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Hove Tree Surgeons (BN3) East Sussex: If your garden in Hove has got trees, their safe care and management is your responsibility. Making sure all of the trees within the boundaries of your property are well maintained and in sound condition is essential, and this should be accomplished by having a certified tree care professional or arborist check them on a regular basis. You could face legal action and possibly a substantial fine if a tree on your property causes an injury to a visitor or passer-by.

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Tree surgery is a skilled job in the field of arboriculture. From complex tree surgery work to the maintenance and care of all types of plant varieties, Hove tree surgeons accomplish a whole range of duties. If you require work on any of your trees or shrubs that seems beyond the skill range of yourself or your gardener, it's well worth getting a tree surgery estimate from a professional tree surgeon.

Specialist Tree Surgeon Hove East Sussex

A substantial amount of training is required for this sort of specialist work, together with an extensive knowledge of trees, shrubs and the problems and diseases they can be affected by.

A qualified Hove tree surgeon will advise you on the most suitable action to take when faced with tree related issues. Some of the things that they will be happy to advise on, and the issues that you could come across include:

Tree Pruning and Felling: If you have a tree whose limbs are creating a threat by overhanging or getting uncomfortably near to electricity cables, or that's growing too close to a property in Hove, obtaining a tree surgery estimate is essential. For an individual without the necessary expertise, these are jobs that should not be attempted.

Certified Tree Surgeons Hove (01273)

It's not simply the risk of causing injury to yourself or others by tackling this sort of work, you could also inflict irreparably damage your precious trees. To eliminate any risk of branches or tree limbs falling onto public pathways and roads, it is also worth bringing in a local tree surgeon to trim any trees that are overhanging.

The Treatment of Bacteria and Infections: With these types of issues it is vital to get the advice of an expert. By getting an estimate from a qualified tree surgeon in Hove, you're going to be hiring someone with years of experience to identify and treat any fungus, bacteria or infections that your trees could have, and nurture them back to their former good health. Offering the most appropriate solution to the problem, they will be in a position to offer advice on a successful plan of action.

You could easily make the difference between conserving or forever losing a precious tree or bush, by hiring a qualified professional Hove tree surgeon.

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Local Hove tree surgery services will most likely have the postcode BN3 and the dialling code 01273. They will operate in Hove itself, in addition to nearby areas like Fishergate, Pyecombe, Portslade-by-the-Sea, Upper Beeding, Hangleton, Poynings, Falmer, Cliveden Close, Mile Oak, West Hove, Preston, Portslade, Aldrington, Brighton, Small Dole, Denmark Villas, Fulking, Shoreham-by-Sea, Patcham, Southwick, Stanmer, and in these postcodes: BN3 1GN, BN3 1PE, BN3 1DG, BN1 5BA, BN3 1AP, BN3 1QB, BN3 1EF, BN3 1PN, BN1 5AG, BN3 1JB.

For this kind of service it's unquestionably a good idea to employ an accredited local tree surgeon. Hove business and home owners can greatly benefit from the expertise and knowledge that a fully trained professional can offer.

Tree Surveys Hove

There are a number of situations where a tree survey might be required, land development and property extension being the most frequent. If, for example, you are clearing a piece of land in Hove to make space for a new house or an extension to an existing property, and there are trees standing on that land, you may need to carry out a professional tree survey to British Standards BS5837. Tree surveys on both public and private property must be handled by an accredited tree surgeon or tree surveyor in Hove.

If a tree survey is done correctly, it will generate a good deal of information about all the trees within the specified plot. For instance:

  • The predicted life expectancy of the trees.
  • The structural and physiological health of the trees.
  • The species of trees.
  • Guidelines for tree management.
  • A unique reference number for each of the trees.
  • The number of trees (those of over 75mm diameter 1.5m from the ground).
  • The spread of branches towards the East, West, South and North.
  • The diameter of each tree (taken 1.5m above the ground).
  • The existence of any Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs).
  • The height of each tree in metres.
  • The age of the trees.

You will most likely not need to do a tree survey if you're altering an existing property in Hove but you aren't increasing the property's footprint and aren't changing the access points or service lines.

Eco-Plugging Hove

If you've got a large tree stump in your garden which needs to be removed, the typical technique that's used by most tree surgeons in Hove is stump grinding. There is however a more affordable alternative to this process nowadays, which is known as "eco-plugging", and it is growing in popularity. Eco-plugging is not just cheaper, but it's also ideal for use in hard-to-reach locations where there may be stump grinding accessibility issues.

For eradicating tree stumps without affecting any nearby vegetation and trees, eco-plugging is an effective treatment. Eco-plugs destroy the entire root system of the stump and can be employed at any time of the year and in any weather conditions. Effective for use on a wide selection of tree species, eco-plugs are 95-100% effective and contain a kind of granular glyphosate herbicide.

Invasive Tree Roots Hove

Problematic Tree Roots Hove East Sussex

Some larger trees have particularly aggressive root systems, and can be troublesome if they are growing too near to your house in Hove. These issues could include things like blocked drains, damaged foundations and lifting patios, to name just three. Some species of trees that have very invasive roots include sycamores, elms, maples and willows.

Problems can be averted down the road, if you ensure you plant any new trees as far away as possible from your house, pathways, patio areas and your drainage system. If established trees are growing too near to your home and are causing some of these issues, you must call in a tree surgeon in Hove, to see what can be done.

This isn't really the type of task you should try and do for yourself, and simply cutting through the problematic roots could kill the tree or significantly threaten it's health. A seasoned tree care specialist in Hove will know which roots can be safely cut back, and which roots should be left in place, so that the damage is minimised, and the tree can still get ample water and food to thrive and survive.

Since sewage pipes provide a continuous source of moisture and nutrients, tree and shrub roots often cause structural issues in subterranean drains. Small roots can easily grow into a drainage system's joints, and once established grow into enormous root balls which can trigger joint failure and an eventual blockage. By using either manual rodding, high pressure jetting or electro-mechanical equipment, certain Hove tree surgeons will offer high quality root removal solutions. You should also be able to get root removal services in Fishergate, Pyecombe, Portslade-by-the-Sea, Upper Beeding, Hangleton, Poynings, Falmer, Cliveden Close, Mile Oak, West Hove, Preston, Portslade, Aldrington, Brighton, Small Dole, Denmark Villas, Fulking, Shoreham-by-Sea, Patcham, Southwick, Stanmer, and in Hove itself.

Hedge Cutting Hove

Hedge Trimming Hove

Whilst the vast majority of projects carried out by tree surgeons in Hove involves the care and maintenance of trees, the trimming of hedges is another task that they can carry out. A run-of-the-mill gardener will find Leylandii and other conifer hedges challenging to cope with, because they grow tall very rapidly - hence a skilled tree surgeon may be required.

When poorly maintained or neglected a hedge can pretty quickly become overgrown and out of control. It is advisable to clip your hedges regularly, and this is not just to stop them from run riot in large sections of your garden, but also to make them heathier and more visually appealing.

You can help make your whole garden look neat by tidily trimming your hedges. And if you're intending to sell your property sometime soon, tidy hedges could even add some extra value. (Tags: Hedge Trimming Hove, Hedge Clipping Hove, Hedge Maintenance Hove, Hedge Cutting Hove).

Air-Spading Hove

There are a number of issues that could make the health of your trees a concern, however problems with a tree's root system are frequently the cause. In order to check for root rot, soil compaction, or other problems, a local Hove tree surgeon might need to get at the root system of your tree.

In the past this was difficult to do, due to the chance of root damage in the process of digging down. The method that some modern day tree surgeons use is known as "air spading", where compressed air is employed to break down and clear away compacted soil without damaging tree roots or underground utilities.

On occasion, passing vehicles, heavy foot traffic or construction work can cause the soil surrounding a tree's roots to get compacted, and this is known to adversely affect its health. When a tree fails to get ample water and nutrients it can quickly become "stressed", and this makes it more vulnerable to attack by insects, diseases and pests. There can also be problems with root flare, when the flare around the base of the stem gets covered in too much soil, causing the tissue to break down, and heightening the possibility of root rot. Air-spading is a useful technique for correcting this.

The air spading process involves the use of an air-spading tool and an air compressor which blows air directly into the soil at speeds of up to 1200mph, the air penetrates the voids in the soil and quickly breaks it down, while leaving tree roots and utilities undamaged. All the soil is forced away from the roots by the highly powerful air flow, allowing instant inspection and investigation. Problems can then be rectified and the previously compact soil exchanged for a less dense layer of wood mulch and fertiliser to rejuvenate the tree.

Emergency Tree Services Hove

Even though emergencies are infrequent concerning trees in your garden, accidents are always possible, therefore it may be wise to have an emergency telephone number where you can reach a tree surgeon in Hove quickly. When the conditions in Hove are windy and stormy, local tree surgeons expect to see a huge increase in emergency call outs, and as luck would have it most of them provide a 24 hour service for your peace of mind. In gusty weather there's an increased likelihood of branches breaking off and falling, and even the possibility of an entire tree crashing to the ground. Prevention is definitely better than having to handle the aftermath, and typical issues that can be caused by plummeting tree limbs and branches include squashed sheds, broken garden furniture, cracked greenhouses and damaged fences.

Emergency tree care services will also frequently be required by the local council in Hove, as sizeable branches can snap off and fall onto public pathways, railway lines and highways, calling for urgent attention.

When a tree has lost some limbs it can become uneven or lopsided, with more branches and weight on one side than the other. This can be both aesthetically displeasing and hazardous, therefore the tree might have to undergo "rebalancing". To handle all these various problems, you must call up a local Hove tree surgeon who offers emergency tree surgery services. You can also obtain 24 hour emergency tree care services in Fishergate, Pyecombe, Portslade-by-the-Sea, Upper Beeding, Hangleton, Poynings, Falmer, Cliveden Close, Mile Oak, West Hove, Preston, Portslade, Aldrington, Brighton, Small Dole, Denmark Villas, Fulking, Shoreham-by-Sea, Patcham, Southwick, Stanmer, and Hove, East Sussex. (Tags: Emergency Tree Surgery Hove, Emergency Call-Outs Hove, Tree Care Emergencies Hove, Emergency Tree Services Hove).

Firewood & Logs Hove

Firewood Logs Hove

Tree surgeons are normally an excellent source for firewood or logs in Hove, if you happen to be in the market for this useful commodity. As felling trees and lopping off branches is a major part of their daily routine, this is a natural offshoot for the enterprising tree surgeon.

Recently felled logs and branches are frequently offered "free to collector" from some Hove tree surgeons, who are simply happy to get shot of them. Other local tree surgeons, who have the room to store them, will season and dry the logs and sell them by the bag or lorry load, and will sometimes even deliver them for you.

Logs with a moisture content of less than 20% are best for burning on your log burner or open fire, and these will have been left to dry out for 12 months or more. Tree surgeons in Hove will mostly have stocks of hardwood logs and these are excellent for a long, sustained burn that will throw out heat for several hours. The downside of hardwood logs is that they can be quite difficult to light, so if you are able to get hold of a few softwood logs, these are fantastic for getting a fire started.

Tree Cable Bracing Hove

When a tree presents a risk to nearby passers-by or property, or if it is showing the warning signs of damage or decay, the tree may be offered extra support with a procedure known as cable bracing. Cable bracing is generally used on older or high-value trees in Hove where the aim is to avoid felling the tree or removing large unstable sections.

The fitting of a cable bracing setup might be an option to add support to the V-shaped forks, weak limbs and defective joints of a tree. To help mitigate structural stress and prolong the lifespan of old and specimen trees most tree surgeons in Hove will be able to carry out different types of bracing work through the installation of cables and rods.

The aim of cable bracing is to offer a non-invasive means of support which doesn't cause damage to the tree by drilling and bolting the branches, and one that is is both shock-absorbing and flexible. A risk assessment, to ensure the safety of the tree and encompassing areas, should be done before the commencement of any cable bracing work in Hove. (Tags: Cable Bracing Trees Hove, Cable Bracing Methods Hove, Cable Bracing Hove, Tree Cable Bracing Hove).

Current Tree Surgery Projects

Hove Tree Surgery Projects

Neo Gallagher was on the lookout for a tree surgeon in the Nutley area to do tree removal. Ms Mae Holt was hoping to find a tree surgeon to remove approximately six conifers of 150 - 200mm diameters in her garden in Beckley. In Pevensey Mr Rufus Lawrence needs a tree surgeon to cut back 5 conifers and dispose of all the waste. Elwood Hatton was in need of a tree surgeon to chop a high hornbeam hedge down to a 6ft height and remove everything afterwards in his garden in Camber. In North Chailey, Salman and Ellie-May Clayton are trying to find somebody who'll chop back a 30 metre run of privet hedge to a controllable height. In Robertsbridge, East Sussex, Timur and Sukhmani Donaldson are on the lookout for an expert who'll do some shrub trimming and hedge cutting. Shiloh Penn was on the lookout for a local tree surgeon near Beckley, East Sussex to do eco-plugging. Mr and Mrs Frost need a specialist in Nutley, East Sussex to completely remove a conifer and an oak tree, and cut back a few other conifer trees.

Tree Surgery Tasks Hove

Tree Surgery Tasks Hove UK

Hove tree surgeons will likely help with health inspections in Hove, waste removal, tree lopping in Hove, crown removal Hove, brush cutting services, root grinding, drop crotching, stump removal, airspading, tree reduction, coppicing, tree dismantling, tree topping, tree surveys in Hove, retrenchment pruning Hove, tree removal in Hove, cut sealing, decompaction, tree fertilising Hove, dead wood removal in Hove, tree lightening protection, landscaping, eco plug treatments, tree transplanting in Hove, hedge lowering Hove, tree waste removal in Hove, repair of storm damaged trees, residential tree surgery in Hove, commercial tree surgery, crown raising Hove, hedge planting, landscape clearing in Hove, tree bracing, tree care services, pollarding and other tree surgeon services in Hove, East Sussex. Listed are just some of the tasks that are carried out by tree surgeons. Hove companies will be delighted to keep you abreast of their full range of services.

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Tree Surgeons Near Hove: Also find: Small Dole tree surgeons, West Hove tree surgeons, Pyecombe tree surgeons, Fishergate tree surgeons, Mile Oak tree surgeons, Denmark Villas tree surgeons, Aldrington tree surgeons, Portslade tree surgeons, Southwick tree surgeons, Portslade-by-the-Sea tree surgeons, Fulking tree surgeons, Upper Beeding tree surgeons, Poynings tree surgeons, Shoreham-by-Sea tree surgeons, Falmer tree surgeons, Patcham tree surgeons, Hangleton tree surgeons, Stanmer tree surgeons, Cliveden Close tree surgeons, Preston tree surgeons, Brighton tree surgery and more. Most of these towns and villages are covered by tree surgeons. Hove homeowners can get estimates by clicking here.

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In East Sussex you'll additionally find: Rye tree surgeon, Heathfield tree surgeons, Warbleton tree surgeon, Wivelsfield tree management, tree surgeons, Forest Row tree removal, Heathfield tree care services, Alfriston tree care services, Burwash Common tree surgeon, tree surgeon, Five Ashes tree care, Portslade By Sea tree surgeons, Portslade By Sea tree care services, Buxted tree surgeon, tree surgery, Pevensey tree care, East Hoathly tree surgeons, Chiddingly tree surgery, Wivelsfield tree care, tree care, Robertsbridge tree removal, Telscombe tree management, Maresfield tree management, tree removal, Broyle Side tree removal, St Leonards on Sea tree care, Westham tree removal, tree surgeons, Battle tree care, South Heighton tree surgeon, Peasmarsh tree management. In every corner of the East Sussex region you should be able to locate tree surgeons who'll provide you with various services for all your tree care needs. If you can't find the perfect tree surgeon in Hove itself you will doubtless be able to uncover one close by.

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Recently, homeowners in the following Hove locations have enquired about tree surgery: Sackville Road, The Dene, Cissbury Road, Clarendon Villas, Addison Road, Sherbourne Close, Cobton Drive, Downsview, Bramber Avenue, Bolsover Road, Stapley Road, Ashlings Way, Dorothy Road, Albany Villas, Cromwell Road, Alice Street, Davigdor Road, Cowper Street, Dyke Road Avenue, Tamworth Road, Sunninghill Close, Conway Street, Brunswick Mews, Clayton Way, Caburn Road, Church Road, and also in these nearby postcodes BN3 1GN, BN3 1PE, BN3 1DG, BN1 5BA, BN3 1AP, BN3 1QB, BN3 1EF, BN3 1PN, BN1 5AG, BN3 1JB. Work was executed in these places by qualified tree surgeons. Hove property owners enjoyed professional and competent tree surgery services in every case.

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