be completed by a specialist, because tree surgery is a hugely dangerous undertaking. While it may appear tempting to forgo the costs and opt for the do-it-yourself approach, it would definitely not be the wisest decision to make. Tree surgeons need to be qualified, experienced and physically fit to carry out the work that they are required to do.

Whilst harnessed to a tree and elevated in the air, tree surgery will normally involve the use of dangerous chainsaws and power tools. This is most certainly not a project for a DIYer! To carry out a tree surgery project, a team of tree surgeons who are all experts at what they do, will generally be involved, and this will include both climbers and a ground crew. An untrained individual would find it virtually impossible to complete the work with anything close to this level of experience, risk assessment and competence.

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Upon deciding that you need the assistance of a tree surgeon in Kesgrave, the first step is to find a good one that you can trust to do a fine job. But, how should you accomplish this? Well, a few things will have to be checked out, for example how much it will cost and what qualifications they have. Next, we'll provide you with some useful tips for locating the ideal tree surgeon to carry out, care for and maintain your tree needs.

The first step will be to find out if they've got the required certifications, this will give you the reassurance that they're properly accredited and competent. The main governing body for tree surgeons and the one that issues certifications is the the National Proficiency Tests Council. Any Kesgrave tree surgeon should have the following accreditations at the very minimum:

  • NPTC 308 (CS39) - Aerial cutting of trees using free-fall techniques.
  • NPTC 203 (CS31) - Fell & process small trees.
  • NPTC 206/306 (CS38) - Tree climbing and aerial tree rescue.
  • NPTC 201/202 (CS30) - Basic cross-cutting and chainsaw maintenance.

Because holding these certifications shows that they have received the correct training, it is worthwhile finding a tree surgeon who has them, although surprisingly this is not currently a legal requirement. Holding these qualifications should provide you with the peace of mind that the work will be accomplished in a safe and successful way. Forestry workers, tree surgeons and arborists must always carry a comprehensive First Aid kit and have some basic First Aid qualifications, because of the risks of falling from height and catastrophic bleeding.

The next step will be to obtain a few quotations from different Kesgrave tree surgeons, and carefully examine their cost breakdown, and the work that is included in the price. Occasionally, the estimated cost won't include the removal of the considerable amount of waste typically created by tree surgery. If possible, it's certainly better to get the tree surgeons to remove this waste themselves, because it can be inconvenient and vary costly if it is left for you to do.

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In addition to this, make sure you are prepared to ask loads of important questions when you meet with the tree surgeon. You will, for example, need to know who is going to do the job, and who will be working on your property. Will it be an individual or a gang? Is it possible to meet with them before work begins? Is there going to be any impact of my home or my neighbours? What will be the process for removing the tree? How long is the work going to take?

The more questions you ask, the less likely it is that you will have any unpleasant surprises down the road.

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Finally, listen carefully to the manner in which tree surgeon speaks. In particular, you should listen to how they describe the work, as this can be useful for evaluating their levels of expertise and professionalism prior to the commencement of any work. If someone is referring to 'lopping and topping', this is associated with the more old-fashioned workers, who will possibly not be familiar with modern technologies and techniques. A fully trained, professional and experienced tree surgeon in Kesgrave should be using the right terminology such as 'crown lifting', 'pruning', 'crown reduction', 'crown thinning' and 'dead wooding'. Whilst simply using the correct words and terms isn't invariably an indicator of a tree surgeon's ability, it can give helpful clues about a person's measure of expertise.

To summarise, it's always worth consulting several different tree surgeons in Kesgrave in relation to any potential tree surgery or tree maintenance needs you might have. Consequently, you will get a job that is expertly undertaken, caters to all your needs and conforms to all the appropriate health and safety procedures.

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Storm Damage Prevention Kesgrave

When you look at a sturdy, strong tree standing tall and proud in your garden it's difficult to visualise it ever toppling over. Some types of tree can in actual fact live and continue to grow for several hundred years and will happily do so in most situations.

Even so, trees can be very vulnerable to the elements when faced with certain conditions, and it is not simply the possibility of falling tree limbs and branches, but in extreme circumstances the whole tree can crash to the ground. Trees have one major weather related enemy, and that is high winds. As severe storms and extreme weather events become more and more common with climate change, this type of damage will occur with greater regularity in Kesgrave. Heavy snowfall during winter can also be a problem, as can waterlogged soil resulting from floods or prolonged periods of rain.

To reduce the likelihood of issues with your trees in times of severe weather, it's a good idea to get a professional Kesgrave tree surgeon to check them out now and again, and prune any dead or overhanging branches.

It's also important to fit taller trees with copper conductors, lightning rods, or other lightning protection systems, to stop them getting struck by lightning, and to protect nearby buildings and property which could be susceptible to "arcs" and side-flashes. A lightning strike could easily kill a tree, or drastically weaken it, rendering it more vulnerable to disease or pest attacks. You might not believe that lightning strikes are that common, however in the UK alone there are around three hundred thousand lightning strikes recorded every year.

Your local Kesgrave tree surgery firm will be able to advise you on what protection your trees can be given from being damaged by storms, and minimise the risk of accidents taking place as a result of this.

Protecting Shrubs and Trees in Winter

Whilst the winter conditions are rarely harsh enough to warrant protecting your trees and shrubs, it is definitely worth looking at as a precaution. In actual fact, even plants, trees and shrubs that we normally consider to be hardy, can benefit from a bit of extra protection in the colder winter months.

When you have trees in your garden in Kesgrave, it is storms and high winds that are the biggest concern, and they could still be at risk even though many of them will already have dropped their leaves when winter arrives, offering less wind resistance. If you've got a tree in your garden that appears to be damaged, or shows signs of falling to the ground, you'll want to get it inspected by a local tree surgeon, who can offer advice and guidance. Trees and tree branches can also suffer damage because of heavy snow, so be on the lookout for damage in this type of weather. Some trees and shrubs, particularly newly planted ones, may require some protection from ice and frost, and a substantial covering of mulch will help keep the soil around their bases frost-free.

Tree Removal Kesgrave

Tree Removal Kesgrave

Though there are various reasons behind why you might have to remove a tree from your garden or property in Kesgrave, the removal of a tree should in fact be a last resort. Some trees may even be protected, so you can't fell them even if you wanted to, except when they are a safety threat. Appropriate triggers for tree removal would be if your tree is in the way of new construction, the roots of a tree are obstructing foundations/retaining walls, your tree is diseased/infected, your tree is damaged, the tree has grown too large, you have a dying/dead tree or the tree poses a safety threat.

Tree Transplanting Kesgrave

Tree Transplanting Kesgrave (01473)

Excavating mature trees and transplanting them in a new location might sound tricky, but with powerful, modern lifting equipment and vehicle mounted tree spades, it's become a fairly straightforward undertaking. A competent tree moving contractor in Kesgrave will be glad to move any trees that you have on your property, or transplant adult trees for an instant aesthetic appeal.

Moving trees in Kesgrave can be done at any time of year, however during the warmer summer months, soaking the ground becomes particularly vital in order to cause as little stress as possible on the root-ball. To lift a tree from the earth a truck based mechanical tree spade is pushed down into the ground to encapsulate the tree's root ball, before lifting the entire tree free. The tree can then be temporarily stored before its re-planting in its new home.

A certified tree moving company in Kesgrave will communicate with local authorities to make sure that preservation orders and local regulations are observed and followed at all stages of the tree lifting and transplantation procedure. You'll be able to obtain transplanting services in Playford, Levington, Brightwell, Warren Heath, Bucklesham, Newbourne, Nacton, Little Bealings, Rushmere St Andrew, Waldringfield, Tuddenham, Great Bealings, and the Kesgrave area.

Emergency Tree Surgery Kesgrave

If you've got trees growing in your garden in Kesgrave, there may be some occasions when you have to contact a tree surgeon in an emergency. Several Kesgrave tree surgeons offer a 24/7 service, and when there are high winds and gales, they generally experience an increase in emergency call outs. The likelihood of damage or injury is greater during gusty weather, with branches breaking off and plunging to the ground, and sometimes even entire trees collapsing. Prevention is certainly better than having to contend with the aftermath, and commonplace issues that can be caused by plummeting branches and tree limbs include smashed greenhouses, damaged fences, busted garden furniture and squashed sheds.

Emergency tree surgeons will also often be essential to the local authorities in Kesgrave, since sizeable tree branches sometimes snap off and crash onto railway lines, highways and public pathways, necessitating speedy attention.

Even when the emergency tree surgery has been carried out, a tree that has lost some large limbs may need to be "re-balanced", and this could be performed for purely aesthetic reasons or because the tree now looks lopsided, with the weight unevenly distributed, possibly resulting in additional issues. A local Kesgrave tree surgeon who provides 24 hour emergency services should be contacted to handle all these problems, and you must not attempt to tackle them on your own. You can also obtain emergency tree care services in Playford, Levington, Brightwell, Warren Heath, Bucklesham, Newbourne, Nacton, Little Bealings, Rushmere St Andrew, Waldringfield, Tuddenham, Great Bealings, and and of course Kesgrave.

Removing Tree Stumps Kesgrave

If you're in a position where you have to have a large tree felled and removed from your garden in Kesgrave, you're perhaps going to be left with a stump, which also needs to be sorted out. You might consider allowing it to break down and rot away naturally, and be happy to leave it as it is. However, a sizable stump could take a number of years to rot down, and may even produce suckers in an effort to restore itself to its former glory. Protruding stumps can also be a trip hazard, an eysore and can attract harmful pests.

There are various ways by which a large tree stump can be removed, if you decide that this is the preferred plan of action, though the 2 key alternatives are stump removal or stump grinding. In the next couple of paragraphs we will be looking at the removal option rather than stump grinding.

Burning, chemical treatments and digging out by hand, are the 3 main techniques for getting rid of a tree stump. If you want to have a bash at tree stump removal yourself, you could try any of these strategies when suitable. If you are hiring a tree surgeon in Kesgrave, they'll typically recommend the aforementioned stump grinding method.

Tree Stump Burning: Because it can be dangerous and could be at variance with local legislation, burning stumps is not really recommended, so if you choose this approach, take great care. You will have to drill several one inch holes in the stump, and pour in vegetable oil, you will need to keep the holes topped up for several days until the stump is completely saturated. The stump is then stacked up with charcoal and set alight. But, this should be supervised continually and not left unattended. When the fire has finally burnt out, you must make sure that it is extinguished and cool, after which you can manually dig out the roots and stump remains.

There are various other burning solutions, such as digging out underneath the stump and setting a fire in the excavated root bowl. None of these burning techniques should should be considered appropriate if the stump is near to other trees, fences or buildings.

Stump Digging: The technique for digging out a stump by hand is reasonably self-explanatory, and requires digging out as much of the earth as possible from around the roots, cutting any major roots with a handsaw or chainsaw, and lastly freeing the stump so that it can be hoisted out and removed. You may need to use a cable ratchet winch for the final lifting out of the tree stump. This tends to be exhausting and laborious work, and should not be attempted by anybody who's not fit and healthy.

Chemical Stump Removal: The chemical treatment option calls for the use of a strong chemical liquid for example Vitax SBK Stump Killer, Resolva Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer or Roundup Tree Stump Remover. Avoid contact with the skin when working with any of these chemicals, and also try not to inhale. You should abide by the maker's directions, for applications, timings and quantities. This isn't a short term solution, and it can take quite a few weeks for the tree stump to rot down totally, after which time an axe and spade can be used to chop it up and remove it.

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Dutch Elm Disease

Not quite the concern now that it once was, Dutch Elm Disease (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi) has killed off millions of precious elm trees all over Great Britain over the past 50 yrs or more. Accidentally imported into Great Britain, by way of elm logs imported from Canada in the late nineteen sixties, Dutch Elm Disease (DED) is caused by a fungus called Ophiostoma novo-ulmi which is spread by the elm bark beetle.

After its arrival, it rapidly spread through the transportation of elm products like bark mulch, elm crates, saplings, and firewood logs with the bark still attached. It wasn't just the UK that was affected by this dreadful disease, because elm stocks were also decimated in mainland Europe and North America.

The first signs of DED are:

  • Shoots that die back from the tip.
  • Twigs turning into a "shepherd's crook".
  • Dark streaks under the bark of twigs.
  • Foliage that turns yellow, shrivels and falls.

It usually begins to show up in early summer.

As a consequence of disease and the subsequent chopping down of infected, dead and dying trees, there are not many large elms surviving in the British countryside, and thus the spread has slowed down and the elm bark beetle's habitat largely eradicated. A project for the propagation of young elm saplings that have so far proved resistant to Dutch Elm Disease is now being undertaken.

If you have elm trees in your garden in Kesgrave, and have suspicions they may be infected with Dutch Elm Disease, you should get in touch with your neighbourhood tree surgeon for guidance, or put in a request for a diagnosis from the Tree Health Diagnostic and Advisory Service.

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Air-Spading Kesgrave

When the health of your trees is a concern, this could be down to any number of problems, but it is quite frequently because of issues with the tree's root system. A qualified tree care specialist in Kesgrave may need to gain access to the roots to check for root rot, soil compaction, or other related problems.

In the past this was fairly problematic, because of the potential for root damage in the process of digging down. The method that numerous modern day tree surgeons use is known as "air spading", where compressed air is used to break down and remove compacted soil without causing damage to tree roots or nearby utilities.

The soil surrounding tree roots can sometimes become compacted by passing vehicles, building work or heavy foot traffic, and this is recognised as having a negative impact on the health of a tree. A tree can become "stressed" when it doesn't get enough water and nutrients, which makes it more prone to attack by pests, diseases and insects. Root flare issues can also be resolved with air-spading, and this is when the flare around the base of the trunk gets covered with soil, increasing the likelihood of root decay by causing the tissue to break down.

Involving the use of an air-spade tool and an air compressor, the air-spading process forces air into the soil at high speed (twelve hundred miles per hour), this breaks it up by entering any voids present in the soil, but leaves tree roots and utilities unaffected. Immediate inspection can be accomplished, as the flow of air blows the soil away from the roots. Any obvious problems can then be resolved and the soil replaced with a looser layer of wood chip mulch and fertiliser to rejuvenate the tree.

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Tree Surgery Tasks Kesgrave

Tree Surgery Tasks Kesgrave UK

Kesgrave tree surgeons can usually help you with tree pollarding, tree inspections, crown thinning in Kesgrave, damaged tree removal, tree management, site clearance, cut sealing, woodland clearance, root grinding Kesgrave, tree topping Kesgrave, dead-wooding, hedge planting, tree waste removal, stump treatment Kesgrave, woodchipping, fruit tree pruning Kesgrave, dead wooding Kesgrave, landscape clearing, tree replanting Kesgrave, retrenchment pruning, crown lifting, root flare exposure, shrub maintenance, hedge reduction Kesgrave, domestic tree care in Kesgrave, crown cleaning in Kesgrave, tree fertilising in Kesgrave, soil terraventing, tree removal in Kesgrave, root pruning, damage restoration Kesgrave, commercial tree surgery Kesgrave, tree maintenance, tree surveys, emergency tree surgery and other tree surgeon services in Kesgrave, Suffolk. Listed are just some of the duties that are accomplished by local tree surgeons. Kesgrave providers will keep you informed about their entire range of services.

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More Kesgrave Trades: Of course, whenever you are having tree surgery done in Kesgrave, Suffolk, you will probably be in need of other garden related services, and as well as a tree surgeon in Kesgrave, Suffolk, you might additionally need garden digging services in Kesgrave, hedge cutting in Kesgrave, waste removal in Kesgrave, lawn mowing services in Kesgrave, decking installers in Kesgrave, patio cleaning in Kesgrave, local SKIP HIRE in Kesgrave, garden clearances in Kesgrave, fencing contractors in Kesgrave, garden design in Kesgrave, driveway pavers in Kesgrave, landscaping in Kesgrave, artificial grass installers in Kesgrave, soil drainage services in Kesgrave, garden shed installation in Kesgrave, garden pond builders in Kesgrave, and other different Kesgrave tradespeople.

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