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Ravenshead Tree Surgeons (NG15) Nottinghamshire: Trees around your property and in your garden in Ravenshead, add structure, substance and style to what can frequently be a 2 dimensional landscape. However, when trees have been poorly maintained or have been affected by damaging weather conditions like flooding or storms, problems can develop. The safest option if there is work that needs completing on your trees, is to seek advice from a qualified tree surgeon in Ravenshead.

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There is a big risk of damaging trees, property or even life, for people in Ravenshead who try to do tree work by themselves, or by using a non-qualified operative. However, tree work is not even safe for certified tree surgeons, who know about all of the dangers involved. Tree surgery is definitely not a job for novices, and on average there are 140 serious injuries and three deaths annually within the industry, making it one of the most hazardous jobs in the UK.

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A damaged or poorly maintained tree can also be a risk to life, with around 5 people each year being fatally wounded by falling branches and trees in the United Kingdom. If you employ somebody to do tree work and subsequently property is damaged, or an injury occurs, you might be liable to third-party compensation claims. These reasons are why it is vitally important to retain the services of a professional tree surgeon to work on your trees in Ravenshead. (The source of the above figures was HSE UK).

FINDING A TREE SURGEON IN RAVENSHEAD - There are 2 principal professional arboricultural bodies, one or both of which a seasoned Ravenshead tree surgeon should be a signed up member of. You can view the membership and professional status of any tree surgeon on the websites of either the Arboricultural Association or the International Society of Arboriculture. Membership of either of these 2 bodies will give the tree surgeon recognised ARB Approved Contractor status which can be checked on this page.

If an issue emerges during the work, or after it has been finished you can communicate with these trade organisations for assistance in arbitration and for guidance and help.

Approved Tree Surgeons Ravenshead (01623)

If a tree surgeon who you cannot find on this directory offers to give you a quote, it is recommended that you carry on with your search for an approved and qualified contractor, and respectfully decline their offer. As soon as you've reassured yourself of their accreditations and professional associations you should try to get a minimum of 3 different quotations from various companies in Ravenshead. Due to the risks involved in the work, you should ask the questions below, making it abundantly clear that you need them to provide the answers:

  • Can you show documentary proof of your professional membership, qualifications and a NPTC/LANTRA certificate for chainsaw use and maintenance? Any tree surgeon/worker using a chainsaw, must by law hold NPTC/LANTRA certification. Qualifications may include Certificates and National Diplomas in Arboriculture.
  • Can you provide a quotation in writing? Verbal quotes alone aren't acceptable. Always get a written quote.
  • What is your level of insurance cover? As stipulated by the ISA and AA, your tree surgeon should be able to show you a certificate covering a minimum of five million pounds public liability insurance.
  • Would I be able to to contact somebody you've recently done work for, so that I can inspect your tree work? Independently checking any recent work is always sensible.

Clear and accurate details of all the work that is to be undertaken must be included on the written quote. Who is responsible for the removal and disposal of tree branches, stumps and waste should be stated, as should specifics of any trees which could be protected in law, and the steps required to obtain permission to carry out work on them. You should also ensure that VAT is included on the quotation. Realising that you have a responsibility to hire only competent people to work on your property and trees, is very important.

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PRIOR TO WORK BEGINNING - The tree surgeon that you've chosen in Ravenshead, will look into whether any of your trees are under a tree protection order (TPO), and will check with the local authority if the green light for any tree work is possible. Discovering that a tree has got protected status doesn't signify that work can't be carried out, since even protected trees require maintenance so as to cut back old or damaged wood and ensure public safety.

If your property in Ravenshead is within a designated conservation area, the Local Planning Authority will need at least 6 weeks written notice of any proposed tree work. This is only required for trees with a trunk diameter of more than 7.5cm in diameter, at a point 1.5 metres from ground level. Notice is also not required if pruning or thinning of a protected tree's branches is crucial to encourage and sustain growth.

Tree Surgery Ravenshead (NG15)

On site they will complete a thorough assessment of your tree's health and decide on the remedial treatment needed and how best and safely to achieve the required outcome. This involves performing a risk assessment to include your property, public spaces and any section of neighbouring properties that could be impacted by falling debris. This stage will also ascertain the level of protection needed and the number of workers required. This is both personal protection equipment in addition to other safety precautions to keep property and the general public safe from harm or damage.

ON THE DAY OF WORK - Safety measures and barriers should be put in place before any tree felling, climbing or cutting of branches is started, to keep unauthorised persons away from the area where work is going on. Passing traffic might have to be temporarily stopped if there's a threat of falling debris into a public highway.

Different kinds of tree work will demand that the tree surgeon has varying levels of protection. At the very least when doing work with a chainsaw they need to be wearing special protective clothing to prevent cutting injuries to the torso, legs and hands. Every operative involved in the work, must at all times be wearing head and eye protection, and high-vis clothing.

Safety climbing equipment and ladders will be necessary if any working at height is involved, and to help with the removal of high branches and large sections of tree trunk, additional operatives will be essential. It is recommended that you inform your next door neighbours of the need for easy access, because a skip or lorry for removing the waste will be parked as close to the work area as possible.

AFTER COMPLETION OF WORK - All of the waste materials will be hauled away and the area cleared of all debris, after all of the tree work has been completed. Your tree surgeon will then sign off and give you a certificate of work done, especially when the trees are protected. Any safety measures that were put in public areas can then be taken away, with paths and highways being re-opened.

If you've got any complaints about the work, you should get them rectified straight away by firstly taking them up with your tree surgeon. If your tree surgeon is an approved member of a trade body, you can receive guidance and help from the ISA or AA so as to reach a satisfactory conclusion, if any further arbitration is required.

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Local Ravenshead tree surgeons are most likely have the postcode NG15 and the dialling code 01623. They will operate in Ravenshead itself, together with nearby areas like Hucknall, Farnsfield, Oxton, Rainworth, Papplewick, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Linby, Bilsthorpe, Harlow Wood, Calverton, Blidworth, Blidworth Bottoms, Newstead Village, Dorket Head, and these postcodes: NG15 9FB, NG15 9HP, NG15 9BJ, NG15 9DN, NG15 9AT, NG15 9FH, NG15 9FT, NG15 9DF, NG15 9GY, NG15 9EA.

If you require this type of service it's definitely a good idea to employ a reputable local tree surgeon. Ravenshead home and business owners can greatly benefit from the skills that a seasoned professional can offer.

Wood Chipping Ravenshead

Wood Chipping Ravenshead

As large amounts of vegetation, tree limbs and branches are generated by the tree surgery process, the majority of Ravenshead tree surgeons will make use of wood chipping devices to break down this material into manageable pieces. These powerful wood chipping machines can gobble up as much as 40 tons of material per hour, depending on which equipment is being used, although the smaller, more commonly used devices will process nearer to five tons each hour.

Having many uses such as weed prevention, wood pulp, mushroom cultivation, landscaping, biomass solid fuel, mulch in gardening, garden walkways and ecosystem restoration, the chipped down timber is also easier to transport.

The majority of tree surgeons in Ravenshead will be glad to let you keep the wood chips that are generated during your tree surgery work, if you've got a use that you want to put them to, otherwise they'll usually dispose of them or use them on other projects. Whether or not you need any tree surgery doing, you'll appreciate that tree surgeons are an excellent source for wood chippings that you can use in your garden in Ravenshead. Certain tree surgeons will be prepared to let you have wood chippings free, others will charge, particularly if you need to have them delivered.

Popular brands of wood chipping machines include Timberwolf, Hyundai, Forst and Forest Master. (Tags: Wood Chipping Services Ravenshead, Wood Chips Ravenshead, Wood Chippers Ravenshead, Wood Chipping Ravenshead).

Tree Care Accidents

As we have already stated, the work that tree surgeons in Ravenshead carry out, involves a significant level of danger. All possible precautions should be implemented when working on trees, because most tree work involves a considerable risk of injury to both operatives and those on the ground.

It would appear (as stated by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE)), that falls from trees, the use of chainsaws, and being hit by a falling branch or tree are the cause of the majority of fatal and serious injuries that are linked to tree work. In fact, the risk of serious injury is higher in tree surgery work than it is for those in building and construction.

According to insurance company sources, lifting injuries, being struck by objects (cranes, branches, trees, ropes, grapple hooks etc) and slipping from ladders, are the most commonplace accidents for which claims are made.

That's why hiring an experienced Ravenshead tree surgeon is so important when you've got tree work that needs doing. Many accidents that happen in the tree care industry are down to unskilled workers trying to carry out tasks that they are not fully trained in. Therefore, using a reputable and experienced Ravenshead company who have been operating in the local area for a number of years, is the most effective way to sidestep such issues.

Emergency Call-Outs Ravenshead

If you've got sizeable trees growing in your garden in Ravenshead, there might be occasions when you need to contact an emergency tree surgeon. When there are gales and high winds, Ravenshead tree surgeons experience an increase in emergency call-outs, and most of them provide a 24 hour service. Branches are more likely to snap off and fall when the weather is windy, and a higher risk of a whole tree toppling over and harming people or property. When tree limbs and branches start to fall busted garden furniture, smashed greenhouses, squashed sheds and damaged fences are a common outcome, so prevention is preferable to having to deal with the aftermath.

Emergency tree surgery services will also frequently be essential to the local authorities in Ravenshead, because large branches sometimes snap off and drop onto public pavements, streets and railway lines, calling for speedy attention.

Even after the emergency tree work has been done, a tree that's lost some large branches might need to be "re-balanced", and this might be done for merely aesthetic reasons or because the tree now looks lopsided, with an uneven weight distribution, maybe resulting in additional concerns. If you have any of these tree related issues, you should not try to resolve any of them on your own, and you should immediately call a local tree surgeon in Ravenshead who provides emergency tree care services, so they can advise on the best strategy. You can also obtain emergency tree surgery services in Hucknall, Farnsfield, Oxton, Rainworth, Papplewick, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Linby, Bilsthorpe, Harlow Wood, Calverton, Blidworth, Blidworth Bottoms, Newstead Village, Dorket Head, and Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire. (Tags: Emergency Tree Work Ravenshead, Emergency Tree Services Ravenshead, Emergency Tree Surgery Ravenshead, Emergency Call-Outs Ravenshead).

Storm Damaged Trees Ravenshead

Of all the living things in our garden, trees give the impression of being the sturdiest, strongest and the most able to stand up to the vagaries of Mother Nature. In fact certain species of trees can live for several hundred years and happily do so without any problems.

However, they can be quite susceptible to the elements when facing certain conditions, and it's not only the danger of falling branches and limbs, but in times of severe weather the entire tree can fall down. Trees have one main weather related enemy, and that is high winds. As extreme weather events and violent storms become more commonplace with climate change, this form of damage will happen more frequently in Ravenshead. Heavy snow during winter can also cause problems, as can waterlogged soil resulting from extended periods of rain or floods.

It's a good idea to get an experienced Ravenshead tree surgeon to check out your trees to lessen the chance of issues with your trees in severe weather conditions, they'll prune and remove any dead or excessively long branches that might be a problem.

To stop larger trees being struck by lightning, and to safeguard nearby property and buildings which may be vulnerable to side-flashes ("arcs"), it's also a good idea to install copper conductors, lightning rods, or other lightning protection systems. Lightning strikes can seriously weaken trees, meaning that they're more vulnerable to disease and pest attacks, and even kill them in some cases. Whilst you might not think that lightning is all that common in Ravenshead, every year approximately three hundred thousand strikes are recorded throughout Great Britain.

Your local Ravenshead tree surgery company will be able to give you advice and guidance on what can be done to protect your trees from storm damage, and minimise the risk of mishaps taking place because of this. (Tags: Storm Damage Ravenshead, Storm Damage Prevention Ravenshead, Storm Damaged Trees Ravenshead).

Tree Transplanting Ravenshead

Tree Transplanting Ravenshead (01623)

Transplanting trees and moving them to other places has become a relatively simple process with the development of vehicle mounted tree spades and other tree lifting devices. A specialist tree moving service in Ravenshead will be glad to move any trees that you have on your land, or transplant mature trees to add a great new look to your garden.

If you haven't any choice but to transplant a tree in Ravenshead during the warmer summer seasons of spring and summer, you must lessen the stress of the move on the tree's root system by comprehensively soaking the soil before any work is started. To lift a tree from the earth a truck mounted tree spade is pushed down into the ground to encompass the main root ball, before lifting the entire tree free. If the uplifted tree isn't going to be immediately replanted, it can be stored temporarily as long as its root ball and surrounding soil is kept damp.

A specialist tree transplanting company in Ravenshead will liaise with local authorities to ensure preservation orders and local regulations are observed throughout the tree lifting and transplantation procedure. You should be able to get transplanting services in Hucknall, Farnsfield, Oxton, Rainworth, Papplewick, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Linby, Bilsthorpe, Harlow Wood, Calverton, Blidworth, Blidworth Bottoms, Newstead Village, Dorket Head, and in Ravenshead.

Tree Surgery Tasks Ravenshead

Tree Surgery Tasks Ravenshead UK

Ravenshead tree surgeons will likely help you with damaged tree cutting and removal in Ravenshead, cabling Ravenshead, drop crotching Ravenshead, tree maintenance, hedge planting, hazard assessment in Ravenshead, crown thinning, stump removal, tree lopping, crown reduction, tree management, air spading, formative pruning, shrub maintenance in Ravenshead, tree work, landscaping, tree watering Ravenshead, forestry management, tree dismantling Ravenshead, safety inspections, emergency tree surgery, retrenchment pruning, tree reduction Ravenshead, soil terraventing, tree topping in Ravenshead, root flare exposure, stump treatment, crown lifting Ravenshead, pest control, coppicing, arboriculture, tree transplanting, the protection of trees from grazing animals, landscape clearing, tree lightening protection and other tree surgeon services in Ravenshead, Nottinghamshire. Listed are just a handful of the duties that are undertaken by local tree surgeons. Ravenshead specialists will be delighted to keep you abreast of their entire range of services.

Latest Tree Surgery Projects

Ravenshead Tree Surgery Projects

Ms Celine Ramsay was looking to get a price quote from a tree surgeon in Rainworth who can remove approximately 8 conifers of 150 - 200mm diameters in the garden of her home. In Babworth Mr Seb Rich needs a tree surgeon to undertake the pollarding of several trees along a pathway. Daniela Moore wanted a quote for removing 2 trees and a hedge from the garden of her property in Bestwood St Albans. Luke Hawkes wanted a quote for removing four trees from his garden in Rainworth. Miss Skye Bird was trying to get a quotation from a tree surgeon in Bircotes to carry out some stump grinding to clear away 4 large tree stumps in the garden of her semi-detached home. Julius and Ellie-Mae Duffy were trying to get a quotation from a tree surgeon in Cropwell Bishop who can prune some cherry trees in their garden. Miss Husna Mcintosh in East Markham needs someone who will undertake a bit of after winter tree and hedge pruning. Conrad Mitchell was searching for a tree surgeon in the North Leverton with Habblesthorpe, Nottinghamshire area to do tree removal.

Tree Surgery Apprenticeships - Courses - Training Ravenshead

Tree Surgery Apprenticeships - Training - Courses Ravenshead

There can be few professions which are more enjoyable and rewarding than tree surgery. There are a variety of ways in which you can start a career in tree surgery including signing up for a private course, being accepted into a tree surgery apprenticeship, taking a university course, enrolling for a college course or starting at the bottom (perhaps as a groundworker) and working towards this goal. Tree surgery apprenticeships in Ravenshead can be applied for while you're still attending school, where they're available locally. Throughout Great Britain, there are college and private courses in tree surgery, and folks of all age groups can apply. A number of related university courses are available in forestry, woodland ecology & conservation, countryside management, forest management and arboriculture, and those with the correct qualifications (typically one to three "A" levels) can shoot for higher national diplomas, degrees and foundation degrees. If you are not inspired by any of the above possibilities, you may wish to do some voluntary work so as to get some tree management experience. You could try speaking to the National Trust, the Forestry Commission, the Woodland Trust or the Tree Council, to find out what may be possible in the Ravenshead area. I really hope that this short article has proved beneficial if you came here seeking advice on "how to become a tree surgeon in Ravenshead". The National Careers website is the best place to head for to view far more information on how to become a tree surgeon. (Tags: Tree Surgery Apprenticeships Ravenshead, Tree Surgery Courses Ravenshead, Tree Surgery Training Ravenshead)

Getting Help and Guidance

When you're speaking with local Ravenshead tree surgeons and arborists, you need to ask them questions such as: Will you provide me with a written quotation? Do your working practices adhere to the British Standard (BS3998)? Have you got employment and public liability insurance? Do you have membership of a professional association (i.e. The Arboricultural Association or the International Society of Arboriculture)? Can you produce references from satisfied clients? Do your personnel and you have the required qualifications and certifications (for chainsaw use and tree care)? to ensure that they know exactly what they're up to and that they will not inflict irreparable damage on your valuable trees. If you're not provided with acceptable replies to any or all of these questions, you might want to find another a tree surgeon.

Tree Surgery Advice and Information Ravenshead Nottinghamshire

To find a great deal of practical details about ways to choose a decent tree surgeon, in conjunction with a comprehensive directory of authorized tree surgeons in the UK, you need to visit the Arboricultural Association (AA) website. Another terrific resource is the International Society of Arboriculture site which has a "find an arborist (tree surgeon)" tool (here) and a "verify tree surgeon's credentials" tool. To find a basic idea of tree surgery as a career, you can have a look at the trusty old Wikipedia "Arborist" section by going here, or the Britannica webpage here. A Government financed organisation where you can also identify dependable trades-people such as tree surgeons, comes in the form of Trustmark.

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Tree Surgeons Near Ravenshead: Also find: Blidworth tree surgeons, Blidworth Bottoms tree surgeons, Harlow Wood tree surgeons, Dorket Head tree surgeons, Rainworth tree surgeons, Farnsfield tree surgeons, Newstead Village tree surgeons, Calverton tree surgeons, Hucknall tree surgeons, Linby tree surgeons, Oxton tree surgeons, Bilsthorpe tree surgeons, Kirkby-in-Ashfield tree surgeons, Papplewick tree surgery and more. Most of these areas are served by local tree surgeons. Ravenshead business and home owners can obtain tree surgery quotes by going here.

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In Nottinghamshire you'll also locate: East Markham tree management, East Leake tree care, Colwick tree removal, Bircotes tree surgeon, tree surgeons, Huthwaite tree removal, East Leake tree removal, Huthwaite tree care services, Radcliffe on Trent tree surgery, tree surgeon, Bingham tree surgeon, Bilsthorpe tree surgery, Lowdham tree surgeons, Warsop tree surgery, tree surgery, North Leverton with Habblesthorpe tree management, Elkesley tree surgery, Burton Joyce tree surgery, Tollerton tree removal, tree care, Ranskill tree removal, Carlton in Lindrick tree management, Bestwood St Albans tree surgery, tree removal, Bleasby tree care services, Southwell tree surgeon, Woodborough tree management, tree surgeons, Bestwood St Albans tree care services, Kimberley tree surgeon, Upper Saxondale tree surgeon. In every area of the Nottinghamshire region you will be able to locate tree surgeons who will provide quality services for all your tree care requirements. If you're unable to find the right tree surgeon in Ravenshead itself you will doubtless be able to uncover a good one somewhere nearby.

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Tree surgery quotations were recently needed by homeowners residing in the following Ravenshead streets: Cromford Court, Longdale Lane, Caroline Close, Castleton Close, Church Drive, Rigg Lane, Charnwood Close, Dover Beck Close, Ridgewood Grove, Heather Lane, Haggnook Wood, Sheepwalk Lane, Rosedale Lane, Lea Road, Rowan Avenue, Chatsworth Close, The Heyes, Priory Avenue, Ricket Lane, Westbrook Avenue, Bourne Drive, Bretton Road, Oakwood Drive, Kighill Lane, Heavytrees Avenue, and in these postcodes: NG15 9FB, NG15 9HP, NG15 9BJ, NG15 9DN, NG15 9AT, NG15 9FH, NG15 9FT, NG15 9DF, NG15 9GY, NG15 9EA. Work was achieved in these locations by local tree surgeons. Ravenshead homeowners were given competent and professional tree surgery services in every case.

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