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St Blazey Tree Surgeons (PL24): There are many advantages to having trees growing in your garden in St Blazey, and apart from the aesthetic gains, trees produce oxygen, create a home for wildlife, help the environment and spread seeds from which more trees will sprout. And it does not end there, since trees make the ideal place for youngsters to climb, play and build tree houses, in fact an amazing addition to any property in St Blazey. In the appropriate circumstances this is well and good, however trees can cause difficulties and be more bother than they are worth in some scenarios.

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The chances are that you are going to need the help of a professional when you're facing such problems. Your local St Blazey tree surgeon is the individual to call whether you wish to have some stumps ground down, some overhanging branches chopped off or a complete tree removed. To help with maintaining and enhancing the beauty of a landscaped garden, a highly skilled tree surgeon in St Blazey is able to offer a host of services. Given that there are risks associated with improperly maintained trees, they need to be monitored and cared for in an efficient and professional way.

Skilled Tree Surgeon St Blazey Cornwall

Although it's fairly safe for a passionate St Blazey gardener to tackle a lot of horticultural jobs, the process of tree removal should to be left to the trade experts. If you need a tree to be felled skilfully and safely, it is essential that you use the professional services of a qualified St Blazey tree surgeon. The following are just some of the main benefits of using an experienced St Blazey tree surgeon:

Safety - Having total control over the process of felling it is going to be particularly difficult, because a tall tree is certain to be really heavy and cumbersome. If a tree doesn't fall as expected, there's the possibility of substantial damage and it usually needs the skilled services of the tree surgeon to make sure it comes down safely. A tree surgeon is fully skilled and trained in the tree felling process, and is able to make certain that even the largest of trees is cut down in a safe and controlled fashion.

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Superior Quality Finish - Yet another reason to go with a the services of a qualified St Blazey tree surgeon is the better quality finish and look that results from their work. For aesthetic purposes, a trained professional is able to finish the work with a far cleaner finish. It can look quite unattractive when a tree is felled incorrectly, particularly if a large stump is left behind. Making sure that the whole stump is removed, or ensuring that the trunk that remains is able to decompose and break down in a natural way, a first-rate St Blazey tree surgeon will complete the process competently.

Many Services - Along with tree felling, a skilled tree surgeon will be able to offer a selection of extra services, such as pruning limbs that have been damaged by wind, transplanting trees and removing dead trees. They also offer advice and guidance on the best locations to plant new trees, in places that are less prone to disease and other concerns, and where they're able to attract light in sufficient quantities.

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Local St Blazey tree surgeons are most likely have the postcode PL24 and the phone code 01726. They'll work in St Blazey itself, in addition to nearby areas such as Fowey, Castle Dore, Lostwithiel, Bugle, Trethowel, Par, Penpillick, Tywardreath, Carlyon Bay, Polkerris, Looe, Treesmill, Lerryn, St Blazey Gate, Lanlivery, St Austell, Lanescot, and these postcodes: PL24 2LZ, PL24 2LF, PL24 2NA, PL24 2ES, PL24 2DX, PL24 2FX, PL24 2LH, PL24 2LP, PL24 2HZ, PL24 2DG.

For this type of service it is certainly advisable to employ a reputable local tree surgeon. St Blazey householders can benefit greatly from the skills offered by a seasoned professional.

Ash Dieback

First recorded in Great Britain in 2021, ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) is a fungal disease that's likely to decimate approximately 80% of the current ash tree stock, over the next few years. Having a similarly disastrous effect on the beautiful British countryside as Dutch Elm Disease, ash dieback is just another huge blow to the UK's tree stocks.

The Fraxinus genus of trees is affected by this fatal disease, but it has an especially disastrous effect on Fraxinus excelsior (the common or European ash), which is the most widespread species in Britain. The fungus which causes the disease is called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (H. fraxineus), and it originated in eastern Asia.

Dispersed by wind blown spores which can travel for tens of miles, ash dieback has now spread to most parts of the UK.

Impacting tree of all ages, ash dieback can be recognised by the following symptoms:

  • Foliage that wilts, turns black in colour and falls early.
  • Dark patches on leaves during mid to late summer.
  • Dark brown lesions (often diamond shaped) form where limbs connect to trunk.
  • New epicormic growth appearing from buds that were previously seen to be dormant.
  • Leaves and shoots which are dying during the growing season.

To a certain degree, ash trees are able to fight off the infection, however they ultimately succumb as they are continually attacked year-on-year. There's currently no cure for ash dieback, and no clear strategy for stopping its spread.

If you suspect that you have spotted a tree infected with ash dieback on your property in St Blazey, or somewhere in the area, you could report it to the "Tree Alert Service" provided by the Forestry Commission, although the disease is so prevalent throughout the British Isles that they are really only interested to know about cases discovered in areas not previously affected. You should still however get in touch with a local tree surgeon, who can offer advice about how to proceed.

Trees which are affected by ash dieback: Fraxinus excelsior, Fraxinus mandschurica, Fraxinus americana, Fraxinus nigra, Fraxinus pennsylvanica, Fraxinus angustifolia, Fraxinus ornus.

(Tags: Identifying Ash Dieback, Ash Dieback St Blazey, Ash Dieback Signs).

Protecting Shrubs and Trees in Winter

Protecting your trees and shrubs in winter is perhaps a measure that you have not thought too much about, maybe presuming that the winters in St Blazey aren't typically harsh enough to justify this. Even the hardiest of shrubs, plants and trees can find it challenging during winter, and just a bit of additional protection during times of intense cold will definitely benefit them.

Obviously where trees are concerned it's strong winds that can be the biggest problem and although most trees will have already shed their leaves, they could still be a risk of damage in windy weather. If you're concerned about a tree's condition, or it looks like it could fall to the ground, you should speak to a local tree surgeon to check it out and carry out a risk assessment. Heavy snow can also cause branches to snap, so keep an eye out when these sorts of weather conditions are anticipated. In the depths of winter, your shrubs and trees might need a bit of protection from ice and frost. Spreading a thick layer of mulch around the stem bases will allow them to continue absorbing moisture and prevent the soil around the roots from freezing.

Chainsaws in Tree Surgery


Arguably the most commonplace piece of equipment used by tree surgeons in St Blazey, the chainsaw, in unskilled hands, is also the most dangerous. Although battery and mains models of chainsaw can be purchased, the most popular type with professionals are powered by petrol, due to their ease of use and greater mobility. Where large tree trunks and thick branches are involved, such substantial tree work necessitates the use of the most robust petrol driven chainsaws.

Essentially, a chainsaw consists of a motor-driven chain which has a set of sharp teeth for cutting through bark and inner wood. For the varied procedures that are called for, there are different styles of chainsaw, pole saws for long distance pruning and hard to reach branches, top-handled for working at height (and which can be used single handedly) and rear-handled for working on the ground (must always be used with two hands).

Despite the fact that carrying a twirling blade while precariously balancing high up in a tree is definitely not the safest job on the planet, it is rare to find a professional St Blazey tree surgeon who does not use a chainsaw in their daily activities. Being fully trained in the safe use and maintenance of chainsaws is a key requirement for any tree surgeon, and is crucial before they can even be considered for approval by the ISA or the AA (Arboricultural Association).

For anyone interested in purchasing a chainsaw in the UK, there are various makes to choose from, but the most preferred by tree care professionals are Hyundai, Makita, Husqvarna and Stihl.

Deadwooding St Blazey

The process of dead-wooding (or deadwooding) is a crucial part of tree care in St Blazey, and any reputable tree surgeon should be able to offer this service to you. When there's a risk of dead or rotting branches falling onto passers-by, homes or vehicles, dead-wooding will be undertaken to carefully remove the offending limbs. There are a variety of reasons behind why the branches of a tree die, the most commonplace being attack by pests, disease, a lack of light or damaged roots.

The rationale for removing dead branches is most frequently that of safety, nevertheless, it's also done for the benefit of the tree or purely to make it look more appealing. A tree which has too many damaged, dying and dead branches is prone to infestation by insects and the spread of disease, so you can dramatically improve a tree's health by eliminating these compromised branches. You can also make a tree look more attractive through this procedure, since a tree with a lot of dead wood can also look rather ugly.

Only larger dead branches will be cut off in most cases, as very little risk is posed by the small ones. On the other hand, it might be essential to remove any dead branches that are over 50mm in diameter, where trees in St Blazey overhang a house, a park, a garden, a public area or a highway. (Tags: Dead-Wooding Trees St Blazey, Deadwooding St Blazey, Dead-Wooding St Blazey, Dead-Wooding Surgery St Blazey).

Air-Spading St Blazey

There are various issues that could make the health of your trees a concern, however problems with a tree's root system are quite often the cause. To be able to check for soil compaction, root rot, or other issues, a qualified tree surgeon in St Blazey might need to access the root system of your tree.

This was sometimes difficult to achieve during the past, because during the process of digging down, the roots could easily be damaged. Several contemporary tree surgeons in St Blazey use a method known as "air spading", which employs compressed air to effectively break down and remove compacted soil without the risk of damage to the tree's roots, or any utilities that happen to be nearby.

When the soil around the stem of a tree becomes compacted by heavy foot traffic, building work or passing vehicles, the general health of the tree can be badly affected. When a tree is "stressed" it can become more susceptible to attacks by insects, disease and pests, and this stress can be caused by a lack of water and nutrients. Also helpful for dealing with root flare issues, air-spading can be used to clear away the excess soil from the base of a tree which has been covered, increasing the chance of root rot.

Involving the use of an air-spading tool and an air compressor, the air-spading process directs high-speed air into the soil, this breaks it up by entering any voids in the soil, but leaves tree roots and utilities unaffected. All the soil is forced away from the roots by the powerful flow of air, allowing immediate inspection and investigation. Any problems can then be remedied and the soil exchanged for a much looser layer of chip mulch and fertiliser to rejuvenate the tree. (Tags: Air-Spading St Blazey, Air-Spade St Blazey, Air-Spade Investigations St Blazey).

Wood Chipping St Blazey

Wood Chipping St Blazey

To reduce the tree limbs, vegetation and branches that tree surgery creates, most experienced St Blazey tree surgeons will make use of wood chipping devices. Subject to which equipment is being used, these impressive wood chipping systems can gobble up as much as forty tonnes of material each hour, although approximately 5 tons every hour will be processed by the more commonly used models.

Chopping down the waste material in this way makes it much easier to transport and also provides a handy by-product that can be used for various things including, weed prevention, woody mulch, biomass solid fuel, garden pathways, ecosystem restoration, mushroom cultivation, wood pulp and landscaping.

The majority of St Blazey tree surgeons will be glad to let you have the wood chips which are created during the tree work, if you have a use for them, if not they'll generally take them away to use on other landscaping projects. Tree surgeons are a great source for wood chippings that you can use throughout your garden, even if you don't need any tree surgery doing on your property in St Blazey. If you need a load of wood chips to be delivered then certain tree surgeons will charge you a fee for this service, otherwise many will let you take them for free.

Popular brands of wood chipping equipment include Timberwolf, Forest Master, Hyundai and Forst. (Tags: Wood Chipping St Blazey, Wood Chipping Services St Blazey, Wood Chips St Blazey, Wood Chippers St Blazey).

Storm Damage Prevention St Blazey

Although we're all acquainted with the power of Mother Nature, big trees seem strong, sturdy and capable of withstanding pretty much any eventuality. The life expectancy of most trees far exceeds that of us humans, and actually some types like yews, sweet chestnuts and oaks can survive for many hundreds of years.

Severe weather can however cause extensive damage to trees, and besides the danger of falling branches or tree limbs, entire trees can fall down in certain circumstances. The primary enemy of, and danger to trees, is high winds, and with the increasing frequency of extreme weather events and severe storms this type of damage is becoming more and more common in St Blazey. Heavy snow during winter can also cause problems, as can waterlogged soil resulting from floods or prolonged periods of rain.

To reduce the likelihood of problems with your trees in severe weather conditions, it's advisable to get a qualified St Blazey tree surgeon to check them out every now and then, and prune any dead or excessively long branches.

Lightning rods, copper conductors, or other lightning protection systems are also important for larger trees, to stop them being struck by lightning and to safeguard nearby buildings and property which may be affected by side-flashes ("arcs") that result in further destruction, along with damage done to the tree itself. A tree can be killed or drastically weakened by a lightning strike, and even where the damage isn't immediately recognisable, the tree will be more vulnerable to attacks by pests and diseases. Lightning is more common than you may believe, and there are about 300 thousand strikes each year in the UK alone.

To safeguard your trees from being damaged by storms and lessen the chances of severe consequences should an unsound tree crash down as a result of extreme weather conditions, ask your local St Blazey tree care specialist what they can do. (Tags: Storm Damaged Trees St Blazey, Storm Damage Prevention St Blazey, Storm Damage St Blazey).

TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders) St Blazey

Before you do any significant work on your trees in St Blazey, you need to make sure there is not a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) on any of them. If you get in touch with your local authority, they'll inform you whether any of your trees are subject to a Tree Preservation Order. If one of your trees have Tree Preservation Orders, you cannot perform wilful damage, removal, uprooting, lopping, topping, felling or wilful destruction, without written permission from the local authority. Any reputable tree surgeon in St Blazey will be ready to help you out with this process.

If you happen to live within a conservation area in St Blazey, you should speak with your council concerning any tree surgery work that you plan to conduct, and if the tree concerned has a diameter of more than 75 millimetres (when measured 1.5m from the ground), you need to give your local planning authority a minimum of 6 weeks written notice. (Tags: Tree Preservation Orders St Blazey, TPOs (Tree Preservation Orders) St Blazey, Tree Preservation Order St Blazey).

Tree Care Accidents

As I have already stated, the work that tree surgeons in St Blazey do, involves a significant level of danger. With there being a considerable risk of injury to both operatives and those on the ground, all possible safety measures must be implemented when working on trees.

As reported by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), the majority of fatal and serious injuries are related to the use of chainsaws, falls from trees, and being hit by a falling tree or branch. The reality is that people that are involved in tree care work are more at risk of serious injury than those involved in construction.

The majority of accident claims, with regards to insurance, are for lifting injuries, falling from ladders and being struck by objects (branches, cranes, ropes, trees, grapple hooks etc).

When work needs to be done on your trees, all this underlines the importance of hiring a certified St Blazey tree surgeon. In the tree care sector, many accidents can be attributed to unskilled workers trying to tackle tasks that they're not fully trained in, or capable of. Using a trustworthy and established company which has been working in the St Blazey area for several years, is the easiest way to sidestep such problems, and get your tree work completed safely.

Tree Surgery Tasks St Blazey

Tree Surgery Tasks St Blazey UK

St Blazey tree surgeons will likely help with root decompaction St Blazey, forestry management, tree pruning, tree topping, tree management in St Blazey, tree lightening protection in St Blazey, stump removal, drop crotching, tree work, landscape clearing, crown lifting, root removal, hedge cutting, damaged tree cutting and removal, eco-plugging, vegetation management, crown raising, hedge planting St Blazey, tree dismantling St Blazey, woodland clearances in St Blazey, waste removal, hazard assessments, hedge lowering St Blazey, crown thinning, tree surveys, tree cabling, tree bracing in St Blazey, safety inspections, damage restoration, tree fertilising St Blazey, crown reduction, air spading in St Blazey, tree shaping St Blazey, retrenchment pruning, woodchipping and other tree surgeon services in St Blazey, Cornwall. These are just some of the duties that are carried out by tree surgeons. St Blazey companies will tell you about their entire range of services.

Tree Surgery Apprenticeships - Courses - Training St Blazey

Tree Surgery Courses - Training - Apprenticeships St Blazey

For anybody who loves the outdoors, going into an occupation in a profession like tree surgery can be especially satisfying and rewarding. Possibilities like enrolling for a college course, beginning at the bottom (perhaps as a groundworker) and working towards this goal, gaining a tree surgery apprenticeship, taking a course in university or subscribing to a private course are accessible to anyone in St Blazey with a passion to be a tree surgeon. For youngsters, tree surgery apprenticeships in St Blazey (when on offer), can be applied for while they are still attending school. People of any age can enroll in college and private courses in tree surgery and they're offered all over Great Britain. Several related university courses are offered in woodland conservation & ecology, countryside management, arboriculture, forestry and forest management, and those with the appropriate qualifications (usually 1 to 3 "A" levels) can strive for foundation degrees, higher national diplomas and degrees. If you are not inspired by any of these solutions, you might opt to carry out some voluntary work so as to get a bit of practical tree care experience. You might try contacting the National Trust, the Woodland Trust, the Forestry Commission or the Tree Council, to ascertain what's possible in the St Blazey area. This article was meant to help anybody trying to find out "how to become a tree surgeon in St Blazey", with any luck it has helped you. The National Careers website is the place to head in order to read additional tips on how to become a tree surgeon. (Tags: Tree Surgery Apprenticeships St Blazey, Tree Surgery Courses St Blazey, Tree Surgery Training St Blazey)

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