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Feltham Tree Surgeons (TW13) Greater London: Trees are an attractive feature of many properties and gardens in Feltham, and they can frequently transform an otherwise 2 dimensional area by adding style, substance and structure. But when poorly maintained or impacted by extreme weather conditions such as flooding or gales, trees can be a bit of an issue. Seeking the advice and guidance of a trained tree surgeon in Feltham, is the safest option when work needs to be undertaken on your trees.

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Employing a non-qualified person for tree work or attempting to do the work by yourself, could cause damage to property, harm your trees, or even be life threatening. However, tree work is not a safe occupation, even for certified tree surgeons, who are aware of all the hazards. There are an average of 140 severe injuries and 3 deaths per year within the industry, making it among the most dangerous jobs in Britain and certainly not for novices to try.

Local Tree Surgeon Feltham Greater London

With around five people annually being fatally wounded by falling branches and trees in the United Kingdom, even a damaged or neglected tree can also present a risk to life. If you employ someone to do tree work and subsequently an injury, or damage to property occurs, you could be liable to third-party compensation claims. These are merely some of the reasons why it is very important to use a skilled tree surgeon to carry out the work on your trees. (The above figures were sourced from HSE UK).

PICKING A TREE SURGEON IN FELTHAM - There are 2 professional arboricultural bodies that a seasoned tree surgeon in Feltham should really be a signed up member of. Both the AA (Arboricultural Association) and the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) offers a website where you can check out the professional status and membership of any tree surgeon in Feltham. To determine whether any specific tree surgeon has recognised Approved ARB Contractor status and has membership of either of these bodies, you can do a search on this webpage.

If an issue springs up during or after any work has been accomplished you are able to get hold of these industry associations for mediation assistance and for guidance and help at any point.

Approved Tree Surgeons Feltham (020)

If anyone offers you a price quote for any tree work and you cannot find them on this directory list, you should politely decline their offer and find an approved contractor. When you're reassured of their professional qualifications and associations you should try to get a minimum of three quotations from different companies in Feltham. There are various vital questions that you need to ask while you are acquiring these quotes, and because of the risks involved in tree surgery work, you should make it crystal clear that you really need the answers. You should for instance ask:

  • Can you offer me a written quotation? Only ever accept a quote in writing. NEVER accept a verbal quote only.
  • Is It Possible To contact a recent person who you've worked for so that I can check the quality of your work? Independently examining any recent work is always sensible.
  • Exactly what level of insurance cover have you got? Don't even consider a tree surgeon in Feltham with less than £5 Million public liability insurance as stated by the AA and ISA.
  • Can you provide documents to indicate that you have the correct qualifications, membership of the AA or ISA, and also a certificate for the use of a chainsaw from the NPTC/LANTRA? It's required by law that any tree surgeon who uses a chainsaw must have a NPTC/LANTRA certificate. Qualifications might include Certificates and National Diplomas in Arboriculture.

Easy to follow details about all the tree work that's to be undertaken should be included on the written quotation. Who's responsible for the removal and disposal of tree branches, stumps and debris should be stated, as should information on any trees which could be protected, and the necessary steps to obtain permission to work on them. Verify that they have also included VAT on the quote. You have a responsibility to employ only skilled people to work on your property and trees, and it is very important to understand that.

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PRIOR TO WORK BEGINNING - Your preferred Feltham tree surgeon should enquire whether any of your trees are protected and take the appropriate steps to make sure that any tree work can be given the green light from the local authorities. Finding a tree has got protected status does not mean that work can't be carried out, since even protected trees need to be maintained so as to cut back old or damaged wood and ensure public safety.

If your property in Feltham is inside a designated conservation area then at least six weeks written notice is required to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) prior to any work being carried out. This written notice is not required if the tree stem is less than seventy five millimetres in diameter when measured at 1.5 metres above ground level. Also, it isn't necessary to give notice if the branches of a protected tree need thinning or pruning simply to promote and sustain growth.

Tree Surgery Feltham (TW13)

Your chosen Feltham tree surgeon will determine the required remedial treatment and how best and safely to achieve the required outcome after conducting a thorough assessment of your trees health. Public spaces, your property and any part of a neighbour's property that could be impacted by falling debris and branches will all be given a risk assessment. At this point, the quantity of workers needed and the level of protection required will also be established. This will include various safety measures together with personal protection equipment to guarantee the safety of passers-by and nearby property.

ON THE DAY OF WORK - To keep unauthorised persons and passers-by away from the area of work, safety measures and barriers will be put in place before any climbing, cutting of branches or tree felling is started. It might at some stage be necessary to halt the traffic temporarily, if there is any danger of debris falling onto the highway.

Different levels of protection will be needed by the tree surgeon subject to what work needs to be performed. At the very least when doing chainsaw work they're going to be wearing special protective clothing to prevent cutting injuries to the hands, legs and torso. High visibility clothing, and eye and head protection, should be worn by all operatives involved in the work.

If working at height is involved, associated safety climbing equipment and ladders will have to be used, and additional personnel will be on hand to help with the removal of high branches and large sections of tree trunk. It's recommended that you inform your next door neighbours of the need for easy access, because a skip or other method of transporting the waste materials away will be stationed as close to the work area as possible.

AFTER COMPLETION OF WORK - The site can be cleared of any debris, and all of the waste materials can be taken away, once all tree work has been accomplished. Your tree surgeon will then put together and sign off a certificate of work, a copy of which will be handed to you. This is particularly important where trees with TPOs are involved. Any safety measures that were put in public spaces can then be taken down, with highways and paths being re-opened to the public.

Issues or problems should be rectified straight away by approaching your tree surgeon directly. If there's any further dispute, and your tree surgeon is an approved member of a professional trade association, you can receive guidance and help from the International Society of Arboriculture or the Arboricultural Association in order to reach an acceptable solution.

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Emergency Call-Outs Feltham

There may be some situations where you need to contact a tree surgeon in an emergency, if you've got large trees in your garden in Feltham. Some tree surgeons in Feltham offer a 24/7 service, and when there are strong winds and gales, they usually face a spike in emergency call outs. Whilst the odds of an entire tree falling down are low, there is more likelihood of branches snapping off and crashing to the ground below, during gusty weather. When branches and tree limbs start falling squashed sheds, damaged fences, busted garden furniture and smashed greenhouses are a common result, so prevention is better than having to cope with the aftermath.

There is also a requirement for emergency tree care services by the local authorities in the Feltham area, when highways, public pavements and railway tracks get blocked by fallen branches and trees.

Further issues could also develop after the emergency tree work has been successfully done, because when a tree has lost some limbs, it might appear cockeyed or lopsided, with an uneven weight distribution - therefore "re-balancing" may be needed. For all these issues, you should get in touch with a local tree surgeon in Feltham who provides emergency tree care services, and they'll deal with all of this for you. You can also get 24 hour emergency tree services in East Bedfont, Sunbury Common, Hampton Hill, Hanworth, Laleham, Cranford, Sunbury on Thames, Felthamhill, Whitton, North Feltham, and Feltham itself.

Eco-Plugging Feltham

If you've got a large stump in your garden which needs to be removed, the typical technique that is used by most Feltham tree surgeons is stump grinding. There is however a cheaper solution to this problem these days, which is termed "eco-plugging", and is growing in popularity. Not only is this solution less expensive, but it can also be employed where there are stump grinding accessibility issues, for example in awkward and hard-to-reach places.

Without affecting the surrounding trees and vegetation, eco-plugging is an exceptionally effective treatment for eliminating tree stumps. Eco-plugs destroy the entire root system of the tree stump and can be utilised throughout the year and in any weather. Containing a type of granular glyphosate herbicide, eco-plugs are 95-100% effective, and is suitable for treating a wide range of tree species. (Tags: Eco-Plugs Feltham, Eco-Plug Treatments Feltham, Eco-Plugging Feltham, Eco-Plugging Tree Stump Removal Feltham).

Hedge Trimming Feltham

Hedge Trimming Feltham

While the majority of projects carried out by tree surgeons in Feltham involves the maintenance and care of trees and shrubs, the cutting back and trimming of hedges is another job that they regularly carry out. When you've got Leylandii or similar conifer hedges, this is especially useful, since they can quickly get so tall that a gardener or homeowner will find them nigh on impossible to deal with using everyday tools.

A hedge can quickly become overgrown and out of control when it is poorly maintained and neglected. Regular trimming is recommended if you don't want a hedge to run riot in large sections of your garden in Feltham, and as well as making the hedge stronger and healthier it also looks better aesthetically.

You can help your entire garden and home to appear tidier by neatly trimming your hedges. And if you're thinking about selling your property in the near future, neat hedges may even add some extra value.

Tree Cable Bracing Feltham

In certain situations where a tree shows signs of decay, damage, or is a risk to nearby property or persons, a technique called cable bracing can be used to give support to the tree. Where valuable or older trees in Feltham are involved, cable bracing is generally used where it's unsatisfactory to fell a tree or cut out large sections that are unsafe or unstable.

The fitting of a cable bracing system may sometimes be possible to add support to the weak limbs, V-shaped forks and poor joints of a tree. Most tree surgeons in Feltham will be prepared to carry out different types of bracing work by the installation of cables and rods to help redistribute structural stresses and considerably extend the lifespan of specimen trees.

Cable bracing has the goal of providing a flexible and shock-absorbing method of support which is non-invasive and does not damage the tree by having to drill and bolt the branches. A risk assessment, to guarantee the safety of the tree and adjoining areas, must be completed prior to the commencement of any tree cable bracing project in Feltham.

Skills and Knowledge Needed by a Tree Surgeon in Feltham

  • Good knowledge of public safety and security.
  • The cabability to work alongside other people.
  • Be capable of maintaining, repairing and using equipment and tools.
  • Be aware of the complexities and dangers involved in all aspects of tree work.
  • Be professional and capable of completing work within the given period.
  • Have essential computer skills and know how to accomplish basic tasks with handheld devices.
  • Have a methodical and systematic working approach.
  • Have the ability to work with your hands.
  • Physical skills like coordination and movement.
  • Patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful circumstances.
  • Decent customer skills.

Crown Thinning Feltham

Tree Care Feltham

Taking off lesser living branches located on the outer part of the tree's crown, yet not transforming the overall size or shape of that tree, is referred to as crown thinning. This is meant to generate a consistent foliage density, which in itself accomplishes specific goals such as: to ease the stress upon particular branches caused by wind, gravity, ice, or snow, to lessen the tree's wind resistance, to let more light to pass through, to prevent the tree from uprooting when it is windy or to lessen the total weight of the crown. A uniform foliage density surrounding evenly spread out branches ought to be the objective of crown thinning, it shouldn't change the general size and form of the tree. You'll be able to get crown thinning in East Bedfont, Sunbury Common, Hampton Hill, Hanworth, Laleham, Cranford, Sunbury on Thames, Felthamhill, Whitton, North Feltham, and in Feltham.

Storm Damage Prevention Feltham

Of all the living things in our gardens, trees appear to be the sturdiest, strongest and the most able to withstand the vagaries of Mother Nature. The life expectancy of most tree species far exceeds that of animals or humans, and in fact certain varieties such as sweet chestnuts, oaks and yews can survive for several hundred years.

Having said that, trees can be quite vulnerable to the elements when faced with certain conditions, and it is not only the risk of falling limbs or branches, but in extreme circumstances the entire tree can fall down. High winds and gales are the arch enemy of trees, and this form of damage is becoming more and more commonplace in Feltham, as the number of violent storms and weather events escalates with climate change. Saturated soil during extended periods of rain or floods can be another issue, as can heavy wintertime snow.

To prune and remove any dead or excessively long branches that may cause a problem in times of severe weather, it is advisable to get a professional Feltham tree surgeon to examine your trees fairly regularly.

To stop taller trees getting struck by lightning, and to protect nearby buildings and property which could be affected by "arcs" or side-flashes, it is also important to install lightning rods, copper conductors, or other lightning protection systems. Trees can be damaged, drastically weakened, or even killed by a lightning strike, they can be burned to the ground, split in two, or left vulnerable to disease, pests or decay - not the happiest of situations! Whilst you may not believe that lightning is that common in Feltham, each year around 300 thousand strikes occur throughout the UK.

To protect your trees from storm damage and minimise the chances of severe consequences should an unsound tree fall down as a result of extreme weather, ask your local Feltham tree surgery company what they can do. (Tags: Storm Damage Feltham, Storm Damaged Trees Feltham, Storm Damage Prevention Feltham).

Removing Tree Stumps Feltham

After getting a substantial tree removed in Feltham, you will be left with one more problem - what to do with the stump. In certain situations it might be feasible for you to just leave the tree stump exactly where it is until such time as it rots away on it's own. However, stumps can be an eyesore, can attract unwelcome pests, and be a trip hazard for your family.

There are a number of ways that you can remove a stump, if you decide that this is the best plan of action, although the two main options are stump removal and stump grinding. In the next few lines, we'll be focusing on the option of removal.

There are in essence 3 main procedures that you can use to remove a tree stump - you can burn it, you can dig it out by hand or you can use a chemical stump killer. If you are intending to deal with a stump yourself, you can use any of these tactics. If a local tree surgeon is going to be undertaking the work, stump grinding is typically their method of choice, although eco-plugging or some other chemical treatment may be suggested.

Digging Out by Hand: The strategy for digging out by hand is fairly self-explanatory, and requires shoveling out out as much of the soil as possible from around the base and roots, cutting any main roots with a chainsaw, and eventually freeing up the stump so it can be hoisted out and removed. You might need to use a winch for the final lifting out of the stump. This is tiring and laborious work.

Chemical Treatments: For the chemical removal of a tree stump you will need to obtain Roundup Tree Stump Remover, Resolva Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer or Vitax SBK Stump Killer. Wear gloves and avoid contact with the skin when using these chemical solutions, and also try not to inhale. You should stick rigidly to the manufacturer's instructions, for applications, timings and rates. Subject to the size of your tree stump, and whether it's alive or dead at the time of treatment, it can take several weeks or perhaps even months for a tree stump to rot entirely, so consider this to be as a long term resolution. As soon as it's well rotted, an axe can be used to chop it up and a spade for removal.

Burning a Tree Stump: Stump burning is not normally recommended, and could conflict with legislation in your area, so take great care if choosing this option. The technique involves drilling a few 25mm holes into the tree stump and continuously filling and topping up the holes with vegetable oil over a period of several days. You can then stack charcoal around the tree stump and set it alight. This should never then be left to its own devices, and be monitored constantly. As soon as the burning is complete, you must make certain that the fire is fully extinguished, and when it has cooled down completely you will be able to dig out and remove the burnt remains of roots and stump.

Other options include shoveling out and clearing all the soil away from underneath the tree stump, and building a fire in the void that has been established. If the tree stump is in close proximity to other trees, buildings or fences, you shouldn't use any of the stump burning procedures.

(Tags: Removal of Tree Stumps Feltham, Tree Stump Removal Feltham, Removing Tree Stumps Feltham, Stump Digging Feltham).

Day to Day Duties of a Tree Surgeon

  • Create on-site or telephone quotes for clients.
  • Produce tree survey reports for domestic and commercial customers.
  • Work with customers and complete administration duties.
  • Tidy up area upon completion and remove waste products from customer's site.
  • Be competent using power tools and powered equipment.
  • Evaluate tree health and treatment.
  • Establish dangers posed by trees.
  • Chip and cut branches and logs.
  • Fell and remove trees and perform stump grinding.
  • Climb trees to remove or prune branches as required.
  • Service equipment like chippers and chainsaws.
  • Tree planting and transplanting.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Feltham

It's crucial to you should use a firm with the correct tools and knowhow, when you need to have stump grinding undertaken in Feltham. The finest Feltham tree surgeons will understand that every single bit of the stump must be taken out down to a depth of at least 12 inches. Having the use of the right stump grinding machinery means that your tree surgeon will be able to extract stumps and roots very close to structures and walls while avoiding damage. The right stump grinders can also cope with stumps in alleys and passageways. Where huge trees must be taken out the tree stump that's left can be quite substantial and the thicker roots are going to go down to a considerable depth, requiring a herculean effort to deal with them them.

Tree Pollarding Feltham

Tree Pollarding Feltham Greater London

Pollarding is mostly done for health and safety reasons and is a process for considerably lessening the size of trees that have grown too large for their current surroundings. The encouragement of cultivated qualities and the transforming of trees into certain forms or shapes can also be accomplished by the pollarding process. It can quite often be seen on trees that function as boundaries or hedgerows, as well as trees that grow alongside roads in Feltham. The rather stark and bare appearance that is the outcome of pollarding is not very popular with tree lovers, as it is so dissimilar to its natural state. However, irrespective of the somewhat unattractive appearance of recently pollarded trees such as beeches, maples, horse chestnuts, oaks, limes, sycamores and planes, there is a beneficial feature to this procedure, in that such trees can be conserved when they'd otherwise have to be cut down. (Tags: Tree Pollarding Feltham, Pollarding Feltham, Tree Pruning Feltham)

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Tree Surgery Tasks Feltham

Tree Surgery Tasks Feltham UK

Feltham tree surgeons will likely help with root flare exposure, landscape clearing, retrenchment pruning in Feltham, tree lightening protection, woodland management, tree watering, decompaction, damaged tree removal, tree transplanting, crown thinning, drop crotching in Feltham, crown removal in Feltham, fruit tree pruning, stump treatment, damage restoration, forestry management Feltham, emergency tree removal in Feltham, commercial tree surgery, tree lopping, woodland clearance Feltham, root grinding Feltham, crown raising, tree topping in Feltham, site clearance, tree maintenance, safety inspections, root pruning, airspading Feltham, tree removal, eco-plugging Feltham, hazard assessments, staking, cut sealing Feltham, pest control Feltham, stump grinding and other tree surgeon services in Feltham, Greater London. These are just a selection of the duties that are undertaken by tree surgeons. Feltham professionals will be happy to inform you of their full range of services.

Tree Surgeons Near Feltham: Also find: East Bedfont tree surgeons, Laleham tree surgeons, Whitton tree surgeons, Hampton Hill tree surgeons, Felthamhill tree surgeons, Cranford tree surgeons, Hanworth tree surgeons, Sunbury Common tree surgeons, North Feltham tree surgeons, Sunbury on Thames tree surgery and more. All of these places are catered for by tree surgeons. Feltham residents and others can get quotations by clicking here.

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