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Knaphill Tree Surgeons (GU21): Offering havens of shade on hot summers days, producing vital oxygen for our environment and providing shelter and home for our ever decreasing wildlife, trees are fantastic things to have in our gardens. However, trees are living organisms and can either become unhealthy and diseased, get too large for our gardens in Knaphill or suffer damage in windy weather. The person to contact when you have concerns about your trees in Knaphill, is a tree surgeon.

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Tree surgeons play a key role in the maintenance and general care of trees for an array of clients in Knaphill - both private and public. An experienced tree surgeon in Knaphill will provide felling and removal, the pruning of weak, invasive or dead branches, hazard assessments and inspections, safe tree planting, along with general tree care, to mention just a few examples.

Professional Tree Surgeon Knaphill Surrey

However, the work of the tree surgeon doesn't stop with trees. Such things as hedge maintenance, pruning and care and stump removal, are amongst the additional responsibilities of a tree surgeon in Knaphill. The best person to call if you have any doubts about a tree's structural integrity is a tree surgeon, since they'll be able to examine your tree, prepare a report on potential dangers, and give suggestions about ways to proceed.

Tree surgery is a very hazardous business and definitely a process that should only be attempted by a professional. Though it might seem tempting to forgo the costs and opt for a do-it-yourself approach, it would definitely not be the smartest decision to make. To be able to undertake this sort of task, tree surgeons must be experienced, qualified and physically fit.

Tree surgery will very often involve using dangerous chainsaws and power tools whilst high up in the air and harnessed to a tree. It is certainly not a project for a DIYer! A gang of seasoned tree surgeons is commonly necessary to complete a tree surgery project, and should include both climbers and a ground team, who are all experts at what they do. It would be impossible for any untrained individual to compete with this level of competence, experience and risk assessment to carry out the work.

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The first step following deciding you need the help of a tree surgeon is tracking down a really good one in Knaphill. But, how can this be done? Well, checking out things such as cost, qualifications and experience should put you on the right track. Below are outlined some handy tips for locating the ideal Knaphill tree surgeon to deal with your trees.

First of all, you will need to check they have the necessary certifications to reassure you they are competent and correctly trained. The National Proficiency Tests Council is the main governing body that issues accreditations to tree surgeons. The following certifications should be the bare minimum held by any tree surgeon in Knaphill:

  • NPTC 201/202 (CS30) - Chainsaw crosscut and maintenance.
  • NPTC 203 (CS31) - Fell & process trees up to 380mm (15 inches).
  • NPTC 308 (CS39) - Aerial cutting of trees using free-fall techniques.
  • NPTC 206/306 (CS38) - Climb a tree and carry out aerial rescue.

Even though there is no legal obligation for a tree surgeon to hold such certifications, if you can hire one that does, it demonstrates that they have a good level of training to safely and successfully accomplish the task. It's also vital that some basic First Aid qualifications are held by arborists, forestry workers and tree surgeons, and that they carry a suitable First Aid kit in line with HSE workplace recommendations.

The next step will be to get 3 or 4 quotes from different tree surgeons in Knaphill, and carefully check their breakdown of costs, and what work is included in the price. Disposal costs for the vast amount of waste that is often produced by tree surgery, will sometimes not be included in your quotation. The waste removal process can be very inconvenient and costly for the client, so if you can get the tree surgeons to remove this waste themselves, it would definitely be the best solution.

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Together with this, ensure that you're prepared to ask lots of important questions when you speak with the tree surgeon. As an example, you need to make sure you know who's going to do the work. Is it going to involve an individual or a crew? Would you be able to meet up with them beforehand? What method are going to be used for removing or treating your tree? How long is the job going to take? What will the impact on my home/neighbours be?

To avoid any nasty surprises later on, ask lots of questions.

Tree Surgery Knaphill (GU21)

Finally, listen to your tree surgeon. This can be a great tool for evaluating their levels of professionalism and expertise prior to starting the work. If your 'tree surgeon' throws in the phrase 'lopping and topping', this might just be somebody to avoid, as this kind of expression is more likely to come from cowboys and rogue traders, who know very little about modern approaches to tree surgery. A fully trained, professional and experienced tree surgeon in Knaphill should really be using the right terminology such as 'crown thinning', 'dead wooding', 'crown lifting', 'crown reduction' and 'pruning'. While this can be a valuable clue with regards to the level of expertise attained by your tree surgeon, it is not necessarily indicative of ability.

In the final analysis, when it comes to tree surgery or tree maintenance, it's always worth the effort of consulting a variety of different tree surgeons in Knaphill. As a result, you should get a job that is professionally undertaken, caters to all your requirements and complies with all the recommended health and safety measures.

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Locally based Knaphill tree surgery services will likely have the postcode GU21 and the phone code 01483. They will work in Knaphill itself, along with nearby areas such as Pirbright, Brookwood Heath, Pyrford, St Johns, Bisley, Goldsworth Park, Worpleston Hill, Brookwood, Woking, Mimbridge, Old Woking, Chobham, Send Marsh, Mayford, and these postcodes: GU21 2BQ, GU21 2NF, GU21 2HL, GU21 2EZ, GU21 2AQ, GU21 2FB, GU21 2JJ, GU21 2JR, GU21 2BA, GU21 2EN.

Daily Duties for a Tree Surgeon

  • Tree planting and transplanting.
  • Fell and remove trees and grind stumps.
  • Work with clients and complete admin tasks.
  • Evaluate the health of trees and create plan of action.
  • Tidy work area upon completion and remove waste from client's site.
  • Establish dangers presented by trees.
  • Prepare tree survey reports for commercial and domestic customers.
  • Be proficient with power tools and powered machinery.
  • Climb trees to prune or remove branches.
  • Prepare telephone or on-site quotes with the clients.
  • Maintain and service equipment like chippers and chainsaws.
  • Chip and cut logs and branches.

Fundamental Skills for a Tree Surgeon in Knaphill

  • Be professional and capable of completing work within the given timeframe.
  • To be methodical and pay close attention to detail.
  • The ability to work successfully others.
  • Be mindful of the complexities and dangers involved with the various aspects of work.
  • Be able to work with your hands.
  • Have patience and the ability to remain focused in times of stress.
  • Decent customer skills.
  • Physical skills such as co-ordination and movement.
  • Good knowledge of public safety.
  • Be capable of maintaining, repairing and using tools and equipment.
  • To be able to complete basic tasks on a computer or hand-held device.

Deadwooding Knaphill

Dead-wooding (or deadwooding) is an important part of tree care and maintenance, and all competent Knaphill tree surgeons will undertake this practice where necessary. Where there might be a danger to passers-by, vehicles or homes, dead-wooding is done to carefully remove the dying and dead branches which are at risk of falling to the ground. A tree's branches can die off due to a number of different reasons, the most common being root damage, attack by pests, a lack of light or disease.

The rationale for removing dead branches is most frequently one of safety, nevertheless, it is also done to benefit the tree of simply to make the tree look more attractive. Too many damaged, dying and dead branches can encourage the spread of disease and insect infestations, so the removal of these compromised branches can radically improve a tree's health. Trees with a lot of dead wood also look unappealing, so to improve its appearance, this can all be removed.

Usually only substantial dead branches will be taken out, because smaller ones present little risk. Even so, where trees are hanging over a highway, a house, a public space, a garden or a park in Knaphill, it may be essential to remove any dead limbs that are over 50 millimetres in diameter. (Tags: Deadwooding Knaphill, Dead-Wooding Trees Knaphill, Deadwooding Surgery Knaphill, Dead-Wooding Knaphill).

Crown Thinning Knaphill

Tree Care Knaphill

When you want to allow more sunlight throughout, to reduce the overall weight of the crown of the tree, to help reduce the tree's wind resistance, to lower the stress on larger limbs because of gravity, wind, snow, or ice or to prevent the tree being uprooted when it's windy, a number of of the smaller branches that grow inside the outer crown of a broad leafed (Rather than conifer) tree are cut in a process that's called crown thinning. The overall dimensions and shape are not changed by this process, and the likelihood is that it'll need to be carried out on a regular schedule, as shoots constantly develop. A uniform thickness of foliage around consistently spaced branches ought to be the tree surgeon's goal when carrying out crown thinning, it shouldn't alter the all round size and structure of the tree. (Tags: Crown Thinning Knaphill, Tree Crown Thinning Knaphill, Crown Thin Knaphill)

Tree Pollarding Knaphill

Tree Pollarding Knaphill Surrey

The process whereby the size of a tree is radically lessened because it has got too large for its current environment, is know as pollarding. The encouragement of cultivated characteristics and the moulding of trees into certain forms can also be achieved by pollarding. It can commonly be noticed on trees that function as borders or hedgerows, and trees which grow alongside highways in Knaphill. The rather harsh and naked appearance that is the result of pollarding isn't at all popular with tree lovers, as it is so different from its natural state. Tree species like beeches, horse chestnuts, oaks, sycamores, maples, limes and planes are typical candidates for the pollarding process, and on the positive side trees that may otherwise have to be chopped down can be conserved for generations to come. (Tags: Tree Pruning Knaphill, Pollarding Knaphill, Tree Pollarding Knaphill)

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Knaphill

It is important to it is wise to bring in a tree surgeon with the proper equipment and knowhow, when you need to have specialist services such as stump grinding carried out in Knaphill. Expert tree surgeons will aim to eradicate any size of tree stump to a good twelve inches below ground level. Having the right machines ensures that they will be able to grind out roots and stumps within a few millimetres of structures and walls while avoiding damage. This purpose built grinding apparatus is so adaptable that it can even remove tree stumps that are growing in passageways, alleys and similarly inaccessible places. It can involve a herculean effort to eradicate the stumps of large trees, where the stump and main roots go down to a considerable depth, making the task even more difficult if you don't have the proper gear. (Tags: Stump Grinding Knaphill, Stump Removal Knaphill, Tree Stump Grinding Knaphill)

Woodland Clearance Knaphill

Woodland Clearance Knaphill (GU21)

Clearing land by woodland clearance in the Knaphill area can be affected by local and national restrictions in effect, contingent on where your ground is, and what fauna and flora is found in the area which is going to be cleared. A certified tree surgeon contractor in Knaphill will provide an all-encompassing service that will comply with all laws and covenants on the land, and will also complete the work an ethical and eco-friendly way.

A reliable company will collaborate with local and national woodland authorities and organisations to carry out a full habitat survey. Mitigation procedures might have to be employed if there's protected animals or plant species in the area; this could call for replanting of trees and relocation of wildlife, such as reptiles or bats to an alternative protected site.

The specialized and costly gear that's employed in woodland clearance, means that it is far more cost effective to call on an experienced tree surgeon contractor to manage your clearance project.

Conservation Areas & Tree Preservation Orders Knaphill

Before you do any significant work on your trees in Knaphill, you must make sure that there is not a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on any of them. If you get in touch with your local authority, they'll advise you whether any of your trees are covered by a TPO. If any of your trees have Tree Preservation Orders, you cannot perform wilful destruction, lopping, wilful damage, removal, topping, felling or uprooting, without written approval from the local authority. You can ask if your tree surgeon will help with this process, any good one will be ready to offer advice and guidance.

Also, if you propose to undertake any work on a tree with a diameter of seventy five millimetres or more (1.5m from the ground), and you reside inside a conservation area in Knaphill, you have to give your local planning authority a minimum of six weeks written notice of the work. (Tags: Tree Preservation Orders Knaphill, TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders) Knaphill, TPOs Knaphill).

Control of Vegetation

Vegetation Control Knaphill

Whilst a lot of householders in Knaphill will imagine that tree surgeons only address the care and removal of trees, that is really not the situation, as most tree surgeons are also willing to take care of overgrown land and gardens that are clogged up with unchecked plant growth. Quality tree surgeons will generally be prepared to remove shrubs, bushes, overgrown vegetation and weeds that may be thriving near to walls, pathways, buildings, sheds or drives, and generally creating an annoyance. If you are to manage your garden effectively then all of this excess growth ought to be removed on a regular basis, and if you find you have the inclination and time then this is certainly a task you could tackle on your own if you are fit and well, or you could book in your local tree surgeon to come now and again to keep it under control. The management of vegetation is important if you are to have safe and easy entry to all areas of your property and if this is forgotten the vegetation can soon become a menace and hinder your enjoyment of the garden. Apart from anything else the garden will also look better when properly maintained. (Tags: Vegetation Management Surrey, Vegetation Control Surrey, De-Vegetation Services Knaphill)

Save The Environment And Plant A Tree

If we look at annual figures, between three and six billion trees are being cut down worldwide. The fact is that the products that are manufactured from trees are necessary for our everyday living. Writing paper and household tissue papers are an illustration of this, as well as the lumber used to make houses. We all have to take responsibility in saving our woodlands even if there are things we have to use that are made from trees.

Arbor Day was created with the intention that we need to all be planting trees on that day although honestly this has had little impact. In reality, trees are not being planted by most people. It would help, of course, if everyone planted a tree.

The worldwide population is probably approximately in the 7 billion mark. Of course, you can never be certain of the exact figures for this. Nonetheless, we could replace the trees that are chopped down yearly if each one of those individuals did actually plant a tree on Arbor day. We know that this is not going to take place.

Plant a Tree

So, the suggestion is for those of you who care about the planet and want oxygen so you can live, plant a tree. In terms of planting a tree, I would not suggest you just do this on a specific day each year. I am suggesting planting a tree approximately once per month or even once per week. It is just a fact that some people will refuse to give any thought to conservation or planting trees, so we have to compensate for this ourselves.

Would you believe that on Arbor Day, only between 8 and 15 million trees are planted? That still results to a 5 billion tree deficit annually. And every year, it only keeps getting worse.

I actually have a solution to the problem entirely although people should nonetheless go on planting trees whenever they can. If a law could be enacted that whenever a tree is chopped down by logging companies, they then had to plant two new ones, this could really make a huge difference.

Right now, this is not likely to happen and so the job to preserve the number of trees in the world is in our own hands. And it won't take that much for us to replace the tree population annually. The number of trees felled each year could be replaced if ten percent of the world's population planted one tree each month. On an annual basis, this would equal to the planting of about 7 billion trees. In effect, this gives us an extra one billion trees and will go a long way to restoring the levels that are really required.

Planting a tree is a way all of us help the earth. Once again, it just takes 10% of the world population to start making a difference. And you can be one of them.

Current Tree Surgery Projects

Tree Surgery Projects Knaphill

Ms Pixie Byrne was wanting to get a quotation from a tree surgeon in Lightwater to do some after winter tree and hedge pruning in the garden of her property. In Lingfield, Surrey Mr Kairo Maddocks needs a tree surgeon to undertake the pollarding of several trees along a pathway. Dalton Butler was wanting to get a quote from a tree surgeon in Chobham who can cut back 3 conifers and dispose of all the waste in the garden of his bungalow. Ms Sana Bain was wishing to get a quotation from a tree surgeon in Chilworth who can remove approximately 7 conifers with diameters of 150mm to 200mm in the garden of her terraced home. In Wood Street Village, Nikita and Faye Brewer are in search of a specialist who'll clip a 30 metre run of privet hedge to a sensible height. Richie Milward was enquiring about a tree surgeon to remove an extremely big tree ASAP from his garden in Hooley. Wyatt and Anna Wheatley were trying to get an insurance quote from a tree surgeon in Lower Kingswood who can do some hedge cutting and shrub trimming in the garden of their family home. In Chilworth, Surrey Mrs Livia Hobbs needs a tree surgeon to carry out some stump grinding to remove three hefty tree stumps.

Tree Surgery Tasks Knaphill

Tree Surgery Tasks Knaphill UK

Knaphill tree surgeons can generally help with root grinding in Knaphill, tree felling, woodland management, decompaction Knaphill, landscaping, tree maintenance Knaphill, hedge lowering, crown raising, crown cleaning, tree inspections, tree surveys, tree cutting, conrolling pests in Knaphill, tree work, stump grinding, root flare exposure, hazard assessments, commercial tree surgery, tree watering, tree cabling, domestic tree surgery Knaphill, hedge trimming, retrenchment pruning in Knaphill, damaged tree cutting and removal Knaphill, tree pruning, tree bracing Knaphill, dead wooding, damage restoration Knaphill, tree topping, tree reshaping, emergency tree surgery, arboriculture, fruit tree pruning, tree planning, tree care services, root pruning in Knaphill, hedge reduction, hedge planting and other tree surgeon services in Knaphill, Surrey.

Getting Advice and Information

When you're searching for a decent tree surgeon in Knaphill, there are a few questions you need to ask to check that they are both up to the job, and that they won't do any permanent damage to your precious trees. Relevant questions should include things like: Do you have public liability and employers insurance? Are you able to supply references from past customers? Do your working practices satisfy the British Standard (BS3998)? Can you give me a written quote? Are you a member of a trusted professional body (i.e. The International Society of Arboriculture or the Arboricultural Association)? Do your workforce and you have the proper qualifications and certifications (for using chainsaws and tree management)? If your tree surgeon does not provide you with positive responses to any of the questions, keep searching.

Tree Surgery Advice and Help Knaphill Surrey

You need to visit the Arboricultural Association site to find a great deal of practical details concerning how to pick a decent tree surgeon, in addition to a comprehensive directory of competent tree surgeons in the UK. The International Society of Arboriculture is another good resource which has a "verify credentials" tool and a "find an arborist (tree surgeon)" tool. To find a general view of tree surgery as a profession, you can have a look at the Wikipedia "Arborist" page by clicking here, or the Britannica page here. To help save a lot of time and effort you may also try a trade review portal like Rated People or Checkatrade, where reviews are available to look at and required credentials have been previously verified. A Government backed organisation where you can also get hold of reputable trades-people such as tree surgeons, comes in the form of Trustmark. Taking into account good trading practices, technical proficiency and customer service, Trustmark provides a level playing field for assurance and quality.

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