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Kempsey Tree Surgeons (WR5): Offering welcome shade on hot summers days, producing vital oxygen for our living environment and providing shelter and home for our ever decreasing wildlife, trees are amazing things to have and enjoy in our gardens. But there are several drawbacks; trees can get damaged by wind and storms, trees can get diseased and unhealthy or trees can become much too big for our gardens in Kempsey. The best person to call when you've got issues with your trees in Kempsey, is a tree surgeon.

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For an array of customers in Kempsey - both residential and commercial, tree surgeons play a vital role in the general care and maintenance of trees. There are numerous examples of services a tree surgeon in Kempsey may be able to provide: felling and removal, hazard assessments and inspections, safe tree planting, the pruning of intruding, dead or weak branches, together with general tree maintenance.

Professional Tree Surgeon Kempsey Worcestershire

However, the work of the tree surgeon doesn't finish with trees. Such things as hedge maintenance, trimming and care and stump removal, are amongst the additional responsibilities of a tree surgeon in Kempsey. Because they will be best able to assess your tree, prepare a report on likely hazards, and give advice on what to do next, a tree surgeon is the tradesperson to hire if you have any concerns about the structural integrity of a tree.

This is definitely something that must only be attempted by a professional, because tree surgery is an exceptionally dangerous occupation. It wouldn't be a wise decision to avoid and take a do-it-yourself approach, although this may seem to be a tempting option. Tree surgeons must be physically fit, qualified and experienced to carry out the work that they do.

Working at height is always hazardous, and the use of dangerous chainsaws and power tools whilst high up in the air and harnessed to a tree is obviously no exception. Beginners beware - this is most definitely not an activity for you! To carry out a tree surgery project, a team of tree surgeons all specialists in their field, will commonly be involved, and this should include both climbers and a ground crew. Competing with this level of competence, risk assessment and experience to carry out the work, would be impossible for any unqualified individual.

Local Tree Surgeons Kempsey (01905)

As soon as you have decided that you require the assistance of a qualified tree surgeon in Kempsey, you will need to take steps to find a reputable one. But, how can this be done? Well, a few things should be checked, for example how much it will cost and what qualifications they have. Below, we'll be considering just some of the things you should look for when employing a tree surgeon in Kempsey.

First of all, you will want to make sure that they have the right certifications to reassure you they're competent and properly trained. The governing body that issues qualifications to tree surgeons is the National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC). Any professional Kempsey tree surgeon should hold the following accreditations as a bare minimum requirement:

  • NPTC 203 (CS31) - Fell & process small trees.
  • NPTC 308 (CS39) - Operate chainsaw from rope and harness.
  • NPTC 206/306 (CS38) - Climb a tree and perform aerial rescue.
  • NPTC 201/202 (CS30) - Chainsaw crosscut & maintenance.

Although tree surgeons aren't legally obliged to hold these certifications, it is definitely worth asking for them, as they demonstrate that they have the appropriate training to complete the task both safely and successfully. Tree surgeons, arborists and forestry workers also need to carry a comprehensive First Aid kit and have some First Aid training, because of the risks of falling from height and catastrophic bleeding.

The next step will be to obtain 3 or 4 quotes from different tree surgeons in Kempsey, and meticulously examine their breakdown of costs, and the work that's included in the price. You might notice that the disposal of the considerable amount of waste normally produced by tree maintenance and surgery won't always be included in the quoted costs. The removal of waste can be a huge cost and inconvenience to the customer so it's certainly better to get the tree surgeons to remove and dispose of this themselves if you can.

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Also, when chatting to potential tree surgeons in Kempsey, make sure that you're ready to ask lots of important questions in relation to your project. As an example, you will need to know who's going to do the work, and who will be coming onto your property. Will it be just one person working on their own, or will it be a whole team of arborists? Will you be able to meet up with them before work begins? Will my home or neighbours be impacted? What is the timeframe for the work? What process are going to be used for removing or treating the tree?

To avert any unexpected surprises further down the road, ask as many questions as you like.

Tree Surgery Kempsey (WR5)

You should also pay attention to the things your tree surgeon says. This can be useful for determining their level of expertise and professionalism before you let them loose on your precious trees. If your 'tree surgeon' mentions 'lopping and topping', this is likely to be someone to stay clear of, since this sort of term is more likely to come from cowboys and rogue traders, who know very little about the modern techniques of tree surgery. Terminology like 'thinning', 'crown reduction', 'pruning', 'crown lifting' and 'pollarding', should be used by a fully trained, professional and experienced tree surgeon in Kempsey. While merely using the correct phrases isn't invariably a sign of a person's ability, it can give useful clues about your tree surgeon's level of expertise.

In the final analysis, in relation to tree surgery or tree maintenance, it is always worth the effort of contacting a number of tree surgeons in Kempsey. If you find the best one, you can rely on having an expertly undertaken job, taking all possible hazards into account and ensuring that all your needs are fully met in a safe and timely manner.

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A Tree Surgeons's Daily Duties

  • Deal with customers and complete administration tasks.
  • Fell and remove trees and grind stumps.
  • Cut and chip logs and branches.
  • Establish dangers posed by trees.
  • Produce tree survey reports for commercial and domestic clients.
  • Clean up site on completion and fulfil removal of waste product from customer's site.
  • Evaluate tree health and treatment.
  • Service equipment like chippers and chainsaws.
  • Climb trees to prune or remove branches.
  • Be competent using power tools and other powered equipment.
  • Produce on-site or telephone quotations with the clients.
  • Plant trees and vegetation.

Invasive Tree Root Problems Kempsey

Invasive Tree Roots Kempsey Worcestershire

Because some trees have really invasive root systems, if they are growing too close to your home in Kempsey, they can lead to a number of problems, potentially serious. Issues that can arise include damaged foundations, blocked drains and cracked patios. Very aggressive root systems are found in tree species like elms, sycamores, willows and maples.

If you've got plans to grow any new trees on your property, it is best to make sure they're placed a reasonable distance from your sewerage pipes, pathways, patio areas and your home. If one or more of these issues is already being caused by pre-existing trees that are growing too near to your dwelling, you should get hold of a tree surgeon in Kempsey for help and advice.

This isn't really the type of job that you should try and do for yourself, and simply chopping off the offending tree roots could kill the tree or seriously threaten it's health. For a tree to survive successfully it will still need to get sufficient nutrients and water, and an established arborist in Kempsey will know which roots can be safely cut back, and which roots should be left in position.

Cracks in subterranean drains are quite often caused by tree and shrub roots, because a constant source of water and nutrients is present in these settings. Joint failure and blockages can arise when the joints of a drainage system are breached by small roots, which can ultimately develop into enormous root balls when they're established. Some Kempsey tree surgeons will offer specialist root removal services, which will either include using high pressure water jetting, manual rodding or mechanical equipment. (Tags: Problem Tree Roots Kempsey, Tree Root Problems Kempsey, Invasive Tree Roots Kempsey, Drain Root Removal Kempsey).

Leylandii Hedge Removal

For property owners in Kempsey, Leylandii hedges are a preferred choice for their fast growth and privacy features. However, they can rapidly become overgrown and burdensome to maintain. If you are planning to remove a Leylandii hedge, there are several crucial factors to take into account. The initial step is to make sure that the hedge is not covered by any legal designations or restrictions, such as a Tree Preservation Order. When the hedge is under legal protection, you must seek the local council's approval before you can remove it. Furthermore, Leylandii hedges may have sprawling root systems, emphasizing the need to employ a skilled tree surgeon to remove the hedge and its roots safely. Once the hedge is removed, it's essential to dispose of the waste in a manner that is environmentally safe and responsible. To wrap up, removing a Leylandii hedge can be a challenging and potentially hazardous task, highlighting the importance of taking the appropriate safety measures and potentially seeking the guidance of an expert.

Protecting Shrubs and Trees in Winter

Whilst you might not believe that the weather in the UK is harsh enough to warrant protecting your shrubs and trees, it may be a good idea to take another look at this. Even the plants, shrubs and trees that we generally think of as hardy, can find the winter season hard to get through, especially in the colder winter months, and they will always benefit from a bit of extra protection and TLC.

Naturally where trees are concerned it is strong winds that can be the biggest problem and despite the fact that many trees will have shed their leaves, they may still suffer damage in windy weather. If you are concerned about a tree's condition, or it seems like it might fall to the ground, you must speak to a local tree surgeon to check it out and do a risk assessment. Damage to trees can also result from heavy snowfall, so when this kind of weather is on the cards, stay alert for problems. In the depth of winter, your trees and shrubs may require a little protection from ice and frost. Laying a blanket of mulch round the stem bases will allow them to continue absorbing moisture and prevent the surrounding soil from freezing.

Required Skills for a Tree Surgeon in Kempsey

  • Be patient and have the ability to remain calm in times of stress.
  • Have a methodical and systematic way of working.
  • The cabability to work happily with other folks.
  • Be professional and able to complete tasks within a given timeframe.
  • Have good customer service skills.
  • Have necessary computer skills and know how to carry out basic tasks on handheld devices.
  • Be capable of repairing, maintaining and using tools and equipment.
  • Be alert to the complexities and dangers involved with the various aspects of work.
  • Physical skills like movement and co-ordination.
  • Be able to work with your hands.
  • Good knowledge of public safety.

Tree Pollarding Kempsey

Tree Pollarding Kempsey

Where a tree has appreciably got too large for its current environment, it needs to be considerably reduced in size by using a technique called "pollarding". It can at times be used for functional or aesthetic motives to mould a tree into a particular form. Trees which grow beside roadways in Kempsey are sometimes pollarded, as are those which are used for boundaries and in managed hedgerows. For individuals who adore trees this is not a very popular process, because the outcome is inclined to be somewhat bare and harsh, with the overall appearance of being practically dead. The beneficial aspect of pollarding, is that trees which might otherwise have to be cut down can be saved. Pollarding is frequently used on broad-leafed species like horse chestnuts, maples, limes, beeches, planes, oaks and sycamores. (Tags: Pollarding Kempsey, Tree Pollarding Kempsey, Tree Pruning Kempsey)

Tree Transplanting Kempsey

Tree Transplanting Kempsey (01905)

Removing mature trees and transplanting them in a new location might sound tricky, however with heavy, modern lifting equipment and vehicle mounted tree spades, it has become a fairly simple task. A competent tree removal service in Kempsey will be glad to move any trees that you have on your land, or transplant mature trees to add a great new look to your garden.

If you've got no choice but to transplant a tree in Kempsey during the warmer summer seasons of spring and summer, you must lessen the stress of the move on the tree's root system by comprehensively soaking the ground before any work commences. A massive mechanical tree spade digs down into the soil, and manoeuvred to surround the root-ball and then hauls the undamaged tree from the earth. The uplifted tree is then able to be transported to its new home for transplanting, or held in temporary storage until it's ready to be replanted.

Even protected trees can be lifted and transplanted by a specialist tree moving company in Kempsey, so long as all applicable preservation orders and authorisations are given by the woodland organisations and local authorities. You should be able to find transplanting services in Madresfield, Norton, Old Hills, Pole Elm, Kerswell Green, Draycott, Pirton, Deblin's Green, Guarlford, Clevelode, Littleworth, Brook End, Green Street, and Kempsey itself. (Tags: Tree Transplanting Kempsey, Tree Replanting Kempsey, Tree Moving Kempsey).

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Tree Surgery Tasks Kempsey

Tree Surgery Tasks Kempsey UK

Kempsey tree surgeons can normally help with fruit tree pruning, crown removal, cut sealing, tree topping, tree dismantling Kempsey, crown lifting, airspading, site clearance, tree felling in Kempsey, brush cutting in Kempsey, crown cleaning, tree pruning, forestry management, dead-wooding, tree cutting, woodchipping, eco-plugging Kempsey, formative pruning, cabling Kempsey, tree maintenance in Kempsey, shrub maintenance, commercial tree surgery, woodland management, stump grinding, tree transplanting, hedge laying in Kempsey, damage restoration, the protection of trees from grazing animals, woodland clearances, tree management, tree planning, root grinding, safety inspections, hedge reduction Kempsey, crown thinning in Kempsey and other tree surgeon services in Kempsey, Worcestershire. Listed are just a small portion of the tasks that are performed by tree surgeons. Kempsey professionals will keep you informed about their whole range of services.

Tree Surgeons Near Kempsey: Also find: Deblin's Green tree surgeons, Norton tree surgeons, Brook End tree surgeons, Clevelode tree surgeons, Madresfield tree surgeons, Kerswell Green tree surgeons, Pole Elm tree surgeons, Pirton tree surgeons, Draycott tree surgeons, Old Hills tree surgeons, Littleworth tree surgeons, Guarlford tree surgeons, Green Street tree surgery and more. All of these villages and towns are covered by local tree surgeons. Kempsey business and home owners can get tree surgery estimates by clicking here.

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