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Coulsdon Tree Surgeons (CR5) Greater London: You might not be aware of this fact, but you're accountable for the safe management and care of any trees that you've got in your garden in Coulsdon. Routine inspection by a qualified tree care professional or arborist is essential to ensure that all the trees within the boundaries of your property are well maintained and in sound condition. If, due to your negligence, one of your trees causes an injury to a passer-by, or damages property or a vehicle, you could easily be taken to court and fined.

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In the field of arboriculture, tree surgery is a highly skilled job. A tree surgeon in Coulsdon can carry out all types of work from complex tree surgery projects to the care and maintenance of other plant varieties. If work needs completing on any of your bushes or trees in Coulsdon, and it seems beyond the skills of your gardener or yourself, getting a quotation from a tree care professional could be the answer.

Specialist Tree Surgeon Coulsdon Greater London

A broad knowledge of shrubs, trees and the problems and diseases they all suffer from is essential, as this type of work is highly specialised, and involves a substantial amount of training.

A certified Coulsdon tree surgeon will advise you on the most suitable action to take when faced with tree related problems. Among the typical problems you might encounter, and those that they're able to offer you advice on are:

Tree Pruning and Felling: It is essential to obtain a tree surgery estimate if you have a tree whose limbs or branches are creating a hazard by overhanging too much or growing too close to electricity lines, or that is growing too near to your home in Coulsdon. These are projects that simply should not be tackled by someone without the necessary expertise.

Certified Tree Surgeons Coulsdon (020/01737)

You might not just severely injure yourself or other people through your actions, you could also further harm the tree. Getting a local Coulsdon tree surgeon to prune trees that are overhanging pathways and roads etc, to help reduce the chance of branches or limbs falling onto them and causing damage or injury, is also a good idea.

Treating Infections & Bacteria: With these kinds of problems it is vitally important to bring in a specialist. And, by obtaining a tree surgery quote from a skilled professional, you'll be employing someone in Coulsdon with several years of experience to recognise and treat any infections, bacteria or pests that could be harming the trees in your garden. They will be in a position to offer guidance on best treatment plan, and the appropriate remedy for the issue.

You can easily make the difference between losing and preserving a precious tree or shrub, by hiring an experienced Coulsdon tree surgeon.

Tree Surgery Quotes for Coulsdon Greater London

Locally based Coulsdon tree surgery services will most likely have the dialling code 020/01737 and the postcode CR5. They'll work in Coulsdon itself, as well as nearby areas like Burgh Heath, Chaldon, Merstham, Chipstead, Walton on the Hill, Kenley, Hooley, Carshalton on the Hill, Tadworth, Banstead, Woodmansterne, Kingswood, Little Woodcote, Carshalton Beeches, and in postcode areas such as: CR5 1LQ, CR5 1DP, CR5 1BZ, CR5 1BX, CR5 1EU, CR5 1QE, CR5 1JQ, CR5 1HP, CR5 1ER, CR5 1SL.

If you require this type of service it's unquestionably a good idea to use a qualified local tree surgeon. Coulsdon homeowners can benefit greatly from the skills offered by a trained professional.

Hedge Cutting Coulsdon

Whilst focusing primarily on specialist tree care work, tree surgeons in Coulsdon are quite often involved in the maintenance and trimming of hedges. When you've got conifer hedges like Leylandii, this is particularly important, as they can quickly get so tall that a homeowner or gardener will find them all but impossible to deal with using bog standard tools.

When hedges are uncared for and poorly maintained, they can get out of control and overgrown pretty quickly. If you prefer to have a hedge that does not overrun your garden in Coulsdon, routine trimming makes sense, and this is crucial not just for aesthetic reasons, but also to make your hedge much stronger.

Tidy hedges help make your garden and property neater and more attractive, which will be a huge advantage if you are thinking about selling your home in Coulsdon in the near future. (Tags: Hedge Trimming Coulsdon, Hedge Clipping Coulsdon, Hedge Care Coulsdon, Hedge Cutting Coulsdon).

Storm Damage Coulsdon

While we're all aware of the extreme power of Mother Nature, larger trees seem sturdy, strong and capable of standing up to just about anything. In actual fact certain types of tree can live for several hundred years and do so happily and without problems.

Yet, trees can be quite vulnerable to the elements when confronted by certain conditions, and it's not merely the possibility of falling tree limbs or branches, but in times of extreme weather the whole tree can fall to the ground. High winds are the arch enemy of trees, and this sort of damage is becoming more and more common in Coulsdon, as the number of violent storms and weather events increases with climate change. Other issues can be heavy winter snow, and saturated soil during floods or prolonged periods of rain.

To lessen the likelihood of issues with your trees in severe weather conditions, it is a good idea to get a qualified Coulsdon tree surgeon to examine them every now and then, and prune any dead, dying or excessively long branches.

Taller trees can also be fitted with copper conductors, lightning rods, or other protection systems, to lower the risk of them being struck by lightning and to stop nearby buildings and property being affected by "arcs" or "jumps". A tree that is struck by lightning can be severely weakened or even killed, a weakened tree can be left susceptible to decay, disease or pests - not a happy situation! For any of you who believe that lightning is not all that common, there are around three hundred thousand strikes in the United Kingdom annually.

Your local Coulsdon tree surgery company will be able to offer advice on what protection your trees can be given from storm damage, and reduce the risk of mishaps taking place because of this.

Wood Chipping Coulsdon

The majority of Coulsdon tree surgeons will use wood chipping machines to process the smaller limbs and branches that result from their work. Subject to the equipment that is being used, these impressive wood chipping systems can munch up as much as forty tons of material per hour, although approximately five tonnes each hour will be processed by the more frequently used machines.

Chopping down the branches in this way makes them much easier to transport and also provides a useful material that can be used for a whole host of things such as, mulch, weed prevention, ecosystem restoration, wood pulp, landscaping, mushroom cultivation, garden pathways and biomass fuel.

The majority of tree surgeons in Coulsdon will be very happy to let you keep the wood chips that have been produced during the tree work, if you've got a use for them, if not they will generally take them away to use on other landscaping projects. Tree surgeons are a reliable source for wood chippings that you can use for various purposes throughout your garden, even if you don't require any tree surgery doing on your property in Coulsdon. If you need wood chippings to be delivered then certain tree surgeons will charge a fee for this service, others let you have them without cost.

Companies such as Timberwolf, Crytec, Forest Master and Hyundai, make some of the best know wood chipping machines that are used in Coulsdon.

Dutch Elm Disease

Devastating tree stocks and killing off millions of elm trees throughout Britain during the last fifty years or so, Dutch Elm Disease (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi) isn't so widespread now, as it was in the past. Caused by the Ophiostoma novo-ulmi fungus which is spread by the elm bark beetle (especially the Scolytus genus), Dutch Elm Disease was introduced into the British Isles unintentionally in the late nineteen sixties from Canada.

After arriving in the British Isles, it spread quickly through the transportation of elm products such as mulching bark, elm crates, saplings, and firewood logs with the bark on. Thought to have originated in Asia (possibly Japan), Dutch Elm Disease did not only affect trees in the UK, but also ravaged the stocks of elm trees in continental Europe, North America and New Zealand.

The first signs of Dutch Elm Disease are:

  • A "shepherd's crook" reaction on affected twigs.
  • Clusters of leaves that turn yellow, wilt and fall.
  • Twigs with dark streaks under the bark.
  • New shoots dying back from the tips.

It normally starts to appear in early summer.

The chopping down of dead, dying and infected trees, has effectively eradicated the beetle's habitat, and in recent years the spread of DED has been significantly slowed. The propagation of young elms which are resistant to DED is a continuing project.

You can get hold of your neighbourhood tree surgeon for guidance, if you are suspicious that you may have infected elm trees on your property in Coulsdon, or you could put in a request for a diagnosis from the Tree Health Diagnostic & Advisory Service (THDAS), for which there is a fee.

Tree families affected: Ulmacae and Zelkova.

Vectors - small beetles of the Scolytus family.

Cause - fungi Ophiostoma Novo-Ulmi and Ophiostoma Ulmi.

Air-Spading Coulsdon

When the health of your trees is a concern, this could be due to any one of a number of issues, but is frequently because of problems with the root system. In order to check for soil compaction, root rot, or other problems, a qualified tree surgeon in Coulsdon might need to get at the roots of your tree.

Previously this was quite difficult, due to the potential for damaging the roots in the digging down process. The system that many modern day tree surgeons use is known as "air spading", which is where compressed air is employed to break up and clear away compressed soil without damaging tree roots or utility lines.

On occasion, building work, passing vehicles or foot traffic can cause the soil around a tree's roots to become compacted, and this is known to have a negative effect on its health. A tree can become "stressed" when it does not get adequate nutrients and water, which renders it more prone to attacks by pests, insects and disease. Air spading is also useful for resolving root flare problems, where the flare at the base of the stem becomes covered with an excess of soil, causing tissue breakdown, and heightening the possibility of root decay.

The air spading process involves the use of an air-spading tool and an air compressor which blows air directly into the soil at a speed of 1200mph, the air enters the voids in the soil and instantly breaks it apart, whilst leaving tree roots and nearby utilities unaffected. All the compacted soil is blown away from the roots by the highly powerful air flow, permitting instant inspection and investigation. The previously compact soil can then be replaced with wood chip mulch and fertiliser to revitalize the tree, and solve any problems.

Tree Stump Removal Coulsdon

When you've a tree that needs removing in your garden in Coulsdon, there is also a tree stump to consider. You might consider allowing it to decay and rot away naturally, and be perfectly happy to leave it to its own devices. However, a sizable stump could take quite a few years to rot down, and may even produce new suckers in an effort to regrow itself. Protruding stumps can also attract undesirable pests, be an eyesore, and a trip hazard.

There are a number of techniques for removing a tree stump entirely, but stump grinding or stump removal are the 2 primary choices. Below we will be looking at the stump removal option.

With regards to getting rid of a tree stump, the three primary methods are burning, digging out by hand and chemical treatments. If you wish to have a crack at tree stump removal for yourself, you could pick any of these strategies when suitable. Professional tree surgeons will typically go with the aforementioned stump grinding solution, although might suggest a chemical stump removal treatment such as eco-plugging.

Chemical Stump Treatments: If you decide on the chemical removal method, this will involve the use of Vitax SBK Stump Killer, Roundup Tree Stump Remover or Resolva Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer. You must always study and closely follow the manufacturer's directions for quantities, timings and applications for these chemical solutions, and bear in mind that they're toxic and often inflammable. The tree stump will take quite a few weeks to break down and can then be chopped up and removed with an axe and a spade.

Stump Burning Techniques: Since it can be dangerous and may contravene local laws, burning a stump isn't really recommended, so if you use this approach, be very careful. You'll need to drill some one inch holes into the tree stump, and pour in some vegetable oil, you'll need to keep the holes topped up for several days until the stump has become completely soaked. The stump is then heaped up with charcoal and set alight. A fire like this shouldn't be left unattended, and should be supervised until safe to do so. Once it's finished burning, make certain the fire is completely out, leave it to cool off and then dig out the remnants of stump and roots.

Other solutions include digging out and clearing all the soil away from under the stump, and lighting a fire in the excavated cavity that has been established. None of these burning solutions should should be considered appropriate if the tree stump is near to a building, fences or other trees.

Digging Out by Hand: Digging up a stump by hand calls for a few tools such as a handsaw, a chainsaw, a pointed shovel and loppers. It involves digging down to uncover the roots, chopping the roots with loppers or a saw, and eventually freeing up the stump, or making it easier to pull out. For the final lifting process you may find that you need to get hold of a winch. This type of work is not for the unfit or faint-hearted, as it's tiring and tedious.

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Accidents Through Tree Surgery

As was stated earlier, the work that tree surgeons and tree care professionals in Coulsdon do, involves a high level of danger. Tree work involves a considerable risk of injury to both operatives, co-workers and passers-by, therefore all possible safety measures must be implemented when working on trees.

It would seem (as reported by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)), that falls from trees, the use of chainsaws, and being struck by a falling branch or tree are responsible for a large majority of fatal and major injuries that are linked to tree work. In actual fact, the risk of being seriously injured is higher in tree surgery work than it is in the construction industry.

The majority of accident claims, when it comes to insurance, are for being struck by objects (trees, ropes, cranes, branches, grapple hooks etc), falling from ladders and lifting injuries.

When work needs to be done on your trees, this all emphasises the need for employing a competent Coulsdon tree surgeon. Quite often, accidents that occur in the tree care industry are down to untrained novices attempting work that they aren't equipped for, nor skilled at. Therefore, to avoid this type of issue, always try to use an experienced and reputable company which has been working in the Coulsdon area for several years.

Tree Preservation Orders Coulsdon

You need to make certain that there is no Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on your trees in Coulsdon, before you carry out any major work on them. You local planning authority is the place to go to check whether there are TPOs on any of your property's trees. If any of your trees have TPOs, you cannot carry out uprooting, lopping, cutting down, topping, wilful damage, wilful destruction or removal, without written approval from your local authority. Ask your tree surgeon about this - they'll be able to check this out for you.

If your property is inside a conservation area in Coulsdon, and intend to perform any work on a tree with a trunk diameter of seventy five millimetres or more (1.5m from the ground), you need to give a minimum of 6 wks notice in writing to your local council.

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Ned and Serena Fallows were trying to get a quote from a tree surgeon in Haggerston who can cut back a 30 metre run of beech hedge to a sensible height in the garden of their terraced home. Gethin Holloway was in search of a tree surgeon who can remove a really large cedar tree ASAP from his garden in Barnes. Mrs Isabella Russell in Parsons Green needs someone who'll remove and ethically dispose of a 30 foot monkey puzzle tree. In Stroud Green, George and Ciara Campbell are trying to find someone who'll do some hedge cutting and bush trimming. Caiden and Gloria Flower were looking to get a quotation from a tree surgeon in Ealing who can prune some apple trees in their garden. Kairo Brady was in search of a tree surgeon to cut a tall hedge down to a height of 5ft and remove everything afterwards in his garden in Shirley. Mrs Arielle Coffey from Swiss Cottage needs to find someone who'll undertake a bit of after winter hedge and tree pruning. Jeremiah Oleary was in need of a tree surgeon to undertake the pollarding of some trees along a path in his garden in New Barnet.

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Coulsdon tree surgeons can normally help you with arboriculture, cut sealing, tree felling Coulsdon, root removal, tree care services, residential tree surgery, tree fertilising, air spading in Coulsdon, tree lopping Coulsdon, tree cutting in Coulsdon, tree bracing Coulsdon, retrenchment pruning Coulsdon, woodchipping, shrub maintenance, hedge cutting, crown raising in Coulsdon, crown reduction, vegetation management, tree pruning, emergency tree surgery, eco-plugging, tree lightening protection, woodland management, pest control, damage restoration Coulsdon, waste removal, tree replanting Coulsdon, root grinding in Coulsdon, forestry management in Coulsdon, landscape clearing, tree work, tree surveys, tree maintenance and other tree surgeon services in Coulsdon, Greater London.

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