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Coulsdon Tree Surgeons (CR5): It's no great surprise that there are trees growing on a large number of properties in Coulsdon. Even though trees are vital for the well-being of the planet, provide a home for wildlife and are wonderful to look at, they need to be cared for and maintained properly. They can become overgrown, be affected by disease, and in some cases need pruning and other regular maintenance tasks. When the weather is windy trees can even become a hazard, as branches or even whole sections of tree can snap off and fall to the floor, possibly causing damage to property, cars or even passers-by. If you've trees growing on your home or business premises in Coulsdon, it is your responsibility to look after them.

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Many DIY tree care procedures are of course possible if you've got a hands-on approach, and the maintenance of shrubs, hedges, fruit trees and smaller trees, can all be done by an avid gardener. Routine pruning and the trimming of tree growth that can be reached from ground level are pretty simple tasks, and can be tackled if you know what you're doing, have an appropriate tools and are self-confident. If large trees are involved that will require ladders or climbing, the project is best left to the experts.

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When climbing or accessing tall trees, it isn't simply the risk of you falling and hurting yourself, it's also the risk of you injuring others by dropping heavy branches or tools while working at height. If you can picture yourself balancing perilously up a tree brandishing a powered-up chainsaw or even a sharp handsaw, that should be sufficient to put you off the idea for good.

Your initial thoughts may be that a gardener would be the perfect person to call for your tree care needs. But in most cases, gardeners aren't suitably qualified to deal with tree felling or larger tree related projects. The individual who will have the proper equipment, tools and qualifications for any form of tree care work, is a tree surgeon. Special tools such as chipping machines, harnesses and chainsaws might be needed to perform your tree care work, but will naturally depend on the scale of the work and the type and size of trees that you've got.

A genuine Coulsdon tree surgeon will be properly qualified in arboriculture, will be familiar with using such equipment and tools and will hold particular certifications. Although numerous folks in Coulsdon will claim to be tree surgeons, ensure you use one who's got these certifications:

  • CS38 (NPTC 206/306) - Tree climbing & tree rescue.
  • CS39 (NPTC 308) - Usage of chainsaw from a rope and harness.
  • CS30 (NPTC 201/202) - Chainsaw crosscut & maintenance.
  • CS31 (NPTC 203) - Fell & process small trees up to 15 inches (380mm) diameter.

Tree surgeons should also have first-aid instruction. It is also crucial that all tree surgery in Coulsdon is carried out according to British Standards (BS3998) recommendations.

When you're hunting around to find a good tree surgeon in Coulsdon, you should be looking for these standard qualifications at the very least. If the person you are considering does not have any of these certifications you should look elsewhere. You can tell someone is a more experienced Coulsdon tree surgeon if they have also taken the time to get qualifications such as City and Guilds in woodland conservation & ecology, countryside management, forestry, forest management or arboriculture.

Tree Surgeons Coulsdon (CR5)

A whole host of tree related tasks such as transplanting, pest control, tree surgery, tree felling, tree removal, stump grinding, the protection of trees from grazing, tree planting and disease identification, can be undertaken by a properly trained tree surgeon in Coulsdon.

For Coulsdon homeowners the most likely services they'll be in need of will be damage restoration, crown reduction, crown raising, pruning, crown cleaning, staking, crown thinning or tree removal.

For the safety of themselves, passers-by and the householder, a seasoned Coulsdon tree surgeon should be competent in using wood shredders, harnesses, rigging ropes, winches, rigging pulleys, lowering slings, loppers, slackline kits, climbing ropes, stump grinding machines, pole saws, chain saws, and other tree surgery tools. Anyone who arrives on the job with just a handsaw and a step-ladder should swiftly be shown the door.

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Before carrying out any major work on your trees in Coulsdon, you must make sure that none of them have TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders) If you make contact with your local authority, they will let you know whether any of your trees are protected by a Tree Preservation Order. Speak to your tree surgeon about this - they'll be happy to check all this out for you.

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Once you have decided that you need professional assistance with your tree care, you'll need to look for a reputable tree surgeon in Coulsdon. This can be achieved using one of the following options: You could check out the Yellow Pages or your local newspaper. If family or friends have used a tree surgeon, you can get a recommendation from them. You could find out what the online trade portals provide you with by submitting your requirements on Rated People, Checkatrade or Bark. You could search on the internet and track down the web sites of local tree surgeons working in and around Coulsdon. These techniques should give you a reasonable short list of likely tree surgeons.

If you aim to have the very best, you should try to find an ARB (Arboricultural Association) approved tree surgeon who will have gone through extensive checks for:

  • Operations, knowledge and high work standards.
  • Top quality customer care.
  • Development and training.
  • Compliance with current arboricultural legislation.
  • Compliance with legislation for health and safety.

When it comes to tree surgery in Coulsdon you should try to steer clear of rogue traders, cowboys and jack-of-all-trades types. Tree surgery should never be attempted by anybody who is not fully trained, and as we have said before, this sort of is dangerous work.

If you do not hire someone who's experienced, permanent harm could be done to your trees, which I'm sure is not something you want to happen. If you want to maintain the wellbeing of your trees, stick with the experts, because lopping, treating or pruning trees at the wrong time of the year or in an improper way can have serious consequences.

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You shouldn't just bring one company in and accept the first quotation you're given, try to obtain at least 3 or 4 estimates from different tree surgeons in Coulsdon, so you can make a better judgement. Do not just opt for the cheapest price, consider all the estimates you've received and do a bit more research.

Try to ask lots of delving questions, if they give confident answers and give the impression that they know what they're talking about - it's likely that they do! You will want to ensure that they are satisfactorily insured (2 million pounds is the minimum amount for tree surgeons), and you'll also want to know everything that is included in the price you've been quoted. One of the vital things that you'll want to determine is whether waste removal is included in the quote. They're going to create a great deal of branches and waste, so ensure that they'll take this away for you.

Asking to see some references from past customers would also be a good idea. If your tree surgery company in Coulsdon is reliable they'll be thrilled to provide references and even photos of work that they have completed previously. It might also be worth checking their Facebook page (if they have one), because it's very likely to contain some useful clues about the reliability of the company and the clientele it serves.

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Locally based Coulsdon tree surgery services are likely to have the telephone code 020/01737 and the postcode CR5. They will operate in Coulsdon itself, along with nearby areas such as Burgh Heath, Banstead, Tadworth, Woodmansterne, Kingswood, Merstham, Hooley, Chipstead, Little Woodcote, Carshalton Beeches, Carshalton on the Hill, Walton on the Hill, Kenley, Chaldon, and these postcodes: CR5 1AP, CR5 1BT, CR3 5QS, CR5 1DN, CR5 1ER, CR5 1BA, CR5 1AH, CR5 1SE, CR5 1PJ, CR5 1BN.

If you need this kind of service it's unquestionably better to employ a competent local tree surgeon. Coulsdon home and business owners can greatly benefit from the skills and knowhow that are the trademark of a trained professional.

Ash Dieback

A fungal disease affecting ash trees, that was first documented in Britain in 2012, ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) is expected to decimate about 80% of the current ash trees. Following on from the catastrophe of Dutch Elm Disease, which killed Britain's elm trees, ash dieback is almost certain to have a huge impact on our beloved countryside.

A damaging disease of trees of the Fraxinus genus, ash dieback has an especially devastating effect on the British common ash (Fraxinus excelsior). Originally coming from Asia where the native Chinese ash (Fraxinus chinensis) and Manchurian ash (Fraxinus mandshurica) are less seriously affected by it, the fungus which causes the disease is called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (H. fraxineus), and it kills off the tree by blocking its vascular systems.

Rapidly spread by spores which are produced by the fruiting bodies of the fungus, and can travel for miles on the wind, ash dieback is prevalent in most parts of Great Britain with up to 85% mortality rates.

The obvious symptoms of ash dieback are:

  • Leaves that wilt, turn black and fall prematurely.
  • The formation of diamond shaped lesions where limbs meet with the trunk.
  • New epicormic growth appearing from buds that were dormant previously.
  • New shoots and leaves that are dying during the summer.
  • Leaves that develop dark patches during the summertime.

Sometimes ash trees have the tenacity to combat initial infections, but as the disease returns year after year, they eventually perish. There is currently no cure for ash dieback, and no clear-cut method for stopping its spread.

Although the Forestry Commission's "Tree Alert Service" is currently only interested in cases reported in new locations where it hasn't previously been reported, if you are concerned about an ash tree on your property in Coulsdon, you should contact a local tree surgeon or tree specialist to confirm the diagnosis and suggest a plan of action.

Trees which are affected by ash dieback: Fraxinus excelsior, Fraxinus ornus, Fraxinus pennsylvanica, Fraxinus mandschurica, Fraxinus nigra, Fraxinus angustifolia, Fraxinus americana.

(Tags: Ash Dieback Symptoms, Chalara Ash Dieback Coulsdon, Spotting Ash Dieback).

Logs & Firewood Coulsdon

Firewood Logs Coulsdon

Of course, you might be looking for a tree surgeon for an entirely different reason, since they are often an excellent source for logs or firewood in Coulsdon. Since tree surgeons spend a good deal or their time cutting down trees and branches, I guess this is no great surprise.

Some tree surgeons in the Coulsdon area may be prepared to give you branches and logs free of charge, since they've always got lots of them to dispose of, while others will charge a fee for seasoned and chopped logs which are dried out and ready for burning.

The perfect logs to burn on your log burner or open fire will be those that have a moisture content of below 20%, and will have been left to dry out for at least twelve months. Normally tree surgeons in Coulsdon will have supplies of assorted hardwood logs, and the good thing about these is that they give a sustained burn, and provide many hours of comforting heat. Softwood logs are wonderful for starting a fire, so if you can get your hands on some of these as well, that is going to be helpful.

Pollarding Trees Coulsdon

Tree Pollarding Coulsdon

The method whereby the size of a tree is greatly reduced because it has gotten too big for its present setting, is referred to as "pollarding". The development of cultivated qualities and the transforming of trees into certain shapes can also be accomplished by the pollarding technique. You'll commonly notice trees which have been pollarded alongside roadways in Coulsdon, and also quite frequently in hedgerows For individuals who love trees it's not an especially popular procedure, seeing that the result tends to be somewhat bare and harsh, with the appearance of being almost lifeless. Tree species like planes, sycamores, beeches, oaks, limes, horse chestnuts and maples are regular contenders for the pollarding process, and on the positive side trees that may otherwise need to be cut down can be kept for generations to come.

The ISA - International Society of Arboriculture

Having its headquarters in Atlanta, United States, the International Society of Arboriculture, generally referred to as simply the ISA is a non-profit organisation that encourages the benefits and awareness of trees. Serving the tree care industry across the world, the ISA is a membership association that advances the professional practice of arboriculture, and provides accreditations for tree care professionals.

Encouraging best tree care practices through educational services, publications and events, the ISA has a firm focus on allowing those in the tree care industry develop their knowledge, arboricultural expertise and skills wherever possible.

The Arboricultural Association became an associate organisation of the ISA after signing a mid-2016 agreement with them. This allowed the two organisations to strengthen their relationship, whilst offering more opportunities for any tree surgeon in the UK and Ireland who's a member of the ISA. Any UK tree care professionals with either AA or ISA membership are now able to enjoy the wide and diverse benefits of being an integral part of a unique international network. Boasting over 22000 members internationally the ISA now has associate organisations and professional affiliates in South Africa, Europe, Australia, Asia, New Zealand, and the UK.

Problematic Tree Roots Coulsdon

Problem Tree Roots Coulsdon Greater London

When they are growing too close to your dwelling in Coulsdon, some larger trees have particularly invasive roots, and can be troublesome. These issues could include things like cracked patios, blocked drains and damaged foundations, to name just a few. Species like maples, elms, sycamores and willows, are trees that have extremely invasive roots.

Problems can be avoided down the line, if you make certain that you plant new trees as far away as possible from your drainage pipes, your home, patios and paths. You should get hold of a tree surgeon in Coulsdon, to see what can be done, if pre-existing trees are growing too near to your house and are causing one or more of these issues.

This is not really the kind of job you should try and do by yourself, and simply hacking off the invasive tree roots could kill the tree or significantly affect it's overall health. For a tree to survive successfully it will still need to be getting enough food and water, and a qualified arborist in Coulsdon will know precisely which roots should be left, and which roots can be cut back.

Shrub and tree roots regularly cause cracks in subterranean drainage systems, because sewer pipes provide a continuous source of nutrients and water. Blockages and joint failure can arise when a drainage system's joints are invaded by tiny roots, which can eventually develop into enormous root balls as soon as they are established. By using high pressure jetting, electro-mechanical equipment or manual rod clearance, many Coulsdon tree surgeons will be able to offer specialist root removal services. Invasive root removal services are also available in Burgh Heath, Banstead, Tadworth, Woodmansterne, Kingswood, Merstham, Hooley, Chipstead, Little Woodcote, Carshalton Beeches, Carshalton on the Hill, Walton on the Hill, Kenley, Chaldon, and in Coulsdon, Greater London.

Protecting Trees & Shrubs in the Wintertime

Although the winter conditions are seldom severe enough to justify protecting your shrubs and trees, it is definitely worth considering as a precaution. In fact, even trees, shrubs and plants that we usually think of as being hardy, can benefit from a bit of additional protection during the cooler winter months.

Storms and strong winds can cause the biggest problems where trees are concerned, and despite the fact that come winter most of your trees will have shed their leaves, they could still be susceptible in extreme conditions. If you are concerned about the condition of a tree, or it looks like it could topple over, you should call in a tree surgeon to inspect it and complete a risk assessment. You can also have problems with breaking branches due to heavy snowfall, therefore when this kind of weather is anticipated, keep a watch out for possible damage. In the height of winter, your shrubs and trees might require some protection from frost and ice. Spreading a thick layer of mulch round the bases of the stems will allow them to absorb moisture and prevent the soil around the roots from freezing.

Preventing Storm Damage

Of all the things that grow in our garden, trees give the impression of being the strongest, sturdiest and the most likely to survive the vagaries of Mother Nature. Some types of trees can actually survive for several hundred years and will do so happily in most circumstances.

Having said that, they can be extremely susceptible to the elements when faced with certain conditions, and it isn't simply the possibility of falling limbs and branches, but in extreme circumstances the entire tree can topple over. High winds and gales pose serious problems for trees, and this form of damage has become more and more commonplace in Coulsdon, as the number of severe weather events and storms escalates with climate change. Heavy snowfall during winter can also be a problem, as can waterlogged soil resulting from prolonged periods of rain or flooding.

To lessen the chance of issues with your trees in severe weather conditions, it's a good idea to get a qualified Coulsdon tree surgeon to check them out from time to time, and trim any dead, dying or excessively long branches.

To stop larger trees getting struck by lightning, and to protect nearby buildings and property which could be susceptible to "arcs" or side-flashes, it's also recommended to install copper conductors, lightning rods, or other lightning protection systems. Lightning strikes can severely weaken trees, making them more vulnerable to pest attacks and disease, and even kill them in some circumstances. While you may not imagine that lightning is all that common in Coulsdon, every year something like three hundred thousand strikes occur throughout the UK.

Your local Coulsdon tree surgery firm will be able to give you guidance and advice on what can be done to safeguard your trees from being damaged by storms, and reduce the risk of mishaps occurring as a result of this. (Tags: Storm Damage Prevention Coulsdon, Storm Damaged Trees Coulsdon, Storm Damage Coulsdon).

Dead-Wooding Coulsdon

An important part of tree care and upkeep, the practice of dead-wooding (or deadwooding) will be carried out by all competent tree surgeons in Coulsdon. Dead-wooding involves the removal of dead and rotting branches that could pose a hazard to property, pedestrians or vehicles. A tree's branches can die off due to a number of reasons, the most widespread being disease, damage to the root system, heavy shading or pest attacks.

Although safety is clearly the most frequent reason for dead-wooding, it's quite often done to make the tree more visually appealing, or so that the tree itself will benefit from the process. Infestation by insects and the spread of disease can be attracted by an excessive number of dying, damaged and dead branches, therefore the tree's health can be dramatically improved by eliminating these dead branches. A tree with a lot of dead wood also looks unattractive and ruins its appearance, so this can be removed to get your tree looking great once more.

As small dead branches pose little risk, only more substantial ones will be cut out in most instances. Having said that, it might be essential to cut out and remove any dead limbs that are over 50mm in diameter, where trees in Coulsdon overhang a park, a public space, a highway, a garden or a home.

Eco-Plugging Tree Stumps Coulsdon

Stump grinding is the traditional strategy used by most tree surgeons in Coulsdon for removing large tree stumps. However, "eco-plugging" is becoming increasingly more popular as an easier and more affordable solution to this issue. Not only is this method less expensive, it can also be employed where stump grinding accessibility issues exist, in hard-to-reach and awkward locations.

Eco-plugging is an effective treatment for killing off tree stumps and has no effect on any nearby vegetation and trees. Eco-plugs can be utilised throughout the year and in all weather conditions, and they destroy the entire root system of the stump. Eco-plugs contain a type of crystalline glyphosate herbicide which is suitable for treating a wide array of trees, and is 95% to 100% effective.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Coulsdon

It is vital to it is best to work with a tree surgeon having the appropriate knowhow and gear, when you need to get specialist services like stump grinding carried out in Coulsdon. Seasoned tree surgeons should always clear all sizes of tree stump to a good 12 inches below the surface. Working with the appropriate machinery ensures they are able to grind out stubborn roots and stumps very close to structures and walls while avoiding damage. This purpose built grinding apparatus is so adaptable that it can even be used to remove stumps which are tucked away in alleys, passageways and similarly inaccessible spots. It can involve a herculean effort to get rid of the stumps of big trees, where the stump and main roots go down to a considerable depth, rendering the job even more difficult if you don't have the correct gear. (Tags: Tree Stump Removal Coulsdon, Stump Grinding Coulsdon, Stump Removal Coulsdon)

Tree Surgery Tasks Coulsdon

Tree Surgery Tasks Coulsdon UK

Coulsdon tree surgeons can generally help with tree cutting in Coulsdon, landscaping Coulsdon, airspading in Coulsdon, hedge cutting, tree management, root flare exposure Coulsdon, tree watering in Coulsdon, eco plug treatments, tree waste removal, site clearance, woodchipping, the removal of dead wood Coulsdon, dead wooding, coppicing, stump treatment, root grinding, tree lopping in Coulsdon, waste removal, forestry management, landscape clearing, tree felling, arboriculture Coulsdon, cut sealing, stump removal in Coulsdon, crown cleaning, tree lightening protection in Coulsdon, crown reduction in Coulsdon, retrenchment pruning in Coulsdon, formative pruning, tree pruning, shielding trees from grazing, shrub maintenance Coulsdon, root pruning, woodland clearance, tree planning Coulsdon and other tree surgeon services in Coulsdon, Greater London. These are just a small portion of the tasks that are conducted by tree surgeons. Coulsdon specialists will be happy to inform you of their full range of services.

Latest Tree Surgery Projects

Coulsdon Tree Surgery Projects

Brogan Nesbitt was on the lookout for a local tree surgeon near Chalk Farm to do stump grinding. In Northolt Ms Gabriella Baron needs a tree surgeon who can remove and dispose of a 30ft monkey puzzle tree. Leonidas Goodman was hoping to get a quotation from a tree surgeon in Isleworth to cut back 4 conifers and remove all the waste in the garden of his property. Mr and Mrs Clifton need a specialist tree surgeon in Battersea, Greater London who can cut back a beech tree which has overgrown a next door neighbours garden. Gabrielius Bond was in need of a tree surgeon who can remove an extremely big cedar tree ASAP from his garden in Brompton. Denis and Lyra Glover were hoping to get a quotation from a tree surgeon in Muswell Hill who can clip a 30m run of privet hedge to a sensible height in the garden of their semi-detached house. Mrs Lula Howarth from Burnt Oak wants to hire somebody to do some after winter tree and hedge pruning. In Cudham, Greater London, Fionn and Husna Storr are trying to find an expert who'll prune their plum trees.

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