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Windlesham Tree Surgeons (GU20): We all love to see trees, and having trees in our garden is an extra bonus for offering welcome shade on hot summers days, for providing a home for wildlife and for adding beauty and colour. However, trees are living organisms and can get damaged by windy weather, get way too big for our gardens in Windlesham or become diseased and unstable. When you're having concerns about your trees in Windlesham, the best person to call is a tree surgeon.

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Who you going to call? Tree surgeons! - Playing a vital role in the general care and maintenance of trees, tree surgeons provide services for both public and private clients in the Windlesham area. The list of services that a trained tree surgeon in Windlesham can provide is limitless, but would include: tree felling and removal, the pruning of weak, invasive or dead branches, the safe planting of trees, inspections and hazard assessments, as well as general tree maintenance.

Professional Tree Surgeon Windlesham Surrey

However, it's not simply trees that a tree surgeon will work on. Stump removal, hedge trimming, maintenance and care, are other responsibilities that a tree surgeon in Windlesham can undertake. The best tradesperson to get in touch with if you have any doubts about a tree's structural integrity is a tree surgeon, since they will be able to examine your tree, prepare a report on potential dangers, and give advice on the best way to proceed.

As it's such a very dangerous undertaking, tree surgery is definitely a process that must only be tackled by a professionally trained operative. While bypassing the costs and going for the do-it-yourself approach may seem tempting, this would definitely not be a sensible decision by any stretch of the imagination. Tree surgeons must be experienced, physically fit and qualified to undertake the work that they are required to do.

Whilst harnessed to a tree and elevated in the air, tree surgery will often require the use of dangerous chainsaws and power tools. Beginners beware - this is certainly not an activity for you! To carry out a tree surgery project, a gang of tree surgeons who are all experts in their field, will generally be involved, and this will consist of both a ground team and climbers. It is nigh on impossible for any untrained individual to rival this level of competence, experience and risk assessment to undertake the work.

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On deciding that you need the assistance of a tree surgeon in Windlesham, the first step is to locate a really good one that can be trusted. But, how can you accomplish this? Well, you'll need to check out a couple of things, like cost, qualifications and experience. Below, we will be considering just some of the things that you should look for when hiring a tree surgeon in Windlesham.

Firstly, you will want to check they have the required qualifications to reassure you they're properly accredited and competent. The NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council) is the main governing body issuing accreditations to tree surgeons. Any Windlesham tree surgeon should have the following certifications at the bare minimum:

  • NPTC 206/306 (CS38) - Tree climbing and aerial tree rescue.
  • NPTC 308 (CS39) - Use of chainsaw from a rope and harness.
  • NPTC 203 (CS31) - Fell & process small trees up to 380mm (15") diameter.
  • NPTC 201/202 (CS30) - Chainsaw maintenance & crosscutting.

Gaining such qualifications both shows you that they've a good level of training, and gives you reassurance that the job will be done in a safe and successful manner, despite the fact that there is no legal requirement for tree surgeons to have these certifications. Tree surgeons, arborists and forestry workers should always carry a First Aid kit and have some First Aid qualifications, because of the risks of catastrophic bleeding and falling from height.

Getting several quotes will be the next step, as well as checking the cost breakdown. It is recommended that you obtain three or four estimates from different tree surgeons in the Windlesham area. One particular thing to watch out for is if the quote covers the the disposal of the considerable amounts of waste frequently generated by tree maintenance and surgery, quite often it doesn't! It is certainly preferable to get the tree surgeons to remove and dispose of this themselves if possible, as getting rid of waste can be an enormous cost and inconvenience to you.

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When you speak with potential tree surgeons in Windlesham, you must also be prepared to ask plenty of key questions. You will, for example, need to know who is going to be doing the job, and who will be working on your property. Will it involve one person or a gang of workers? Can you meet up with them before they start? Is there going to be any impact of my home or my neighbours? Precisely how long will the task take? What will be the strategy for removing the tree?

If you ask all the right questions, you're less likely to have any nasty shocks further down the line.

Tree Surgery Windlesham (GU20)

You must also listen carefully to what your tree surgeon says. Pay particular attention to the ways in which they describe the tree surgery work they are intending to undertake, as this can provide you with useful clues as to their level of professionalism. Even if you know nothing at all about tree surgery, you can often tell when somebody knows what they are talking about, and the kind of terminology that should set the alarm bells ringing is 'topping and lopping', which is a rather outdated expression, more frequently linked to rogue traders and cowboys. More accurate terminology such as 'crown thinning', 'pruning', 'dead wooding', 'crown reduction' and 'crown lifting', should trip off the tongue of a tree surgeon in Windlesham who's fully trained, professional and experienced. Whilst this may not invariably be an indicator of ability, it is often a valuable clue as to the level of experience attained by your tree surgeon.

To summarise, when you're looking at tree surgery or tree care in Windlesham, it's always worth consulting a number of tree surgeons for your needs. As a result, you should get a job that is skillfully undertaken, meets all your requirements and complies with all the appropriate health and safety measures.

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Tree Transplanting Windlesham

Tree Transplanting Windlesham (01276)

Excavating a mature tree and transplanting it in an alternative location may seem difficult, but with heavy lifting equipment and vehicle mounted spades, it's become a comparatively straightforward undertaking. Removing a tree from your land no longer means you have to resort to cutting it down and excavating the roots; a certified tree removal contractor in Windlesham can remove and re-plant even fully-grown trees and repair the disturbed ground afterwards.

Transplanting a tree in Windlesham can be completed throughout the year, however in the warmer months the soaking of the ground becomes especially crucial in order to cause as little stress on the root system as possible. Removing a mature tree involves a mechanical spade digging down and encompassing the main root-ball, before lifting the whole tree, uninjured, from the ground. The uplifted tree can then be replanted or temporarily stored before its transplanting in a new location.

An accredited tree moving service in Windlesham will liaise with the local authorities to make sure that local regulations and preservation orders are followed throughout the tree transplantation procedure. You'll be able to get transplanting services in Owlsmoor, Castle Green, Donkey Town, Horsell, Mimbridge, Cheapside, West End, Bisley, Longcross, Burrowhill, Lyne, and in Windlesham.

Removing Tree Stumps Windlesham

If you are in a position where you have to have a substantial tree cut down and removed from your property in Windlesham, you are possibly going to be left with a tree stump, which will also have to be tackled. You might consider leaving it to rot away naturally, and be perfectly happy to leave it as it is. However, tree stumps in your garden can send out suckers in an effort to regrow, and sizeable tree stumps can take a number of years to break down, during which time they can become a trip hazard, and eyesore and the ideal home for harmful bacteria, fungi and pests.

There are several ways that you can remove a stump, if you decide that this is the best thing to do, though the two key options are stump grinding and stump removal. Purely for the purposes of this piece we will be focusing on stump removal as opposed to stump grinding.

There are basically three methods of removing a tree stump - burning, chemical treatments or digging out by hand. If you're hoping to deal with a stump yourself, the use of any of these approaches could be possible. Tree surgeons themselves will most often suggest the previously mentioned stump grinding solution, but might suggest a chemical treatment like eco-plugging.

Burning Tree Stumps: Take care if you use this technique for stump removal, because stump burning can be dangerous and could be at variance with local legislation. You'll have to drill a few one inch holes into the tree stump, and pour in some vegetable oil, you will have to keep the holes topped up for several days until the stump has been completely soaked. The stump is then piled up with charcoal or logs and set alight. Someone will have to continually supervise this until the fire has died down. Make certain that the fire is fully extinguished when it's totally burned out. You will be able to dig out the stump debris and roots when it has fully cool.

This is not the only method of burning a tree stump, you could also try digging out all the soil from beneath the stump and lighting a fire in the void which has been created underneath. If the stump is in close proximity to a building, other trees or fences, you should not use any of the stump burning methods.

Chemical Stump Killers: If you decide on the chemical stump removal option, you'll need to get hold of Roundup Tree Stump Remover, Vitax SBK Stump Killer or Resolva Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer. When working with these products you should follow the directions closely, as such chemicals can be extremely dangerous. According to the size of the tree stump, and whether it is dead or alive when it is treated, it can take quite a few weeks or perhaps even months for a tree stump to decay completely, so look at this as a long term solution. Once well decayed, an axe can be used to chop it up and a shovel for removal.

Digging Out by Hand: Digging by hand is relatively self-explanatory and involves digging down, cutting all the roots, and freeing the stump. For the final freeing process you may find that you need to get hold of a cable ratchet winch. This has a tendency to be exhausting and tedious work, and should not be attempted by anybody who isn't fit and healthy.

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Protecting Shrubs and Trees in the Wintertime

Protecting your trees and shrubs in winter is perhaps something that you've not thought too much about, possibly assuming that the winters in the UK aren't severe enough to justify this. The winter season can in fact be quite a tough time for trees, shrubs and plants and even those that we think of as hardy can benefit from a bit of additional protection during times of intense cold.

High winds and storms can cause the biggest problems when trees are involved, and despite the fact that come winter most of your trees will have shed their leaves, they could still be susceptible in extreme conditions. If a tree in your garden has been affected by wind, or is swaying and at risk of falling, a local tree surgeon must be brought in to perform an assessment. You can also have problems with breaking branches due to heavy snow, therefore when such weather is predicted, keep your eyes open for potential damage. Some shrubs and trees, in particular freshly planted ones, may need some protection from frost and ice, and a thick layer of mulch will help to keep the soil around their bases frost-free.

The Day to Day Tasks of a Tree Surgeon

  • Chip and cut logs and branches.
  • Tidy area on completion and remove waste products from client's site.
  • Climb trees to prune or remove branches.
  • Produce tree survey reports for commercial and domestic clients.
  • Service equipment like chainsaws and wood chippers.
  • Produce on-site or telephone quotes for clients.
  • Plant trees and vegetation.
  • Identify hazards presented by trees.
  • Be adept with power tools and equipment.
  • Deal with clients and complete administration tasks.
  • Assess the health of trees and create plans of action.
  • Fell and remove trees and grind stumps.

The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA)

An international, non-profit organisation with its headquarters in Atlanta, GA, United States, the International Society of Arboriculture is usually referred to as the ISA. Serving the tree care industry across the globe, the ISA is a membership association that advances the professional practice of arboriculture, and provides qualifications for tree care professionals.

Enabling those in the tree care sector to improve their arboricultural expertise, skills and knowledge, the ISA is focused on technology, education and research, which it makes readily available through educational services, events and publications.

After signing a partnership agreement with them the Arboricultural Association became an associate organisation of the International Society of Arboriculture in 2016. Providing additional opportunities for ISA members in Great Britain and Ireland, this also significantly strengthened the relationship between the two associations. Any UK tree care professionals with either ISA or AA membership are now able to reap the wide and varied benefits of being an integral part of a unique global network. The ISA now has over 22,000 members worldwide with associate organisations and professional affiliates in Europe, Australia, South Africa, Asia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Leylandii Hedge Removal Windlesham

Leylandii hedges are a popular choice for homeowners in Windlesham due to their fast growth rate and ability to provide privacy. Despite their benefits, they can quickly become unwieldy and require significant maintenance. If you intend to remove a Leylandii hedge, it's important to keep in mind a few key considerations. The first essential point is to verify that there are no legal protections in place for the hedge, such as a Tree Preservation Order. If the hedge is covered by legal safeguards, you must obtain the local council's consent before removing it. Furthermore, Leylandii hedges can have far-reaching roots, emphasizing the importance of engaging an experienced tree surgeon to safely remove the hedge and its roots. Lastly, it's imperative to dispose of the hedge waste in an environmentally responsible manner once it's removed. Overall, removing a Leylandii hedge can be a time-consuming and potentially dangerous task, so it's important to take the necessary precautions and seek professional help if needed.

Tree Removal Windlesham

Tree Removal Windlesham

Whilst there are a few explanations why you may want to remove a tree from your property or garden in Windlesham, the removal of a tree should really be a last resort. Certain trees are even protected, so you couldn't get rid of them even though you'd like to, except if they're posing a threat to safety. Genuine triggers for tree removal may be if the tree is hindering a new construction, the tree is simply too big for its environment, the tree is a threat to safety, the tree is damaged, the tree is infected, the roots of a tree are obstructing foundations/retaining walls or you've got a dead/dying tree. (Tags: Removing Trees Windlesham, Tree Removal Windlesham, Tree Felling Windlesham)

Firewood and Logs Windlesham

Firewood Logs Windlesham

Of course, you may need a tree surgeon for a totally different reason, as they can be a great source for firewood or logs in Windlesham. Since tree surgeons spend a good deal or their time chopping down trees and branches, I suppose this is no great surprise.

Some Windlesham tree surgeons will charge you for seasoned and chopped logs which have been dried out and are ready to burn, while others might be prepared to give you logs and branches free of charge, as they usually have lots of them to get shot of.

Bunging "wet" logs on your open fire or wood burner is not a great idea, and will produce lots of smoke and block up your flue. Only use logs that have been left to dry for a minimum of a year and have a moisture content of 20% or lower. The advantage of getting logs from tree surgeons, is that these are likely to be mostly assorted hardwood logs, which will provide heat for several hours, giving a long, sustained burn. Softwood logs are wonderful for getting a fire started, therefore if you can get your hands on a few of these too, that is going to be useful. (Tags: Firewood and Logs Windlesham, Firewood Windlesham, Seasones Firewood Windlesham, Firewood Logs Windlesham).

Woodland Clearance Windlesham

Woodland Clearance Windlesham (GU20)

Clearing land by woodland clearance in the Windlesham area can be affected by local and national restrictions in effect, depending on where your land is, and what flora and fauna is found in the area that is going to be cleared. To make certain that all applicable permits are gathered, restrictions and land covenants are observed, and that all methods of clearing the area are environmentally responsible, a certified Windlesham tree surgeon should be employed to manage and complete the project.

A good tree surgeon will determine if there are any special planning permissions, felling restrictions or ecological constraints by conducting a full habitat survey and liaising with local authorities. It may be that the land in question has got protected tree species or wildlife on it, that will need to be relocated to another protected site, or other mitigation procedures might need to be employed.

The expensive and specialist felling, mulching and chipping equipment that is used in woodland clearance means it is usually far more efficient and cost effective to bring in a professional tree surgeon to carry out the project. (Tags: Woodland Clearance Windlesham, Woodland Clearances Windlesham, Woodland Management Windlesham, Woodland Preservation Windlesham).

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Windlesham

If you've got to have some stump grinding carried out on your property, it is wise to contact a company with the appropriate equipment and knowhow. Qualified tree surgeons always clear out every last bit of tree stump to at least 12 inches below ground level. Having the right machines means they are able to remove stumps and roots quite close to walls and buildings without causing any damage. The correct stump grinders can also easily handle tree stumps located in alleys and passageways. When you are clearing away a sizable tree the stump will be rather enormous and depending on what you're planning to use the empty space for, the likelihood is the tree stump needs to be ground down well below the surface.

Hedge Trimming Windlesham

Hedge Trimming Windlesham

While focusing mainly on specialist tree care work, Windlesham tree surgeons are regularly also involved in the maintenance and trimming of hedges. Your everyday gardener will find Leylandii and other conifer hedges tricky to deal with, because they can grow tall very quickly - so an experienced tree surgeon might be required.

When neglected or poorly maintained a hedge can quickly get out of control and overgrown. If you prefer to have a hedge that doesn't overrun large sections of your garden in Windlesham, routine trimming makes sense, and this is crucial not merely for cosmetic reasons, but also because it makes the hedge healthier and stronger.

If you have intentions to sell your property, tidy hedges will help make your whole garden neater, and may even increase the value of your home in Windlesham. (Tags: Hedge Care Windlesham, Hedge Cutting Windlesham, Hedge Trimming Windlesham, Hedge Clipping Windlesham).

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Tree Surgery Tasks Windlesham

Tree Surgery Tasks Windlesham UK

Windlesham tree surgeons will likely help with woodchipping Windlesham, arboriculture, crown cleaning, site clearance, tree felling, tree waste removal in Windlesham, tree planning, tree shaping in Windlesham, root decompaction Windlesham, root removal, root grinding, hedge reduction, crown removal, tree work, cut sealing in Windlesham, tree replanting Windlesham, pest management, tree fertilising, crown raising, retrenchment pruning Windlesham, domestic tree care, tree pruning, root flare exposure Windlesham, formative pruning, commercial tree care, stump treatment Windlesham, dead wooding, woodland management, drop crotching in Windlesham, fruit tree pruning, tree cutting in Windlesham, tree transplanting, airspading, tree removal in Windlesham, stump removal and other tree surgeon services in Windlesham, Surrey. Listed are just a handful of the duties that are carried out by local tree surgeons. Windlesham providers will be happy to inform you of their full range of services.

Tree Surgeons Near Windlesham: Also find: West End tree surgeons, Mimbridge tree surgeons, Longcross tree surgeons, Bisley tree surgeons, Horsell tree surgeons, Donkey Town tree surgeons, Owlsmoor tree surgeons, Castle Green tree surgeons, Burrowhill tree surgeons, Cheapside tree surgeons, Lyne tree surgery and more. All of these places are served by local tree surgeons. Windlesham home and business owners and others can get quotes by clicking here.

More Windlesham Trades: Not surprisingly, when you're having tree surgery done in Windlesham, Surrey, you'll likely be in need of other garden related services, and as well as a tree surgeon in Windlesham, Surrey, you may additionally need garden shed installation in Windlesham, rubbish removal in Windlesham, artifical grass in Windlesham, garden wall construction in Windlesham, grass cutting services in Windlesham, garden clearances in Windlesham, landscapers in Windlesham, patio cleaning in Windlesham, weeding services in Windlesham, garden pond builders in Windlesham, block pavers in Windlesham, garden design in Windlesham, local SKIP HIRE in Windlesham, fence fitters in Windlesham, decking fitters in Windlesham, hedge cutting in Windlesham, and other different Windlesham tradespeople.

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