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Gatley Tree Surgeons (SK8): Producing essential oxygen for our living environment, providing shelter and home for our ever diminishing wildlife and offering pleasant shade on hot sunny days, trees are incredible things to have in our gardens. But there are a few downsides; trees can become diseased and unstable, trees can easily get damaged by wind and gales or trees can become too large for our gardens in Gatley. The person to call when you have problems with your trees in Gatley, is a tree surgeon.

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Tree surgeons in Gatley play a vital role in the maintenance and general care of trees for a wide range of both domestic and commercial clients. An experienced tree surgeon in Gatley can provide the pruning of invasive, dead or weak branches, inspections and hazard assessments, tree felling, the safe planting of trees, along with general tree care, to mention but a few examples.

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However, the job of the tree surgeon does not end with trees. A tree surgeon in Gatley will carry out additional responsibilities, such as hedge maintenance, care and trimming and stump removal. If you have a tree on your property in Gatley, and have got doubts about its structural integrity, a tree surgeon is the best tradesperson to get in touch with, as they will be able to inspect your tree, prepare a report on likely hazards, and give suggestions about what you should do next.

Because it is such an immensely dangerous undertaking, tree surgery is unquestionably a process that must only be handled by a professionally trained operative. It would not be a wise decision to bypass and go for a DIY approach, even though this may appear to be an attractive alternative. To carry out the work that they do, tree surgeons must be physically fit, qualified and experienced.

While hanging from a harness in a tree and elevated in the air, tree surgery will often involve using dangerous power tools. So, you can understand why it's not a task for beginners! Tree surgery is also usually performed by a team of seasoned tree surgeons, including climbers and a ground crew, who are all specialists in the field. Rivalling this level of risk assessment, competence and experience to execute the work, would be nigh on impossible for any unqualified individual.

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Once you've decided that you require the help of a qualified tree surgeon in Gatley, you should take measures to find a trustworthy one. But, how should you accomplish this? Well, a couple of things should be checked out, such as how much it will cost and what qualifications they have. Below, we'll be looking at just some of the things that you need to look for when picking a tree surgeon in Gatley.

Initially, you need to check that they have the appropriate qualifications to reassure you they're properly trained and competent. The governing body that issues qualifications to tree surgeons is the NPTC (National Proficiency Tests Council). Any reputable Gatley tree surgeon should hold the following accreditations as a bare minimum requirement:

  • NPTC 206/306 (CS38) - Tree climbing and tree rescue.
  • NPTC 203 (CS31) - Fell and process small trees up to 15 inches (380mm) in diameter.
  • NPTC 201/202 (CS30) - Chainsaw crosscut and maintenance.
  • NPTC 308 (CS39) - Operate chainsaw from rope & harness.

While tree surgeons aren't legally required to gain these qualifications, it's certainly worth asking to see them, since they demonstrate that they have the proper training to complete the task both safely and successfully. As there is constantly a risk of falling from height, and a chance of life threatening injuries, it is essential that arborists, forestry workers and tree surgeons carry a comprehensive First Aid kit, and go through some basic training in First Aid.

Next off, you should ask two or three tree surgeons in Gatley to provide different estimates for the tree surgery, and check the precise breakdown of costs. One important thing to keep an eye out for is whether the quote includes the the removal and disposal of the considerable amount of waste normally produced by tree maintenance and surgery, occasionally it won't! The process of removing this waste can involve substantial cost and inconvenience to the customer, therefore if you can have the tree surgeons remove this waste themselves, it would definitely be better.

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In addition to this, make sure you are prepared to ask loads of key questions when you meet the tree surgeon. For example, you need to establish who is going to be doing the work. Would you be able to meet up with them beforehand? Will it be a crew or an individual? What will the impact on my home/my neighbours be? What is the timescale for the work? What methods of tree surgery or removal is going to be used on your tree?

To avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road, ask lots of questions.

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You should also listen closely to what your tree surgeon says. This can be a useful tool for evaluating their standard of professionalism and expertise before you let them loose on your precious trees. If the phrase 'topping and lopping' comes up in the conversation, it is recommended that you look for a different tree surgeon, since this is a somewhat old-fashioned phrase, which shows a definite lack of modern tree surgery knowledge. A tree surgeon in Gatley that's experienced, fully trained and professional will use more appropriate terminology such as 'crown reduction', 'crown lifting', 'dead wooding', 'crown thinning' and 'pruning'. Although this can be a useful clue with regards to the level of expertise attained by your tree surgeon, it's not necessarily proof of ability.

At the end of the day, in relation to tree care or tree surgery, it is always worth the effort of considering a variety of different tree surgeons in Gatley. As a result, you will get a job that is skillfully undertaken, meets all your requirements and complies with all the appropriate health and safety guidelines.

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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Gatley

If you've got a need for specialised services such as stump grinding in Gatley, making sure that you hire a firm with the correct equipment and knowhow is vital. The finest Gatley tree surgeons will understand that every single piece of the stump should be removed down to a depth of at least 30 cm. Having the appropriate machinery means that the tree surgeon will be able to extract roots and stumps right up to structures and walls while avoiding damage. This tailor-made grinding apparatus is so multifaceted that it can even be used to remove tree stumps that are growing in passageways, alleys and other usually inaccessible places. It can involve a herculean effort to eradicate the stumps of large trees, where the stump and thicker roots grow down to a significant depth, making the task even more difficult if you do not have the right gear.

Storm Damage Gatley

While we're all conscious of the power of Mother Nature, big trees seem strong, sturdy and able to withstand more or less anything. Certain tree varieties can survive and thrive with no problems for several hundred years, in particular sweet chestnuts, yews and oaks.

However, when faced with certain conditions they can be very susceptible to the elements, and it is not just falling tree limbs and branches that can be the result, but the whole tree can topple over in extreme circumstances. Trees have got one major weather related enemy, and that is wind. As extreme weather events and violent storms become more common with climate change, this sort of damage will happen much more frequently in Gatley in the future. Saturated soil during extended periods of rain or flooding can be another issue, as can heavy snow in wintertime.

It's recommended that you get a professional Gatley tree surgeon to check out your trees to lessen the likelihood of problems with your trees in severe weather conditions, they'll prune and remove any dead or overhanging branches that might be a problem.

It is also important to fit larger trees with lightning rods, copper conductors, or other lightning protection systems, to prevent them getting struck by lightning, and to safeguard surrounding buildings and property which might be susceptible to side-flashes ("arcs"). A lightning strike can easily kill a tree, or drastically weaken it, making it more susceptible to disease or pest attacks. Lightning occurs more frequently than you might imagine, and there are approximately 300 thousand strikes annually in the UK.

To protect your trees from being damaged by storms and minimise the chances of severe consequences should an unstable tree crash down as a result of extreme weather, ask your local Gatley tree surgery company what can be done.

Vegetation Control

Vegetation Control

Tree surgeons don't only handle the removal and care of trees exclusively, they may additionally tackle all types of vegetation which might be strangling your yard and spoiling the whole area. Quality tree surgeons will generally be happy to cut down overgrown vegetation, bushes, shrubs and weeds which might be thriving close to sheds, walkways, patios, drives or buildings, and causing a hassle. If you're to manage your garden properly then all of this excessive growth should be eradicated on a regular basis, and if you find you've got the time and inclination then this is unquestionably something you may do yourself if you're reasonably fit, or you could ask your local tree surgeon to call in every six months or so to make certain it is under control. Vegetation control is essential if you are to maintain safe and easy access to every section of the garden and if this is forgotten the plants and vegetation will soon become a menace and ruin your enjoyment of the garden. Apart from anything else your garden will look much better when properly maintained.

Firewood & Logs Gatley

Firewood Logs Gatley

Tree surgeons are usually an excellent source for firewood or logs in Gatley, if you happen to be wanting to buy this particular commodity. Since tree surgeons spend the majority of their life cutting down trees and branches, I suppose this is hardly surprising.

Some tree surgeons in the Gatley area might be prepared to let you have logs and branches free of charge, because they always have loads of them to dispose of, whilst others will charge you for chopped and seasoned logs which have been dried out and are ready for burning.

Logs which have been dried out for at least a year are ideal for burning on your log burning stove or open fire, and they should have a moisture level of under twenty percent. Tree surgeons in Gatley will mainly have supplies of assorted hardwood logs and these are terrific for a long, sustained burn which will throw out heat for several hours. The downside of hardwood logs is that they can be quite challenging to get going, so if you are able to acquire a few softwood logs, these are wonderful for initially getting the fire started. (Tags: Softwood Logs Gatley, Firewood Gatley, Firewood Logs Gatley, Firewood and Logs Gatley).

Tree Surveys Gatley

There are a number of occasions when a tree survey might be necessary, land development and property extension being the most common. If, for instance, you are clearing a piece of land in Gatley to make room for a new house or an extension to an existing property, and there are trees on that land, you will need to arrange a tree survey to BS5837 British Standards. Tree surveys in Gatley should be performed by a qualified tree surgeon or arborist, and this applies whether the tree survey is being conducted on either a public or private property.

A whole bunch of information about all of the trees within a specified area will be gleaned by a properly conducted tree survey. For example:

  • The existence of any Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs).
  • The species of trees (either common or scientific).
  • The diameter of each tree (measured 1.5m above the ground).
  • The predicted lifespan of the trees.
  • Preliminary tree management recommendations.
  • The branch spread to the East, North, South and West.
  • The age of the trees.
  • A unique reference number for every tree.
  • The health of the trees.
  • The number of trees.
  • The height of each tree in metres.

A tree survey will most likely not be needed if you are not extending the property's footprint nor are you changing the access points or service lines of an existing property in Gatley. (Tags: Tree Surveyors Gatley, Tree Survey Gatley, Gatley Tree Surveys, Tree Surveys Gatley).

Tree Stump Removal Gatley

If you're in a predicament where you've got to have a sizeable tree cut down and removed from your garden in Gatley, you are likely to be left with a tree stump, which will also have to be sorted out. You may consider allowing it to rot and break down entirely naturally, and be happy to leave it to its own devices. However, tree stumps in your garden can be trip hazards, can attract harmful pests, and can even send out suckers in an attempt to regrow themselves.

If you elect to remove the tree stump entirely, there are various ways to do this, but basically they fall under 2 main alternatives stump removal and stump grinding. Purely for the purposes of this piece we will be focusing on removal as opposed to grinding.

Digging out by hand, burning or chemical treatment, are the 3 main techniques for removing a tree stump. If you wish to tackle a stump on your own, the use of any of these tactics could be feasible. If you're planning to get a tree surgeon to perform the work, they're typically going to favour the aforementioned stump grinding technique, however a chemically based treatment like eco-plugging might also be on the agenda.

Digging Out a Stump by Hand: The digging out of a stump by hand is a fairly self-explanatory procedure, and involves shoveling out out all the earth at the base of the stump, uncovering and cutting all the main roots, and ultimately freeing up the tree stump so it can be lifted out. Some sort of winch might be required for the final lifting out procedure. This type of work isn't suited to the unfit or faint-hearted, as it's laborious and tiring.

Chemical Stump Removers: Chemical treatment involves the use of a powerful chemical like Resolva Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer, Roundup Tree Stump Remover or Vitax SBK Stump Killer. Avoid contact with the skin when using any of these chemical solutions, and also avoid inhaling. You should stick to the maker's directions, for timings, rates and applications. This isn't a short term solution, and it can take quite a few weeks for the stump to rot entirely, after which a spade and an axe can be used to chop it up and remove it.

Tree Stump Removal by Burning: Be very careful if you use this method of stump removal, because it can be fairly dangerous and might be at variance with local legislation. You will have to drill a few 25mm holes into the stump, and pour in vegetable oil, you will need to keep these topped up over a period of several days until the stump is fully saturated. The tree stump is then piled up with charcoal or logs and set alight. Someone will have to monitor this constantly until the fire has died out. Ensure that the fire is extinguished when it's completely burned out. You can then dig out the burnt stump remains and roots when it has completely cool.

There are various other burning strategies, such as digging out under the stump and setting a log or charcoal fire in the excavated root bowl. Never try burning out a stump if it is in close proximity to fences, buildings or other trees.

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Pollarding Trees Gatley

Tree Pollarding Gatley Greater Manchester

The process whereby a tree's size is significantly reduced because it's grown too large for its existing surroundings, is referred to as pollarding. The development of cultivated qualities and the moulding of trees into specific forms or shapes can also be accomplished by pollarding. You'll commonly witness trees that have been pollarded growing beside streets in Gatley, and also fairly frequently in hedgerows The rather bare and stark appearance that results from pollarding is not at all popular with those who appreciate trees, seeing as it is so dissimilar to its attractive natural state. Tree species like horse chestnuts, sycamores, planes, maples, oaks, limes and beeches are typical candidates for the pollarding process, and on the positive side trees which might otherwise need to be felled can be preserved for generations to come.

Chainsaws in Tree Surgery


The most dangerous and probably the most commonplace piece of equipment that is used by tree surgeons in Gatley, is the chainsaw. The preferred type of chainsaw with professional users is the petrol driven version, being easily handled and more mobile, although you are able to obtain mains operated chainsaws and rechargeable battery ones. For slicing through large limbs and tree trunks, petrol driven chainsaws are really the only effective option, being powerful, robust and able to cope with even the most demanding of tree work.

Comprising a revolving chain lined with a row of sharp teeth that cut through the bark and wood, a chainsaw is actually a relatively simple piece of equipment. Aside from what powers them, there are also different types of chainsaw for different procedures, rear-handled for working on the ground (must always be used with two hands), top-handled for working at height (and which can be operated with one hand if necessary) and pole saws for long distance pruning and hard to reach branches.

While climbing high up a tree with a spinning blade in your hand is a pretty dangerous thing to do, you'll seldom see a tree surgeon in Gatley who doesn't use a chainsaw. Being fully trained in the safe use and maintenance of chainsaws is a key requirement for any professional tree surgeon, and is vital before they can be approved by the ISA or the Arboricultural Association (AA).

For any person interested in purchasing a chainsaw in Gatley, there are a lot of makes on the market, however the most preferred by specialist tree surgeons are Hyundai, Husqvarna, Stihl and Makita.

A Tree Surgeons's Day to Day Tasks

  • Fell and remove trees and perform stump grinding.
  • Assess the health of trees and create plan of action.
  • Identify dangers posed by trees.
  • Tidy site on completion and fulfil removal of waste product from client's site.
  • Plant trees and vegetation.
  • Maintain and service equipment like chippers and chainsaws.
  • Produce on-site or telephone price quotes with the customers.
  • Climb trees to prune or remove branches as required.
  • Prepare tree survey reports for both domestic and commercial clients.
  • Be competent using power tools and machinery.
  • Work with customers and complete administrative duties.
  • Chip and cut branches and logs.

Tree Surgery - Safety Aspects

Tree Surgery Safety Gatley

One of the principal issues with tree surgery in Gatley is the health and safety aspect, because it can certainly be a risky and dangerous enterprise if done incorrectly. Inexperienced or incapable "tree surgeons" in Gatley are liable to take shortcuts and simply ignore recognised safety guidelines, meaning that there may be an absence of head protection, falling timber and branches, failure to put on cut resistant (chainsaw resistant) apparel (specifically leggings and boots), neglecting to cordon-off the work area to protect passing pedestrians and vehicles, not wearing hearing or eye protection and little if any fall protection, in the form of ropes, harnesses and platforms. At an increased risk due to this type of incompetence are the people living in the property, fences and garden features, parked and passing vehicles, team members working on the ground, pedestrians, nearby properties, the tree surgeon himself (person working in the tree), the actual tree itself, facilities on the street.

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Tree Surgery Tasks Gatley

Tree Surgery Tasks Gatley UK

Gatley tree surgeons will likely help with hedge trimming, waste removal Gatley, fruit tree pruning Gatley, tree dismantling Gatley, shrub maintenance Gatley, decompaction, tree staking, retrenchment pruning, tree work, tree fertilising, crown thinning in Gatley, arboriculture Gatley, domestic tree care Gatley, cut sealing, hedge reduction in Gatley, health inspections in Gatley, landscaping, root removal, crown removal, eco plug treatments Gatley, tree bracing, tree felling Gatley, tree care Gatley, woodland clearances, pollarding, tree planning Gatley, safety inspections Gatley, crown cleaning, coppicing in Gatley, felling of storm damaged trees in Gatley, tree waste removal, soil terraventing Gatley, vegetation management, crown raising, tree maintenance in Gatley and other tree surgeon services in Gatley, Greater Manchester. Listed are just a few of the tasks that are carried out by tree surgeons. Gatley providers will be happy to tell you about their entire range of services.

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