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Newquay Tree Surgeons (TR7): Plenty of Newquay homes have gardens with substantial trees growing in them. Even though trees are important for the health of the planet, provide a home for wildlife and are great to look at, they need to be looked after and properly maintained. They can become overgrown, be affected by disease, and often need pruning and other regular maintenance tasks. In windy weather larger trees can even become a hazard, as branches or even whole sections of tree can break off and plummet to the earth, possibly causing damage to buildings, cars or even passers-by. Basically, you are the individual who's answerable for maintaining any trees on your home or business premises in Newquay.

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In the case of shrubs, fruit trees, smaller trees and hedges, a gardening fanatic will be quite capable of keeping them clipped and in check, and will probably get some satisfaction from the process. If you are confident, have the right tools and know what you're doing, you can certainly tackle the trimming and pruning of branches that can be easily reached from ground level. If large trees are involved that will require ladders or climbing, the process is best left to the professionals.

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When climbing tall trees, it is not just the chance of you falling or hurting yourself, it is also the risk of injuring others by dropping heavy branches or tools whilst working above. Just the thought of a novice gardener wielding a powered-up chainsaw while teetering precariously up a tree ought to send shivers along your spine, and with any luck, make you reconsider your actions.

For this type of task, you might think that a gardener would be the right individual to call. Yet, gardeners are generally not trained in the care of larger trees, although might be a decent choice for pruning shrubs, fruit trees and hedges. The tradesperson that you actually need is a tree surgeon, who will have all the appropriate tools and equipment for any form of tree care work. Depending on the scale of the work involved, and the type and size of trees that you've got on your property in Newquay, some special equipment like chainsaws, harnesses and wood chipping machinery, may be necessary.

While you may find many folks in Newquay who profess to be tree surgeons, only a genuine tree surgeon will be competent in using such machinery and tools, will be qualified in arboriculture and will have accreditations such as:

  • CS38 (NPTC 206/306) - Tree climbing and aerial tree rescue.
  • CS30 (NPTC 201/202) - Chainsaw maintenance & crosscutting.
  • CS31 (NPTC 203) - Fell and process small trees.
  • CS39 (NPTC 308) - Operate chainsaw from rope & harness.

Tree surgeons also need to have some basic first-aid qualifications. It is important that all specialist tree surgery in Newquay conforms to British Standards BS3998 (2010) procedures.

When you are searching for a good tree surgeon in Newquay those are the principal qualifications that you should be looking for. If the person you're considering doesn't have at least some of these accreditations you should continue looking for somebody better. More skilled tree surgeons in Newquay might also hold a City and Guilds or similar qualification in woodland ecology & conservation, forestry, forest management, arboriculture or countryside management.

Tree Surgeons Newquay (TR7)

A wide range of tree related tasks can be accomplished by a fully qualified tree surgeon in Newquay, including transplanting, stump grinding, pest control, tree planting, the protection of trees from grazing, tree felling, tree surgery, tree removal and disease identification.

Some of the more common tree related projects like root pruning, crown shaping, crown thinning, crown cleaning, tree felling, pruning, crown raising or damage restoration, are the ones that will be required by householders in Newquay.

For the safety of the homeowner, the general public and themselves, a reputable Newquay tree surgeon should be proficient in the use of slacklines, lowering winches, climbing ropes, harnesses, loppers, rigging plates, chain saws, stump grinding machines, rigging ropes, wood shredders, winches, pole saws, and other tree surgery equipment. If the individual you have chosen turns up with just a hand saw and a ladder, get shot of them and find somebody better.

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Before you schedule any major work on your trees in Newquay, you need to make certain none of them have TPO's (Tree Preservation Orders) You must check with your local planning authority to make sure none of the trees within the perimeter of your property are protected by TPOs. You could ask if your tree surgeon will help with these checks, any reputable one will be glad to offer guidance.

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Once you have got the message that your trees require the attention of a professional Newquay tree surgeon, you can begin your search. There are various techniques for accomplishing this. You can try out one of the trade portals such as Quotatis, My Builder or Rated People. You could search for the web sites of local Newquay tree surgeons online. You could a ask for a recommendation from friends and family. You can look through your local newspaper classified listings or the Yellow Pages. These methods should give you a short list of prospective tree surgeons.

To make sure you get the absolute best tree surgeon in Newquay, you could always hire a contractor that's approved by the Arboricultural Association (ARB). You can then have confidence in the knowledge that your chosen tree surgeon is recognised for:

  • High quality customer care.
  • Compliance with health and safety regulations of arboricultural contracting.
  • Compliance with legislative requirements.
  • Work standards, knowledge and operations.
  • Development and training.

Unfortunately, there are quite often reports in the media about rogue traders and cowboys who offer 'tree surgery' services, so once again, asking for proof of qualifications is important to protect yourself against these sorts of people who might be operating in the Newquay area, and sticking to recognised local companies is generally best. As we have already stated, tree surgery is incredibly dangerous work, and you are inviting trouble if an inexperienced individual is let loose on your trees.

I am certain that wouldn't want any damage to be done to your trees, but this is likely to happen if you do not hire a person who's competent. Treating, lopping or pruning trees in an improper way or at the wrong time of the year can be devastating for the health of your trees, therefore stick with the experts.

Local Tree Surgeons Near Newquay Cornwall

You should try to obtain at least two or three quotations from different local tree surgery companies in Newquay, to get a selection of prices. Getting quotes is merely one step in the process of finding a good tree surgeon in Newquay, there's additional research that still needs to be done.

You should invariably ask loads of questions, and from the way they deal with these queries, your should get an idea of how much they know and how confident they are. Make sure that they have adequate insurance, and establish what's included in the price quoted. One of the most important things that should be included in the quote is waste removal. You'll need to know whether they are taking away all the branches and waste that they generate.

It would also be a wise idea to request some references from former clients. If your tree surgery company in Newquay is honest they will be happy to furnish you with references and perhaps even some pictures of their work. If they have a Facebook or Twitter page it could also be worth checking this out, as it will generally contain a great deal of information on the company and it's clients.

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Locally based Newquay tree surgery services will likely have the postcode TR7 and the telephone code 01637. They'll operate in Newquay itself, along with nearby areas like Porth, Cubert, Quintrell Downs, Trevelgue, Tregurrian, Holywell, West Pentire, Lane, Colan, St Columb Minor, Tretherras, Trencreek, St Mawgan, Crantock, Rosecliston, Pentire, Kestle Mill, and these postcodes: TR7 1LY, TR7 1NJ, TR7 1JG, TR7 1HY, TR7 1PZ, TR7 1DQ, TR7 1FJ, TR7 1GE, TR7 1FQ, TR7 1HH.

For this kind of service it's certainly far better to use an accredited tree surgeon. Newquay residents can benefit from the skills and expertise offered by a fully trained professional.

Tree Pollarding Newquay

Tree Pollarding Newquay Cornwall

Where a tree has significantly outgrown its present setting, it must be considerably reduced in size by the use of a procedure known as "pollarding". This process is from time to time employed for visual reasons to transform a tree into an especially attractive form or shape. Trees that grow beside roadways in Newquay are quite often pollarded, as are those that are used for boundaries and in hedgerows. As pollarded trees have got such a stark and bare visual appearance, and will likely never return to their previous shape, this method isn't usually popular with those who appreciate trees. Tree species like beeches, planes, maples, horse chestnuts, limes, oaks and sycamores are regular contenders for the pollarding process, and on the positive element trees which may otherwise have to be felled can be preserved for the enjoyment of all.

Tree Surveys Newquay

Tree surveys could be required for a variety of reasons, but most often when property extension or development is concerned. If you're clearing a piece of land to prepare for the building of an extension to an existing property or a brand new home in Newquay, for example, you will need to perform a tree survey to British Standards BS5837 (2012) if trees are growing upon that land. All surveys on trees should be carried out by an accredited tree surveyor or tree surgeon, irrespective of whether they are being carried out on private or public property in Newquay.

For a specified area, a number of details will be gathered about all of the trees within it. For instance:

  • The expected lifespan of the trees.
  • The diameter of each tree (taken 1.5m above the ground).
  • The number of trees (those of over 75mm diameter 1.5m from ground level).
  • The species of trees (either common or scientific).
  • The existence of any Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs).
  • Guidelines for tree management.
  • The height of each tree.
  • The spread of branches to the East, South, North and West.
  • The health of the trees.
  • The ages of the trees.
  • The allocation of a unique tree reference number for each of the trees.

If you are doing work on an existing property in Newquay but you are not increasing the building's footprint and aren't changing the service lines or access points, a tree survey will probably not be needed.

Woodland Clearance Newquay

Woodland Clearance Newquay (TR7)

Carrying out woodland clearance in the Newquay area can have local and national regulations and restrictions in place, contingent on where your ground is, and what fauna and flora is found in the area that is going to be cleared. To make certain that all relevant permits are gathered, land covenants and restrictions are enforced, and that all strategies for completing the clearance are ecologically responsible, an experienced Newquay tree surgeon should be appointed to supervise and complete the project.

A tree surgeon will verify if there are any special planning permissions, felling restrictions or ecological constraints by conducting a full site survey and having discussions with the local council. It could be that the land in question has protected tree species or animals on it, which will require relocation to another protected site, or other mitigation procedures may need to be used.

The expensive and specialist felling, mulching and chipping equipment that is used in woodland clearance means it's far more cost effective to bring in a specialist tree surgeon to carry out your project. (Tags: Woodland Clearances Newquay, Woodland Management Newquay, Woodland Clearance Newquay, Woodland Preservation Newquay).

Vegetation Control

Vegetation Management

Whilst a lot of householders in Newquay will think that tree surgeons only address the care and removal of trees, that is simply not the case, given that the majority of tree surgeons are also happy to deal with overgrown land and gardens that are choked with out-of-control plant growth. Many tree specialists will be prepared to take out shrubs, weeds, bushes and overgrown vegetation which might be growing near patios, sheds, driveways, pathways or buildings, and being an issue. If you're going to manage your garden effectively then all of this accumulating growth ought to be eliminated regularly, and if you've got the time and inclination then this is a task you could do yourself if you are fit and healthy, or you could book in a tree surgeon to call annually to keep it under control. Vegetation control is essential if you're going to maintain easy and safe access to all areas of your garden and if this is ignored the vegetation will very quickly take over and lessen the enjoyment of your garden. Besides anything else the garden will look a lot better when properly maintained.

Removing Tree Stumps Newquay

When you've had a tree cut down and removed from your property in Newquay, unless previously agreed with the tree surgeon, you'll likely be left with a tree stump to contend with. You might consider leaving it to decay and rot away naturally, and be perfectly happy to leave it to its own devices. However, tree stumps can attract unwanted pests, be a trip hazard, and be an eyesore.

There are a number of ways that you can remove a stump, if you determine that this is the preferred course of action, though the 2 key alternatives are stump grinding or stump removal. In the following paragraphs we'll be considering the stump removal option as opposed to stump grinding.

Chemical treatment, digging out by hand or burning, are the 3 main methods of removing a tree stump. If you've got plans to tackle a tree stump yourself, the use of any of these strategies may be feasible. Tree surgeons themselves will typically suggest the previously mentioned stump grinding option, however may suggest a chemical stump removal treatment like eco-plugging.

Digging Out by Hand: The method of digging out by hand is pretty self-explanatory, and calls for shoveling out out as much earth as possible from around the base and roots, sawing through any main roots with a chainsaw or handsaw, and ultimately freeing the stump so that it can be lifted out and removed. You may need to use a cable ratchet winch for lifting out the stump. This tends to be laborious and exhausting work, and should never be tackled unless you are fit for the job.

Tree Stump Removal by Burning: Since it can be dangerous and might contravene local legislation, stump burning is not really a recommended course of action, so if you use this technique, take great care. A number of 1" holes will need to be drilled in the tree stump, and for several days kept topped up with vegetable oil. You should then cover the stump with charcoal or logs and set fire to it. Such a fire shouldn't be left unattended, and must be supervised until safe to do so. Once the burning has finished, you should ensure that the fire is put out, and when it is no longer hot you will be able to dig out and clear away the remnants of roots and stump.

This is not the only method of burning a stump, and you could also try scooping out all the soil from underneath the stump and setting a fire in the space that's been made beneath. If the tree stump is in close proximity to other trees, fences or buildings, you should never use any of these stump burning procedures.

Chemical Stump Killers: For the chemical removal of a tree stump you will need to obtain Roundup Tree Stump Remover, Resolva Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer or Vitax SBK Stump Killer. Wear gloves and avoid skin contact when working with any of these chemicals, and also try not to inhale. You must stick rigidly to the maker's directions, for applications, rates and timings. This is not a short term fix, and it could take a few weeks for the tree stump to rot completely, after which time an axe and spade can be used to chop it up and remove it.

(Tags: Tree Stump Removal Newquay, Removing Tree Stumps Newquay, Chemical Stump Removal Newquay, Removal of Tree Stumps Newquay).

Invasive Tree Root Problems Newquay

Problem Tree Roots Newquay Cornwall

Because certain trees have particularly aggressive roots, if they are growing too near to your home in Newquay, they can trigger a number of problems, potentially serious. These issues could include things like damaged foundations, blocked drains and cracked patios, to name but a few. Maples, willows, elms and sycamores, are known to have very aggressive root systems.

Complications can be avoided in the future, if you ensure that you plant new trees as far away as possible from your home, your sewerage system, paths and patio areas. If some of these issues are already being caused by pre-existing trees that are growing too near to your house, you should contact a tree surgeon in Newquay for advice and help.

This is not really the sort of job you should try to do by yourself, and simply cutting out the invasive tree roots could kill the tree or severely affect it's health. For a tree to survive successfully it will still need to be getting sufficient nutrients and water, and a qualified tree surgeon in Newquay will know exactly which roots can be cut, and which roots should be left in place.

Structural problems in subterranean drains are frequently caused by shrub and tree roots, because a constant source of nutrients and moisture is present in these settings. Minute tree roots can easily invade the joints of a drainage system, and once established grow into enormous root balls which can trigger joint failure and an eventual blockage. Specialised root removal services will be provided by some local tree surgeons, who will use either high pressure water jetting, manual rodding or electro-mechanical equipment to eliminate the troublesome roots. Invasive root removal services are also available in Porth, Cubert, Quintrell Downs, Trevelgue, Tregurrian, Holywell, West Pentire, Lane, Colan, St Columb Minor, Tretherras, Trencreek, St Mawgan, Crantock, Rosecliston, Pentire, Kestle Mill, and in Newquay itself. (Tags: Problem Tree Roots Newquay, Tree Root Problems Newquay, Drain Root Removal Newquay, Invasive Tree Roots Newquay).

Chainsaws in Tree Surgery


When it comes to the equipment that is used by Newquay tree surgeons, the chainsaw is the most commonly seen. Petrol chainsaws are the most preferred by professionals, because of their ease of use and greater portability, although mains models are available, and rechargeable battery chainsaws are growing more popular for some processes. For slicing through large limbs and tree trunks, petrol driven chainsaws are really the only effective option, being powerful, robust and able to contend with even the most demanding of tree work.

Consisting of a revolving chain armed with a set of razor-sharp teeth that cut through the bark and branches, a chainsaw is essentially a rather simple tool. Chainsaws are also available in a variety of styles, each one having its own specific use - rear-handled for working on the ground (two handed), pole saws for hard to reach branches and long distance pruning and top-handled for working at height (and which can be operated with one hand if required).

Even though it is not the safest thing to be climbing up a tree with, it is very rare that you'll find a professional Newquay tree surgeon that does not use a chainsaw virtually every day. So as to gain membership of the Arboricultural Association, being trained in the maintenance and safe use of chainsaws is one of the main requirements for tree surgeons.

Although there are a lot of different chainsaw brands available to specialist tree surgeons, the most popular ones the United Kingdom are Hyundai, Makita, Husqvarna and Stihl.

Hedge Cutting Newquay

Hedge Trimming Newquay

While the majority of projects performed by Newquay tree surgeons involves the care and maintenance of trees and shrubs, the cutting back of hedges is another job that they are able to do. Using a skilled tree surgeon can be a big advantage when there is work to be done on conifer hedges such as Leylandii, which can soon reach heights that are too tall for a homeowner or regular gardener to deal with, requiring specialist equipment to manage successfully.

A hedge that's poorly maintained or neglected will soon become overgrown and fairly quickly get out of control. If you prefer to have a hedge that does not run riot in large areas of your garden in Newquay, regular clipping is advisable, and this is crucial not simply for aesthetic reasons, but also because it makes the hedge stronger.

Neat hedges help to make your whole garden look tidier, and could even add to the value of your home in Newquay, if at some stage you have plans to sell it. You should also be able to get hedge trimming services in Porth, Cubert, Quintrell Downs, Trevelgue, Tregurrian, Holywell, West Pentire, Lane, Colan, St Columb Minor, Tretherras, Trencreek, St Mawgan, Crantock, Rosecliston, Pentire, Kestle Mill, and and of course Newquay. (Tags: Hedge Cutting Newquay, Hedge Shaping Newquay, Hedge Clipping Newquay, Hedge Trimming Newquay).

Accidents Through Tree Surgery

The work that is tackled by tree surgeons and tree care professionals in Newquay can be very hazardous. All possible safety measures should be taken when carrying out work on trees, because tree work involves a considerable risk of injury to both operatives and those on the ground.

A large majority of fatal and major injuries are linked to falls from trees, the use of chainsaws, and being struck by a falling branch or tree, as stated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). In actual fact, tree surgeons and arborists are more at risk of serious injury than workers involved in the construction sector.

With regards to insurance claims the most common tree work accidents involve falling from ladders, lifting injuries and being struck by objects (ropes, cranes, grapple hooks, branches, trees etc).

This will all help you to understand why it is so critical to hire a seasoned tree surgeon in Newquay. Inexperienced workers attempting tasks that they're not properly trained in, accounts for a lot of accidents in the tree care industry. Using an established and trustworthy Newquay company that has been trading in the local area for several years, is the easiest way to avoid such issues, and get your tree work done as safely as possible.

Tree Removal Newquay

Tree Removal Newquay

If the tree is infected/diseased, the tree is hampering a new construction project, your tree is simply too large for its environment, the roots are endangering foundations/retaining walls, you've got a dying/dead tree, your tree presents a threat to safety or the tree is damaged, then you've probably got a valid reason for felling and removing a tree. Otherwise tree removal should be the final resort, seeing that trees are generally a beneficial and attractive addition to your garden. Several individuals in Newquay just want to remove trees to stop the bother of fallen leaves in winter or gain a better view, this is by no means necessary and should only become a reality in extreme cases.

Deadwooding Newquay

All experienced Newquay tree surgeons will carry out the procedure of dead-wooding, which is an important part of tree management. Dead-wooding calls for the careful removal of dead and rotting branches that could pose a threat to passers-by, buildings or vehicles. Some of a tree's branches can die off for a variety of reasons, the most common being root damage, pest attacks, diseases or excessive shading.

Whilst the usual reason for the removal of dead branches is one of safety, it is also done for the benefit of the tree, and for aesthetic reasons. It's possible to greatly improve a tree's health by removing dying, damaged and dead branches, an excessive amount of which will attract the spread of disease and insect infestation. Dead and rotting wood can also make a tree look ugly, and by removing much of this you can make it more attractive.

Only large dead branches will normally be taken out, as in most situations the small ones won't pose any great risk. On the other hand, where a park, a highway, a garden, a property or a public space in Newquay is overhung by trees, any dead wood of more than 50mm diameter might need to be removed.

Tree Surgery Tasks Newquay

Tree Surgery Tasks Newquay UK

Newquay tree surgeons can usually help with landscaping, shrub maintenance Newquay, waste removal, arboriculture Newquay, root flare exposure, damaged tree removal, hedge trimming, domestic tree surgery, tree lopping, decompaction, crown reduction in Newquay, commercial tree care, eco plug treatments Newquay, tree waste removal in Newquay, staking, tree removal Newquay, emergency tree surgery Newquay, crown lifting, root grinding Newquay, stump removal, tree transplanting, tree felling, dead wooding, site clearance, hedge reduction Newquay, damage restoration in Newquay, root removal, expert tree care Newquay, tree bracing in Newquay, stump treatment Newquay, woodland clearances, forestry management in Newquay, fruit tree pruning Newquay, vegetation management, removal of storm damaged trees Newquay and other tree surgeon services in Newquay, Cornwall. These are just some of the duties that are performed by tree surgeons. Newquay providers will tell you about their whole range of services.

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Tree Surgeons Near Newquay: Also find: West Pentire tree surgeons, Porth tree surgeons, Colan tree surgeons, Lane tree surgeons, Tretherras tree surgeons, Kestle Mill tree surgeons, Rosecliston tree surgeons, St Mawgan tree surgeons, Tregurrian tree surgeons, Trencreek tree surgeons, Crantock tree surgeons, Trevelgue tree surgeons, St Columb Minor tree surgeons, Quintrell Downs tree surgeons, Holywell tree surgeons, Cubert tree surgeons, Pentire tree surgery and more. The majority of these towns and villages are served by certified tree surgeons. Newquay home and business owners and others can obtain quotes by clicking here.

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Tree surgeons were recently doing work in the following Newquay areas: Agar Road, Crantock Street, Trethewey Way, School Close, Trenance Lane, Bedowan Meadows, St Georges Road, Broad Street, Sycamore Gardens, Carminow Way, Trerice Drive, Tamarisk Lane, Cliff Road, Carloggas Close, Chylan Crescent, Chapel Hill, Aylwin Close, Sweet Briar Crescent, Trethiggey, Colvreath Road, Curtis V C Close, Station Road, Arundel Way, Seaview, Carneton Close, Commons Road, Calshot Close, Trevithick Close, and in buildings having these postcodes: TR7 1LY, TR7 1NJ, TR7 1JG, TR7 1HY, TR7 1PZ, TR7 1DQ, TR7 1FJ, TR7 1GE, TR7 1FQ, TR7 1HH. Work was undertaken in these places by qualified tree surgeons. Newquay residents were given professional and competent tree surgery services in every case.

More Newquay Trades: Not surprisingly, when you're having tree surgery done in Newquay, Cornwall, you'll probably be in need of other garden related services, and apart from a tree surgeon in Newquay, Cornwall, you could additionally need grass cutting in Newquay, planting services in Newquay, waste removal in Newquay, fencing contractors in Newquay, garden sheds in Newquay, patio installation in Newquay, garden pond installation in Newquay, hedge clipping in Newquay, driveway specialists in Newquay, garden planning and design in Newquay, garden clearance in Newquay, local SKIP HIRE in Newquay, decking fitters in Newquay, soil drainage services in Newquay, hard landscaping in Newquay, artificial grass installers in Newquay, and other different Newquay tradespeople.

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