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Waterbeach Tree Surgeons (CB25): If you have trees in your garden in Waterbeach, you'll probably at some point need to have them looked at by a tree surgeon. Slicing bits from trees isn't something you want to be tackling on your own, except when you have the necessary tools and skills. An accredited tree surgeon will have all the appropriate equipment and be fully conversant with the regulations and rules in respect of trees.

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There might be several different reasons why you might feel the need to call in a tree surgeon, so it will be useful to go over them now. Tree surgeons don't merely handle hazardous trees that could tumble onto a property or road, like you may have noticed during blustery weather. They also accomplish things like establishing tree maintenance or management plans to keep the trees in good shape, surveying trees for disease or damage so that such problems can be resolved right away, thinning or reducing trees to allow more light into your garden and removing old tree stumps which are causing a nuisance.

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Since where trees are involved there can be both conservation and safety considerations, it is best to use a qualified Waterbeach tree surgeon for any sort of tree related work in your garden. They're legally bound to have the appropriate public liability cover in the event of mishaps and should really be affiliated with a relevant professional trade body like the Arboricultural Association. It's also important that they carry out legal checks to be sure that any damaged trees are not covered by Preservation Orders (TPO's). Most decent tree surgeons may also help you to submit local authority tree work applications, which may take up to 8 weeks.

The protection and safety of your home and your family along with that of the tree surgeon, is the major concern whilst this type of work is occurring. So you should make certain that your tree surgeon is armed with all the essential equipment and tools and has the knowledge to use them correctly. For somebody that is adequately equipped and who knows what they are up to, tree surgery can be a pretty straightforward procedure.

Tree Surgeons Waterbeach (CB25)

The equipment employed by tree surgeons has become pretty elaborate over time, and its correct use gets the work done effectively and speedily. The tree surgeon must however be acquainted with using such things as wood chippers, pole saws, climbing ropes, loppers, lowering slings, winches, rigging pulleys, rigging ropes, stump grinding equipment, chain saws, flip lines and harnesses.

The correct disposal of waste is a legal responsibility for all tree surgeons, therefore you must check that your prospective tradesman upholds that principle. Tree surgeons will be happy to show you their waste carrier, dealer and broker licence, which enables them to dispose of waste materials. The safe and ethical removal and disposal of waste which is generated by work done in your garden should be included in your estimate, so confirm this before any work starts.

Tree Surgery Waterbeach (01223)

Tree surgeons don't solely deliver services in Waterbeach itself, but also in adjacent areas such as Reach, Wicken, River Bank, Clayhithe, Commercial End, Stretham, Milton, Upware, Impington, Landbeach, Horningsea, Chittering, Lode and the like. Accordingly, these details should be beneficial to you whether you are searching for a reliable tree surgeon in Waterbeach, or in the surrounding county of Cambridgeshire or neighbouring counties.

Tree surgeons don't simply climb up, chop down and prune trees using specialist tools and equipment, they also oversee their preservation and protection. Observing and understanding the safety aspects of trees and woodland, to focus on potential hazards is also part of their duties. They are responsible for making certain trees are healthy, disease-free and able to prosper and grow, giving pleasure to all.

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Tree surgery is available in Waterbeach and also nearby in: Reach, Wicken, River Bank, Clayhithe, Commercial End, Stretham, Milton, Upware, Impington, Landbeach, Horningsea, Chittering, Lode, and in these postcodes CB25 9JT, CB25 9QP, CB25 9NY, CB25 9LP, CB25 9PL, CB25 9NQ, CB25 9NH, CB25 9QZ, CB25 9LG, CB25 9PP. Locally based Waterbeach tree surgeons will likely have the dialling code 01223 and the postcode CB25.

If you need this kind of service it's unquestionably a good idea to employ a trusted local tree surgeon. Waterbeach homeowners can benefit greatly from the expertise that a seasoned professional can offer.

Wood Chipping Waterbeach

Wood Chipping Waterbeach

The majority of Waterbeach tree surgeons will use wood chipping machinery to break down the smaller tree limbs and branches that result from their work. These awesome wood chipping systems can munch up as much as 40 tons of material per hour, depending on the equipment being used, however the most commonly used models will process nearer to 5 tons every hour.

In addition to providing a handy material that can be put to a number of uses including; landscaping, biomass solid fuel, ecosystem restoration, garden pathways, weed prevention, woody mulch, mushroom cultivation and wood pulp, chopping down waste material in this way makes it much easier to transport.

The majority of Waterbeach tree surgeons will be willing to let you keep the wood chips that have been generated during your tree work, if you've a good use that you want to put them to, if not they'll usually dispose of them or use them on other landscaping projects. Whether you need tree surgery or not, you'll find that tree surgeons are a reliable source for wood chips which you can use for various purposes throughout your garden in Waterbeach. Wood chippings are quite often available from tree surgeons free, although if you need to have them delivered there could be a modest fee.

Well known makes of wood chipping machines include T-Mech, Forst, Forest Master and Timberwolf. (Tags: Wood Chips Waterbeach, Wood Chipping Services Waterbeach, Wood Chipping Equipment Waterbeach, Wood Chipping Waterbeach).

Leylandii Hedge Removal

Many residents in Waterbeach prefer Leylandii hedges for their rapid growth and privacy benefits. Nonetheless, they have the tendency to grow out of control and become hard to keep in check. Removing a Leylandii hedge requires careful consideration of several essential aspects. The foremost factor to take into account is to ensure that the hedge isn't subject to any legal protections, including a Tree Preservation Order. In the event that the hedge is safeguarded, you will require permission from the local council before proceeding with its removal. In addition, Leylandii hedges can possess deep-rooted systems, underscoring the importance of engaging a competent tree surgeon to remove both the hedge and its roots safely. Once the hedge is removed, it's essential to dispose of the waste in a manner that is environmentally safe and responsible. To put it simply, removing a Leylandii hedge can be a dangerous and prolonged task, underscoring the need to take the necessary safety measures and potentially seeking assistance from a professional.

The International Society of Arboriculture

Having its headquarters in the USA, the International Society of Arboriculture, generally referred to as the ISA is a non-profit organisation that encourages the benefits and awareness of trees. Providing qualifications for tree care professionals all over the world, the ISA is a membership association that advances the professional practice of arboriculture.

The ISA has best tree care practices as its focus, inspiring individuals in the tree care sector develop their knowledge, skills and arboricultural expertise, by promoting educational services, publications and events.

Since an agreement was signed in 2016 the Arboricultural Association has been an associate organisation of the International Society of Arboriculture. The relationship between the two was consequently strengthened, and more opportunities made available for Great Britain and Ireland ISA members. UK Arboricultural Association members now benefit from being part of a wide and varied international network of tree care professionals. The ISA now has associate organisations and professional affiliates in Australia, South Africa, Asia, New Zealand, Europe, and the United Kingdom, and has a global membership of more than twenty two thousand.

Chainsaws in Tree Surgery


Perhaps the most common tool used by Waterbeach tree surgeons, the chainsaw is also the most dangerous. Petrol powered chainsaws are the most popular with professionals, due to their ease of use and portability, although corded electric versions can be purchased, as can battery operated chainsaws which have grown more popular in certain situations. Petrol chainsaws are really the only choice for substantial tree work, being very powerful and able to slice effortlessly through trunks and branches of any dimensions.

A chainsaw basically comprises a rotating engine-driven chain which is armed with a set of sharp teeth which cut through the bark of a tree and the inner wood. For the different functions they perform, there are various designs of chainsaw, pole saws for hard to reach branches and long distance pruning, top-handled for working at height (and which can be operated single handedly if required) and rear-handled for working on the ground (two handed).

While being high up in a tree with a rapidly twirling blade in your hand is an incredibly dangerous activity, it is rare to see a professional Waterbeach tree surgeon who does not make use of a chainsaw. All professional tree surgeons must be trained in the safe use and maintenance of chainsaws, and it's one of the key conditions for membership of the Arboricultural Association.

There are numerous different makes and models of chainsaw, but the most commonly used by professional tree surgeons in the United Kingdom are Husqvarna, Stihl, Hyundai and Makita.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Waterbeach

It's crucial to be certain to hire the services of a firm with the proper knowhow and machinery, when you need to have specialist services such as stump grinding undertaken in Waterbeach. Experienced tree surgeons will be able to grind out every remnant of any size tree stump to a good twelve inches below the surface. Having the use of the correct stump grinding machinery means that the tree surgeon will have the ability to grind down roots and stumps fairly close to walls and structures while avoiding damage. This purpose built stump grinding apparatus is so flexible that it can even clear away tree stumps that are growing in alleys, passageways and other usually inaccessible places. It can take a herculean effort to remove the stumps of large trees, where the stump and thicker roots grow down to a considerable depth, making the job even more difficult if you do not have the right gear.

Cable Bracing Waterbeach

Tree cable bracing is a procedure that's used to give support to a tree when it is showing signs of damage, decay, or presents a risk to surrounding property. Where older or valued trees in Waterbeach are concerned, cable bracing is used where it's unsatisfactory to fell a tree or remove large portions that are unstable.

A cable bracing system can be installed for supporting weak tree limbs, defective joints and V-shaped forks. By the installation of cables and rods most Waterbeach tree surgeons should be able to mitigate structural stresses and extend the life of old and valuable trees using various forms of bracing work.

Cable bracing does not damage the tree (as would happen when drilling and bolting the branches), and offers a shock-absorbing and flexible method of support that is largely non-invasive. To guarantee the safety of the tree and encompassing areas, a comprehensive risk assessment must be carried out before any cable bracing work can proceed. (Tags: Cable Bracing Waterbeach, Cable Bracing Techniques Waterbeach, Tree Cable Bracing Waterbeach, Cable Bracing Trees Waterbeach).

Tree Removal Waterbeach

Tree Removal Waterbeach

Trees can be beneficial, therefore tree removal should really be the final resort. Nonetheless, there of course are valid triggers for removing a tree from your garden or property in Waterbeach. Among the commonplace reasons for wanting to remove a tree are when: you have a dead/dying tree, the tree is damaged, your tree presents a hazard to safety, the tree is too big for its setting, the tree roots are endangering foundations/retaining walls, your tree is hampering a new construction or your tree is infected. (Tags: Tree Felling Waterbeach, Tree Removal Waterbeach, Removing Trees Waterbeach)

Daily Tasks for a Tree Surgeon

  • Prepare tree survey reports for both commercial and domestic customers.
  • Deal with customers and complete admin tasks.
  • Tidy area upon completion and remove waste from customer's site.
  • Fell and remove trees and perform stump grinding.
  • Maintain and service equipment like wood chippers and chainsaws.
  • Prepare on-site or telephone quotations for customers.
  • Climb trees to remove or prune branches as required.
  • Identify hazards presented by trees.
  • Be adept with power tools and powered equipment.
  • Cut and chip logs and branches.
  • Plant trees and vegetation.
  • Assess tree health and treatment.

Help The Environment By Planting A Tree

If we look at yearly figures, between three and six billion trees are being felled all over the world. The fact is that the commodities that are created from trees are required for our daily living. Writing paper and household tissue papers are an example of this, as well as the timber used to build homes. And unfortunately, we need the products that the trees produce but we can do something about the depletion of our forests.

Trees are celebrated on Arbor Day and the idea is that we need to plant trees at that time but this is not truly tackling the issue. This is because nearly all folks aren't going out and planting a tree. If everyone could do this, it would make a difference.

The world population is probably more or less in the 7 billion mark. The actual numbers naturally fluctuate and so this is a calculated approximation. But if each of those 7 billion individuals went out and planted a tree every Arbor Day, we would be replacing all the trees that were cut down that year. We know in reality that this is not going to happen.

Plant a Tree

So, planting trees is something you must consider if you are worried about the air we breathe and the environment. I am not restricting this to planting trees on just one day out of the year. Every month is a good goal or why not weekly? We should try to make up for those who refuse to plant trees even though they go on using the earth's valuable resources.

On Arbor Day, the number of trees that are planted ranges from 8 to 15 million. Hence every year, we are short by about 5 billion trees. Alas, things are not improving.

Whereas individuals need to make the effort to plant trees, I have an idea that could resolve this once and for all. If a law could be enacted that every time a tree is cut down by logging companies, they then had to plant two new ones, this could really make a big difference.

We will need to continue to face this situation ourselves until there is the political willpower to make these changes. In fact, restoring the number of trees required is absolutely attainable. For one, if merely 10% of the people on Earth planted a tree every month, it would cover the amount of trees that are felled every year. In the region of 7 billion new trees would be planted by doing this. For the number of trees we need to return to, an effective net gain of 1 billion trees will be the way to achieve this goal.

Every person worried about the our planet can help by planting trees. Keep in mind that we merely need 10% of the people worldwide to commit to this. You decide if you want to help out.

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Stump grinding machines.

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Tree Surgery Tasks Waterbeach

Tree Surgery Tasks Waterbeach UK

Waterbeach tree surgeons can normally help with arboriculture, crown raising in Waterbeach, tree surveys, tree pruning, vegetation management, waste removal, tree pollarding, tree work, crown thinning, staking, formative pruning, tree planning, tree felling, damaged tree cutting and removal, tree waste removal, hazard assessment, eco-plugging, soil terravention in Waterbeach, woodland clearances Waterbeach, landscaping, tree cutting, crown removal in Waterbeach, tree inspections, fruit tree pruning, stump removal, repair of storm damaged trees in Waterbeach, tree shaping, tree topping, tree pest management Waterbeach, root flare exposure, drop crotching, crown cleaning, woodchipping in Waterbeach, tree bracing, tree dismantling and other tree surgeon services in Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire. Listed are just a selection of the tasks that are accomplished by local tree surgeons. Waterbeach companies will be happy to inform you of their full range of services.

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  • Tree Shaping
  • Tree Replanting
  • Tree Management
  • Wood Chipping
  • Crown Reduction
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  • Tree Bracing
  • Air-Spading
  • Tree Surveys
  • Hedge Planting
  • Stump Treatment
  • Vegetation Management
  • Tree Lopping

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Recently, homeowners in the following Waterbeach streets have requested quotes for tree surgery: Poorsfield Road, Fenleigh Close, Denson Close, Car Dyke Road, School Lane, Abbey Place, Park Crescent, Harding Close, Station Road, Vicarage Close, Jubilee Close, St Andrew's Hill, Rosemary Road, Lode Avenue, Gibson Close, Wellington Close, Rookery Close, Flint Lane, Clayhithe Road, Sand Drove, Saberton Close, Green Side, Fletcher Avenue, Hartley Close, Glebe Road, Convent Drive, Ely Road, Burgess Road, and also in these nearby postcodes CB25 9JT, CB25 9QP, CB25 9NY, CB25 9LP, CB25 9PL, CB25 9NQ, CB25 9NH, CB25 9QZ, CB25 9LG, CB25 9PP. Work was performed in these locations by certified tree surgeons. Waterbeach residents benefited from trusted and dependable tree surgery services on every occasion.

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