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Keswick Tree Surgeons (CA12): There are lots of advantages to having large trees in your garden in Keswick, and aside from the obvious aesthetic gains, trees spread seeds from which more trees will grow, provide a home for wildlife, help the environment and produce oxygen. On top of that, trees also make an ideal place for children to climb and play and to construct tree houses and this makes them amazing additions to any home in Keswick. This is all well and good in the correct circumstances, but sometimes there are unfortunate scenarios where trees can create difficulties and turn out to be more aggravation than they're worth.

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When you are facing one of these dilemmas, the chances are that you're going to need assistance from a specialist. Whether you are looking to have a whole tree removed, some stumps ground down or some overhanging branches trimmed, you will certainly appreciate the quality services offered by a tree surgeon in Keswick. For the enhancement and upkeep of a landscaped garden in Keswick, a variety of services will be provided by a seasoned tree surgeon. It helps to take care of the trees in the most efficient way possible, since a poorly maintained tree has the potential to be unsafe.

Skilled Tree Surgeon Keswick Cumbria

Although it is generally safe for a passionate Keswick gardener to tackle lots of horticultural jobs, the process of tree felling should to be left to the experts in the trade. To ensure that a tree is safely and skilfully removed, hiring the professional services of a tree surgeon in Keswick is crucial. Here we have listed some of the major advantages of using a qualified tree surgeon in Keswick:

Safety - Larger trees can be extremely heavy and unpredictable, and it can be fairly tricky to have total control over the process of felling a tree. If a tree doesn't fall as predicted, there is the possibility of considerable damage and it usually needs the expertise of the tree surgeon to make certain that it comes down safely. Capable of making sure that even the largest of trees is cut down in a very controlled and safe way, a tree surgeon is fully skilled and trained in the process of felling trees.

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High Quality Finish - A higher quality look and finish is another valid reason to count on an accredited tree surgeon in Keswick. A skilled professional is able to complete the task with a much cleaner finish, and is thus more pleasing aesthetically. A badly completed tree felling can look really ugly, particularly if the stump is left at a large size. They're able to make certain that the trunk is able to decompose and break down naturally or will ensure that the entire stump is removed.

Wide Range of Services - Supplemental services such as removing dead trees, pruning limbs that have been damaged by wind and planting and nurturing new trees, will be provided by a qualified tree surgeon as well as top quality tree felling. They'll also be able to give you advice on the best areas to plant new trees, where they're going to get a sufficient quantity of sunlight, and be less vulnerable to diseases, pests or other problems.

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Locally based Keswick tree surgery services are most likely have the postcode CA12 and the telephone dialling code 017687. They will work in Keswick itself, in addition to nearby areas like Buttermere, St Johns in the Vale, Bassenthwaite, Grasmere, Scales, Greystoke, Glenridding, Threlkeld, Manesty, Thornthwaite, Naddle, Thirlmere, Braithwaite, Portinscale, and these postcodes: CA12 5DJ, CA12 5AY, CA12 5DF, CA12 4LW, CA12 4AY, CA12 4HX, CA12 4BX, CA12 5DP, CA12 5AB, CA12 5AH.

For this type of assistance it's certainly a good idea to employ an approved tree surgeon. Keswick business and home owners can greatly benefit from the skills and dexterity offered by a trained professional.

Removing Tree Stumps Keswick

If you're in a situation where you have to have a substantial tree felled and removed from your garden in Keswick, you're likely to be left with a stump, which also needs to be tackled. You may consider allowing it to break down and rot away in a natural way, and be quite happy to leave it to its own devices. However, tree stumps can be an eyesore, can attract unwanted pests, and be a trip hazard for your family.

If you decide to remove the tree stump once and for all, there are several ways you can achieve this, but basically they fall under 2 main options stump removal and stump grinding. Below we will be focusing on the removal solution.

There are in essence three main approaches that can be used to remove a tree stump - you can use a chemical treatment, you can burn it or you can dig it out by hand. If you are intending to deal with a stump by yourself, you can use any of these tactics. If you're intending to bring in a tree surgeon to carry out the work, they'll generally favour the previously mentioned stump grinding procedure, however a chemical stump removal treatment like eco-plugging may be suggested.

Stump Burning: Take care if you choose this approach to stump removal, because burning can be fairly dangerous and might be at variance with legislation in your area. You'll need to drill some 1" holes in the tree stump, and pour in vegetable oil, you'll have to keep the holes topped up over a period of several days until the stump is fully soaked. Charcoal is then piled around the tree stump and lit. A fire like this shouldn't be left unwatched, and must be supervised until safely burnt out. When the fire has finally ceased burning, you need to ensure that it is extinguished and cooled down, after which you can dig out the stump ashes and roots.

This isn't the only method of burning a stump, you could also try shoveling out all the soil from under the stump and building a fire in the void that's been made beneath. Of course, there are various situations where stump burning isn't appropriate, for instance when there are fences, other trees or buildings in close proximity to the stump in question.

Digging Out a Stump by Hand: Digging by hand is pretty self-explanatory and involves digging down, cutting all the roots, and freeing the stump. A winch could be required in order to complete this procedure. This is really hard work and not for the unfit or faint-hearted.

Chemical Stump Killers: For chemically removing a stump you will need to purchase Vitax SBK Stump Killer, Roundup Tree Stump Remover or Resolva Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer. When utilising these you should follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter, as these chemicals can be very toxic. The stump will take a few weeks to rot down and can then be removed with an axe and a spade.

Protecting Trees & Shrubs in Winter

Despite the fact that lengthy periods of extreme cold are fairly rare in the United Kingdom it could still be worthwhile to look at a few precautionary measures for protecting your trees and shrubs when the weather turns bad. Even the trees, plants and shrubs that we normally think of as hardy, can find the winter season hard to get through, particularly during the colder months, and they'll invariably benefit from some TLC and extra protection.

Although many of your trees may have already shed their leaves come winter in Keswick, it is strong winds and storms that are the biggest concern, and despite the fact that they may offer less wind resistance, they could still be at risk of damage. If a tree on your property is swaying precariously in the wind, or has been damaged by stormy weather, a local tree surgeon will have to be brought in to conduct an examination. Trees can also suffer problems because of heavy snowfall, so be on the lookout for trouble in this sort of weather. A thick layer of mulch round the base of trees and shrubs (in particular freshly planted ones), can help to keep the roots frost-free and prevent them from becoming dehydrated.

Tree Cable Bracing Keswick

In certain circumstances where a tree shows signs of decay, damage, or is a danger to nearby property or persons, a procedure called cable bracing will often be used to support the tree. This technique is generally used on valuable or older trees in Keswick, where the felling or removal of large unstable portions needs to be avoided for reasons of aesthetics.

To support poor joints, V-shaped forks and weak limbs in a tree, a specially designed cable bracing setup can be installed. Most Keswick tree surgeons will be equipped to conduct various kinds of bracing work by the fitting of rods and cables to alleviate structural stresses and extend the lifespan of specimen trees.

Cable bracing has the purpose of offering a shock-absorbing and flexible means of support that is non-invasive and doesn't damage the tree by drilling and bolting the branches. A comprehensive risk risk assessment, to ensure the safety of the tree and adjacent areas, needs to be undertaken before the start of any cable bracing project in Keswick.

Deadwooding Keswick

A fundamental element of tree care and upkeep, the practice of dead-wooding (or deadwooding) will be carried out by all experienced tree surgeons in Keswick. When there's a chance of dead and dying branches falling onto pedestrians, homes or vehicles, dead-wooding will be conducted to carefully remove the offending limbs. Tree branches can die off for a number of different reasons, with root damage, excessive shading, pest attacks or diseases, recognised as the most typical.

Whilst the usual motive for removing dead branches is one of safety, it is also done to benefit the tree, and for aesthetic reasons. It is possible to radically improve the health of a tree by eliminating dying, dead and damaged branches, an excessive amount of which will attract disease and insect infestation. You can also improve a tree's appearance through this process, since a tree with lots of dead wood can also look rather unappealing.

Generally only the largest dead branches will be removed, because smaller ones present very little risk. Nonetheless, where a garden, a highway, a public area, a house or a park in Keswick is overhung by trees, any dead wood of more than fifty millimetres diameter may have to be removed.

Tree Preservation Orders & Conservation Areas Keswick

Before carrying out any major work on your trees in Keswick, you should make sure that there is not a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) on any of them. If you contact your local authority, they'll tell you whether any of your trees are protected by a TPO. A TPO prohibits the lopping, felling, topping, removal, uprooting, wilful damage or wilful destruction of any tree which is covered. Your tree surgeon will be able to give you advice on this and help with any checks.

For those of you who reside within a conservation area in Keswick, at least 6 wks notice in writing has to be given to the local planning authority if you intend to perform any work on a tree with a stem diameter of 75 millimetres or more (1.5 metres from the ground). (Tags: Tree Preservation Orders Keswick, TPOs Keswick, Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) Keswick).

Tree Transplanting Keswick

Tree Transplanting Keswick (017687)

Moving mature trees and transplanting them in another location may sound tricky, however with heavy lifting equipment and vehicle mounted spades, it has become a fairly straightforward endeavour. Removing a tree from your land does not have to involve chopping it down and excavating the roots; an experienced tree moving company in Keswick can remove and transplant even fully-grown trees and repair the ground afterwards.

If you've got no choice but to move a tree in Keswick during the warmer seasons of summer and spring, you must lessen the stress of the move on the roots by comprehensively soaking the soil with water before any work begins. To lift a tree from the soil a tractor based mechanical tree spade is forced down into the dirt to encircle the main root ball, before lifting the whole thing free. The tree can then be stored temporarily before its transplanting in a new location.

Even protected trees can be transplanted by a competent tree moving firm in Keswick, providing all relevant authorisations and preservation orders are approved by the woodland organisations and local authorities. You will be able to obtain transplanting services in Buttermere, St Johns in the Vale, Bassenthwaite, Grasmere, Scales, Greystoke, Glenridding, Threlkeld, Manesty, Thornthwaite, Naddle, Thirlmere, Braithwaite, Portinscale, and in Keswick.

Tree Surveys Keswick

There are a number of reasons why you could need to have a tree survey carried out, and the most common is for property extension or land development. If you are clearing a piece of land to make space for a new home or an extension to an existing property in Keswick, for example, you will need to carry out a tree survey to British Standards BS5837 (2012) if trees exist upon that land. All surveys on trees should be handled by a qualified tree surveyor or tree surgeon, irrespective of whether they are being carried out on public or private property in Keswick.

If a tree survey is performed properly, it will produce a whole bunch of information about all of the trees located within the area specified. For instance:

  • The height of each tree in metres.
  • The species of trees (either scientific or common).
  • The diameter of each tree (measured 1.5m above the ground).
  • Recommendations for tree management.
  • The age of the trees (i.e. young, semi-mature, mature, over-mature and veteran).
  • A unique tree reference number for each tree.
  • The structural and physiological health of the trees.
  • The existence of any TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders).
  • The spread of branches to the South, West, North and East.
  • The number of trees.
  • The expected lifespan of the trees.

If you're carrying out work on an existing home in Keswick, and are not modifying the access points or service lines, or increasing the building's footprint, you probably won't need to do a tree survey. (Tags: Tree Surveys Keswick, Tree Survey Keswick, Arboricultural Surveyors Keswick, Keswick Tree Surveys).

Problems With Tree Roots Keswick

Problem Tree Roots Keswick Cumbria

Because certain trees have particularly invasive roots, if they're growing too close to your property in Keswick, they can cause various issues, possibly serious ones. Problems that can occur include damaged foundations, blocked drains and cracked patios. Species like sycamores, maples, willows and elms, are trees that have extremely intrusive root systems.

If you happen to be planting any new trees, make certain that they're located sufficiently far from patio areas, your drainage pipes, paths and your house, so that they won't cause serious problems down the road. If you've already got problems with established trees which are growing too near to your home, you can get advice and guidance by bringing in your local Keswick tree surgeon.

To avoid the chance of seriously harming the health of your tree or even killing it off altogether, you should not just hack away at the problematic tree roots in an effort to resolve this yourself. Understanding which roots should be left in place, and which roots can be safely cut back is the domain of the specialist, and an established Keswick tree surgeon will make certain the tree can still get sufficient food and water to successfully survive.

Subterranean drainage systems are very attractive to tree and shrub roots, because they provide a constant source of moisture and nutrients, and they can sometimes suffer cracks and structural damage. The joints of a drainage system can very soon be invaded by tiny tree roots, which once established can grow into massive root balls and ultimately cause joint failure and blockages. Through the use of high pressure jetting, manual rod clearance or electro-mechanical equipment, many Keswick tree surgeons will be happy to provide specialised root removal solutions.

Air-Spading Keswick

There are various issues that could make the health of your trees a concern, however problems with the root system are quite often the cause. A professional tree surgeon in Keswick might need to get at the roots to check for soil compaction, root rot, or other issues.

Previously this was quite tricky, because of the potential for root damage in the digging down process. To efficiently break down and clear away compacted soil without causing damage to tree roots or utilities, a contemporary method that's frequently used by tree surgeons is "air spading".

When the soil surrounding a tree gets compacted by passing vehicles, construction work or heavy foot traffic, the general health of the tree can be negatively impacted. Due to a lack of nutrients and water, a tree can become "stressed", making it more prone to attacks by insects, pests and disease. Also ideal for fixing root flare issues, air-spading can be used to clear away the excess soil from the base of a tree which has been covered, heightening the possibility of root decay.

Blowing air directly into the soil at a speed of 1,200 mph, the ingenious air-spading process necessitates the use of an air compressor and an air-spade which forces air into spaces in the soil, causing it to break down quickly, but not impacting the tree roots or nearby utility lines. Immediate inspection is possible, as the powerful flow of air blows the soil away from the roots. A loose layer of wood mulch and fertiliser can then be introduced to rejuvenate the tree, and a solution implemented for any issues.

Tree Surgery Tasks Keswick

Tree Surgery Tasks Keswick UK

Keswick tree surgeons can normally help with tree pest control, crown raising in Keswick, root flare exposure in Keswick, waste removal, tree management, root pruning, tree work, woodland management Keswick, coppicing in Keswick, landscape clearance, tree surveys, dead wooding, woodland clearance, monitoring of tree health in Keswick, crown lifting in Keswick, tree pollarding, damaged tree removal, tree reduction Keswick, tree dismantling in Keswick, retrenchment pruning Keswick, drop crotching in Keswick, hedge trimming, shrub maintenance in Keswick, woodchipping, emergency tree surgery, eco-plugging in Keswick, brush cutting, tree waste removal, crown reduction Keswick, crown removal, tree lightening protection in Keswick, damage restoration in Keswick and other tree surgeon services in Keswick, Cumbria. These are just a few of the duties that are accomplished by tree surgeons. Keswick providers will inform you of their whole range of services.

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