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South Molton Tree Surgeons (EX36): Trees are incredible things to have and enjoy in our gardens - they offer pleasant shade on hot, sunny days, they provide a much needed home for birds and wildlife and they produce vital oxygen for our environment. But, to balance out the good stuff about trees, there are also downsides. Trees can become much too large for our gardens in South Molton. Trees can become diseased and unhealthy. Trees can easily get damaged by storms and wind. If problems occur with your trees in South Molton, a tree surgeon is the person to call.

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Tree surgeons in South Molton play a vital role in the general care and maintenance of trees for a whole host of both private and public customers. There are many examples of services a qualified tree surgeon in South Molton may be able to provide: safe tree planting, hazard assessments and inspections, the pruning of dead, invasive or weak branches, felling, as well as general tree care.

Professional Tree Surgeon South Molton Devon

However, it isn't simply trees that a tree surgeon will work on. Hedge maintenance, pruning and care and stump removal, are additional duties that a tree surgeon in South Molton can tackle. As they'll be able to inspect your tree, prepare a report on potential hazards, and give you advice on the best way to proceed, a tree surgeon is the tradesperson to hire if you have any doubts about the structural integrity of a tree.

Any sensible person in South Molton would recognise that tree surgery is a very risky task, and that it should not be completed by anybody who's not properly trained. It would not be a sensible decision to avoid and take a do-it-yourself approach, although this may seem to be an attractive alternative. Tree surgeons have to be physically fit, qualified and experienced to carry out the work that they do.

Often, tree surgery and maintenance will involve using dangerous power tools whilst hanging from a harness in the tree and elevated in the air. It is most definitely not a task for a DIYer! Tree surgery is also generally performed by a team of seasoned tree surgeons, including a ground team and climbers, who are all specialists in the field. Rivalling this level of experience, competence and risk assessment to carry out the work, would be nigh on impossible for any unqualified individual.

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The initial step following establishing that you need the assistance of a tree surgeon is locating a really good one in South Molton. But, how can you accomplish this? Well, there are a few things that you need to check, for instance qualifications and costs. Below, we will be looking at just some of the things that you need to look for when appointing a tree surgeon in South Molton.

To reassure you they're competent and properly accredited, you firstly need to make certain that they've got the necessary qualifications. The main governing body issuing qualifications to tree surgeons is the National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC). As a minimum requirement, any South Molton tree surgeon should hold the following accreditations:

  • NPTC 206/306 (CS38) - Climb a tree and perform aerial rescue.
  • NPTC 203 (CS31) - Fell & process small trees.
  • NPTC 308 (CS39) - Chainsaw use from rope & harness.
  • NPTC 201/202 (CS30) - Chainsaw maintenance, on site preparation, & basic cross-cutting.

Whilst there's no legal requirement for tree surgeons to hold such certifications, if you can find one that does have them, it shows that they have had the right training to successfully and safely accomplish the work. Due to the risks of catastrophic bleeding and falling from height, tree surgeons, arborists and forestry workers should also carry a comprehensive First Aid kit and have some basic First Aid qualifications.

Next, you should ask several tree surgeons in South Molton to provide different quotations for the tree surgery, and check the precise breakdown of costs. Disposal costs for the considerable amount of waste that's often created by tree surgery work, will quite often not be included in the quotation. If at all possible, it is certainly better to have the tree surgeons remove and dispose of this waste themselves, given that it can be inconvenient and vary costly if it's left for you to do.

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As well as this, make sure that you're ready to ask lots of key questions when you meet with the tree surgeon. For instance, you need to make sure you know who is going to be doing the work. Is it going to be just one tree surgeon working alone, or will it be a gang of workers? Can you meet them before work begins? How long will the job take? Will my home or next door neighbours be impacted by the work? What will be the method used for removing the tree?

Do not be afraid to ask all of these questions, as the more you ask, the less likelihood that there will be any unexpected surprises as work progresses.

Tree Surgery South Molton (EX36)

Last of all, listen carefully to how your tree surgeon speaks. Listening to the ways that they describe the work should give you clues about their standards of professionalism and expertise. If your 'tree surgeon' talks about 'lopping and topping', this is possibly someone to avoid, since this kind of term is associated more with cowboys and rogue traders, who know little or nothing about the modern methods of tree surgery. The correct terminology will be used by an experienced, fully trained and professional tree surgeon in South Molton, who'll talk about 'pollarding', 'thinning', 'pruning', 'crown lifting' and 'crown reduction'. While merely using the correct words and phrases isn't always an indicator of a person's ability, it can give useful clues about your tree surgeon's level of knowledge and experience.

In conclusion, when you're thinking about tree surgery or tree maintenance in South Molton, it's always worth consulting several different tree surgeons for your needs. If you find the right one, you can rely on having an expertly undertaken job, taking all possible hazards into account and making sure that all your needs are fully catered to in a timely manner.

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Local South Molton tree surgery services are most likely have the phone code 01769 and the postcode EX36. They'll work in South Molton itself, as well as nearby areas like Satterleigh, Alswear, Ash Mill, Bish Mill, Warleigh, Johnstone, Chittlehamholt, Clapworthy, Mariansleigh, Hudscott, Bickingcott, North Molton, Filleigh, Bishops Nympton, Honiton, and these postcodes: EX36 3QB, EX36 4FA, EX36 4WA, EX36 4BZ, EX36 4EU, EX36 3DS, EX36 4FF, EX36 4EP, EX36 4FJ, EX36 4FE.

If you require this type of assistance it's definitely better to bring in a certified tree surgeon. South Molton business and home owners can benefit from the skills and knowhow that a seasoned professional can offer.

Tree Cable Bracing South Molton

Tree cable bracing is a procedure that's used to give support to a tree when it is showing signs of decay, damage, or poses a risk to nearby property. This technique is generally used on older or valuable trees in South Molton, where felling or the removal of large unstable portions needs to be avoided for aesthetic or other reasons.

To give additional support to defective joints, V-shaped forks and weak limbs in a tree, a specially designed cable bracing setup can be installed. To help redistribute structural stresses and extend the life of veteran trees most tree surgeons in South Molton will be able to undertake different forms of bracing work by the installation of cables and rods.

Cable bracing has the purpose of providing a shock-absorbing and flexible method of support that is non-invasive and does not cause further damage to the tree by having to drill and bolt the branches. A risk assessment must be conducted by a tree surgeon or arborist before any cable bracing work can begin. This is necessary to ensure the safety of the tree and encompassing areas as the project progresses. (Tags: Cable Bracing Techniques South Molton, Tree Cable Bracing South Molton, Cable Bracing Trees South Molton, Cable Bracing South Molton).

Accidents Through Tree Surgery

As we've already pointed out, tree care professionals in South Molton carry out work that can be highly dangerous. All possible safety measures must be implemented when working on trees, because tree work involves a considerable risk of injuries to both operatives and those on the ground.

It would appear (as reported by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive)), that the use of chainsaws, falls from trees, and being struck by a falling tree or branch are responsible for a large majority of major and fatal injuries that are related to tree work. The reality is that arborists and tree surgeons are more at risk of being seriously injured than those involved in the construction industry.

The most commonplace tree surgery accidents are being struck by objects (trees, branches, ropes, grapple hooks, cranes etc), lifting injuries and falling from ladders, in relation to insurance claims.

This will all help you to appreciate why it is so crucial to employ a certified tree surgeon in South Molton. The majority of accidents that happen in the tree care sector can be attributed to inexperienced workers trying to tackle tasks that they're not fully trained in. So, always try to use a trustworthy and experienced company that's been operating in the South Molton area for a number of years, to sidestep this issue.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) South Molton

You should make sure that there is no Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on any of your trees in South Molton, before you perform any serious work on them. You should check with your local planning authority to find out if any of the trees within the boundary of your property are covered by TPOs. A Tree Preservation Order forbids the wilful damage, uprooting, lopping, removal, wilful destruction, felling or topping of any tree that's covered. Your tree surgeon should be able to advise you on this and help you out with any checks.

If you happen to reside within a conservation area in South Molton, you should speak with your council regarding any tree surgery work that you intend to perform, and if the tree concerned has a diameter of over 75 millimetres (when measured 1.5 metres from ground level), you have to give your local council a minimum of 6 wks written notice.

Wood Chipping South Molton

Wood Chipping South Molton

In order to process the large quantities of branches, vegetation and tree limbs that are generated by their work, most South Molton tree surgeons will use wood chipping machines. Rapidly gobbling up as much as forty tonnes of material per hour, these powerful wood chipping machines can handle as much as you can feed into them. Even the smaller, more commonly used machines can process a respectable five tons per hour without much problem.

Together with providing a handy material that can be used for a whole host of purposes including; landscaping, mulch, ecosystem restoration, weed prevention, biomass fuel, garden pathways, cultivating mushrooms and wood pulp, chipping down timber in this way makes it less cumbersome to transport.

If you've got a good use for the wood chips which have been generated during your tree surgery assignment, most tree surgeons in South Molton will be happy to let you have however much you want, and they will take away the remainder for use in other locations, or dispose of as they see fit. Even if you don't need any tree surgery to be done on a property in South Molton, tree surgeons are still a great source for wood chips that you can use for various purposes in your garden. Some tree surgeons will charge you for wood chips, especially if you need them to be delivered, others will let you have them at no cost.

Wood chipping machines are made by several companies, some of the best known brand names include Forest Master, Timberwolf, Forst and Hyundai.

The Use of Chainsaws


The most dangerous and arguably the most commonplace piece of equipment that is used by South Molton tree surgeons, is the chainsaw. Despite the fact that mains electric and battery models of chainsaw can be purchased, the most popular with tree care professionals are driven by petrol, thanks to their ease of use and portability. For substantial tree work, the only sensible option is to use petrol chainsaws, given that they're able to effortlessly cut through branches and limbs of any size, and are exceptionally robust and powerful.

A chainsaw is basically composed of a rotating motor-driven chain which is armed with a set of teeth that readily cut through the bark and inner wood of a tree. There are also different designs of chainsaw, pole saws for hard to reach branches and long distance pruning, top-handled for working at height (and which can be used single handedly if necessary) and rear-handled for working on the ground (must always be used with two hands).

Although carrying a rapidly rotating blade while balancing precariously up a tree is definitely not the safest job on the planet, it's rare to find a professional South Molton tree surgeon who does not use a chainsaw in their day-to-day activities. One of the main prerequisites for becoming a registered member of the AA (Arboricultural Association), is that tree surgeons must be trained in the safe use and maintenance of chainsaws.

Although there are various different chainsaw makes available to tree care professionals, the most popular ones the UK are Hyundai, Makita, Stihl and Husqvarna.

Necessary Skills for a Tree Surgeon in South Molton

  • To be able to execute common tasks on a hand-held device or computer.
  • Have the ability to work well with your hands.
  • Be mindful of the dangers and complexities involved in all areas of tree work.
  • Decent customer skills.
  • To be meticulous and pay attention to detail.
  • Have a good understanding of public security and safety.
  • Be professional and able to complete work within the given timeframe.
  • Be capable of repairing, using and maintaining tools and equipment.
  • Have patience and the ability to stay calm in times of stress.
  • Physical skills like co-ordination and movement.
  • The capacity to work happily with others.

Tree Removal South Molton

Tree Removal South Molton

Whilst there could be many explanations why you may have to remove a tree from your garden or property in South Molton, tree removal should really be a last measure. A lot of trees may even be protected, so you could not take them out even though you want to, except if they're causing a threat to safety. Legitimate reasons behind removing a tree could be when the tree roots are obstructing retaining walls/foundations, the tree has been uprooted, you've got a dying/dead tree, the tree is infected, the tree has grown too large, the tree presents a threat to safety or your tree is in the way of new construction project.

Emergency Tree Care South Molton

There may be certain occasions where you have to call a tree surgeon in an emergency, if you have sizeable trees growing in your South Molton garden. When the conditions are stormy and windy in South Molton, local tree surgeons expect to see an increase in emergency calls, and thankfully a lot of them offer a 24/7 service for this reason. Even though the risk of an entire tree falling down are slim, there is more potential for branches breaking off and tumbling to the ground, during blustery weather. Typical issues that happen due to tree emergencies are damaged fences, squashed sheds, cracked greenhouses and broken garden furniture.

Of course, the local council in the South Molton area will also often need to call on emergency tree care services, when substantial branches fall onto highways, public walkways and railway tracks.

Even after the emergency tree surgery has been done, a tree which has lost a lot of branches may have to be "re-balanced", and this could be carried out for aesthetic reasons or because the tree will now be uneven, with the weight unevenly distributed, perhaps resulting in further issues. A local tree surgeon in South Molton who offers emergency services should be called in to take care of all of these problems, and you must not attempt to tackle them on your own.

Tree Surgery - Safety Considerations

Tree Surgery Safety South Molton Devon

The health and safety issue is one of the principal considerations when doing tree surgery, given that if carried out incorrectly it can certainly be a risky and dangerous undertaking. Inexperienced or incapable "tree surgeons" are likely to cut corners and ignore recognised safety guidelines, meaning that there may be little if any fall protection, in the form of ropes, platforms and harnesses, falling branches and timber, not roping off the work area to safeguard the public and vehicles, failure to use cut resistant (chainsaw-proof) clothing (in particular boots and leggings), not putting on eye or hearing protection and a lack of head protection. Due to these inadequacies, possibly in jeopardy are the tree surgeon (up the tree), nearby structures, garden outbuildings and fences, the actual tree itself, facilities on the street, passers by, those working at ground level, the home owners, vehicles.

Tree Surgery Tasks South Molton

Tree Surgery Tasks South Molton UK

South Molton tree surgeons can usually help you with crown cleaning, retrenchment pruning, staking South Molton, tree reduction, crown removal in South Molton, emergency tree surgery in South Molton, tree bracing, crown reduction, root pruning, tree watering South Molton, tree pruning, hazard assessment, cut sealing, arboriculture South Molton, stump treatment South Molton, safety inspections, tree maintenance, root flare exposure, woodchipping, tree management in South Molton, tree fertilising, tree pollarding, cable bracing, tree replanting in South Molton, health inspections, forestry management South Molton, tree dismantling, crown lifting South Molton, dead wooding South Molton, woodland clearance, tree waste removal South Molton, hedge trimming, coppicing, tree surveys South Molton and other tree surgeon services in South Molton, Devon. Listed are just a few of the activities that are accomplished by tree surgeons. South Molton professionals will keep you informed about their whole range of services.

Latest Tree Surgery Requests

Tree Surgery Projects South Molton

Mr and Mrs Wade want somebody to totally remove a conifer and a beech tree, and cut back several other conifer trees in their garden in Swimbridge. In Hemyock Mr Ernie Singh needs a tree surgeon to cut back 3 conifers and remove all the waste material. In Starcross, Devon Mrs Cassie More needs a tree surgeon who can do some stump grinding to remove two massive pine stumps. Mr and Mrs Barlow are hunting for a dependable tree surgeon in Beer who can do some hedge cutting and shrub trimming. Mr and Mrs Parker are looking for a specialist in Shebbear, Devon to cut back a 30 metre length of box hedge to a workable height. Mrs Macie Wale was wishing to get a quote from a tree surgeon in Halwill who can remove approximately six conifers with diameters of 150mm to 200mm in the garden of her detached property. In Fremington, Devon Mr Yannis Worthington needs a tree surgeon who can remove a very big cedar tree ASAP. Mrs Effie Fisher was in search of a tree surgeon who can do a bit of after winter hedge and tree pruning in her garden in Dartington.

Obtaining Advice and Guidance

When you're speaking with local South Molton tree surgeons, you should ask questions like: Are you joined to a trusted professional association (such as The Arboricultural Association or the International Society of Arboriculture)? Can you provide me with an estimate in writing? Can you produce references from previous clients? Have you got employment and public liability insurance? Do you and your employees have the appropriate qualifications and certificates (for using chainsaws and tree care)? Does your work adhere to the BS3998 British Standard? to verify that they know precisely what they're doing and that they won't cause permanent damage to your trees. If the tree surgeon doesn't provide you with positive responses to any of those questions, keep searching.

Tree Surgery Information

To find an abundance of helpful details regarding ways to choose a first-rate tree surgeon, combined with a searchable directory of licensed tree surgeons in the United Kingdom, you can visit the AA (Arboricultural Association) site. A further good resource is the International Society of Arboriculture website which has a "verify arborist's credentials" tool (here) and a "find a tree surgeon (arborist)" tool. You can also read loads of information on the tree surgery profession by checking out the trusty Wikipedia "Arborist" page here. Submitting a form with one of the trade review portals such as Checkatrade or Rated People, where testimonials are available to study and required credentials have been already corroborated, will also save you a considerable amount of time and energy, since they do nearly all of the work for you. The Government financed Trustmark is also a splendid resource for obtaining trusted tradespeople, including tree surgeons.

Tree Surgery Apprenticeships - Training - Courses South Molton

Tree Surgery Training - Courses - Apprenticeships South Molton

Having a job as a tree surgeon is a fulfilling and rewarding way to earn a living. There are a range of ways by which you can start a career in tree surgery including enrolling for a college course, commencing at the bottom (perhaps as a groundworker) and working towards this role, subscribing to a private course, taking a course in university or gaining a tree surgery apprenticeship. Applications for tree surgery apprenticeships in South Molton can be sent in while you're still in school, where they are available. All over the UK, there are college courses and private courses in tree surgery, and folks of all age groups can register. A variety of related university courses are available in arboriculture, forestry, forest management, countryside management and woodland ecology & conservation, and students with the correct qualifications (ordinarily one to three "A" levels) can strive for degrees, higher national diplomas and foundation degrees. If none of the above options take your fancy, it might be possible to get some tree management experience by undertaking voluntary work for groups and organisations such as the National Trust, the Woodland Trust, the Tree Council or the Forestry Commission. If you came here trying to find details on "how to become a tree surgeon in South Molton", we hope this brief article has proved helpful. The National Careers Service website is the place to head for in order to view more information on how to become a tree surgeon. (Tags: Tree Surgery Training South Molton, Tree Surgery Courses South Molton, Tree Surgery Apprenticeships South Molton)

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