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Whitburn Tree Surgeons (EH47): There are lots of homes in Whitburn that have gardens with trees. Whilst trees are both nice to look at and beneficial to the environment they do need looking after. Aside from regular maintenance for example pruning, trees can sometimes get overgrown or diseased. Diseased, old and damaged trees can be a danger to both property and the general public, if they become unstable in windy weather, and branches get broken off. If your Whitburn property or business premises has got trees growing on it, the responsibility of caring for them is down to you.

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When it comes to smaller trees, shrubs, hedges and fruit trees, a passionate gardener will be quite able to keep them trimmed and under control, and will probably get a bit of enjoyment from doing so. Routine pruning and trimming of branches that can be easily reached from the ground are reasonably trouble-free tasks, and can be attempted if you are self-confident, know what you are doing and have the right tools. However, if your trees are larger and can only be reached by climbing or ladders, it is recommended that you hire professional help.

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It isn't just the chance of you falling or hurting yourself that's a worry when attempting to access tall trees, it is also the risk of falling branches (or equipment) causing damage to property or injury to people on the ground. Just the thought of an amateur gardener brandishing a powered-up chainsaw whilst teetering precariously up a tree ought to send shivers down your spine, and hopefully make you think again.

Your thoughts might at first turn to hiring a gardener to carry out the necessary work on your trees. But this would be a mistake, since most gardeners in Whitburn do not have the necessary training and qualifications for work like this, and could actually even cause harm to your trees, rather than help them. A tree surgeon is in fact the tradesperson that you need to hire, and a qualified Whitburn tree surgeon will have the tools and equipment for the work, and a comprehensive knowledge of all types of trees, and tree management. In accordance with the scale of the work concerned, and the type and size of trees that you've got in your garden in Whitburn, certain special equipment such as chipping machines, chainsaws and harnesses, might be required.

A genuine tree surgeon in Whitburn needs to be competent in the use of such equipment and tools and while a lot of folks in Whitburn claim to be tree surgeons, you'll need to hire one that is a qualified arborist and holds the following certifications:

  • CS31 (NPTC 203 - Fell and process small trees up to 15 inches (380mm) in diameter.
  • CS38 (NPTC 206/306) - Climb a tree and carry out aerial rescue.
  • CS39 (NPTC 308) - Operate chainsaw from rope & harness.
  • CS30 (NPTC 201/202) - Chainsaw crosscutting & maintenance.

Basic first-aid qualifications are also important for tree surgeons. All specialist tree surgery work in Whitburn should be undertaken to BS3998 (2010) standards.

When you are doing research to find a genuine tree surgeon in Whitburn, you should be looking for one with these standard qualifications as a minimum. If when asked about such qualifications, the person you are considering is uncooperative and vague, you should find a better candidate. Whitburn tree surgeons with more experience may also hold qualifications in things such as forest management, woodland conservation & ecology, arboriculture, countryside management or forestry.

Tree Surgeons Whitburn (EH47)

Once fully experienced a tree surgeon in Whitburn will be capable of completing a wide range of tree related tasks including things like tree surgery, stump grinding, tree felling, the protection of trees from grazing, disease identification, tree planting, transplanting, pest control and tree removal.

For most home owners in Whitburn this will most likely involve crown cleaning, crown reduction, damage restoration, staking, crown raising, pruning, crown thinning, tree felling etc.

For the safety of themselves, the householder and the general public, a reputable Whitburn tree surgeon should be skilled in the use of pole saws, rigging ropes, chain saws, wood chippers, stump grinders, harnesses, flip lines, rigging plates, loppers, climbing ropes, lowering pulleys, winches, and other tree surgery paraphernalia. Anyone who shows up at your house with just a ladder and a handsaw should quickly be shown the way out.

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You should ensure that there is not a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on any of your trees in Whitburn, before you perform any major work on them. You need to talk to your local planning authority to find out if any of the trees within the boundaries of your property are subject to Tree Preservation Orders. Any dependable tree surgeon in Whitburn will be glad to help you through this process.

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When you have decided that your trees require the expert attention of a professional Whitburn tree surgeon, you can get started with your search. There are a variety of ways that you can approach this task. You could search for the websites of Whitburn tree surgeons online. You can look in the Yellow Pages or in your local newspaper. If neighbours or friends have used a tree surgeon lately, you can get a recommendation from them. You could find out what the online trade portals provide you with by submitting your tree surgery job on Checkatrade, Rated People or Bark. This should provide you with a handful of possible choices.

If you would prefer to hire the very best, you should try to find an Arboricultural Association (ARB) approved tree surgeon who'll have gone through extensive checks for:

  • Compliance with legislative requirements and arboricultural contracting.
  • Training and development.
  • High levels of service to clients through efficient business management.
  • Compliance with requirements for health and safety.
  • Operations, knowledge and work standards.

When considering tree surgery in Whitburn you should steer clear of rogue traders, cowboys and jack-of-all-trades type operatives. As we have already stated, tree surgery is extremely dangerous work, and you are inviting disaster if an untrained person is let loose on your trees.

If you do not employ somebody who is competent, irreversible damage could be done to your trees, which is something I'm certain you will want to avoid. If your aim is to maintain the wellbeing of your trees, stick with the experts, because pruning, treating or lopping trees at the wrong time of the year or in an improper way can have devastating consequences.

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To get a selection of prices you should always ask for at least 2 or 3 quotations from different companies in Whitburn. Do not simply go with the cheapest price, give some consideration to all the quotations you've received and do a bit of additional research.

Ask some pertinent questions to get an idea of who you are dealing with. Make certain that they've got sufficient insurance, and check what is included in the price quoted. One of the vital things that you'll wish to ascertain is if waste removal is included in the price quoted. They will generate a great deal of waste and branches, so make certain that they'll take this away for you.

Asking to see some references from former customers might also be a wise idea. If they are a genuine company they will be delighted to provide references and possibly even some pictures of projects that they've accomplished. If they've got a Facebook or Twitter page it might also be worth checking this out, since it can often contain a great deal of info on the company and it's clientele.

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Locally based Whitburn tree surgery services will most likely have the postcode EH47 and the dialling code 01501. They will work in Whitburn itself, together with nearby areas like Bathgate, Seafield, Longridge, Kirkton Campus, East Whitburn, Eastfield, Blackridge, Livingston Village, Harthill, Addiewell, Fauldhouse, Blackburn, Armadale, Kirk of Shotts, and these postcodes: EH47 0RA, EH47 0EL, EH47 0AR, EH47 0HH, EH47 0NF, EH47 0PF, EH47 0HF, EH47 0JA, EH47 0ND, EH47 0DQ.

Getting Advice and Guidance

When you are trying to find a trustworthy tree surgeon or arborist in Whitburn, there are a few specific questions you should ask to check that they're both competent of doing the work, and won't cause any permanent harm to your precious trees. Suitable questions might include things like: Will you provide me with a written quotation? Do you have public liability and employers insurance? Are you able to provide references from former customers? Do your employees and you have the correct certifications and qualifications (for using chainsaws and tree care)? Are you a member of a trusted professional association (such as The Arboricultural Association or the International Society of Arboriculture)? Does your work meet the British Standard? You really should continue looking for a tree surgeon if you don't get positive replies to any of those important questions.

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You need to visit the AA (Arboricultural Association) site to get plenty of useful information regarding ways to choose a good tree surgeon, along with a searchable directory of licensed tree surgeons in the UK. Another excellent website providing a "verify arborist's credentials" tool (here) and a "find an arborist" tool, is the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture), where there is of course a lot more specifics about arboriculture (tree surgery). You are also able to study a lot of details on tree surgery as a profession by going to the trusty Wikipedia "Arborist" page here. In order to save time and effort you can also employ a trade portal like Checkatrade or Rated People, where customer testimonials are available to study and credentials have already been checked out. A Government endorsed organisation where you can also locate reliable contractors including tree surgeons, comes in the shape of Trustmark. Centering on customer service, technical proficiency and good trading practices, Trustmark has consumer protection at its heart.

Tree Surgery Courses - Training - Apprenticeships Whitburn

Tree Surgery Courses - Training - Apprenticeships Whitburn

There can be very few professions which are more fulfilling and rewarding than tree surgery. Alternatives like taking a course in university, beginning at the bottom (maybe as a groundworker) and working your way up, registering for a private course, applying for a college course or being accepted into a tree surgery apprenticeship are available to anybody in Whitburn with a passion to be a tree surgeon. Applications for tree surgery apprenticeships in Whitburn can be sent in while you are still attending school, when they're on offer locally. Private courses and college courses are offered throughout Great Britain and are open to people of all age groups. University courses cover several sectors including woodland conservation & ecology, countryside management, forestry, forest management and arboriculture, with foundation degrees, higher national diplomas and degrees available to those with the right qualifications (generally 1 to 3 "A" levels). Finally, you may be able to get a bit of practical tree surgery experience by volunteering for the Forestry Commission, the National Trust, the Tree Council or the Woodland Trust, each of who quite often have positions available. If you came here seeking details on "how to become a tree surgeon in Whitburn", we hope this brief article has proven to be valuable. You can see even more details on how to become a tree surgeon by visiting the National Careers Service website. (Tags: Tree Surgery Courses Whitburn, Tree Surgery Training Whitburn, Tree Surgery Apprenticeships Whitburn)

Conservation Areas & Tree Preservation Orders Whitburn

Another thing to consider before starting any serious work on your trees, is whether they've got a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on them. You local planning authority is the place to head to check whether there are any Tree Preservation Orders on your trees. Local authority permission in writing is necessary if wilful damage, felling, uprooting, lopping, removal, topping or wilful destruction is planned on any tree that is covered by a TPO. Your tree surgeon should be able to advise you on this and help with any checks.

If you currently live inside a conservation area in Whitburn, you should always speak with your council concerning any tree surgery work, and if the tree involved has a trunk diameter of more than 75mm (at a point 1.5 metres from ground level), you need to give your local planning authority at least 6 wks notice in writing. (Tags: Tree Preservation Orders Whitburn, TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders) Whitburn, Tree Preservation Order (TPO) Whitburn).

Crown Thinning Whitburn

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The removing of a lot of the small branches on the outer crown of a tree to create a density of foliage that's consistent all the way through and does not transform the size or shape of a tree, is referred to as crown thinning. This kind of technique is usually only performed on broad leafed trees (rather than conifers) and is to enable more sunlight to pass through, to decrease the wind resistance of the tree, to cut down the stress on certain limbs as a result of snow, gravity, ice, or wind, to decrease the weight of the crown of the tree or to reduce the chance of the tree uprooting in windy weather conditions. A uniform density of foliage around equally spaced branches should be the arborist's goal when crown thinning, it should not alter the overall size and shape of the tree.

Tree Removal Whitburn

Tree Removal Whitburn

Trees are generally beneficial, hence the removal of a tree should really be the final resort. Nevertheless, there are of course legitimate reasons behind tree removal on your premises or garden in Whitburn. Some of the commonplace factors behind needing to remove a tree are when: the roots are endangering retaining walls/foundations, the tree has grown too large, your tree is damaged, the tree is in the way of new development, your tree presents a risk to safety, the tree is infected/diseased or you have a dead/dying tree. (Tags: Removing Trees Whitburn, Tree Felling Whitburn, Tree Removal Whitburn)

Woodland Clearance Whitburn

Woodland Clearance Whitburn (EH47)

The clearance of woodlands in the Whitburn area is a delicate process that can be influenced by numerous restrictions and regulations. Hiring the skills of a qualified Whitburn tree surgeon for woodland clearance, will see them following applicable covenants and protection orders, apply for any required permits, and using eco-friendly methods for completing the clearance.

An accredited company will collaborate with national and local woodland organisations and authorities and conduct a full site survey. Mitigation strategies might have to be used if there is protected plant or animal species on site; this could call for replanting of trees and relocation of animals, such as bats or reptiles to another protected site.

The specialist mulching, chipping and felling equipment that's employed in woodland clearance means it is usually far more cost effective and efficient to bring in a qualified tree surgeon to undertake the project.

Plant And Grow Trees For An Earth Friendly World

Due to cutting down trees, we lose up to six billion trees on an annual basis. The fact is that the goods that are created from trees are required for our everyday living. For instance, paper is needed both in the home and workplace and lumber is used in the construction of homes. It is possible to act to save our forests although we have to accept that many of the products produced from trees are needed.

Arbor Day was established with the intent that we need to all be planting trees on that day although truthfully this has had little impact. Planting trees is not an activity that a lot of individuals give any thought to. If they did their share and planted trees, we would be all ready to go.

There are roughly seven billion humans alive in the world today. The actual figures obviously fluctuate and so this is a calculated estimate. Nonetheless, we could replace the trees that are chopped down every year if every one of those individuals did actually plant a tree on Arbor day. The chance of this taking place is small.

Plant a Tree

Thus, the solution is for those of you who care about the planet and want oxygen so you can live, plant a tree. In terms of planting a tree, I would not suggest you only do this on a certain day each year. Planting a tree monthly is a good objective or why not weekly? The reason is because someone has to make up for all those individuals are using our resources but refuse to plant a tree for whatever reason.

If we look at Arbor Day, the number of trees that are planted ranges from 8 to 15 million. On that basis, we nevertheless need to take that number up by a further 5 billion. Alas, this is not improving.

A complete answer is necessary that still encourages individuals to plant trees but I would like to propose the following. It could be made a legal requirement that anyone involved in chopping down trees must replace every one felled with two newly planted ones and this would go a long way to solving the problem.

We will have to continue to resolve this issue ourselves until there is the political willpower to make these changes. And it won't take that much for us to replace the tree population annually. The number of trees felled annually could be replaced if ten percent of the world's population planted one tree each month. Annually, this would result in the planting of about 7 billion trees. Easentially, this gives us an extra one billion trees and will go a long way to restoring the levels that are actually needed.

Every person concerned about the health of our ecosystems can help by planting trees. Don't forget that we just need 10% of the people worldwide to make a commitment to this. And you can be one of those people helping out.

Tree Surgery Tasks Whitburn

Tree Surgery Tasks Whitburn UK

Whitburn tree surgeons can usually help you with emergency tree surgery in Whitburn, crown removal, site clearance Whitburn, felling of storm damaged trees, tree shaping, stump grinding, root pruning Whitburn, root grinding, tree cutting Whitburn, soil terravention, stump removal, coppicing, pollarding, hedge trimming Whitburn, tree lightening protection Whitburn, hedge planting, tree maintenance Whitburn, commercial tree surgery, woodland clearances Whitburn, crown raising Whitburn, tree dismantling, damage restoration Whitburn, crown thinning in Whitburn, tree waste removal, dead wooding, tree transplanting, shielding trees from grazing animals Whitburn, root removal, shrub maintenance, drop crotching, tree felling Whitburn, health assessments Whitburn, hedge lowering, pest control, tree removal in Whitburn, dead wood removal and other tree surgeon services in Whitburn, Scotland.

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Tree surgery estimates were recently asked for by property owners residing in the following Whitburn streets: Empire Street, Cairnie Place, Mathers Avenue, Baillie Street, Glenalmond Court, Allan Road, Whitdale Place, Laburnum Road, Aitken Drive, Hunters Lane, Stewart Drive, Townhead Gardens, Turnhigh Road, Lambie Street, Halfway Barn, Griffith Drive, Eppiestane Road, McMartin Court, Bog Road, Loch Trool Way, Manse Avenue, Roadhouse Bungalow, Loch Linnhe Court, Ireland Avenue, Loch Earn Way, Burnbrae Terrace, Loch Awe Way, East Cults Court, as well as in these postcodes: EH47 0RA, EH47 0EL, EH47 0AR, EH47 0HH, EH47 0NF, EH47 0PF, EH47 0HF, EH47 0JA, EH47 0ND, EH47 0DQ.

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