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Chesham Tree Surgeons (HP5): A lot of houses in Chesham have gardens that have trees in them. While trees are both nice to look at and beneficial to the environment they do need to be looked after. Besides regular maintenance like pruning, trees can sometimes get overgrown or diseased. In windy weather larger trees can even become a hazard, as branches or even entire sections of tree can break off and tumble to the earth, possibly causing damage to vehicles, property or even passers-by. If your home or business premises in Chesham has trees growing on it, you are answerable for looking after them.

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With regards to shrubs, fruit trees, hedges and smaller trees, a gardening enthusiast will be perfectly capable of keeping them trimmed and manageable, and will probably get a bit of pleasure from doing this. Routine trimming and pruning of tree growth that can be reached from ground level are reasonably simple tasks, and can be attempted if you have the suitable tools, know what you're doing and are self-confident. You should however bring in the pros if large trees are involved that will require the use of ladders or climbing.

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There are various risks concerning working at height up a tree, and besides you falling and hurting yourself, you could also drop equipment or heavy branches that cause harm to those standing or walking underneath. If you picture yourself balancing perilously up a tree wielding a powered-up chainsaw or even a sharp handsaw, that should be sufficient to put you off the idea for good.

Your initial thought might be that a gardener would be the right individual to call for your tree care needs. But generally speaking, gardeners aren't qualified to deal with tree felling or larger tree related jobs. A tree surgeon is in fact the individual that you need, and a qualified Chesham tree surgeon will have the tools and equipment for the task, and a comprehensive understanding of all types of trees. Depending on the extent of the work involved, and the type and size of trees you have on your property in Chesham, certain special equipment like wood chipping machinery, chainsaws and harnesses, might be required.

Whilst you may find a number of people in Chesham who profess to be tree surgeons, only a genuine tree surgeon will be skilled in using such machinery and tools, will be a qualified arborist and will be able to show you certifications like:

  • CS38 (NPTC 206/306) - Climb a tree and carry out aerial rescue.
  • CS39 (NPTC 308) - Aerial cutting of trees using free-fall techniques.
  • CS30 (NPTC 201/202) - Basic cross-cutting & chainsaw maintenance.
  • CS31 (NPTC 203) - Fell & process trees up to 380mm (15").

Basic first-aid qualifications are also important for tree surgeons. All work should also conform to British Standards BS3998 (2010).

When you are trying to track down a tree surgeon in Chesham those are the principal certifications you should be on the lookout for. You should look for somebody more suitable if the individual you are thinking of using does not have any of these qualifications. More dedicated tree surgeons in Chesham might also hold a City & Guilds or similar qualification in forest management, woodland conservation & ecology, arboriculture, forestry and countryside management.

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A wide range of tree related work can be carried out by a properly trained tree surgeon in Chesham, including tree surgery, tree planting, pest control, stump grinding, tree felling, transplanting, disease identification, the protection of trees from grazing and tree removal.

Certain aspects of these services might be needed by the average property owner in Chesham, namely; root pruning, crown thinning, damage restoration, crown cleaning, crown raising, tree removal/felling, pruning or crown reduction, which are among the more typical tree related projects.

An experienced Chesham tree surgeon should also be familiar with, and proficient in the use of an assortment of tree surgery tools and paraphernalia such as flip lines, rigging ropes, rigging plates, loppers, lowering slings, harnesses, chain saws, stump grinders, winches, climbing ropes, pole saws and wood shredders. If your so-called 'tree surgeon' arrives on the job with little more than a hand saw and a ladder, the alarm bells should be sounding, and you need to send them packing.

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Before carrying out any significant work on your trees in Chesham, you need to make sure there is not a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on any of them. You must contact your local planning authority to find out if any of the trees on your property are protected by Tree Preservation Orders. Any reputable tree surgeon in Chesham will be happy to help you through this process.

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Once you have decided that you will need professional help with your tree care, you can begin your search for a dependable tree surgeon in Chesham. The ways to do this are many and varied. You could check local directories, local newspapers or the Yellow Pages, to find out what they reveal. You could enter your requirements on My Builder, Quotatis, Rated People, or another of the trade portals online. You could a ask for a recommendation from friends or family. You can carry out an online search for the dedicated web sites of local Chesham tree surgeons. This should leave you with a few possible options, and a list of likely tree surgeons in the Chesham area.

If you aim to have the cream of the crop, you can search for an Arboricultural Association approved tree surgeon who will have been thoroughly checked for:

  • Working standards, knowledge and operations.
  • Customer care.
  • Arboricultural legislation compliance.
  • Training and development.
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations.

Unfortunately, there are frequently stories in the media about cowboys and rogue traders offering 'tree surgery' services, so again, asking for proof of qualifications is crucial to avoid these sorts of con-men who might be operating in Chesham, and sticking to recognised local companies is generally best. This sort of work is dangerous, as we have previously explained, and should never be tackled by people who are untrained or unqualified.

I am sure that you do not want any harm to be done to your trees, but this could undoubtedly happen if you fail to use a person who's knowledgeable. Trees that are pruned, treated or lopped at the wrong time of the year or in the wrong way, can have their health affected in catastrophic ways, so my advice is - only employ professionals.

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To give you a rough idea of what the work is going to cost, you should get at least 2 or 3 estimates from different local companies in Chesham. Obtaining estimates is merely one step in the whole process of choosing a trustworthy tree surgeon in Chesham, there is further research that still needs to be carried out.

To get an idea of precisely who you are dealing with, try to ask some pertinent questions. You will want to make sure that they're properly insured (2 million pounds is the minimum for tree surgeons), and you will also want to know what's included in the price you have been given. A vital thing that should be included in the quote is waste removal. You will need to know if they are taking away all the branches and waste that they create.

Getting references from past clients, is another thing that might help. If they're genuine they will be thrilled to provide references and maybe even some pictures of projects that they've accomplished. If the company happens to have a Facebook page, you could also have a look at that, because these pages often give insights into how a company performs and how happy it's customer base is.

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Local Chesham tree surgery services are likely to have the postcode HP5 and the phone code 01494. They'll operate in Chesham itself, in addition to nearby areas like Lye Green, Hyde Heath, Chesham Bois, Ley Hill, Botley, Bellingdon, Ashley Green, Hyde End, Asheridge, Orchard Leigh, Amersham, Waterside, Hawridge, Chartridge, Little Missenden, The Vale, and these postcodes: HP5 1NH, HP5 1PN, HP5 1EF, HP5 1AH, HP5 1BH, HP5 1NA, HP5 1NW, HP5 1NN, HP5 1TB, HP5 1FN.

If you need this kind of assistance it's unquestionably wise to employ an accredited tree surgeon. Chesham residents can greatly benefit from the skills and expertise that are the trademark of a fully trained professional.

Getting Advice and Guidance

When you're chatting with local Chesham tree surgeons, you must ask questions such as: Do your working practices adhere to the BS3998 British Standard? Do your staff and you have the required certifications and qualifications (for tree care and chainsaw use)? Can you give references from former customers? Can you provide me with a written quote? Are you joined to a reputable professional body (such as The Arboricultural Association or the International Society of Arboriculture)? Do you have employment and public liability insurance? to determine that they know what they are doing and that they won't inflict permanent damage on your valuable trees. You should really look elsewhere for a tree surgeon if you do not get satisfactory responses to any of these questions.

Tree Surgery Advice and Guidance Chesham

You'll use a searchable directory of experienced tree surgeons in the UK on the AA (Arboricultural Association) website, and also a great deal of helpful details about how to pick a first-rate tree surgeon. A further good resource is the International Society of Arboriculture website which boasts a "verify credentials" tool and a "find an arborist" tool. To get an overall idea of tree surgery as a vocation, you could take a look at the Wikipedia "Arborist" section by clicking here, or the Britannica article here. Using a trade portal like My Builder or Rated People, where necessary credentials have previously been verified and customer testimonials are available, may also save you a great deal of time and effort, as they carry out much of the work for you. Trustmark is a Government endorsed organisation that's also an excellent stop-off-point for uncovering professional tradesmen.

Ash Dieback

A destructive fungal disease of ash trees that was first reported in the UK in 2012, ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) is likely to decimate close to 80% of the current ash tree population. Having a similarly damaging effect on the British countryside as Dutch Elm Disease (DED), ash dieback is just another huge blow to the UK's tree stocks.

A disease that affects trees of the Fraxinus genus, it has an especially disastrous effect on Fraxinus excelsior, the common ash that is native to the British Isles. Thought to have originally come from Asia where the native species of ash (the Chinese ash and the Manchurian ash) were more resistant, the fungus which causes ash dieback is known as Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (H. fraxineus), and it blocks its vascular (water transport) systems, causing it to die.

Now present in most regions of Britain, ash dieback (or chalara ash dieback as it's sometimes known) is dispersed by wind blown spores which can travel for many miles.

Ash dieback is recognisable by the following symptoms:

  • New epicormic growth appearing from previously dormant buds.
  • Dying leaves and shoots which are visible during the summertime.
  • Leaves that develop dark patches during mid to late summer.
  • Leaves that wilt, turn black and fall early.
  • Dark brown lesions form where limbs meet the trunk, and the inner bark under the lesions looks brownish grey.

To some degree, ash trees can fight the disease, however they ultimately perish after continual attacks every year. Currently there is no clear approach for stopping the spread of achalara ash dieback, and there's no cure or effective treatment.

While you can report cases of ash dieback to the Forestry Commission's "Tree Alert Service", it is now so widespread all over Great Britain that they're only really interested in hearing about cases which are found in locations not affected previously. If you believe you have a case of ash dieback on your property in Chesham, you can still speak to a local tree surgeon, who will offer guidance and advice about how best to proceed - ultimately the tree or trees will have to be cut down and removed.

Tree families affected: the Fraxinus genus.

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Required Skills for a Tree Surgeon in Chesham

  • The cabability to work well with others.
  • Be conscious of the dangers and complexities involved in all areas of the work.
  • Customer service skills.
  • Have an organised approach to work.
  • Physical skills like movement and co-ordination.
  • Be capable of repairing, using and maintaining tools and equipment.
  • Have patience and the ability to remain focused in stressful circumstances.
  • Good knowledge of public safety.
  • To be able to execute common tasks on a computer or hand-held device.
  • Be able to work with your hands.
  • Be professional and able to complete tasks within a given time frame.

Removal of Tree Stumps Chesham

After having a large tree chopped down in Chesham, you will be left with an additional problem - what to do with the tree stump. Now, in some circumstances you may be quite happy to leave the tree stump in position and let it decay entirely naturally. However, a large stump could take several years to break down, and may even produce suckers in an effort to restore itself to its former glory. Tree stumps can also be an eyesore, be a trip hazard, and can attract unwelcome pests.

If you choose to get rid of the tree stump completely, there are various ways to do this, but basically they fall under 2 key alternatives stump grinding or stump removal. For the purposes of this section we'll be looking at stump removal as opposed to stump grinding.

There are basically three techniques for getting rid of a tree stump - burning, chemical treatments and digging out by hand. You could make use of any one of these procedures if you're intending to remove the stump by yourself. If you are using a tree surgeon in Chesham, they'll generally suggest the previously mentioned stump grinding method.

Chemical Stump Killers: For the chemical removal of a tree stump you'll need to purchase Vitax SBK Stump Killer, Roundup Tree Stump Remover or Resolva Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer. You should always read and closely follow the directions for quantities, applications and timings for these chemical substances, and be mindful that they are toxic and sometimes inflammable. This isn't a short term resolution, and it could take quite a few weeks for the tree stump to rot completely, after which a spade and an axe can be used to chop it up and remove it.

Burning Tree Stumps: Be careful if you use this approach to stump removal, since burning can be dangerous and could be at variance with local legislation. A few 25mm holes will need to be drilled into the tree stump, and for several days regularly topped up with vegetable oil. Charcoal or logs can then be heaped around the stump and set alight. You or somebody will need to constantly supervise this until the fire has died down. Once the burning process is complete, you should make sure that the fire is put out, when it is no longer hot you will be able to dig out and clear away the remnants of stump and roots.

You will find there are various other burning methods, such as digging out underneath the stump and setting a fire in the excavated root bowl. If your tree stump is near to other trees, fences or buildings, you shouldn't ever use any of these stump burning procedures.

Digging Out by Hand: Digging up a stump by hand calls for a few tools such as a handsaw, loppers, a pointed spade and a chainsaw. It entails digging down to uncover the roots, chopping the roots with loppers or a saw, and finally freeing the stump, to make it easier to lift out. For the final lifting out process you may need to make use of a winch. This sort of work is not for the faint-hearted or unfit, since it's tiring and laborious.

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Emergency Tree Services Chesham

If you happen to have trees growing in your garden in Chesham, there may be some situations when you need to contact an emergency tree surgeon. Chesham tree surgeons normally expect to receive a spike in emergency call-outs when there are strong winds and storms, which is why some of them offer a 24/7 service for this eventuality. While the chances of an entire tree toppling over are low, there is more potential for branches snapping off and crashing to the ground, during blustery weather. Frequent issues that happen as a result of tree emergencies are broken garden furniture, damaged fences, cracked greenhouses and squashed sheds.

There is also a need for emergency tree surgery services by the local council in the Chesham area, when streets, public footpaths and railway lines get obstructed or blocked by fallen trees and branches.

Additional issues could also arise after the emergency tree surgery has been accomplished, because when a tree has lost some of it's branches, it may appear cockeyed, with the weight unevenly distributed - consequently "re-balancing" may be needed. A local tree surgeon in Chesham who provides 24 hour emergency services should be brought in to handle all these issues, and you should not attempt to resolve them on your own. (Tags: Emergency Tree Work Chesham, Emergency Tree Services Chesham, Emergency Tree Surgery Chesham, Emergency Call-Outs Chesham).

Daily Duties for a Tree Surgeon

  • Work with customers and complete administration duties.
  • Tidy up site on completion and remove waste products from customer's site.
  • Establish hazards posed by trees.
  • Prepare on-site or telephone quotations for customers.
  • Maintain and service equipment like chainsaws and wood chippers.
  • Fell and remove trees and grind stumps.
  • Chip and cut logs and branches.
  • Be proficient with power tools and other powered equipment.
  • Assess tree health and treatments.
  • Tree planting and transplanting.
  • Prepare tree survey reports for domestic and commercial customers.
  • Climb trees to prune or remove branches.

Cable Bracing Chesham

When a tree could be a risk to nearby pedestrians or property, or if it is showing warning signs of damage or decay, the tree can be supported with a technique known as cable bracing. When older or valued trees in Chesham are concerned, cable bracing is generally used where it is undesirable to chop down a tree or cut out large sections that are unstable.

To give additional support to defective joints, weak limbs and V-shaped forks in a tree, a purpose designed cable bracing system can be employed. To help alleviate structural stresses and prolong the lifespan of veteran trees most Chesham tree surgeons will be equipped to undertake different forms of bracing work by the installation of rods and cables.

A non-invasive approach, that does not damage the tree (as is the case when drilling and bolting the troublesome branches), cable bracing provides both flexible and shock-absorbing support. A thorough risk risk assessment must be conducted by an arborist of tree surgeon before any actual cable bracing work can begin. This is vital to guarantee the safety of the tree and nearby areas as the project proceeds. (Tags: Cable Bracing Chesham, Cable Bracing Trees Chesham, Tree Cable Bracing Chesham, Cable Bracing Methods Chesham).

Tree Surgery Tasks Chesham

Tree Surgery Tasks Chesham UK

Chesham tree surgeons can usually help with tree topping in Chesham, tree planting Chesham, tree lightening protection Chesham, tree pruning, tree pollarding, waste removal in Chesham, eco-plugging, site clearance in Chesham, hedge planting in Chesham, removal of storm damaged trees Chesham, the protection of trees from grazing Chesham, tree maintenance Chesham, tree waste removal, terravention, tree inspections, tree bracing in Chesham, commercial tree surgery, root grinding, formative pruning Chesham, fruit tree pruning, safety inspections Chesham, shrub maintenance Chesham, brush cutting services, damaged tree removal, vegetation management Chesham, crown removal, airspading in Chesham, dead wood removal, tree surveys Chesham, tree lopping, retrenchment pruning, crown raising, tree transplanting, woodland management, tree cutting in Chesham and other tree surgeon services in Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Listed are just a handful of the tasks that are performed by local tree surgeons. Chesham specialists will be delighted to keep you abreast of their entire range of services.

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In Buckinghamshire you can likewise find: Penn tree removal, Farnham Royal tree surgeon, Maids Moreton tree surgeons, Stoke Mandeville tree surgeons, tree surgeons, New Bradwell tree surgery, Horsleys Green tree surgeon, West Wycombe tree surgeon, Hughenden Valley tree surgery, tree surgeon, Brill tree surgeon, Padbury tree surgeons, Olney tree surgeon, Chalfont St Giles tree surgeon, tree surgery, Haddenham tree care, Marlow Bottom tree surgeons, Aston Clinton tree care, Latimer tree care services, tree care, Brill tree surgery, Farnham Royal tree care, Hazlemere tree management, tree removal, Farnham Royal tree management, Prestwood tree care services, Lane End tree care, tree surgeons, Bledlow tree care services, Denham Green tree care services. In every district of Buckinghamshire you should be able to find tree surgeons who will provide you with quality services for your tree care needs. If you can't identify the ideal tree surgeon in Chesham itself you should not have any trouble locating one nearby.

Tree Surgeons Near Chesham: Also find: Waterside tree surgeons, Bellingdon tree surgeons, Hawridge tree surgeons, Hyde Heath tree surgeons, The Vale tree surgeons, Chesham Bois tree surgeons, Chartridge tree surgeons, Ley Hill tree surgeons, Botley tree surgeons, Little Missenden tree surgeons, Ashley Green tree surgeons, Orchard Leigh tree surgeons, Lye Green tree surgeons, Asheridge tree surgeons, Hyde End tree surgeons, Amersham tree surgery and more. All these places are served by experienced tree surgeons. Chesham homeowners can obtain tree surgery quotes by clicking here.

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Tree surgery estimates were recently needed by property owners residing in the following Chesham streets: Capps Lane, Bellingdon Road, Durrants Path, Ashfield Road, Taylors Road, Berkhampstead Road, Alexander Street, School Close, Dorney End, Drydell Lane, Bank Green, Box Tree Close, Cherry Tree Walk, Brushmakers Court, Shepherds Way, Chestnut Avenue, Treachers Close, Chesham Road, Spring Close, Codmore Crescent, The Broadway, Cameron Road, Cheyne Walk, Town Bridge Court, Ashley Green Road, Arrewig Lane, Addison Road, Chesterton Close, Chalk Hill, as well as in these postcodes: HP5 1NH, HP5 1PN, HP5 1EF, HP5 1AH, HP5 1BH, HP5 1NA, HP5 1NW, HP5 1NN, HP5 1TB, HP5 1FN. These places recently saw activity by certified tree surgeons. Chesham residents enjoyed reliable and top notch tree surgery services in every case.

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Chesham Buckinghamshire (Bucks): The historic and attractive market town of Chesham is found in the South Eastern area of England in the county of Buckinghamshire. Chesham is around 3 miles from Amersham and 5 miles from Berkhamsted (Herts), towns and villages close by include Botley, Ley Hill, Hawridge, Lye Green, Asheridge, The Vale, Chesham Bois and Hyde Heath. Chesham has the postcode HP5, has a population of around 21,000 and has the dial code 01494. In 1257 Chesham was granted a charter to hold a weekly market by Henry III. (Tags: Chesham England, Chesham Bucks, Chesham Buckinghamshire, Chesham United Kingdom)

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