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Cambourne Tree Surgeons (CB23): Together with improving the appearance of your garden in Cambourne, adding trees also helps the environment, provides a home for wildlife and spreads seeds from which more trees will grow. At the same time, trees also make the ideal place for youngsters to climb and play and to erect tree houses and all this makes them outstanding additions to any home in Cambourne. As with most things in life, this is only true under the appropriate circumstances, and regrettably in some situations trees can start to cause challenges, and turn out to be more of a headache than they are actually worth.

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When such issues arise, you will be looking for a bit of assistance. Your local Cambourne tree surgeon is the person to call whether you wish to have some overgrown branches lopped off, a complete tree removed or some stumps ground down. For the enhancement and upkeep of a landscaped garden in Cambourne, an array of services will be offered by a qualified tree surgeon. It helps to take care of the trees in the most efficient way possible, given that an inadequately maintained tree has the potential to be unsafe.

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Although a lot of horticultural tasks can be safely carried out by a passionate Cambourne gardener, the process of tree removal is best left to the pros. To get a tree safely and skilfully felled, you should use the professional services of a tree surgeon in Cambourne. Here are several of the main benefits of using the professionals:

Safety - It can be quite tricky to have complete control over the cutting down of tall and large-sized trees, as they can be extremely heavy and are pretty unpredictable. As there is the possibility of significant damage if a tree does not fall as intended, it needs the expert services of the tree surgeon to make certain it comes down safely, and in the right way. Capable of making certain that even the largest of trees is cut down in a very controlled and safe way, a tree surgeon is fully trained and skilled in the process of felling trees.

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Better Quality Finish - A further reason to go with a competent tree surgeon in Cambourne is a better quality look and finish. Able to complete the work with a much cleaner finish, a seasoned professional will complete work which is more aesthetically pleasing. A tree that is felled improperly can look very unsightly, particularly if a large-sized tree stump is left in place. A decent Cambourne tree surgeon is able to make sure that the trunk is able to rot and break down naturally or will ensure that the whole stump is successfully removed.

Variety of Services - As expected, it is not just high quality tree felling services that are provided by a competent Cambourne tree surgeon, they are also able to prune limbs that have been damaged by wind, remove dead trees and transplant trees. They will also be able to give you advice on the optimal locations for planting new trees, where they are going to enjoy the appropriate amount of sunlight, and be less susceptible to disease or other problems.

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Locally based Cambourne tree surgeons will most likely have the dialling code 01954 and the postcode CB23. They will operate in Cambourne itself, as well as nearby areas such as Caxton End, Great Cambourne, Hardwick, Boxworth, Knapwell, Elsworth, Yelling, Longstowe, Highfields Caldecote, Waresley, Crow End, Eltisley, Little Gransden, Caxton, Great Gransden, Lower Cambourne, Papworth Everard, and these postcodes: CB23 5BP, CB23 6DP, CB23 6ER, CB23 5BL, CB23 6DH, CB23 5JQ, CB23 5EE, CB23 5HX, CB1 0TF, CB23 5ED.

Eco-Plugging Stumps Cambourne

The conventional method used for removing stumps by most tree surgeons in Cambourne is stump grinding. However, in these modern times there is a more affordable alternative to this procedure in the shape of "eco-plugging". It's not simply the fact that eco-plugging is cheaper that makes it an attractive alternative for stump removal, but also that it can be used in inaccessible and awkward locations which may be hard to access with bulky stump grinders.

For killing off tree stumps without affecting any nearby trees and vegetation, eco-plugging is an extremely effective treatment. Eco-plugs can be utilised in all weather conditions and throughout the year, and they eliminate the tree stump by killing off the entire root system. Effective for use on a wide array of trees, eco-plugs are 95-100 percent effective and contain a kind of crystalline glyphosate herbicide.

Firewood and Logs Cambourne

When you're looking for firewood or logs in Cambourne, it is always worth contacting your local tree surgeon, because they are usually a terrific source for this. This is not at all surprising, as tree surgeons spend most of their life cutting down trees and branches.

Some tree surgeons in and around Cambourne may be willing to give you branches and logs free of charge, because they've always got plenty of them to get rid of, whilst others will require paying for seasoned and chopped logs which are dry and ready to burn.

The best logs to burn on your log burner or open fire will be those that have a moisture content of under twenty percent, and will have been dried out for at least 12 months. Typically tree surgeons in Cambourne will have supplies of assorted hardwood logs, and the advantage of these is that they give a long, sustained burn, providing 3 or 4 hours of heat. The disadvantage of hardwood logs is that they can be quite difficult to light, therefore if you are able to pick up some softwood logs, these are terrific for getting the fire started.

TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders) Cambourne

Another thing to consider before beginning work on your trees, is whether they've got a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) on them. If you make contact with your local planning authority, they will inform you whether any of your trees are protected by a Tree Preservation Order. Local authority permission in writing is essential if lopping, removal, wilful destruction, wilful damage, felling, topping or uprooting is planned on any tree which is covered by a TPO. Speak to your tree surgeon if you are anxious about this - they'll be happy to check this out for you.

If you live within a conservation area in Cambourne, and propose to conduct any work on a tree with a stem diameter of 75mm or more, you have to give at least 6 wks notice in writing to your local planning authority.

Deadwooding Cambourne

The procedure of dead-wooding is a crucial part of tree care in Cambourne, and any reputable tree surgeon will be able to provide this service for you. When there is a risk of dying or dead branches falling on pedestrians, buildings or vehicles, dead-wooding will be conducted to carefully remove the offending tree limbs. The most typical reasons for the branches of a tree dying off are disease, a lack of light, a damaged root system or pest attacks, and this is in fact a purely natural process.

Even though safety is obviously the usual reason for dead-wooding, it is sometimes done to make the tree more visually appealing, or so that the tree itself will benefit. Too many damaged, dead and dying branches can attract the spread of disease and insect infestations, consequently removing these compromised branches can greatly improve the health of a tree. You can also improve a tree's appearance through this technique, since a tree with a lot of dead wood can also look very ugly.

In most instances only the largest dead branches will be cut out, because smaller ones pose very little risk. Nonetheless, any dead branches that are more than 50mm in diameter might need to be removed in areas where a tree hangs over a highway, a property, a garden, a public space or a park in Cambourne.

Plant Trees For An Eco Friendly World

If we look at annual figures, approximately three and six billion trees are being felled worldwide. This has to do with the demand for items that are produced from trees. Such as lumber to build houses, paper for writing on and even toilet paper for, well you know. Regrettably, we need the items that the trees produce but we can do something about the depletion of our forests.

Trees are celebrated on Arbor Day and the aim of the celebration is that we have to plant trees at that time but this is not actually dealing with the issue. This is because almost all individuals aren't going out and planting a tree. It would help, obviously, if everyone participated and planted a tree.

There are roughly seven billion people in the world today. The actual numbers obviously fluctuate and so this is a calculated guess. Nevertheless, we could replace the trees that are chopped down each year if every one of those individuals did actually plant a tree on Arbor day. We are aware that this is not going to take place.

Plant a Tree

If you would like to preserve our ecosystems, planting trees is a positive step that you can take. As for planting a tree, I would not propose you merely do this on a specific day every year. Planting a tree monthly is a good objective or why not every week? We have to try to make up for people who never plant trees even though they go on using the earth's valuable resources.

Would you believe that on Arbor Day, only about 8 and 15 million trees are planted? That still results to a 5 billion tree shortfall annually. And yearly, it only continues to get worse.

I actually have a solution to the problem entirely even though individuals should still continue to plant trees whenever they can. If a law could be enacted that whenever a tree is felled by logging companies, they then had to plant two new ones, this could genuinely make a big difference.

But until someone has the presence of mind to make this a reality, we are left to take care of planting the trees ourselves. Trying to keep those tree numbers up isn't going to actually take a great deal of effort. For example, if merely 10% of the people on our planet planted a tree every month, it would cover the amount of trees that are cut down annually. On an annual basis, this would mean the planting of approximately 7 billion trees. For the number of trees we need to return to, an effective net gain of 1 billion trees will be the means to reach this goal.

Planting a tree is a way we can all save the earth. Things will change if 10% of the human population decide to do this. You decide if you want to help out.

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Ms Darla Milner from Bury, Cambridgeshire wants someone who is prepared to carry out some stump grinding to get rid of 3 hefty oak stumps. In Upwood, Cambridgeshire, Atticus and Beau Kearns are on the lookout for an expert who can prune their apple tree. Mr Sean Moore in Sawston needs someone who'll cut back 4 conifers and remove all the waste material. Mr and Mrs Little are searching for a specialist tree surgeon in Orwell who can cut back an oak tree that has overgrown a neighbours garden. In Eaton Socon, Cameron and Daisy-Mae Hurst are in search of somebody who'll cut back a 30m run of box hedge to a workable height. Lucas Collier was in search of a tree surgeon who can remove a really big pine tree ASAP from his garden in Alconbury Weston. Mr Harlow Littlewood in Barnack, Cambridgeshire wants someone who is prepared to trim a high hawthorn hedge down to a five foot height and remove all the waste. In Little Paxton, Cambridgeshire, Ronny and Star Casey are on the lookout for someone who'll totally remove a conifer and a willow tree, and chop back a few other conifer trees.

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Cambourne tree surgeons can normally help you with damaged tree cutting and removal, tree cutting, tree lightening protection in Cambourne, stump treatment, expert tree care Cambourne, crown lifting, drop crotching, tree maintenance, woodchipping, coppicing Cambourne, cut sealing Cambourne, the protection of trees from grazing, brush cutting services, emergency tree surgery, tree work in Cambourne, tree fertilising, tree planning, hedge laying Cambourne, decompaction Cambourne, safety inspections in Cambourne, tree bracing, residential tree surgery, hazard assessment, forestry management, the removal of dead wood, crown reduction, soil terravention, pollarding, crown raising, root pruning, root removal in Cambourne, hedge trimming Cambourne, tree staking Cambourne, tree topping Cambourne, vegetation management in Cambourne, tree shaping, retrenchment pruning Cambourne, crown removal in Cambourne and other tree surgeon services in Cambourne, Cambridgeshire.

Obtaining Help and Assistance

To guarantee that you hire a tree surgeon or arborist who's both competent and who will not cause irreparable harm to your precious trees, there are some questions you need to ask when trying to find a tree surgeon in Cambourne. Pertinent questions ought to be along the lines of: Are you joined to a reputable professional association (i.e. The Arboricultural Association or the International Society of Arboriculture)? Have you got public liability and employment insurance? Do your staff and you have the required qualifications and certifications (for chainsaw use and tree management)? Does your work follow the British Standard? Can you provide me with references from previous customers? Will you give me an estimate in writing? You should really think twice about employing a tree surgeon if you do not receive satisfactory responses to any of these important questions.

Tree Surgery Information

To find lots of practical info concerning things to look for in a first-rate tree surgeon, coupled with a searchable directory of authorized tree surgeons in the British Isles, you can visit the AA (Arboricultural Association) site. A further beneficial source of information is the International Society of Arboriculture website which also has a "find a tree surgeon (arborist)" tool (here) and a "verify arborist's credentials" tool. You could also go to the Wikipedia "Arborist" article here, to find some further info on the work of a tree surgeon. Submitting a form with a trade portal like Rated People or Trustatrader, where customer reviews and testimonials are available to look at and credentials have previously been checked out, may also save you a good deal of time, as they do much of the hard work for you. Trustmark is a Government supported organisation which is also a quality place for acquiring professional tradespeople.

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People living in these Cambourne places recently needed a tree surgeon: School Lane, Eastgate, Dovecote Avenue, The Grove, Back Lane, Butler Walk, Goldcrest Court, New Hall Lane, Greenhaze Lane, Mayfield Way, Bluebell Drive, The Maltings, Hazel Lane, Flitmead, Cooper Road, Tithe Way, Chervil Way, The Paddock, Granary Way, Monkfield Lane, Wether Road, Millhouse Walk, Maple Close, Smithy Way, Glebe Lane, along with these postcodes CB23 5BP, CB23 6DP, CB23 6ER, CB23 5BL, CB23 6DH, CB23 5JQ, CB23 5EE, CB23 5HX, CB1 0TF, CB23 5ED.

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