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Kingsclere Tree Surgeons (RG20) Hampshire: If you have trees on your property in Kingsclere, you're accountable for their safe care and management. Regular inspection by a qualified tree surgeon or arborist is essential to make certain that all the trees on your property are in safe condition and properly maintained. You could easily find yourself faced with a day in court and possibly a substantial fine if a tree on your property causes an injury to a passer-by or visitor.

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Requiring an advanced level of skill, tree surgery is an occupation in the field of arboriculture. A tree surgeon in Kingsclere can do all sorts of work from complex tree surgery to the care and maintenance of other varieties of plants. If work needs to be undertaken on any of your trees or bushes in Kingsclere, and it appears outside the skillset of your gardener or yourself, getting a quotation from a professional tree care specialist is the obvious answer.

Specialist Tree Surgeon Kingsclere Hampshire

An extensive knowledge of trees, plants and the problems and diseases they all suffer from is essential, because this kind of work is quite specialised, and calls for a large amount of training.

Just a phone call away, should you ever have issues with your shrubs or trees, a qualified Kingsclere tree surgeon will be able to advise on the most appropriate action to take to resolve the problem. Some of the problems that you may come across, and that they could advise on are:

Tree Felling and Pruning: If you have a tree whose limbs are causing a threat by overhanging too much or growing too close to power lines, or that is growing too near to a house in Kingsclere, getting a tree surgery quote is essential. For someone without the necessary expertise, these are projects that simply should not be tackled.

Certified Tree Surgeons Kingsclere (01635)

It's not simply the fact that you could injure yourself or others by attempting this, you could also inflict lasting harm on your precious trees. If you've got trees that overhang public paths and roadways, it is also worth getting a local tree surgeon to prune them to remove the risk of causing damage or injury from falling limbs or branches.

The Treatment of Bacteria & Infections: Specialist guidance and advice is crucial with these types of problems. And, by obtaining a tree surgery estimate from a seasoned professional, you're going to be hiring someone in Kingsclere with years of experience to diagnose and treat any infections, bacteria or fungus that might be causing harm to your precious trees. They will be in a position to advise on best treatment plan, and the ideal remedy for the problem.

You could easily make the difference between preserving and forever losing a treasured tree or bush, by hiring an experienced professional tree surgeon in Kingsclere.

Tree Surgery Quotes for Kingsclere Hampshire

Local Kingsclere tree surgery services will probably have the postcode RG20 and the telephone dialling code 01635. They will work in Kingsclere itself, along with nearby areas such as Brock's Green, North Sydmonton, Ashley Warren, Wolverton, North Oakley, Ewhurst, Hannington, Plastow Green, Ibworth, Inhurst, Ecchinswell, Ramsdell, Charter Alley, Axmansford, Fair Oak, Sydmonton, and in postcodes such as: RG19, RG20 5NW, RG20 5QU, RG20 5QS, RG20 5QY, RG20 5TE, RG19 8LL, RG20 5RG, RG25 3EJ, RG20 5LZ.

For this sort of assistance it's certainly wise to employ a trusted local tree surgeon. Kingsclere residents can substantially benefit from the expertise and knowhow offered by a seasoned professional.

Cable Bracing Trees Kingsclere

Cable bracing is a method that's used to offer support to a tree when it is showing signs of decay, damage, or presents a risk to nearby property. This method is often used on valuable or older trees in Kingsclere, where felling or the removal of large unstable sections must be avoided for reasons of aesthetics.

A cable bracing system can be useful for supporting any V-shaped forks, defective joints and weak limbs that are causing problems. Completing different forms of bracing work, a tree surgeon will be able to use rods and cables to help redistribute structural tension, and hopefully extend the life of valuable trees in Kingsclere.

Cable bracing has the objective of providing a shock-absorbing and flexible means of support that is non-invasive and does not cause further damage to the tree by having to drill and bolt the branches. A thorough risk risk assessment must be undertaken by a tree surgeon or arborist before any actual work can begin. This is vital to guarantee the safety of the tree and adjoining areas as the project progresses.



The most common piece of equipment that Kingsclere tree surgeons use is the chainsaw. It's an effective and versatile tool, but in untrained hands, a rather dangerous one. The preferred style of chainsaw with professional users is the petrol powered version, being easily handled and more portable, although nowadays you are able to purchase rechargeable battery chainsaws and mains operated ones. Petrol driven chainsaws are really the only choice for substantial tree work, being very powerful, robust and able to cut through branches and limbs of any size.

Basically, a chainsaw is composed of a revolving motor-driven chain which has a set of teeth for slicing through bark and wood. Chainsaws are also available in different designs, each having a distinct use - pole saws for hard to reach branches and long distance pruning, rear-handled for work at ground level (two handed) and top-handled for working at height (and which can be used with one hand).

You will almost never find a tree surgeon in Kingsclere who does not use a chainsaw, despite the fact that clambouring up a tree with a rapidly rotating blade in your hand isn't is not the safest way to spend your day. Being trained in the safe use and maintenance of chainsaws is a primary requirement for any tree surgeon, and is crucial before they can even be considered for membership of the ISA or the Arboricultural Association (AA).

The most popular makers of chainsaw used in the United Kingdom by tree surgery specialists are Husqvarna, Stihl, Makita and Hyundai, although there are various different brands and models.

Conservation Areas & Tree Preservation Orders Kingsclere

Before carrying out any serious work on your trees in Kingsclere, you need to make certain none of them have Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) You should check with your local authority to find out if any of the trees within the boundaries of your property are protected by TPOs. A TPO prohibits the wilful destruction, uprooting, felling, lopping, topping, removal or wilful damage of any tree which is covered. Any good tree surgeon in Kingsclere will be ready to help you through this process.

For any of you who live in a conservation area in Kingsclere, no less than six weeks notice in writing must be given to the local planning authority if you want to undertake any work on a tree with a diameter of 75 millimetres or more.

Logs/Firewood Kingsclere

Firewood Logs Kingsclere

Tree surgeons can be a great source for logs or firewood in Kingsclere, if you are looking for this commodity. This is no great surprise, as tree surgeons spend the majority of their time chopping down trees and branches.

Recently cut down branches and logs are often available "free to collector" from certain Kingsclere tree surgeons, who are simply happy to get rid of them. Other local tree surgeons, with enough space to store them, will dry out and season the logs and sell them off by the bag or lorry load, and will sometimes even deliver them for you.

The ideal logs to burn on your log burner or open fire will be those that have a moisture content of less than 20%, and should have been dried out for at least twelve months. The advantage of getting logs from tree surgeons, is that these are most likely to be hardwood logs, which will generate heat for a number of hours, giving a sustained burn. If you can get a supply of softwood logs, these are superb for getting a fire burning, and upon which you can bung your hardwood logs once the fire is blazing.

Air-Spading Kingsclere

When the health of your trees is a concern, this may be due to any one of a number of problems, but it is frequently because of issues with the root system. So as to check for root rot, soil compaction, or other problems, an experienced Kingsclere tree surgeon may need to gain access to the roots of your tree.

This was sometimes somewhat problematic to achieve until recently, because in the digging down process, the roots could easily be damaged. Many modern day tree surgeons in Kingsclere use a method called "air spading", which uses compressed air to effectively break down and strip away compressed soil without the risk of damage to the tree's roots, or any utility lines that happen to be nearby.

On occasion, heavy foot traffic, passing vehicles or building work can cause the soil surrounding a tree's roots to get compacted, and this can have a negative effect on its health. Because of a lack of water and nutrients, a tree can become "stressed", making it more susceptible to attack by pests, diseases and insects. Air spading is also good for resolving root flare problems, when the flare around the base of the trunk becomes covered with soil, causing tissue breakdown, and heightening the likelihood of root decay.

The innovative air spading process involves the use of an air compressor and an air-spading tool which blows air into the soil at speeds of up to twelve hundred miles per hour, the air penetrates the spaces in the soil and instantly breaks it apart, while leaving tree roots, utilities and concrete untouched. As surrounding soil is forced away from the tree's roots by the powerful air flow, immediate inspection can take place. A resolution can then be found for any any obvious problems, and the previously compact soil replaced with a looser layer of wood chip mulch and fertiliser to help revive the tree. (Tags: Air-Spading Kingsclere, Air-Spade Kingsclere, Air-Spade Investigations Kingsclere).

Emergency Tree Services Kingsclere

While emergencies are infrequent regarding trees in your garden, accidents do happen, so it may pay you to have an emergency phone number for a tree surgeon in Kingsclere quickly. Some tree surgeons in Kingsclere offer a 24/7 service, and when there are gales and high winds, they usually receive an increase in emergency calls. While the odds of a whole tree falling down are low, there is more potential for branches breaking off and tumbling to the ground below, when the weather conditions are gusty. Avoidance is certainly preferable to having to contend with the aftermath, and commonplace issues that can result from falling branches and tree limbs include squashed sheds, busted garden furniture, damaged fences and cracked greenhouses.

Emergency tree surgery services will also often be required by the local council in the Kingsclere area, since substantial tree branches can snap off and fall onto public pavements, roads and railway lines, necessitating prompt attention.

Even when the emergency work has been accomplished, a tree which has lost a lot of branches might need to be "re-balanced", and this could be done for aesthetic reasons or because the tree will now be uneven, with more weight on one side than the other, maybe resulting in further issues. To take care of all of these various problems, you must phone a local Kingsclere tree surgeon who provides emergency services.You can also obtain 24 hour emergency tree services in Brock's Green, North Sydmonton, Ashley Warren, Wolverton, North Oakley, Ewhurst, Hannington, Plastow Green, Ibworth, Inhurst, Ecchinswell, Ramsdell, Charter Alley, Axmansford, Fair Oak, Sydmonton, and Kingsclere itself.

Hedge Cutting Kingsclere

Hedge Trimming Kingsclere

Although tree surgeons in Kingsclere are primarily associated with the care and maintenance of trees and shrubs they're also frequently brought in to trim hedges. Householders will find conifer hedges such as Leylandii hard to deal with, because they grow tall very rapidly - therefore an experienced tree surgeon may be required.

A hedge can pretty quickly get out of control and overgrown when it's poorly maintained or uncared for. If you prefer to have a hedge that doesn't overrun your garden in Kingsclere, regular trimming makes sense, and this is important not just for visual reasons, but also to make your hedge much healthier.

Tidy hedges help make your whole garden look neater, and may even add to the value of your home in Kingsclere, if you're planning to sell.

Dead-Wooding Kingsclere

Dead-wooding (or deadwooding) is an important part of tree management and care, and all professional Kingsclere tree surgeons will carry out this procedure where necessary. Dead-wooding involves the removal of dead and rotting branches which may present a threat to pedestrians, vehicles or homes. The most commonplace reasons for tree branches dying are disease, attack by pests, root damage or heavy shading, and this is of course a natural process.

While safety is obviously the usual reason for dead-wooding a tree, it's quite often necessary to make the tree more appealing, or so that the tree itself will benefit. A tree which has an excessive number of dead, damaged and dying branches is susceptible to infestation by insects and disease, therefore you can radically improve the health of a tree by removing these unwanted branches. You can also improve a tree's appearance through this process, since a tree with a lot of dead wood can also look rather ugly.

Only substantial dead branches will be taken out in most cases, as a minimal risk is presented by the smaller ones. On the other hand, any dead wood that is over 50mm in diameter might have to be removed in places where a tree hangs over a garden, a highway, a dwelling, a park or a public space in Kingsclere.

The ISA (International Society of Arboriculture)

A non-profit international organisation with its headquarters in the USA, the International Society of Arboriculture is normally referred to just as the ISA. Serving the tree care industry across the world, the ISA is a membership association that advances the professional practice of arboriculture, and provides qualifications for tree care professionals.

With its focus closely on research, education and technology, the ISA endorses best tree care practice through educational events, services and publications, enabling individuals in the tree care industry to improve their skills, arboricultural expertise and knowledge.

Since an agreement was signed in mid-2016 the Arboricultural Association (AA) has been an associate organisation of the International Society of Arboriculture. Providing additional opportunities for ISA members in Great Britain and Ireland, this also substantially strengthened the relationship between the AA and ISA. Being part of a global network of tree care professionals is something that AA and ISA members in Great Britain and Ireland can now benefit from. The ISA now has professional affiliates and associate organisations in Europe, New Zealand, Asia, Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom, and now has an international membership of more than twenty two thousand.

Ash Dieback

A harmful fungal disease that's likely to wipe out about eighty percent of the current British ash trees, in the next few years, ash dieback was first recorded in Britain in 2012, when a nursery imported 2000 trees from Holland. Following on from the disaster of Dutch Elm Disease, which killed off Britain's elm trees, ash dieback is almost certain to have huge repercussions for our countryside.

Ash dieback has an especially devastating effect on the native Fraxinus excelsior (common ash), British Fraxinus excelsior (common ash), although it affects all trees of the Fraxinus genus, which have different levels of tolerance to it. Believed to have originated in Asia where the native species of ash (the Chinese ash and the Manchurian ash) were more resistant, the fungus which causes the disease is known as Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (H. fraxineus), and it obstructs its vascular systems, causing it to die.

Quickly spread by tiny spores released from the fruiting bodies of the fungus, and are able to be blown for miles on the wind, ash dieback (or chalara ash dieback) can now be found in most areas of Britain with mortality rates of up to 85%.

Impacting tree of every age group, ash dieback can be recognised by symptoms such as:

  • Dark brown necrotic lesions (often diamond shaped) form where branches meet the trunk, and the inner bark under the lesions looks brownish grey.
  • Dark patches on leaves during the summertime.
  • Wilting leaves that turn black in colour and fall early.
  • Dying shoots and leaves are visible in summer.
  • New growth appears from previously dormant buds.

Even ash trees that are able to fight the disease, suffer continued attacks year after year and ultimately succumb and perish. There's currently no cure for chalara ash dieback, and no apparent procedure for stopping its spread.

If you suspect a tree in your local community is contaminated with ash dieback, or you are anxious about a tree on your property in Kingsclere, you should call in a local tree surgeon to verify the diagnosis, and you could then report it to the "Tree Alert Service" provided by the Forestry Commission, although they're currently only interested in hearing about cases in areas that were previously unaffected.

(Tags: Spotting Ash Dieback, Signs of Ash Dieback, Chalara Ash Dieback Kingsclere).

Tree Surgery Tasks Kingsclere

Tree Surgery Tasks Kingsclere UK

Kingsclere tree surgeons can normally help with tree maintenance, root flare exposure, hedge laying, hedge reduction in Kingsclere, tree replanting, tree health monitoring in Kingsclere, crown cleaning in Kingsclere, hedge lowering in Kingsclere, dead wooding Kingsclere, commercial tree surgery, waste removal in Kingsclere, tree pest control in Kingsclere, woodland management in Kingsclere, tree lightening protection in Kingsclere, landscape clearing in Kingsclere, tree planning Kingsclere, drop crotching in Kingsclere, fruit tree pruning in Kingsclere, decompaction, retrenchment pruning, cut sealing, root grinding, site clearance, tree transplanting, stump removal, root pruning, crown thinning Kingsclere, brush cutting services in Kingsclere, the protection of trees from grazing, safety inspections in Kingsclere, root removal, tree removal, pollarding Kingsclere, tree dismantling and other tree surgeon services in Kingsclere, Hampshire. These are just a handful of the activities that are conducted by local tree surgeons. Kingsclere specialists will be happy to tell you about their whole range of services.

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Mrs Ophelia Malley was seeking a tree surgeon to remove about 5 conifers of 150 - 200mm diameters in her garden in Crondall. Jeremiah and Heidi Abbott were wanting to get a price quote from a tree surgeon in Kings Worthy who can totally remove an oak tree and a conifer, and trim back a few other conifer trees in the garden of their home. Mr and Mrs Allwood are searching for someone who will chop back a 30m length of beech hedge to a sensible height in their garden in Pennington. Miss Hana Millard was seeking a tree surgeon to carry out some stump grinding to clear away 3 large tree stumps in her garden in Petersfield. Lawson and Efa Hargreaves were wanting to get a quotation from a tree surgeon in Locks Heath who can prune some pear trees in their garden. In Binsted, Hampshire Miss Joanna Cherry needs a tree surgeon who can remove and ethically dispose of a thirty foot monkey puzzle tree. Mr and Mrs Jordan want a specialist to do some shrub trimming and hedge cutting in their garden in Durley. Mr Giovanni Ashton in Nursling needs someone who is prepared to do the pollarding of a few trees along a pathway.

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