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Dulwich Tree Surgeons (SE21): If you've got trees on your property in Dulwich, you'll probably need to have them looked at by a tree surgeon at some time in the future. Cutting branches off trees isn't an activity you want to be tackling by yourself, unless you've got the required tools and skills. A licenced tree surgeon (arboriculturalist) will have all the proper safety gear and should be familiar with the regulations with regards to trees and the care of them.

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There may be a number of different reasons why you might need to call a tree surgeon, therefore it would be useful to skip through them now. Tree surgeons don't merely deal with damaged trees which might tumble onto a road or building, as you would have observed after storms. They additionally sort out stuff like surveying trees for disease or damage so that these problems are dealt with early doors, making tree maintenance or management plans to keep the trees in good condition, removing old tree stumps that are causing annoyance and reducing or thinning trees to generate more light and space in your garden.

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Seeing that where trees are involved there are both safety and conservation factors, it's important to call on an accredited Dulwich tree surgeon for any tree related jobs in your garden. They're required by law to have suitable public liability insurance coverage in the event of accidents and should really be members of a relevant trade body like the Arboricultural Association. It's also essential that they conduct legal checks to make certain that any of the stricken trees are not protected by Tree Preservation Orders (TOP's). All dependable tree surgeons will also help you to tender tree work applications to the local authority for Dulwich, which could take up to 60 days.

It is very important that a tree surgeon has all the required gear to complete any work safely and efficiently, because the safety of your loved ones and home is the primary worry whenever this type of work is being done. With the correct equipment and the skills to use it, tree surgery can be accomplished in a manner that poses no threat to anyone in the vicinity, or to the actual tree surgeon.

Tree Surgeons Dulwich (SE21)

The equipment used by tree surgeons has become quite advanced in recent years, and its proper use leaves very little chance for error. Any tree surgeon must be experienced with using items like pole saws, slackline kits, rigging ropes, axes, climbing ropes, chain saws, harnesses, winches, stump grinding equipment, lowering pulleys, wood chippers and rigging pulleys.

You should check that your tree surgeon will ethically clear and remove all the waste matter from your property once completed. Carefully getting rid of any generated waste must be a legal responsibility for any genuine tree surgeon. It's essential that they have a valid waste carriers licence and that the waste is removed from your property and disposed of befittingly.

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Tree surgeons don't just carry out their business in Dulwich itself, but additionally in bordering areas such as Stockwell, Oaklands Estate, Streatham Hill, Upper Sydenham, South Lambeth, Patmore Estate, West Norwood, Tulse Hill, Herne Hill, West Dulwich, Dulwich Village and so forth. So, wherever in the Dulwich district your house is, you will be able to uncover a professional tree surgeon, and also throughout Greater London and neighbouring counties.

Dulwich tree surgeons are also tasked with protection and preservation of woodlands, as well as the climbing, felling and trimming of trees. By means of vigilant observation they're able to pinpoint possible hazards that may put the general public in danger. They are responsible for making sure trees are disease-free, healthy and in a position to thrive and survive, providing enjoyment for all.

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Tree surgery is available in Dulwich and also in: Stockwell, Oaklands Estate, Streatham Hill, Upper Sydenham, South Lambeth, Patmore Estate, West Norwood, Tulse Hill, Herne Hill, West Dulwich, Dulwich Village, and in these postcodes SE21 7DH, SE21, SE21 8AG, SE19 1HX, SE21 7ER, SE19 1HF, SE19 1PJ, SE21 7JR, SE21 7BU, SE21 7BN. Local Dulwich tree surgeons will likely have the dialling code 020 and the postcode SE21.

If you need this sort of service it's unquestionably better to use an experienced local tree surgeon. Dulwich homeowners can benefit from the skills that a trained professional can offer.

Chainsaws in Tree Surgery


Arguably the most commonplace piece of equipment used by Dulwich tree surgeons, the chainsaw, in untrained hands, is also the most dangerous. The most popular type of chainsaw with tree care professionals is the petrol powered version, being easily handled and more mobile, although nowadays it is possible to obtain mains operated chainsaws and rechargeable battery ones. Petrol chainsaws are really the only choice for the heaviest tree work, being very robust, powerful and able to cut through trunks and tree limbs of any dimensions.

A chainsaw comprises a motor and a rotating chain with a set of sharp teeth which slice through the bark and wood of a tree. There are also different designs of chainsaw, pole saws for long distance pruning and hard to reach branches, top-handled for working at height (and which can be operated single handedly) and rear-handled for work at ground level (must always be used with two hands).

Although it's not the safest thing to be climbing up a tree with, it's fairly rare to find a tree surgeon in Dulwich that doesn't use a chainsaw virtually every day. All professional tree surgeons have to be trained in the safe use and maintenance of chainsaws, and this is one of the primary prerequisites for membership of the AA (Arboricultural Association).

There are many different makes and models of chainsaw, but the main ones used by professionals in the UK are Husqvarna, Stihl, Hyundai and Makita.

Tree Surveys Dulwich

There are a number of reasons why you might need to have a tree survey done, and the most commonplace is for property extension or development. If, for instance, you're clearing a piece of land in Dulwich to make way for a new house or an extension to an existing property, and trees exist on that land, you may need to arrange a tree survey to British Standards BS5837 (2012). Tree surveys in Dulwich should be undertaken by a qualified arboricultural surveyor or tree surgeon, and this is the case whether the survey is being undertaken on either a private or public property.

A whole host of information about all the trees within a defined area will be gleaned by a properly performed tree survey. For instance:

  • The ages of the trees.
  • The predicted lifespan of the trees.
  • Guidelines for tree management.
  • The height of each tree.
  • The species of trees.
  • The number of trees.
  • The diameter of each tree (taken 1.5m above ground level).
  • The existence of any TPOs.
  • The branch spread to West, South, North and East.
  • Allocating a unique tree reference number for each of the trees.
  • The physiological and structural health of the trees.

You probably won't need to carry out a tree survey if you're doing work on an existing property or home in Dulwich but you are not extending the footprint of the property and are not shifting the access points or service lines.

Deadwooding Dulwich

All competent Dulwich tree surgeons will undertake the procedure known as dead-wooding, which is an important element of tree management. When there is a risk of dying or dead branches falling on homes, vehicles or passers-by, dead-wooding will be undertaken to carefully remove the offending tree limbs. The most commonplace reasons for the branches of a tree dying are diseases, heavy shading, pest attacks or damage to the root system, and this is in fact a totally natural process.

Even though safety is of course the usual reason for dead-wooding, it's sometimes necessary to make the tree more attractive, or because the tree itself will benefit. Too many damaged, dying and dead branches can attract insect infestations and the spread of disease, consequently removing these impaired branches can dramatically improve the health of a tree. Trees that have lots of dead wood also look unsightly, so to make it more attractive, this can all be removed.

Only large dead branches will normally be removed, as in most situations the small ones are not going to pose much of a risk. On the other hand, it might be necessary to remove any dead limbs that are more than 50mm in diameter, where trees in Dulwich hang over a park, a property, a road, a public area or a garden. (Tags: Deadwooding Dulwich, Dead-Wooding Trees Dulwich, Deadwooding Services Dulwich, Dead-Wooding Dulwich).

Required Skills for Tree Surgeons in Dulwich

  • Be patient and have the ability to remain calm in stressful circumstances.
  • Have a systematic and methodical working approach.
  • Have a good understanding of public safety measures.
  • Have the ability to repair, maintain and use tools and machinery.
  • To be able to execute basic tasks on a hand-held device or computer.
  • Have the ability to work well with your hands.
  • The capacity to work efficiently with other people.
  • Be professional and able to complete work within the specified timeframe.
  • Be aware of the dangers and complexities involved in all aspects of work.
  • Physical skills like co-ordination and movement.
  • Have good customer service skills.

Eco-Plugging Stump Removal Dulwich

If you'd like to remove a large tree stump or stumps from your property in Dulwich, the customary technique used by most local tree surgeons is stump grinding, which uses large specialist machines. There is however a cheaper alternative to this process these days, which is termed "eco-plugging", and is growing in popularity. Eco-plugging isn't only less expensive, but it's also useful for use in hard-to-reach locations where there are stump grinding accessibility problems.

Without affecting the surrounding vegetation and trees, eco-plugging is a highly effective treatment for killing tree stumps. Eco-plugs can be employed in any weather conditions and at any time of the year, and they eliminate the stump by destroying the whole root system. Containing a form of crystalline glyphosate herbicide which is effective on a wide array of tree species, eco-plugs get the job done in 95-100% of cases.

Hedge Cutting Dulwich

Hedge Trimming Dulwich

Although Dulwich tree surgeons are primarily involved with the maintenance and care of trees and shrubs they are also often hired to trim and cut back hedges. In particular this is useful if you have conifer hedges (Leylandii for example) which will often get too high for a normal gardener to handle.

Fairly quickly spiraling out of control, a hedge that's poorly maintained or uncared for will soon become overgrown. It is recommended that you trim your hedges regularly, and this isn't simply to stop them from take over large areas of your garden, but also to make them more aesthetically appealing and heathier.

Neat hedges help make your property and garden tidier and more appealing, which could be a massive advantage if you are considering selling your home in Dulwich anytime soon. You can also get hedge trimming services in Stockwell, Oaklands Estate, Streatham Hill, Upper Sydenham, South Lambeth, Patmore Estate, West Norwood, Tulse Hill, Herne Hill, West Dulwich, Dulwich Village, and Dulwich, Greater London.

Emergency Tree Surgery Dulwich

Making an emergency call to a tree surgeon isn't an occurrence that's likely to arise all that often, however if you have trees growing in your Dulwich garden, this could be a requirement sooner or later. Many tree surgeons in Dulwich provide a 24/7 service, and when there are gales and strong winds, they normally experience a spike in emergency call outs. In windy weather there's an increased chance of branches breaking off and falling, and even the risk of an entire tree crashing to the ground. Prevention is certainly preferable to having to tackle the consequences, and commonplace issues that can be caused by falling branches and tree limbs include damaged fences, busted garden furniture, squashed sheds and smashed greenhouses.

Naturally, the local authorities in Dulwich will also sometimes need to call on emergency tree surgeons, when substantial branches crash onto public walkways, streets and railway lines.

Further problems could also occur after the emergency tree surgery has been done, because when a tree has lost some large limbs, it may look cockeyed, with more weight on one side than the other - hence "re-balancing" might be necessary. For all of these problems, you should call up a local tree surgeon in Dulwich who offers emergency tree care services, and they will handle all of this for you. (Tags: Emergency Tree Services Dulwich, Emergency Call-Outs Dulwich, Emergency Tree Work Dulwich, Emergency Tree Surgery Dulwich).

Management of Vegetation

Vegetation Control Dulwich Greater London

Although many property owners in Dulwich will believe that tree surgeons only focus on the maintenance and removal of trees, that is simply not the truth, given that the vast majority of tree surgeons are also happy to take care of overgrown land and gardens that are choked with unchecked plant growth. Usually tree specialists will be willing to take out shrubs, weeds, bushes and overgrown vegetation which might be taking hold near to paths, buildings, sheds, garages or driveways, and generally causing an issue. If you are going to maintain your precious garden correctly then all this accumulating growth must be taken away regularly, and if you've got the time and inclination then this is a task that you might achieve on your own if you are reasonably fit, or you might get a tree surgeon to call annually to make sure it is in shape. The management of vegetation is a must if you're going to have safe and easy entry to every part of your garden and if this is forgotten the vegetation and plants can soon become a menace and take a lot of the enjoyment out of your garden. Aside from anything else your garden will look a lot better when maintained properly.

Save The Environment By Planting Trees

If we look at yearly figures, between three and six billion trees are being chopped down worldwide. There is so much that is produced from trees and this means there is a big demand in the marketplace. Such as wood to put up homes, paper for writing on and even toilet paper for, well you know. We all need to assume responsibility in maintaining our forests even if there are products we have to use that are made from trees.

Trees are celebrated on Arbor Day and the purpose of having Arbor Day is that we need to plant trees at that time but this is not actually tackling the issue. Planting trees is not an activity that a lot of individuals give any thought to. If each one of us could plant a tree, it would make a big difference.

Are you aware that there are more or less 7 billion people on Earth? The actual numbers obviously fluctuate and so this is a calculated guess. But if every of those 7 billion folks went out and planted a tree every Arbor Day, we would be replacing all the trees that were felled that year. The chance of this occurring is remote.

Plant a Tree

Therefore, planting trees is something you must consider if you are concerned about the air we breathe and the planet. When it comes to planting a tree, I would not advise you only do this on a certain day each year. I am talking more or less once per month or even once a week. The reason is because someone must make up for all of those who are utilizing our resources but refuse to plant a tree for whatever reason.

Figures indicate that anywhere up to 15 million trees are planted on Arbor Day. Based on those estimates, we nevertheless need to take that number up by a further 5 billion. This situation continues to get worse.

Whereas people need to make the effort to plant trees, I have an idea that could solve this once and for all. What could really take care of this problem is if each and every wood company or tree farmer, by law, had to plant two saplings for every tree they take, so our tree issue wouldn't be an issue for long.

But until someone has the presence of mind to make this a reality, we are left to take care of planting the trees ourselves. Keeping those tree numbers up won't really take a good deal of effort. If each month, approximately 10% of people worldwide could plant a tree, that would make up for the numbers being chopped down per year. In yearly terms, this would equal to the planting of roughly 7 billion trees. For the number of trees we need to return to, an effective net gain of 1 billion trees will be the way to achieve this goal.

Planting a tree is a way we can all save the earth. Things will change if 10% of people worldwide choose to plant trees. You can make the decision to help out.

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Dulwich tree surgeons will likely help with stump treatment, woodland clearances in Dulwich, landscape clearing, cut sealing Dulwich, tree planning, tree felling, coppicing, tree removal, commercial tree surgery, root decompaction, emergency tree removal, stump grinding, tree cutting, brush cutting services Dulwich, root grinding, eco plug treatments, air spading, tree staking, waste removal, site clearance Dulwich, tree health monitoring in Dulwich, tree maintenance, tree pruning, forestry management, tree bracing in Dulwich, woodchipping, tree waste removal, tree surveys, hedge lowering in Dulwich, hedge planting, tree reshaping, tree fertilising, tree care in Dulwich, damage restoration Dulwich, tree lightening protection in Dulwich and other tree surgeon services in Dulwich, Greater London. Listed are just a small portion of the duties that are performed by tree surgeons. Dulwich companies will be happy to tell you about their entire range of services.

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Of the numerous techniques on hand to look for nearby tradesmen in Dulwich such as tree surgeons, one resource which has been with us for many years is internet business directories. They are the modern equivalent of the old Yellow Pages, that almost everyone in the UK used to track down local services. These days potential customers look in Cyclex, 118 118, Yell, Local Life, Touch Local, Yelp, City Visitor, Mister What and Thomson Local, though anybody will be listed in these this means there is little guarantee of the trustworthiness of any particular listed tree surgeon, so you will be relying on good fortune by applying this solution One more widely used way of finding tradesmen these days is to check out web portals like My Builder, Checkatrade, My Hammer, TrustaTrader, Local Heroes or Rated People, and as you will quickly discover, the potential to look at customer reviews and testimonials is the leading benefit of such portals. Enabling you to pick a first rate tradesperson who has been recommended by other local people. Last of all, you could ask friends and acquaintances if they can endorse a tradesperson they have used previously.

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Tree Surgeons Near Dulwich: Also find: South Lambeth tree surgeons, Herne Hill tree surgeons, Patmore Estate tree surgeons, Dulwich Village tree surgeons, West Norwood tree surgeons, Stockwell tree surgeons, Streatham Hill tree surgeons, Upper Sydenham tree surgeons, West Dulwich tree surgeons, Tulse Hill tree surgeons, Oaklands Estate tree surgery and more. Most of these areas are covered by tree surgeons. Dulwich homeowners can get tree surgery quotes by going here.

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  • Cable Bracing
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Cutting
  • Tree Surveys
  • Tree Reduction
  • Tree Lopping
  • Dead Wooding
  • Eco-Plugging
  • Site Clearance
  • Root Grinding
  • Stump Treatment
  • Tree Reshaping
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Air-Spading

More Dulwich Trades: Not surprisingly, whenever you happen to be having tree surgery done in Dulwich, Greater London, you'll likely be in need of other garden related services, and along with a tree surgeon in Dulwich, Greater London, you might also need garden waste removal in Dulwich, landscaping in Dulwich, driveway specialists in Dulwich, garden decking in Dulwich, patio installation in Dulwich, garden design and planning in Dulwich, pond maintenance in Dulwich, garden shed installation in Dulwich, SKIP HIRE in Dulwich, lawn mowing in Dulwich, gate installation in Dulwich, artificial grass installers in Dulwich, planting services in Dulwich, soil irrigation in Dulwich, garden clearances in Dulwich, hedge trimming in Dulwich, and other different Dulwich tradespeople.

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