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Brechin Tree Surgeons (DD9): Even though there are a number of tasks that you can do by yourself in your garden, you'll find there are certain projects that shouldn't be done if you do not know just what you are up to and you've got the appropriate tools and equipment to carry them out in safety. A job which may come into this area is tree maintenance. Although you might feel it is relatively easy to lop a couple of branches off a tree, there is actually far more skill involved than you'd believe. If the process isn't conducted at the right time and not conducted in the correct manner you could soon cause harm to your trees, which may in the long term cost more than if you had hired a qualified tree surgeon from the outset. If you've got tall trees involved you'd be daft to even think about trying to do them on your own, since, apart from everything else, you might possibly end up in A&E with a broken bone or even worse. So, your main aim should really be to look for a decent tree surgeon in Brechin.

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There could be a number of different reasons why you need to contact a tree surgeon, therefore it will be helpful to mention some of them today. Brechin tree surgeons don't merely work on damaged trees that may topple onto a property or road, as you might have observed during storms. They also sort out things such as doing away with old tree stumps that are in the way, establishing tree maintenance or management plans to keep the trees in good condition, inspecting trees for damage or disease so that such problems are resolved before they get any worse and reducing or thinning trees to generate more space and light in your garden.

Tree Surgeon Brechin Scotland

It is not only because of safety issues that you should never do work on trees yourself, in addition there are checks and inspections which need to be done. Your trees could be subject to a Preservation Order (TPO) or you might live within a Conservation Area, both of which will affect what can be done. A competent tree surgeon will confidently help you with all of this stuff and should additionally be a member of the Arboricultural Association, to offer you reassurance concerning any work that is being undertaken. The appropriate public liability insurance is crucial where tree work is concerned, so confirm that your chosen tree surgeon is effectively covered.

Safety is undoubtedly the major concern when undertaking any form of tree work in Brechin, and your tree surgeon ought to be acquainted with all the correct safety procedures. He'll come armed with all the essential equipment to safely work on your trees and make certain that they aren't in any way harmed, nor is any damage done to your loved ones or your property whilst the work progresses.

Tree Surgeons Brechin (DD9)

The apparatus that tree surgeons use has become ever more advanced in recent times, and the proper use of it gives reliable results. Any tree surgeon needs to be accustomed to the use of things such as climbing ropes, loppers, harnesses, rigging pulleys, chain saws, pole saws, wood shredders, winches, slackline kits, stump grinders, lowering devices and rigging ropes.

It's best to find out if your tree surgeon will responsibly remove all the waste and branches from your property once completed. Carefully getting rid of the resulting waste materials should be a duty of care for all legitimate tree surgeons. It is essential that they've got a bona fide waste carriers licence and that the waste is removed from the site and got rid of appropriately.

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It is not just in Brechin that your local tree surgeon will be willing to work, so people living in close by areas such as Edzell, Newtonmill, Arrat, Hillside, Fettercairn, St Cyrus, Ferryden, Trinity, Templewood, Keithock, Friockheim, Letham, Aldbar and others, can still to get tree surgery done when necessary. So, wheresoever in the Brechin area you call home, it will be possible to uncover a trustworthy tree surgeon, and likewise throughout Scotland and beyond.

Aside from the climbing, pruning and removal of trees by means of specialized tools and machinery, tree surgeons are additionally essential to assist in the protection and preservation of trees. Observing and understanding the safety aspects of trees and woodland, to highlight potential hazards is also an important part of their duties. Making certain that trees are healthy, disease-free and able to thrive and grow, is an integral part of their obligations.

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Tree surgery can be provided in Brechin and also in: Edzell, Newtonmill, Arrat, Hillside, Fettercairn, St Cyrus, Ferryden, Trinity, Templewood, Keithock, Friockheim, Letham, Aldbar, and in these postcodes DD9 6XG, DD9 6JW, DD9 6LB, DD9 6ES, DD9 6AE, DD9 6JX, DD9 7DP, DD9 6LJ, DD9 7DF, DD9 6EE. Local Brechin tree surgeons will likely have the telephone code Dialling code 01356 and the postcode DD9.

If you need this kind of assistance it's certainly best to bring in an experienced local tree surgeon. Brechin property owners can benefit from the knowledge and expertise that are the trademark of a fully trained professional.

Skills Needed by a Tree Surgeon in Brechin

  • Have a good understanding of public safety and security.
  • To be able to undertake common tasks on a computer or hand-held device.
  • Patience and the ability to stay calm and focused in stressful circumstances.
  • Be able to work with your hands.
  • Have good customer service skills.
  • Physical skills like movement and coordination.
  • Be alert to the complexities and dangers involved in all aspects of the work.
  • Be professional and able to complete tasks within a set time frame.
  • Have a methodical and organised working approach.
  • Have the ability to maintain, repair and use tools and equipment.
  • The cabability to work alongside other people.

Vegetation Management

Vegetation Control

While lots of homeowners in Brechin will imagine that tree surgeons only address the maintenance and removal of trees, that's really not the situation, since the majority of tree surgeons are also willing to take care of overgrown gardens and land that is clogged up with rampant plant growth. Some tree surgeons will be more than happy to clear away weeds, bushes, shrubs and overgrown vegetation which might be thriving near walkways, drives, sheds, buildings or garages, and creating a hassle. If you're to maintain your garden effectively then this unwanted growth needs to be taken away on a regular basis, and if you've got the time and inclination this is a task you can tackle by yourself if you're in good health, or you could ask a tree surgeon to come now and again to make certain it is in check. The management of vegetation is vital if you are going to keep safe and easy access to every part of your garden and if this is neglected the vegetation and plants will pretty quickly take over and lessen the enjoyment of your garden. Besides everything else the garden will also look a picture when properly maintained.

Everyday Duties of a Tree Surgeon

  • Tidy up area upon completion and remove waste from client's site.
  • Cut and chip logs and branches.
  • Establish hazards posed by trees.
  • Assess the health of trees and create plan of action.
  • Climb trees to prune or remove branches as required.
  • Fell and remove trees and grind stumps.
  • Maintain and service equipment like chainsaws and chippers.
  • Produce tree survey reports for both commercial and domestic clients.
  • Produce on-site or telephone quotes with the customers.
  • Be proficient with power tools and powered machinery.
  • Tree planting and transplanting.
  • Work with clients and complete administration duties.

Health and Safety

Tree Surgery Safety Brechin

One of the principal issues with tree surgery in Brechin is the safety aspect, because this is a dangerous enterprise if handled badly. If the "tradespeople" carrying out the project are inexperienced or incapable, there are a great many factors that may lead to disaster such as little if any fall protection, in the shape of platforms, harnesses and ropes, neglecting to cordon-off the area to protect the general public and vehicles, a lack of head protection, failing to put on cut resistant (chainsaw resistant) clothing (specifically safety boots and leggings), falling branches and timber and not putting on hearing or eye protection. In danger due to these incompetencies are the actual tree itself, personnel at ground level, passing pedestrians, passing and parked vehicles, fencing and garden features, the home owners, the building structure within the property, the street facilities, the tree surgeon (person climbing the tree).



With regards to the tools that are utilised by Brechin tree surgeons, the most commonly seen is the chainsaw. The most popular style of chainsaw with tree care professionals is the petrol driven version, being easy to handle and more portable, although nowadays it is possible to obtain mains operated chainsaws and rechargeable battery ones. For heavy tree work, the only real option is to use petrol driven chainsaws, because they are able to cut through branches and trunks of any proportions, and are exceptionally robust and powerful.

A chainsaw is essentially composed of a rotating motor-driven chain which is lined with a series of teeth which cut through the bark and inner wood of a tree. Chainsaws also come in different designs, each having its own specific use - rear-handled for work at ground level (must always be used with two hands), pole saws for hard to reach branches and long distance pruning and top-handled for working at height (and which can be operated with one hand if necessary).

You'll seldom find a tree surgeon in Brechin who does not use a chainsaw, despite the fact that climbing high up a tree with a spinning blade in your hand isn't isn't the safest thing to be doing. All tree surgeons must be trained in the maintenance and safe use of chainsaws, and this is one of the main conditions for gaining membership of the AA (Arboricultural Association).

The most popular manufacturers of chainsaw used in the United Kingdom by professionals are Makita, Hyundai, Stihl and Husqvarna, although there are various different brands and models.

Firewood and Logs Brechin

Firewood Logs Brechin

Tree surgeons are usually a good source for logs and firewood in Brechin, if you happen to be wanting to buy this particular commodity. As felling trees and chopping off branches is a major part of their daily schedule, this is a natural offshoot for the enterprising tree surgeon.

If you are lucky, you may find a tree surgeon in Brechin who gives logs and branches away free to collectors, these will often be "green" and in need of drying out. Others will sell off their logs in bags or by the tonne, and these will normally be fully dried and seasoned logs, that are ready for burning.

Logs that have been left to dry out for at least twelve months are perfect for burning on your open fire or log burning stove, and they should have a moisture level of under 20 percent. Tree surgeons in Brechin will mostly have stocks of assorted hardwood logs and these are brilliant for a sustained burn that will generate heat for 3 or 4 hours. If you can get hold of a few softwood logs, these are fantastic for starting a fire, and upon which you can throw your seasoned hardwood logs once the fire is blazing.

Tree Removal Brechin

Tree Removal Brechin

If your tree has grown too large, your tree has been damaged, you've got a dead/dying tree, the roots are endangering retaining walls/foundations, your tree presents a safety hazard, your tree is hindering a new construction project or the tree is infected, then you've likely got a genuine basis for tree removal. Otherwise tree removal should be the final resort, seeing that trees are for the most part an attractive and beneficial addition to the garden. Many homeowners in Brechin want to take out a tree or trees to obtain a nicer view or perhaps to reduce the bother of leaves in winter time, this is not at all imperative and should only become a reality in extraordinary instances. (Tags: Tree Removal Brechin, Tree Felling Brechin, Removing Trees Brechin)

Tree Care Accidents

The work undertaken by tree surgeons and tree care professionals in Brechin can be very dangerous. With there being a considerable risk of injury to both operatives, co-workers and passers-by, all reasonable precautions must be implemented when working on trees.

It would appear (as reported by the HSE), that falls from trees, the use of chainsaws, and being struck by a falling branch or tree are responsible for the majority of fatal and major injuries that are associated with tree work. The startling fact is that the risk of being seriously injured is higher in tree care work than it is for those involved in construction.

Based on insurance provider records, lifting injuries, slipping from ladders and being struck by objects (grapple hooks, cranes, ropes, trees, branches etc), are the most commonplace accidents for which claims are filed.

This is why choosing an experienced Brechin tree surgeon is so important when you have tree care work that needs to be carried out. A lot of accidents that occur in the tree care industry can be attributed to inexperienced workers attempting tasks that they are not fully trained in. Consequently, using a trustworthy and established Brechin company who have been working in the area for several years, is the easiest way to avoid such problems.

Tree Preservation Orders Brechin

Before you do any significant work on your trees in Brechin, you need to make sure that there is not a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on any of them. You local planning authority is the place to contact to determine whether there are TPOs on any of your property's trees. If any of your trees have TPOs, you cannot carry out lopping, uprooting, wilful destruction, felling, topping, wilful damage or removal, without consent in writing from the local authority. Ask your tree surgeon if you are anxious about this - they will be able to check this out for you.

If you currently live within a conservation area in Brechin, you should consult your council regarding any tree surgery work that you want to conduct, and if the tree concerned has a diameter of over 75mm (when measured 1.5 metres from the ground), you have to give your local planning authority at least 6 wks written notice.

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) is an international, non-profit organisation which is based in the USA, fostering the benefits and awareness of trees. Serving the tree care industry throughout the world, the ISA is a membership association that champions the professional practice of arboriculture, and provides credentials for tree care professionals.

Supporting best tree care practices by way of educational services, publications and events, the ISA has a solid focus on enabling those in the tree care industry fully develop their knowledge, skills and arboricultural expertise whenever possible.

In mid-2016 the United Kingdom's Arboricultural Association was accepted as an associate organisation of the International Society of Arboriculture after signing a partnership agreement with them. This significantly strengthened the relationship between the two bodies and provided more opportunities for ISA members in Great Britain and Ireland. UK Arboricultural Association members can now benefit from being part of a wide and diverse global tree care network. The International Society of Arboriculture now has professional affiliates and associate organisations in Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, and now has a worldwide membership of more than 22000.

Dutch Elm Disease

A fungal disease which has killed off millions of elm trees all around Great Britain over the last 50 years or more, Dutch Elm Disease (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi) is not quite the issue that it was previously. Spread by the elm bark beetle (especially the Scolytus genus) and caused by the fungus Ophiostoma novo-ulmi, Dutch Elm Disease (DED) was accidentally imported into the British Isles from North America (Canada) in the late 1960s.

Its rapid spread was ascribed mainly to elm products such as mulching bark, crates, saplings, and logs with the bark on, being moved around Great Britain. This horrific disease did not just impact elms in Great Britain, but also ravaged tree stocks in continental Europe and North America. Whilst the origins of Dutch Elm Disease are as yet unproven, the suspicions are that it first came from Asia (most likely Japan).

Dutch Elm Disease generally first appears in early summer, and the main symptoms are:

  • New shoots dying back from the tips.
  • Clusters of yellow leaves that wilt and then fall.
  • A "shepherd's crook" reaction on affected twigs.
  • Twigs with dark streaks underneath the bark.

The spread of this disease has been substantially slowed down by the felling of dying, dead and infected trees, which has in essence decimated the favourite habitat of the elm bark beetle. New saplings have also been propagated from elms that have so far proved resistant.

You could ask for a diagnosis from the THDAS (Tree Health Diagnostic & Advisory Service), or you can get hold of your local tree surgeon for advice, if you have elm trees on your property in Brechin, and have suspicions that they may be infected with Dutch Elm Disease.

Trees of the genus Ulmcae and Zelkova are affected.

Spread by - small beetles of the Scolytus family.

Cause - fungi Ophiostoma Ulmi and Ophiostoma Novo-Ulmi.

(Tags: Dutch Elm Disease Brechin, Spotting Dutch Elm Disease, Dutch Elm Disease Signs).

Help Save Our Environment And Plant A Tree

If we look at annual figures, anywhere between three and six billion trees are being chopped down worldwide. There is so much that is produced from trees and this means there is a big demand in the marketplace. Writing paper and household toilet papers are an example of this, as well as the lumber used to build houses. Regrettably, we need the goods that the trees produce but we can do something about the depletion of our timberlands.

Even though we have Arbor Day, and we all should plant a tree every Arbor Day, that is simply taking care of a small part of the problem. Planting trees is not an undertaking that most folks give any thought to. It would help, of course, if everyone planted a tree.

Would you believe that there are roughly 7 billion people living on the planet? That is just an estimation because you can't keep an exact count. Nevertheless, we could replace the trees that are cut down each year if every one of those people did actually plant a tree on Arbor day. We know that this is not going to occur.

Plant a Tree

So, planting trees is something you need to consider if you are worried about the air we breathe and the planet. I am not restricting this to planting trees on just one day out of the year. How about weekly or at least monthly? The reason is because someone should compensate for all the people who are utilizing our resources but don't want to plant a tree for whatever reason.

On Arbor Day, the number of trees planted ranges from 8 to 15 million. On that basis, we still need to take that number up by a further 5 billion. Regrettably, this is not getting any better.

I actually have a solution to the problem entirely even though people should still go on planting trees whenever they can. It could be made a legal requirement that anyone involved in cutting down trees must replace every tree cut down with two newly planted ones and this would go a long way to resolving the problem.

However, until someone has the presence of mind to make this a reality, we are left to take care of planting the trees ourselves. To keep those tree numbers up will not actually take a lot of effort. The number of trees chopped down per year could be replaced if ten percent of the world's population planted one tree once a month. On an annual basis, this would equal to the planting of more or less 7 billion trees. For the number of trees we need to return to, an effective net gain of 1 billion trees will be the way to attain this goal.

Thus for anyone who would like to make a positive difference to our world, go plant a tree. Again, it just takes 10% of the total number of people in the world to begin making a difference. It is up to you if you want to get involved.

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Tree Surgery Tasks Brechin UK

Brechin tree surgeons can generally help with tree lopping Brechin, tree planning in Brechin, tree management, brush cutting, forestry management, removal of storm damaged trees, crown lifting, hedge laying, terravention, dead-wooding, woodland management, tree reshaping, crown raising Brechin, emergency tree surgery, tree inspections in Brechin, fruit tree pruning in Brechin, woodland clearance, woodchipping Brechin, tree cutting, tree care services, tree bracing, tree waste removal, tree lightening protection, root removal, vegetation management Brechin, dead wooding, tree maintenance, coppicing, tree reduction, damage restoration, tree pruning in Brechin, retrenchment pruning, tree felling Brechin, tree removal, airspading and other tree surgeon services in Brechin, Scotland. These are just some of the activities that are undertaken by local tree surgeons. Brechin professionals will be happy to tell you about their full range of services.

Locating a Tree Surgeon

Finding a Tree Surgeon Near Me Brechin (DD9)

Of the wide variety of ways available to seek out nearby tradespeople in Brechin such as tree surgeons, one that has existed for many years is online directories. These are the modern equivalent of the now largely outdated Yellow Pages, which everyone in Great Britain at one time used to look for local services. In this computer age customers look in Local Life, Thomson Local, 118 118, Touch Local, Mister What, Yelp, Yell, Cyclex and City Visitor, although there are not any guarantees by using this tactic because more or less anybody is able to advertise their businesses in these directories and being listed is not an assurance of the standard of their craftsmanship Also favoured nowadays is to seek out good tradespeople in Brechin by using online portals, some of the best known are My Hammer, TrustaTrader, My Builder, Local Heroes, Rated People or Checkatrade, and it is on these that clients are able to post testimonials and reviews about the quality of work done and the tradesman that did it. The last and probably even the most effective option would be to ask workmates, neighbours and family members to recommend someone they have used previously.

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Tree Surgeons Near Brechin: Also find: Keithock tree surgeons, Templewood tree surgeons, Letham tree surgeons, Aldbar tree surgeons, Newtonmill tree surgeons, Friockheim tree surgeons, Edzell tree surgeons, Hillside tree surgeons, Fettercairn tree surgeons, Arrat tree surgeons, Trinity tree surgeons, St Cyrus tree surgeons, Ferryden tree surgery and more. Most of these towns and villages are served by local tree surgeons. Brechin home and business owners and others can get tree surgery quotations by going here.

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