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Dulverton Tree Surgeons (TA22) Somerset: If you have trees on your property in Dulverton, you are responsible for their safe management and care. Making certain all trees on your property are in safe condition and well maintained is essential, and this can be accomplished by having a certified tree surgeon or arborist check them every once in a while. You could easily find yourself faced with legal action and probably a significant fine should a tree in your garden cause an injury to a visitor or passer-by.

Dulverton Tree Surgeons Quotes

A highly skilled occupation, tree surgery is also referred to as arboriculture. A tree surgeon in Dulverton can carry out all kinds of work from basic tree surgery projects to the care of other varieties of plants. If you need work doing on any of your shrubs or trees that seems beyond the skill range of yourself or your gardener, it's well worth getting a tree surgery quote from a professional tree surgeon.

Specialist Tree Surgeon Dulverton Somerset

This type of work is extremely specialised, and involves a large amount of training, coupled with a wide knowledge of trees, shrubs and the diseases and problems they can all suffer from.

A professional Dulverton tree surgeon will advise you on the appropriate action to take with regards to tree related problems. Among the typical problems you might encounter, and those that they are likely to offer you advice on are:

Tree Pruning and Felling: Obtaining a tree surgery quotation is essential, if you have a tree that's growing too close to your home in Dulverton, or one whose limbs or branches are creating a threat by overhanging or growing too near to electricity lines. If you haven't got the required skills, these are definitely the types of tasks that you should not try to do by yourself.

Certified Tree Surgeons Dulverton (01398)

Not only could you cause additional harm to the tree, but you could injure yourself or passers-by through your actions. To eliminate the possible risk of branches or tree limbs dropping onto public pathways and roads, it is also worth hiring a tree surgeon to trim any trees that are overhanging.

The Treatment of Bacteria and Infections: Professional advice and guidance is a must with these types of issues. And, by obtaining a tree surgery quote from a trained professional, you're going to be employing somebody in Dulverton who's got many years of experience in recognising and treating any bacteria, infections or fungus that might be causing harm to your precious trees. They'll be able to create an effective treatment action, and offer the correct resolution for the problem at hand.

Retaining the services of a qualified professional tree surgeon in Dulverton, can make the difference between losing and conserving a valued shrub or tree.

Tree Surgery Quotes for Dulverton Somerset

Local Dulverton tree surgeons will probably have the telephone code 01398 and the postcode TA22. They'll work in Dulverton itself, as well as nearby areas like Skilgate, Hawkridge, East Anstey, Great Highleigh, West Anstey, Higher Combe, Battleton, Hartford, Oldways End, Nightcott, Brompton Regis, Upcott, Brushford, Exebridge, Bury, Timewell, Morebath, and in postcodes such as: TA22 9DN, TA22 9HQ, TA22 9EB, TA22 9DX, TA22 9EY, TA22 9EW, TA22 9DP, TA22 9BS, TA22 9ES, TA22 9EE.

If you need this sort of service it's unquestionably a good idea to use a reputable local tree surgeon. Dulverton home and business owners can benefit from the skills and knowledge that are the trademark of a trained professional.

Dutch Elm Disease

A fungal disease that has killed off many millions of elm trees all around Britain during the last 50 yrs or so, Dutch Elm Disease (Ophiostoma novo-ulmi) is not quite as big a problem as it once was. Accidentally introduced into Great Britain, by means of elm logs imported from North America (Canada) in the late Sixties, Dutch Elm Disease (DED) is caused by the fungus Ophiostoma novo-ulmi which is spread by the elm bark beetle (especially the Scolytus genus).

Through the transportation of elm products such as mulching bark, crates, saplings, and logs with the bark still attached, it was quickly spread through the UK after its initial arrival. Thought to have originated in Asia (possibly Japan), Dutch Elm Disease did not just affect trees in the British Isles, but also destroyed elm stocks in continental Europe and North America.

DED usually first appears in early summer, and the main signs are:

  • Affected shoots dying back from the tips.
  • Foliage that turns yellow, shrivels and falls.
  • A "shepherd's crook" reaction on affected twigs.
  • Dark streaks beneath the bark of twigs.

The spread of DED has been slowed by the felling of infected, dying and dead trees, which has essentially removed the elm bark beetle's favourite habitat. The propagation of young saplings that have so far proved resistant to Dutch Elm Disease is being undertaken.

You could put in a request for a diagnosis from the Tree Health Diagnostic & Advisory Service, or you can speak to your neighbourhood tree surgeon for guidance and advice, if you've got elm trees in your garden in Dulverton, and are suspicious they may be affected by Dutch Elm Disease.

Air-Spading Dulverton

There are numerous problems that could make the health of your trees a concern, however issues with the root system are quite often the cause. Easy accessibility to your tree's roots will be necessary for a local Dulverton tree surgeon to check for root rot, soil compaction and other plausible issues.

Due to the potential for root damage in the process of digging down, this was problematic in the past. A method called "air spading" is employed by some contemporary tree surgeons in Dulverton, and this enables compressed soil to be broken up and blown away by means of compressed air, which avoids causing any harm to the tree's root system.

The health of a tree can be badly affected when the soil surrounding the roots becomes compacted by construction work, foot traffic or passing vehicles. When a tree becomes "stressed" it is more prone to attacks by diseases, insects and pests, and this stress can be caused by a lack of nutrients and water. Air spading is also good for resolving root flare problems, when the flare around the base of the tree becomes covered with soil, causing it's tissues to break down, and increasing the likelihood of root rot.

The air spading process involves the use of an air-spade tool and an air compressor which blows air directly into the soil at a speed of 1200mph, the air enters the spaces in the soil and immediately breaks it up, whilst leaving tree roots and nearby utility lines undamaged. The flow of air blows the soil away from the roots, permitting immediate inspection and assessment. A solution can then be implemented for any any obvious problems, and the soil replaced with a looser layer of wood mulch and fertiliser to help rejuvenate the tree.

Tree Root Problems Dulverton

Problematic Tree Roots Dulverton Somerset

Because some trees have exceptionally intrusive roots, if they're growing too near to your dwelling in Dulverton, they can cause a number of issues, potentially serious ones. Damaged foundations, cracked patios and blocked drains, are some of the most common issues that you may run into. Some tree species that have extremely intrusive root systems include willows, maples, sycamores and elms.

Keeping any new trees you grow, as far away as possible from pathways, patio areas, your sewerage pipes and your home, is wise to avoid future complications. If you already have problems with existing trees that are growing too close to your home, you can get advice and guidance by speaking to your local Dulverton tree surgeon.

This isn't really the type of job that you should try to do by yourself, and just chopping off the offending tree roots could kill off the tree or significantly affect it's overall health. To survive successfully, a tree will still need to be getting sufficient water and nutrients, and a competent tree care specialist in Dulverton will know exactly which roots can be cut back, and which roots should be left.

Tree and shrub roots often cause structural issues in subterranean drains, especially when you consider that sewage pipes provide a constant source of nutrients and moisture. Minute tree roots can quickly compromise the joints of a drainage system, and when established grow into large root balls which can cause joint failure and blockages. To get rid of the roots that are causing the problem, professional root removal services will be offered by many local tree surgeons, who'll use manual rod clearance, electro-mechanical equipment or high pressure jetting. Invasive root removal services are also available in Skilgate, Hawkridge, East Anstey, Great Highleigh, West Anstey, Higher Combe, Battleton, Hartford, Oldways End, Nightcott, Brompton Regis, Upcott, Brushford, Exebridge, Bury, Timewell, Morebath, and and of course in Dulverton.

Wood Chipping Dulverton

Wood Chipping Dulverton

Most Dulverton tree surgeons will utilise wood chipping machinery to process the smaller tree limbs and branches that result from their work. Although of course it depends on what equipment is being used, these awesome wood chipping systems can munch up as much as forty tonnes of material per hour, and even the smaller, more commonly used devices can process around 5 tons each hour, or basically as much as you are able to feed in.

As well as providing a valuable material that can be used for a whole host of purposes including; ecosystem restoration, wood pulp, landscaping, mulch for gardens, garden pathways, biomass fuel, weed prevention and cultivating mushrooms, chipping down the tree branches in this way makes them less cumbersome to transport.

The majority of tree surgeons in Dulverton will be delighted to let you keep the wood chips which have been generated during your tree work, if you've a use that you want to put them to, if not they'll normally dispose of them or use them on other projects. Even if you don't require any tree surgery to be done on your property in Dulverton, tree surgeons are a good source for wood chips that you can use in your garden. Some tree surgeons will charge you a fee for wood chips, particularly if you need to have them delivered, others will let you have them for free.

Forest Master, T-Mech, Forst and Timberwolf, are among the most popular makes of wood chipping machines.

Preventing Storm Damage

Of all the living things in our garden, trees appear to be the sturdiest, strongest and the most likely to survive the vicissitudes of Mother Nature. Some varieties of tree can in actual fact survive for several hundred years and will do so happily in most conditions.

However, they can be very susceptible to the elements when facing a certain set of conditions, and it isn't just the risk of falling limbs and branches, but in times of severe weather the entire tree can fall to the ground. The principal enemy of, and danger to trees, is high winds, and with the increasing frequency of severe storms this sort of damage has become more and more common in Dulverton. Other issues can be heavy snow during winter, and saturated soil during extended periods of rainfall or floods.

In order to be ready for any issues that may arise during severe weather conditions, it's advisable to have a competent Dulverton tree surgeon trim and remove any dead or excessively long branches, and check for any further problems.

It's also a good idea to fit larger trees with copper conductors, lightning rods, or other protection systems, to stop them getting struck by lightning, and to protect nearby buildings and property which might be affected by "jumps" or side-flashes. Trees can be damaged, seriously weakened, or even killed by a lightning strike, they can be burned to the ground, split in two, or left vulnerable to decay, pests or disease - not the happiest of situations! For any of you who feel that lightning isn't all that common, there are about three hundred thousand lightning strikes in Great Britain annually.

Ask your local Dulverton tree surgery company what they can do to protect your trees from storm damage and reduce the chance of serious consequences should an unstable tree crash down due to extreme weather. (Tags: Storm Damage Dulverton, Storm Damage Prevention Dulverton, Storm Damaged Trees Dulverton).

Protecting Trees in Winter

Even though you may not feel that the weather conditions in the United Kingdom are severe enough to justify protecting your shrubs and trees, it may be a good idea to take another look at this. In fact, even plants, trees and shrubs that we normally think of as hardy, can benefit from a bit of added protection during the cooler winter season.

When you've got trees in your garden in Dulverton, it is strong winds and storms that cause the biggest concerns, and they may still be vulnerable even though a lot of them will have already dropped their leaves when winter arrives, thus being less wind resistant. If a tree in your garden has been affected by wind, or is swaying and at risk of falling, a tree surgeon will have to be brought in to undertake an examination. Heavy snowfall can also cause branches to break, so stay alert when these sorts of weather conditions are expected. A deep layer of mulch around the base of shrubs and trees (particularly newly planted ones), will help to keep the roots frost-free and prevent them from becoming dehydrated.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) Dulverton

You need to make sure there is no Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on any of your trees in Dulverton, before you carry out any significant work on them. To find out whether any trees on your property are protected by TPOs, get in touch with your local authority. If there are Tree Preservation Orders on one of your trees, you'll need consent in writing from the local authority to perform any of these: uprooting, wilful damage, topping, wilful destruction, felling, removal or lopping. Your tree surgeon should be able to give you advice on this and help you out with any checks.

For those of you who live within a conservation area in Dulverton, at least 6 weeks written notice has to be given to the local planning authority if you intend to carry out any work on a tree with a diameter of seventy five millimetres or more.

Ash Dieback

First recorded in the British Isles in 2021, ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) is a destructive fungal disease that's likely to wipe out around 80 percent of the current ash trees, in the next few years. Ash dieback is almost certain to have huge repercussions for our countryside, adding to the tragedy caused by the earlier Dutch Elm Disease epidemic.

Ash dieback has a particularly devastating effect on the native British common ash (Fraxinus excelsior), although it affects the whole Fraxinus genus of trees, which have different levels of tolerance to it. The fungus which causes the disease is called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (H. fraxineus), and it originated in eastern Asia.

Ash dieback has already spread to most areas of the United Kingdom, and is dispersed by wind blown spores which are able to travel for many miles, accelerating the process.

Ash dieback strikes trees of any age and has symptoms such as:

  • Foliage that wilts, turns black in colour and falls early.
  • Dark brown lesions form where limbs meet the trunk.
  • Shoots and leaves that are dying during the summer.
  • New epicormic growth appears from previously dormant buds (common in stressed trees).
  • Leaves with dark patches that develop during the summertime.

Even ash trees that have the ability to fight off the infection, are attacked year after year and eventually succumb and die. As it is an airborne disease there's no apparent strategy for stopping its spread, and no cure for ash dieback.

Although the Forestry Commission's "Tree Alert Service" is presently only interested in cases reported in new areas where it hasn't previously been reported, if you are anxious about an ash tree on your property in Dulverton, you should bring in a local tree surgeon or tree specialist to affirm that you're correct in your diagnosis and suggest a suitable solution.

Trees which are affected by ash dieback: Fraxinus excelsior, Fraxinus angustifolia, Fraxinus americana, Fraxinus nigra, Fraxinus ornus, Fraxinus pennsylvanica, Fraxinus mandschurica.

Tree Surgery Tasks Dulverton

Tree Surgery Tasks Dulverton UK

Dulverton tree surgeons will likely help with tree pollarding, cut sealing, tree fertilising, felling of storm damaged trees Dulverton, landscape clearance, forestry management Dulverton, root grinding, brush cutting Dulverton, tree lopping in Dulverton, tree reduction, crown raising in Dulverton, domestic tree surgery, tree topping in Dulverton, safety inspections in Dulverton, tree management Dulverton, woodchipping, root removal, tree surveys Dulverton, tree waste removal, tree shaping in Dulverton, health inspections, soil terravention, tree pruning, root flare exposure, professional tree care, tree transplanting, landscaping, the protection of trees from grazing animals in Dulverton, site clearance in Dulverton, tree cutting, dead wood removal, shrub maintenance, tree maintenance, tree bracing in Dulverton, fruit tree pruning Dulverton and other tree surgeon services in Dulverton, Somerset. Listed are just a selection of the tasks that are performed by tree surgeons. Dulverton professionals will keep you informed about their entire range of services.

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Just recently, householders in these Dulverton locations have sent in enquiries about tree surgery: Battleton, Ridlers Park, Peregrine, Highercombe Bungalow, Union Street, Nutsford House, Combeland, Northmoor House, The Bungalow Helebridge, Clayford Mill, Bridge View, Church Walk, Bath Meadow Drive, The Mount, Hawksleigh, Venford House, Highercombe Lodge, New Invention, Hanover Court, Tarr Steps House, Perry House, Kennel Croft, Wilway House, Beech Park, Dassels, Bank Square, Hinam Bungalow, Andrews Hill, and also in these nearby postcodes TA22 9DN, TA22 9HQ, TA22 9EB, TA22 9DX, TA22 9EY, TA22 9EW, TA22 9DP, TA22 9BS, TA22 9ES, TA22 9EE. Work was performed in these places by local tree surgeons. Dulverton property owners enjoyed the benefits of reliable and high quality tree surgery services in every case.

More Dulverton Trades: Undoubtedly, whenever you happen to be having tree surgery done in Dulverton, Somerset, you'll probably be in need of other garden related services, and along with a tree surgeon in Dulverton, Somerset, you may additionally need driveway pavers in Dulverton, weeding services in Dulverton, hard landscaping in Dulverton, grass cutting services in Dulverton, pond installers in Dulverton, patio cleaning in Dulverton, artificial grass installers in Dulverton, garden rubbish removal in Dulverton, hedge cutting in Dulverton, garden decking in Dulverton, fence installers in Dulverton, garden clearance in Dulverton, garden shed builders in Dulverton, garden wall construction in Dulverton, SKIP HIRE in Dulverton, garden planning and design in Dulverton, and other different Dulverton tradespeople.

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